The Butterfly Effect

by Thesandman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: A simple naughty toy changes a couples life

John was excited for a number of reasons. The biggest perhaps was their leaving on vacation to Mexico in the morning where they would spend a week relaxing at the beach, sightseeing, as well as enjoying one another inside their hotel room. The other reason John was excited, was because he'd stopped by an adult toy store on his way home, picking up his wife, Diane something special to hopefully enjoy using during the trip.

Just thinking about all of it made him hard. He'd even removed his prick, stroking it occasionally during the drive home just thinking about her. She was an attractive woman that never failed to arouse him whenever he did, but even though she was, she was a bit more reserved than he'd like her to be, especially when he knew how she could get when she too became aroused.

They were both in their early forties, though Diane looked actually younger than that especially with her dark brown shoulder length hair and brown eyes giving her somewhat of an exotic look. At five foot nine, the same height he stood at, Diane also had amazingly long legs, which John loved her showing off. He especially enjoyed the few times he'd convinced her into wearing short skirts, revealing just how shapely her legs really were. She had great tits too, very full, firm and heavy against her chest, which again John loved whenever he held them, feeling their weight in his hands as he played with her, or sucking on her dollar sized light tan nipples. Nipples that grew amazingly hard and erect, especially whenever she sucked them herself, which she knew aroused and excited him whenever she did that for him.

They had arrived at their hotel, already anxious to head out and relax, enjoying a few drinks together at the hotel bar. He had surprised her of course with his naughty gift as they had begun to dress, taking the time to tease her a little as they did so. It was next to impossible for him not to want to touch her whenever he saw her in some state of undress, and used the opportunity to do so now, especially when he realized she had surprised him with a little gift too. Normally Diane kept her pussy closely trimmed, though on occasion she would completely shave herself for him as she knew how much this excited him. As she came out of the bathroom from her shower, he saw that she had done so again.

"Oh baby, I love it whenever you shave your pussy like that for me, it's so damn sexy!"

Diane blushed hearing his words, though she had known of course that it would indeed excite him, as well as herself in knowing how he would react and respond to her in doing it.

"And ... I got you something fun, something special I thought we could have fun with tonight down in the bar."

"Oh? What's that?" She asked curiously.

John took out the butterfly vibrator he had secretly purchased for her. What was really interesting about this one too, was the fact it had a wireless remote control. She was hesitant at first about actually wearing something like this out in public, but John urged her to try it, especially as they were on vacation and that it would arouse him even more than he already was if she did. Diane finally relented, fitting on the device, and then John tested it by giving her a little soft humming vibration as she stood there.


She grinned, nodding her head. "Just don't turn it on full blast!" she warned him seriously, "just go slowly with it, and I'll let you know if it gets to be too much," she added. They'd been seated at a nice secluded corner booth at John's request. Diane had worn one of her sexiest bras too, the lacey design clearly showing through her equally elegant white blouse, just a hint of that tantalizing tit flesh showing through the two garments. But it was the thought of her actually having worn the butterfly vibrator that he had purchased for her that he appreciated the most. He had turned it on the lowest setting after they'd been seated, and then given the drinks they had ordered while waiting for their dinner to arrive.

"How's it feel?" he asked. "You like it? Would you like me to turn it up a little more?" he'd asked excitedly.

"It feels good," she said still somewhat nervously, glancing about as she sat there. Though there was no way anyone could possibly know she was actually wearing it, she was still a little anxious about it. "But no ... keep it where it is for the moment anyway, it's just enough to feel good without feeling 'too' good," she emphasized with a smile. She then surprised him by reaching over, placing her hand within his lap. She wasn't at all surprised to find him all nice and hard when she did, giving John's prick an affectionate rub through his pants even when the waitress came by with their dinners. Just her doing that as they were served was exciting, and he knew then that the butterfly was definitely affecting her in a very positive way.

"God babe, it's making me SO horny thinking of you sitting there with your pussy being pleasured," he whispered over to her, taking a quick look about ensuring no one was looking their way, and then giving one of her breasts a quick loving caress. Even through the blouse and bra she was wearing, he could feel her hard extended nipple pressing against the material as he thumbed it briefly. Diane giggled, and sighed pleasurably.

"Go ahead, try the next setting," she suggested seductively.

John knew Diane was enjoying this sensation, her having no control over it, with John holding onto the remote, he increased the vibration slightly, saw and enjoyed the expression on her face as she felt it even more directly begin to stimulate and caress her cunt as they sat there together picking through their dinner.

They had ordered another round of drinks as their dinner dishes were removed, the affects of which had helped to settle both their nerves and excitement somewhat, though also easing their mutual inhibitions to some extent as well. Once again, John felt his wife's hand caress his cock, then actually pull down on the zipper on his pants, her hand worming inside to actually make contact with his hard swollen prick.

"You're sure nice and hard," she again giggled somewhat, feeling him with her hands, feeling the pearly drop of moisture that had escaped from the head of his prick which she now used to rub playfully about his hard cock head with. John turned up his wife's toy to the next setting without telling her. She squirmed in surprise, but then quickly accustomed herself to it and smiled at him stroking his prick beneath the table even more openly now, though continuing to keep an eye on everyone around them. "Let's go back to the room," she whispered hotly into his ear.

Eagerly, John somehow managed to stuff his hard swollen prick back inside his pants though even then, he knew it would be difficult trying to hide his erection. They soon made their way over to the elevators, stepping inside where John now turned his wife's toy onto the highest setting, causing her to moan uncontrollably as he pushed the button for their floor. One other couple got on, joining them, and it was exciting to stand there knowing full well that his wife stood next to him being pleasured, the vibrator tickling her clit as they stood there trying to look normal and composed. A few moments later the elevator stopped and the other couple got off. The moment the door closed, Diane came into his arms where they kissed passionately, her hand once again reaching down to the front of John's pants rubbing him through the material. Likewise, John now openly fondled his wife's breasts, teasing her hard nipples, pinching them slightly with his fingers through the material, separating only when the elevator stopped on their floor.

As they stepped out of the elevator, John noticed there was a small alcove around the corner where they kept the ice-machine for their rooms along with a small vending machine for snacks. Passing by, John pulled Diane into it. He was in a naughty mood, and knew by the look in his wife's eyes that she was too. Though curious, she neither questioned nor complained when she felt John reaching down, lifting her short skirt. Seconds later, John cupped her pussy, placing his hand over the vibrating toy they had fixed in place. As he did, he once again unzipped himself, freeing his cock. He knew as they stood there, they would easily hear the sound of the elevator should it stop, or the sound of anyone coming down the hallway towards it too. Taking his own cock in hand, John now rubbed it against his wife's hard tender clit, teasing her with it, now adding to the sensation of the vibrating toy inside her.

"You're going to make me cum if you keep doing that," she warned pleasurably.

"Good, I want you too ... right here," he grinned lustfully. Diane placed her hands about his neck in order to steady and support herself. Her legs already threatening to give way with the erotic naughty pleasure she was experiencing as they stood there, John still rubbing his own pick up and down, back and forth against her clit, masturbating them both as he did so.

Moments later, she began doing so, humping herself even more purposely against his prick, especially when the warm streamers of his spunk began splashing against her, using his own cream to now further stimulate her with as she came, trying hard as she could to muffle her cry of pleasure just as the sound of the elevator coming back up reached their ears. Quickly adjusting themselves, they hurriedly walked down the hall towards their room, John's cum running down her legs in little rivers as they unlocked the door stepping inside just as the elevator doors opened.

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