The Devil's in the Details

by Openbook

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Science Fiction, Cheating, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: A Swarm Cycle Story... A man loses his family because he's slept around, and then gets them back again, because he's slept around.. Go figure.

Anna Helsom was driving back home after a very long day at the office. The divorced mother of three young children was deep in thought, trying hard to come up with a more acceptable rationalization for what she'd done. One hour before, though she hated even the thought of seeing him again, Anna had agreed to letting Tom Helsom, her ex husband, stop over at the house, so he could enjoy a short visit with their children.

Anna and Tom had been divorced about a year before, after she'd discovered him having yet another affair with a young woman at his work. In the five years of their marriage, Tom had been unfaithful to her on several known occasions, as well as her suspecting him of having been guilty of the same outrage several other times.

Tom seemingly wasn't capable of resisting certain situations which seemed to always lead to his giving in to temptation. He always swore that he still loved her, and that these affairs of his had nothing to do with their otherwise happy marriage. Each time she'd discovered him in another act of adultery, Anna's pride, and her sense of self worth would suffer another blow. Finally, unable to continue putting up with such shabby treatment at his hands, Anna had successfully sued for divorce.

Under the terms of their divorce, Anna had full custody of their children. The only visitation rights he had were those that Anna was willing to grant him. Since the divorce had become final, about six months before, this was only the second time that Tom had asked to visit with his children.

Anna couldn't find much fault with her ex's parenting. He obviously loved his children, and they him. Tom was also very prompt in paying the child support that they'd both agreed to during divorce negotiations. He remembered all the children's birthdays, and had sent multiple wrapped gifts for each child at Christmas. The children still missed their father. Anna didn't want her children suffering just because she felt so unhappy and betrayed by her ex's inability to honor his marriage vows.

Tom had told her he'd only be there with the children for two hours, at the most, and she thought she could find something that would keep her up in her bedroom, away from him, for that short a period. She knew the hardest part for her would be having to see him herself when he came to the door. She wondered if she could ask Mrs. Feldman, the children's nanny, to stay over until Tom had come and gone, thus sparing her the need to see him again. Even as she thought of that as a possibility, she realized that it would be a terrible imposition on her employee. She needed to return to her own home, to take care of her disabled husband.

The children were all bathed and dressed in their sleep clothes by seven o'clock, which was the time that Tom had said he'd be by. Mrs. Feldman had left at five thirty, right after Anna had gotten home. Anna hadn't asked the woman to stay over. When her doorbell rang, Anna rubbed the palms of her hands on the cotton sweat pants she'd changed into, and went over to the door to let her ex in.

Seeing him again sent several strong emotions running through her. He looked the same as he had the last time she'd seen him. He was quite a bit taller than Anna, something she'd always liked, and he still had that little dimple on his right cheek, and that tiny cleft on his chin, the one that had always reminded her of Kirk Douglas, who'd been one of her grandmother's favorite actors.

She'd watched quite a few old Kirk Douglas movies on the television when she was growing up, while her grandmother had lived with them before she died. Tom was a handsome man, and he knew it, using his good looks and his charming manner to seduce women. He'd used them both to seduce Anna. Even after the break up of their marriage, caused by his flagrant infidelities, Anna couldn't help feeling a brief moment of excitement over seeing him again.

"Hello Anna, you look great. Thank you for letting me come by to see the kids like this, especially on such short notice. I'm on my way back to California, after three weeks in New York, and I scheduled in this layover hoping you'd allow me to see them."

"Come in, Tom. The children are in the living room watching some TV. I wasn't sure whether I should tell them you were coming. I didn't know whether you wanted your visit to be a surprise for them or not. I'll be up in my bedroom, so that you can have an uninterrupted visit with them."

"Anna, before you leave, there's something I need to talk with you about. It concerns our children and their future's."

"I'm sorry Tom, but the future of our children is something that is now my sole responsibility. I have full custody of them, not you."

"I understand. I agreed with you that it would be best if they remained with you, Anna, but now, something has changed, and because of that, we need to talk."

"If something has changed Tom, then you need to have your lawyer get in touch with mine and explain what that change is. Until you do that, I have no interest in discussing anything about their future with you."

"I've found a woman who has agreed to take me with her, as her concubine, Anna. She's willing to take the children too. She and this group of people she works with are almost finished arranging for a pre pack pickup for all of us. I'll need to have the kids with me when they come to pick us all up."

"I'm not just going to give you our children, Tom. What happens if she tires of you and trades you away to someone else? What will happen to my babies then? You signed all the papers turning over full custody of them to me. I won't let you come waltzing back here now and take them away from me."

"You'd be willing to see them die, rather than let me take them to someplace where they'd be safe? I can't believe that, Anna."

"Get out of my house, NOW! You have no right to accuse me something as horrible as that. Get out, or else I'll call the police and have them arrest you for trespassing."

"Think for just a minute, Anna. Think about what's best for the children. We both know the Sa'arm are heading right for us. They say it will probably take another six or seven years for them to get here, but nobody is claiming that our side will be able to keep them away from this planet. I went to a lot of trouble trying to get this set up for them. Please, don't let your anger with me affect your good judgment. If our positions were reversed, and you had a sponsor willing to take you, I'd never stand in the way of you and the kids going somewhere that was safe."

"If you aren't out of here in one minute, I'm calling the police. You won't be going anywhere if you wind up in jail because you refused to leave here after I told you to."

"If I have to, I'll arrange it so the Confederacy people get a legal order to bring them to me after we get picked up. It would be easier if you just let me take them with me now."

Anna went to the phone in the entry way and started dialing 911. Tom shook his head, resigned to the fact that his ex wife wasn't going to allow him to do things the easy way. He felt pretty sure he could get Judy to try to negotiate the pick up of his children after the planned extraction, but he hadn't wanted to take any chances he hadn't needed to. He wished he'd had more time to prepare Anna for this opportunity the children now had. He felt confident that she'd see this as a better option for the kids, once she had time to actually think about what this could mean for them. He turned away and went back through the door, letting Anna have her way for the present.

After Tom left, Anna started calming back down. She was aware she'd been acting on her emotions rather than stopping to think things through. She and Tom had identical CAP scores of 5.7. Neither of them had scored high enough to believe they had any realistic hopes of improving their test scores enough to qualify as Confederacy volunteers in the future. They'd both accepted their test results while they'd been together, and neither had ever expressed any interest in trying to separately seek out a qualified sponsor for themselves as one possible way to try to safeguard their children's future.

Anna hadn't even been looking into that possibility since getting a divorce. While many of her acquaintances and co-worker's had taken to dressing more outrageously, in hopes of attracting a potential sponsor's attention, Anna hadn't changed the way she dressed, or done anything else to try to spruce up her personal appearance.

She'd been too concerned with trying to make a living, and with providing a good home for her three children. With what Tom had just told her, she now knew she needed to change all that, and she knew she had to do something quickly, or else risk losing her children and never having the opportunity of seeing them grow into adulthood.

Anna was a very attractive woman. She was thirty years old, and had been lucky enough to have been blessed with a metabolism that allowed her to eat sensible portions of food without packing on any excess weight. She knew men liked her figure. She'd grown to where she was already wearing a 36C bra cup size by the time she had turned sixteen. Luckily, she thought, at least, her growth spurt had ended before her breast size had gotten completely out of hand, or had became any kind of a problem for her. Her hips and butt were the same, widening out to a womanly shape early, but not going beyond that after she had turned sixteen. Having had three children, her body had matured somewhat, but her face and body still commanded men's attention whenever she walked into a crowded room.

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