Who Comes First? Her Boyfriend or Husband?

by katt

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cuckold, Wife Watching, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: When there are three in a relationship. Which two are the primary candidates.

What will a wife do for her boyfriend but she would not consider doing for her husband. An interesting question: one that I was musing over the other day. To explain, my wife Sue and I have been married for eight years now, for the last two, with my encouragement she has been dating. Initially on one night stands but for the last eighteen months she has been seeing the same guy. In other words, my wife has a regular boyfriend.

Our lifestyle may seem unusual to some but it suits us, both of us are career people and no desire to have children. The problem with being career focused is you tend to find the job takes over your life. Both Sue and I were finding to often we only had a couple of evenings a week when we were together and then more often than not we were too tired to enjoy a lovemaking session.

It all came to a head when, upon returning from a conference trip, Sue admitted she had an affair whilst away. I should have been angry and ended our relationship. Instead I found myself aroused and we ended up having passionate sex. Afterwards we talked long into the night and realised if we were to stay together, Sue needed the freedom to find the physical release she could not get from our marriage. For me the idea of my wife seeing other guys was a big turn on and I encouraged her not to be inhibited in having sex with other men. For myself, I had no desire to stray from the nest.

At first, Sue went out on one night stands, either men she met in hotels when away on business or at singles bars. That was until she hooked up with Mark. A muscular, six foot guy with a coal black body who is the owner of the fitness gym my wife joined. The odd date has progressed to a new level over the months. This brings me back to my original question.

What does a wife do for her boyfriend that she would not consider doing for her husband? Sue now sees Mark at least two nights during the week. Six months ago she started to stay over with him on a Friday or Saturday night. Last Christmas, she informed me she would now be staying with him on both Friday and Saturday nights. She reassures me she loves me ... but she is in love with Mark.

Again about six months ago she asked me if I minded if she stopped wearing her wedding rings as she wanted to show Mark her relationship meant so much to her. As a demonstration of my agreement I removed them myself and placed them on her dressing table, where they have remained ever since. For Christmas Mark gave her a diamond dress ring which she has chosen to wear on her wedding finger. Sue made no explanation to me of her decision and I did not challenge her. I just accepted it as another example of the importance she places on her relationship with her boyfriend. Plus it fuels my masturbatory fantasies.

Sex between us was fairly vanilla. Sue only wanted to do it missionary style and normally with the lights out. She has recently confided to me that Mark is more adventurous. She regularly sucks him off. Something she refused to do for me. He also has taken her anal cherry.

The reassurance I have is that Mark does not want to commit to a full time relationship and gets a kick out of knowing my wife prefers to be with him. For me, knowing my wife seeks pleasure elsewhere is a big turn on and I do not want to change things from the present arrangement. That is apart from the fact my wife no longer is prepared to have sex with me. She says Mark's larger penis has stretched her and she is sure she would no longer feel me in her and therefore would not get any pleasure. That is one thing I wish my wife would do for me but she now keeps sex exclusively for her boyfriend.

When Mark comes, to pick her up from our house. She throws her arms around him and kisses him passionately, whilst his hands caress her pert bottom. I wait, watching quietly until they finish before speaking. It seems impolite to me to interrupt two lovers from showing their desire for each other. I also notice Sue refers to her boyfriend with terms of endearment such as darling and love. Her greetings to me now seem limited to just my name.

I do still sleep in our master bedroom; however Sue keeps the second bedroom made up so she and Mark can sleep together on the odd occasions he sleeps over.

Occasionally we go out as a three some. On such occasions Sue will always hold Marks hand and if we have a meal will sit next to him with me opposite.

Last month I went away for two weeks on business. I did not have to worry about Sue being at home on her own as she stayed the whole time at Marks. She dropped me off at the airport on the day I went away, her bag in the boot so that she could go straight to his apartment.

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