The Butterfly Effect

by Thesandman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: A simple naughty toy changes a couples life

John was excited for a number of reasons. The biggest perhaps was their leaving on vacation to Mexico in the morning where they would spend a week relaxing at the beach, sightseeing, as well as enjoying one another inside their hotel room. The other reason John was excited, was because he'd stopped by an adult toy store on his way home, picking up his wife, Diane something special to hopefully enjoy using during the trip.

Just thinking about all of it made him hard. He'd even removed his prick, stroking it occasionally during the drive home just thinking about her. She was an attractive woman that never failed to arouse him whenever he did, but even though she was, she was a bit more reserved than he'd like her to be, especially when he knew how she could get when she too became aroused.

They were both in their early forties, though Diane looked actually younger than that especially with her dark brown shoulder length hair and brown eyes giving her somewhat of an exotic look. At five foot nine, the same height he stood at, Diane also had amazingly long legs, which John loved her showing off. He especially enjoyed the few times he'd convinced her into wearing short skirts, revealing just how shapely her legs really were. She had great tits too, very full, firm and heavy against her chest, which again John loved whenever he held them, feeling their weight in his hands as he played with her, or sucking on her dollar sized light tan nipples. Nipples that grew amazingly hard and erect, especially whenever she sucked them herself, which she knew aroused and excited him whenever she did that for him.

They had arrived at their hotel, already anxious to head out and relax, enjoying a few drinks together at the hotel bar. He had surprised her of course with his naughty gift as they had begun to dress, taking the time to tease her a little as they did so. It was next to impossible for him not to want to touch her whenever he saw her in some state of undress, and used the opportunity to do so now, especially when he realized she had surprised him with a little gift too. Normally Diane kept her pussy closely trimmed, though on occasion she would completely shave herself for him as she knew how much this excited him. As she came out of the bathroom from her shower, he saw that she had done so again.

"Oh baby, I love it whenever you shave your pussy like that for me, it's so damn sexy!"

Diane blushed hearing his words, though she had known of course that it would indeed excite him, as well as herself in knowing how he would react and respond to her in doing it.

"And ... I got you something fun, something special I thought we could have fun with tonight down in the bar."

"Oh? What's that?" She asked curiously.

John took out the butterfly vibrator he had secretly purchased for her. What was really interesting about this one too, was the fact it had a wireless remote control. She was hesitant at first about actually wearing something like this out in public, but John urged her to try it, especially as they were on vacation and that it would arouse him even more than he already was if she did. Diane finally relented, fitting on the device, and then John tested it by giving her a little soft humming vibration as she stood there.


She grinned, nodding her head. "Just don't turn it on full blast!" she warned him seriously, "just go slowly with it, and I'll let you know if it gets to be too much," she added. They'd been seated at a nice secluded corner booth at John's request. Diane had worn one of her sexiest bras too, the lacey design clearly showing through her equally elegant white blouse, just a hint of that tantalizing tit flesh showing through the two garments. But it was the thought of her actually having worn the butterfly vibrator that he had purchased for her that he appreciated the most. He had turned it on the lowest setting after they'd been seated, and then given the drinks they had ordered while waiting for their dinner to arrive.

"How's it feel?" he asked. "You like it? Would you like me to turn it up a little more?" he'd asked excitedly.

"It feels good," she said still somewhat nervously, glancing about as she sat there. Though there was no way anyone could possibly know she was actually wearing it, she was still a little anxious about it. "But no ... keep it where it is for the moment anyway, it's just enough to feel good without feeling 'too' good," she emphasized with a smile. She then surprised him by reaching over, placing her hand within his lap. She wasn't at all surprised to find him all nice and hard when she did, giving John's prick an affectionate rub through his pants even when the waitress came by with their dinners. Just her doing that as they were served was exciting, and he knew then that the butterfly was definitely affecting her in a very positive way.

"God babe, it's making me SO horny thinking of you sitting there with your pussy being pleasured," he whispered over to her, taking a quick look about ensuring no one was looking their way, and then giving one of her breasts a quick loving caress. Even through the blouse and bra she was wearing, he could feel her hard extended nipple pressing against the material as he thumbed it briefly. Diane giggled, and sighed pleasurably.

"Go ahead, try the next setting," she suggested seductively.

John knew Diane was enjoying this sensation, her having no control over it, with John holding onto the remote, he increased the vibration slightly, saw and enjoyed the expression on her face as she felt it even more directly begin to stimulate and caress her cunt as they sat there together picking through their dinner.

They had ordered another round of drinks as their dinner dishes were removed, the affects of which had helped to settle both their nerves and excitement somewhat, though also easing their mutual inhibitions to some extent as well. Once again, John felt his wife's hand caress his cock, then actually pull down on the zipper on his pants, her hand worming inside to actually make contact with his hard swollen prick.

"You're sure nice and hard," she again giggled somewhat, feeling him with her hands, feeling the pearly drop of moisture that had escaped from the head of his prick which she now used to rub playfully about his hard cock head with. John turned up his wife's toy to the next setting without telling her. She squirmed in surprise, but then quickly accustomed herself to it and smiled at him stroking his prick beneath the table even more openly now, though continuing to keep an eye on everyone around them. "Let's go back to the room," she whispered hotly into his ear.

Eagerly, John somehow managed to stuff his hard swollen prick back inside his pants though even then, he knew it would be difficult trying to hide his erection. They soon made their way over to the elevators, stepping inside where John now turned his wife's toy onto the highest setting, causing her to moan uncontrollably as he pushed the button for their floor. One other couple got on, joining them, and it was exciting to stand there knowing full well that his wife stood next to him being pleasured, the vibrator tickling her clit as they stood there trying to look normal and composed. A few moments later the elevator stopped and the other couple got off. The moment the door closed, Diane came into his arms where they kissed passionately, her hand once again reaching down to the front of John's pants rubbing him through the material. Likewise, John now openly fondled his wife's breasts, teasing her hard nipples, pinching them slightly with his fingers through the material, separating only when the elevator stopped on their floor.

As they stepped out of the elevator, John noticed there was a small alcove around the corner where they kept the ice-machine for their rooms along with a small vending machine for snacks. Passing by, John pulled Diane into it. He was in a naughty mood, and knew by the look in his wife's eyes that she was too. Though curious, she neither questioned nor complained when she felt John reaching down, lifting her short skirt. Seconds later, John cupped her pussy, placing his hand over the vibrating toy they had fixed in place. As he did, he once again unzipped himself, freeing his cock. He knew as they stood there, they would easily hear the sound of the elevator should it stop, or the sound of anyone coming down the hallway towards it too. Taking his own cock in hand, John now rubbed it against his wife's hard tender clit, teasing her with it, now adding to the sensation of the vibrating toy inside her.

"You're going to make me cum if you keep doing that," she warned pleasurably.

"Good, I want you too ... right here," he grinned lustfully. Diane placed her hands about his neck in order to steady and support herself. Her legs already threatening to give way with the erotic naughty pleasure she was experiencing as they stood there, John still rubbing his own pick up and down, back and forth against her clit, masturbating them both as he did so.

Moments later, she began doing so, humping herself even more purposely against his prick, especially when the warm streamers of his spunk began splashing against her, using his own cream to now further stimulate her with as she came, trying hard as she could to muffle her cry of pleasure just as the sound of the elevator coming back up reached their ears. Quickly adjusting themselves, they hurriedly walked down the hall towards their room, John's cum running down her legs in little rivers as they unlocked the door stepping inside just as the elevator doors opened.

The following morning they had sat out on their small little balcony enjoying their room-service breakfast. They were both ravenous after a long night of fucking and sucking one another like crazy until they had both fallen asleep from pure exhaustion. Below, the almost white sandy beach beckoned to them both, though as they sat eating, John couldn't help but notice the occasional woman strolling by, her breasts bare on the clothing optional beach below them.

Diane laughed. "This why you picked this particular hotel?" she teased. He honestly hadn't known, but now he was interested yes, and excitedly wondered if his wife would be daring enough to do that herself. She had purchased a brand new fairly revealing bikini for the trip, and he was anxious to see her in it as well. He knew that his wife would attract several looks, and he always enjoyed it when other men and women looked at her, admiring her whenever they did.

Eventually they had wandered down to the beach, Diane only then taking off the cover she had worn over her swim wear, revealing as she did so how prominent her nipples were, pressing against the thin material of her bikini top. John was tempted to reach out and thumb one, barely able to contain himself as they spread out their large beach towels over a pair of lounge chairs they would be laying on. They were neither too close, nor too far away from anyone else, though it was still early yet. Almost immediately, Diane lay down on her stomach.

"Would you like some lotion?" John asked sitting next to her, already the feel of his cock growing in interest.

"Yes please," she said reaching back, undoing the clasp on her bikini top, letting it fall off to the side, her breasts now covered only by her laying on them. John applied the lotion, enjoying the feel of her bare skin beneath his hands as more and more people began coming down to the beach, filling up many of the vacant spots. Not at all unexpectedly either, many men and women were either nude or nearly so, enjoying the sun, and openly displaying their bodies to it as they lay basking in the warmth of it. Much to his delight, Diane eventually turned over, though at first she held her bikini top against her breasts.

"Go ahead, leave it off," he urged her, smiling when she finally cast it aside, allowing her own twin spheres to remain exposed, her nipples not quite so hard as they had once been, though he sat watching as they began to harden and stiffen all over again.

This time he didn't ask, pouring a liberal amount of lotion into his hands, which he began applying to the newly exposed flesh. "Don't want to get these beauties sun-burned," he had cautioned, though Diane had given him a knowing look as he sat beside her, more caressing than applying the lotion onto her breasts.

As the beach continued to fill up, another couple placed their beach towels just down in front of them, and another couple off close to one side. Though Diane now lay with her eyes closed, John smiled inwardly, catching the occasional looks in their direction from several people, both men and women, though it was the dark-tanned young man who'd positioned their towels just below them that seemed to glance his wife's way more often than most.

"Don't look up or anything," John told his wife. "But you have an admirer," he whispered towards her. "I think he's enjoying looking at you almost as much as I am." She lay unmoving for a few minutes more until the curiosity got the best of her, then she half sat, readjusting her lounge chair into more of a sitting position, just enough for her to relax back while allowing herself to look about. Almost immediately she caught the man glancing her way, he smiled when she did, causing her to blush briefly, though she returned the smile. "I'm going to go get us a couple of drinks," he informed her. "Go ahead, flirt with him a little while I'm gone, tease him a bit," John added curiously wondering if she would, though her initial look told him she thought he was being silly. "Seriously," John added once again as he stood up and headed over towards the beach bar in order to get their drinks.

It was only a short distance away, and he stood waiting for the bar tender to make their drinks, casting a glance back in his wife's direction, pleased to see the young man had turned over onto his belly, now looking directly towards where his wife was laying. From the side, he could see she had once again closed her eyes, but then to his surprise, he also watched as she nonchalantly opened her legs just a little as though attempting to make herself more comfortable as she lay there. John knew without even seeing it himself, that his wife's pussy lips would be more clearly defined, outlined against the crotch of her bikini panties as she lay there. Something that didn't go at all unnoticed either as the young man then tapped his girlfriends shoulder, her own eyes opening, looking up in that direction. John smiled, seeing the young man and woman both smiling as they lay there staring at his wife.

He quickly made his way back to their spot, carrying their drinks, though fighting the lusty desire that was threatening to lengthen his prick as he did so. John took a moment to gaze down at his wife's crotch upon approaching, pleased to see that indeed there was a clearly defined indentation outlining his wife's split as he sat down rejoining her. Diane opened her eyes, simultaneously pulling one leg up into a knee bent position as she once again adjusted her chair into a full upright position. Now her breasts were even more prominently displayed, which John again appreciated, just as was the other man who was sitting beside them as he lifted up the drink he was holding in his hand, acknowledging them both in greeting as he did so.

"I hope you don't mind my saying this," he spoke in a thick Spanish accent. "But you're wife has very, very beautiful looking breasts," he said boldly, his gaze just as boldly fixed on each of them. John grinned, seeing his wife's blush, but enjoying the sincere smile on her face as she held up her own drink towards him, nodding her head and then thanking him for the compliment.

"Thank you," she said easily enough. "But I think there are many more women on this beach more beautiful than I, and certainly with just as lovely, if not even lovelier breasts than my own," she told him.

"Ah, some more youthful perhaps," he agreed, "but none more sensual and attractive looking as those of a mature, seductively attractive woman such as yourself."

They sat chatting with the man sitting beside them for a while, the conversation easy and pleasant, though John also enjoyed the ongoing tease his wife continued to give the young couple laying in front of them, now likewise occasionally joining in as John and Diane spoke, enjoying the day together until they finally felt they had had enough sun. They had made plans earlier to go down to the market, browse around through a few shops and stores for souvenirs. Though Diane had of course replaced her bikini top before leaving, John had asked her to leave her cover up off momentarily as they drove towards town. He was enjoying the view of her incredibly hard nipples, which had remained so as they'd sat chatting with everyone, knowing full well that Diane had found herself aroused, being looked at, and having her tits actually commented on.

"Well, that was interesting," she stated after they had gotten into the car.

"It certainly was," he said no longer content to refrain himself, reaching over to brush one of her hard thick protrusions with his finger tip for a moment before backing out of the lot. "And I think that young guy in front of us had an erection too," he added, though naked, he had managed to remain on his stomach, though lifting up periodically, resting his upper torso on his elbows whenever they spoken to them. "Yes, he did," Diane giggled knowingly. "I saw it a couple of times," she added. "Once I think, he repositioned himself purposely so that I could see that he had one. He grinned at me when he did that, and caught me looking at him."

John smiled even more broadly than he had been. "Not too surprised, he was certainly enjoying the view of your tightly pressed crotch, as was I!" he told her. "God babe, your pussy lips were so full, and so wonderfully defined, I wanted to reach over and rub you there so badly!"

"Did that ... make you excited? Knowing they were looking at me, and not even pretending not to?" she asked.

"Oh hell yes!" John admitted. "And I don't mind telling you honey, I was having a few very naughty thoughts about it myself, wondering what they were thinking as they were."

"Yeah, me too," Diane admitted, and then surprised her husband as she pulled her bikini top down once again exposing her breasts, even as they drove along the highway in the car, her fingers now toying with her hard extended nipples, finally cupping one, lifting it up to her own mouth to suck on and flick with her tongue. Diane knew how much John enjoyed seeing her do that, and especially now, sitting next to him in the car as they entered the highway heading towards town. What she didn't realize or see until it was entirely too late, was the eighteen-wheeler that had merged onto the highway pulling up alongside of them.

"Oh my God!" she squealed with embarrassment, suddenly looking over and up, seeing the driver of the truck driving next to them peering down, though he was grinning from ear to ear holding one of his thumbs up with obvious approval.

"No! Don't put it away," John told her. "Keep playing with it," he urged hotly. "We've only got a couple of miles until the turn-off, so keep doing it, let him have a look and some fun while you do!"

Much to the truck drivers delight, as well as John's, she did so, suddenly getting into it even as she more fully displayed her held breasts through the window, letting the driver see her cupped tits as she pressed them together, then held on to her own nipples, lifting her full heavy breasts just by that means, and then shaking them for him as he drove along side, once again giving Diane a thumbs up of approval as she did so.

"Play with your pussy too," John urged. Only then did Diane give her husband a concerned look. "He can't really see it..." John pressed, "He'll only be able to know what you're really doing ... please?" This time she laughed, actually finding it wickedly erotic to be doing this in the first place. Still bare breasted, she now slipped a finger inside herself, fingering her pussy, though how much the driver could see wasn't at all certain. It was enough however that he could obviously still see her tits as she now sat, fingering her own hot juicy quim, and getting rather turned on while doing it.

"God John, I can't believe how hot this is making me!" she exclaimed in surprise. And even John had to admit, this was a side of his wife he hadn't really seen before, not in public anyway.

"Making me pretty fucking hot too!" he now told her, his hand down in his own lap, grasping his now very hard stiff cock through his pants. He could now hear the liquid squishing as she fingered herself, unabashedly so.



"There's the turn off!" He heard the sound of the driver's horn thanking them as he pulled the car off the highway, down the ramp.

"Find a parking lot."


"Doesn't matter ... anywhere. Just find one and then pick a somewhat secluded area within it," she suggested still playing with herself, though she now tossed her bikini covering over her bare breasts, though keeping them readily available in doing so.

Only a moment or two later John spotted the perfect place to pull in. Pulling off to the side, there were few other cars around them. He even backed in, making it easier to get out if they had to, but also giving them a perfect vantage point to see from should anyone head in their direction. Diane then slid over closer to him, freeing John's cock entirely, sucking it into her mouth and began licking, flicking her tongue out at the super-sensitive head of his prick.

"Oh fuck honey ... that's nice ... so damn nice!"

It was easy to also reach over and latch on to her still free-swinging breasts, capturing one, holding it and then locating her hard swollen nipple, which he rolled around between his fingers while she continued sucking his prick.

"Let me know when you're close," she told him. "I want to feel your hot cream spurting against my breasts!"

"Oh fuck babe ... just hearing you say that's got me close!" he told her, the tickled feeling of pleasure already beginning to surge up the length of his shaft.

Lifting her cover, Diane once again bared her breasts to his view, taking his prick and rubbing it between them, pumping him until she felt the warm delicious splash of his climax saturating her boobs. After she had milked him dry, John watched as she then massaged in the white creamy spunk into her tits until her flesh had absorbed most of his cream. Only then did she replace her bikini top, along with her covering.

"Take off the bottoms," he said grinning at her. "Your turn!"

John had of course finger-fucked his wife on numerous occasions, but usually just as an additional stimulation included in foreplay. It was rare that he ever did so, bringing her to orgasm, and rarer still to be doing that here. He couldn't even recall a single time where he had fingered her like this in the car before, and began doing so, still keeping an eye out, but enjoying the feel and sensation of his wife's hot slippery cunt as he played with her, teasing her clit with the tip of his finger, swirling it, tapping it, and sliding one finger, and soon after two, in and out of her as she sat next to him on the seat, her hands once again fondling her bikini covered breasts.

"Oh my God! Yes! Yes John, Yes!" she cried out pleasurably soon after, humping herself back against the seat, as well as his fingers as he continued to finger-fuck her wet delicious cunt, hearing her cry of ecstasy as she came hard against the palm of his hand.

Once they had both collected themselves and straightened up somewhat, they then pulled out of the lot, heading into the city with smiles on their faces.

They had spent the rest of the day sight-seeing and browsing a few shops together, but to his delight and surprise, Diane appeared to be just as excited as he still was himself. He had taken the opportunity whenever the chance presented itself, to give his wife's ass a friendly caress, once or twice managing to grope her tits when no one was looking or could see them. She too had done the same, once even bending over pretending to look at something, though purposely grinding her ass against the front of his crotch. By the time they had returned back to their hotel room, they were once again horny as hell. John would have been content to just jump into bed and spend the rest of the night there, but it was Diane's suggestion they go downstairs to the bar and have a couple of drinks first.

"Oh baby, to hell with the drinks! Let's just stay here and fuck!" he'd said wantonly, lustfully.

Diane emerged from the bathroom a moment later however, dressed to kill by the looks of it. She had worn the shortest of skirts that she owned, her long legs attractively displayed, but even more surprisingly, she had also worn one of her very revealing low cut blouses as well. Her breasts threatening to fall out of the deep plunging "V' neck, which he also only then realized she was wearing without having a bra on, something she honestly never did. "Just a couple of drinks," she stated. "I want you as horny as you've ever been by the time we get back up to the room," she told him. I have plans for us a bit later," she added suggestively. In seconds, John was dressed, once again groping his wife playfully on the ride down in the elevator.

The place was far busier than the night before, most of the tables already taken so that they had had to sit at the bar instead. Neither one of them minding it however, especially as it tended to show off Diane's legs because of it, a fact that didn't go unnoticed by several couples sitting together at a nearby booth next to them. Perhaps because they were similar in age and appearance, one of the women struck up a conversation with Diane, asking where they were from etc, soon laughing and having a good time as they conversed, even whispering on occasion back and forth, giggling whenever they did. Curious, John eventually inquired what it was they'd been talking about.

"She told me I looked very sexy, and asked if I'd ever had the pleasure of another woman," she told him honestly. She hadn't, but she was obviously flattered by the remark, and John had found it intriguingly delightful that his wife seemed to warm to the woman's continued attentions of her, not to mention the attractive man sitting with her who continually eyed Diane throughout the evening as well. Sitting high on the stool, Diane's skirt had ridden up considerably, showing off a great deal of her exquisite thigh. Seeing this, John mentioned it, and then told her to swivel around on her stool, giving the two of them an even better look. Flushed, yet obviously excited, Diane did so, revealing as she did a very quick brief glimpse up her skirt. John saw their eyes drawn there when she did, though she pretended she herself hadn't realized she had, still chatting, laughing and talking to them the whole time. At one point, the girl had gotten out, excusing herself to use the restroom, her lover standing up in order to let her slide out, though he didn't return immediately to his seat, preferring to stand now next to Diane. John noticed he was tall, well over six feet, and with his height advantage, standing next to Diane as he was, it was easy for him to peer down the front of Diane's low-cut blouse, which became even more revealing whenever she leaned this way or that, the "V" billowing out to one side or another, threatening to spill her breasts out entirely.

The other couple had introduced themselves as Mike and Cindy, like themselves here on vacation, and coincidentally staying on the exact same floor they were.

"Hey, you two interested in something adventurous and fun?" Cindy had asked Diane.

"Sure! What?" She had answered.

"Well, we noticed ... there's an adult store just down the street from here. We thought earlier about going there, having a look around, and see if we could maybe find something naughty fun to bring back with us, you interested in going with? Having a look?"

Though Diane certainly didn't mind John's going into any himself, especially when he'd always chosen, or brought back something naughty and excitingly fun to see or use, she herself had never been inside such a place before. Surprisingly, she hesitated only for a moment. "Sure! Why not? I've always wanted to see what it might be like to go in one," she freely admitted. "And at least here ... no one would recognize me if I did!"

It was only a couple of blocks away, so the four of them walked there together rather than driving. Nervously, yet excitedly, Diane entered the rather large shop, immediately surprised at the wide variety of toys, movies and sexy apparel that the shop sold. They browsed together through several items, finally finding themselves entering a small curtained partition, which led down a small hallway with several doors leading off to the left and to the right, each one with a separate entry door leading inside.

"What are these for?" she had asked, and John had informed her that you could check out a movie to watch, bring it inside one of these booths, and preview it in privacy, along with a few other things if you chose to do so. John had already grabbed a particular movie he thought Diane might enjoy seeing with him, paying for the use of the room for an hour, and then led Diane inside, having watched Mike and Cindy doing the same right behind them. There was a small, yet comfortable looking couch facing the screen, after putting the DVD in the player, sitting down, John had already freed his cock in expectation as Diane grinned looking down on it, and then lifting her skirt, revealing to him when she did that she hadn't been wearing any panties on beneath it.

"Damn babe, you mean to tell me they knew you weren't wearing anything on underneath?" he asked excitedly, hearing her giggle as she answered.

"Well, I'm sure they eventually saw that I wasn't," she said simply. "But Cindy wasn't wearing anything either, or didn't you notice that? I saw hers several times too when she managed to flash me from where she was sitting."

"Damn, no ... I didn't. Must have been at the wrong angle to see that, but just knowing they could see you, is horny enough!"

What was also pretty horny, was the movie. A woman, looking very much like his own wife was sitting on one man's dick, just as Diane was sitting on him now having easily slipped herself over John's hard stiff prick. The other woman however, was also sucking another dick as she did.

"That's hot!" John said peering around his wife up at the movie.

"Oh, you like that do you?" she said teasingly. "You find the thought of me doing that exciting? Sucking another man's cock while you fuck me?"

"Ah hum," John moaned pleasurably, not quite sure how to answer that, though it was obvious he was excited and thinking about it.



"Is that ... what I think it is?" she suddenly said, pointing towards a hole in the wall separating their room from the one next to them. Glancing over, even John was stunned to find what was obviously another man's hard cock poking through the hole in the wall. He actually laughed upon seeing it. "Yep, I think it is ... those are called 'glory holes' in case you've never heard the term before," he added, and realized upon doing so, that it had to be Mike's prick sticking through the opening as he and Cindy had gone into the room next to them earlier. "That's got to be Mike's cock," he now added, telling her what he had only then remembered.

Tentatively, she reached out, grasping it as John looked on, amazed that she had, though she was obviously excited at the prospect, especially with John's cock lovingly stroking her cunt at the moment.

"Go ahead honey ... play with it," he urged her, which she began doing, feeling the equally hard penis currently sticking through the opening in the wall. "Lick it," he then told her. "Go ahead babe, give it a little suck."

Diane leaned over, her mouth slowly enclosing around the head of Mike's cock as John continued fucking her from behind, hearing the pleasured gasp as he did so, and as she gingerly sucked and stroked Mike's cock through the opening in the wall. After several more minutes they could both hear pleasured giggling on the other side, then the sound of Cindy's voice coming through the opening.

"My turn!" she stated, waiting expectantly. Diane laughed, jumping off her husband's prick, and then leading him by it towards the opening, then putting it through, standing beside him in order to watch, fondling his heavy laden ball sack as she did so.

"Is she?" Diane asked though the look on John's face told her she was. And though it felt good, erotically naughty just because of the way it was being done, John soon after withdrew, once again needing the feel of his wife's soft sweet pussy milking his cream from him. Diane leaned over the arm of the couch, John now standing behind her, once again slipping himself inside her, enjoying the feel of her super-slick pussy, as he began fucking her wildly as they stood there together. The sounds of a likewise heated coupling taking place in the room next to theirs only heightened their own passion, hearing Mike and Cindy moaning and groaning together as they soon came, triggering their own pleasured orgasms within moments after hearing that.

They emerged from the room just as Mike and Cindy did a few minutes later, soon after heading back to the hotel. "You guys like to come down to our room for a night cap?" Mike offered.

"It's late," Diane said and we've got a sight-seeing tour scheduled for way early in the morning, perhaps another evening," she said then saying goodnight as she and John headed off to their room.

John was initially concerned that Diane was troubled or put off by what had happened, but as she turned with a wickedly wild look in her eyes, he knew better. "I hope you don't mind John, but as erotically naughty as that all was, what I needed and wanted more than anything, was to come back here and fuck my husband," she told him. "Out there..." she then pointed, towards the balcony.

Their room was on the fifth floor of a six-floor hotel. The likelihood of anyone even seeing them was remote, especially if they had merely sat down in one of the two chairs by their little patio table. John stood outside waiting for her, wearing only his bathrobe while she had excused herself to change, joining him momentarily. He had turned off all the lights in their room further concealing them from being backlit should anyone look up from below. He turned at hearing his wife coming towards him, grinning from ear to ear at seeing her entirely naked as she approached, but also once again to his delight, wearing the vibrating butterfly he had given to her their first night here.

"You like that little device do you?" he said gathering her into his arms.

"Very much so," she giggled handing him the remote. John laughed accepting it.

"I have to admit honey, ever since you tried this out, ever since then, you've really seemed to blossom in a way, you're certainly more adventurous, that's for sure," he indicated with a nod of his head towards her as they stood outside on the deck together, entirely nude as she slipped his robe over his shoulders, allowing it to fall to the ground. And as if to punctuate that, Diane moved towards the railing rather than taking a seat as he might have expected her to do.

"Come fuck me honey, fuck me against the railing, fuck me while this naughty little toy of yours is vibrating my clit!"

The railing was at a perfect height in a way, Diane leaning over it, her large breasts dangling over the side, erotically so as he looked at her, her pink pussy winking at him invitingly, knowing even as he stepped in behind her, turning the vibrating toy she had strapped in place on the next to highest setting, watching her jump in response to that, though he didn't give her much time to get used to that before he slipped his cock inside the opening of her warm wet cunt and buried himself deeply inside.

It was erotic as hell to look out over the railing, seeing people walking about below them, some wandering off into the darkness down by the beach, others laughing, standing on the boardwalk enjoying a drink, or just marveling at the warm wind as it caressed each where they stood. Likewise, John and Diane enjoyed the warmth of the night wind as it caressed the two of them, though they stood naked together, coupling slowly at first. John reached around his wife, cupping her full breasts, holding onto them, fucking into her and enjoying the harsh slap of flesh against flesh whenever he did.

"Harder baby ... harder!" she soon urged him as he also turned up the vibration on the butterfly still tickling her clit. "Oh yeah! Yeah!" She nearly screamed, the sound of her voice briefly worrying John that someone might overhear and look up, then that very same thought becoming erotically charged as well, wanting someone to actually do just that, look up, seeing Diane's luscious breasts freely swinging to and fro beyond the railing as he stood behind her, stabbing his cock into her violently from behind as they came together.

It was the last day of their vacation together. As a surprise, John had scheduled massages for them both, very special massages that Diane had no idea as to how special John had wanted them to be. Though taking a bit of a chance, Diane had indeed transformed in many ways, so he was in hopes that she would warm to the erotic naughty session he had scheduled for her.

John smiled inwardly when the two masseuses's arrived. One was a very tall, very attractive looking Latino male that John knew Diane would find attractive, and did as she turned immediately shy while undressing and laying down on one of the two massage tables they had set up in their room. Likewise, the Latino female was also extremely attractive with long dark hair, and with what John could only surmise, a full firm set of breasts though perhaps not quite as large as Diane's were.

As good as his own massage felt as the pair began, he couldn't take his eyes off his wife as her masseuse began working on her. He had given the man a knowing nod of his head, telling him as part of a prearranged signal that he was to proceed exactly as they had discussed.

Initially, John watched as Diane relaxed, enjoying her massage, though he watched her eyes pop open a short time later, knowing when they did, that her masseuse must have come very close to touching her bare pussy. John knew the man was taking it slowly with her, also as they'd discussed, each pass of his strong hands lingering briefly, just hinting at, but not quite directly touching her there though he slowly got closer and closer to doing so with each pass of his hands.

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