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Desc: Sex Story: He doesn't feel all that lucky when he comes out second in a fight with a forklift, but will that change in the hospital?

"Well, Mr. Phillips, it seems your luck is holding. I'd say we can have you out of those casts in another week or so."

John chuckled while glancing at the casts on his arms and legs that had left him bedridden since the accident weeks before. "If you want to call it luck."

Doctor Davis smiled, enhancing her already attractive features, and shook her head, causing her curly brunette locks to bounce. "When you meet the business end of a forklift, getting away with only broken arms and legs is lucky." She then yawned.

"Sorry to keep you up."

The doctor waved her hand in a dismissive gesture. "I'm at the end of my normal day. The last thing we want is to delay your recovery by going against your internal clock. You've worked graveyard shift for over a decade now."

"I appreciate it."

"Well, I'll see you tomorrow. Have a good night."

John watched her leave, his eyes locked on the sexy sway of her bottom. It was one of the few times when he allowed himself the luxury of admiring his stunning doctor. The hospital robe and thin sheets did little to hide an erection, and Doctor Davis certainly had that effect on him.

His manhood swelling beneath the sheets, John lay his head back and wondered how he'd managed to rate such gorgeous doctors and nurses. It was torture at times, but the distraction from his immobility was certainly welcome.

After two years of unwelcome abstinence brought on by long work hours and working the graveyard shift, leaving him awake when everyone else was asleep, he was willing to take what he could get.

"One. Two. Three," Amber counted out, and then the blonde smiled. "Rock crushes scissors — I win."

Amber's brunette opponent pouted, lamenting her luck at losing this little game two times in a row. "Lucky bitch."

Amber tossed her golden curls and let an evil grin spread across her face. "You'll win another one eventually." She unbuttoned the top button of her scrubs as she walked over to retrieve a cart with a basin sitting atop it. The tiny opening really revealed nothing at the moment, but she knew that would change when she bent over.

Cathy's mouth dropped open when Amber pushed the cart out in front of the nurse's station. "Oh my god — you're not wearing a bra, you slut."

"I have less to work with, so I have to flaunt it a little," Amber responded to her friend and colleague, who had a full cup size advantage. "I'm going to get a twitch out of that cock one way or another."

Cathy shivered. "If it ever happens to me, I'll probably faint. He's as thick soft as my boyfriend is when he's hard."

"At least you have a boyfriend. I'm just going through batteries," Amber responded as she pushed the cart toward John's room.

Here we go again, John thought as the nurse pushed the cart into his room and shut the door.

"Bath time, Mr. Phillips."

As always, John kept his eyes on her face, or stared at the ceiling while the nurse pulled the cart next to the bed and opened his robe. In his mind, he ran through a day at work, letting the details distract him from the attractive woman stroking a warm sponge over his chest.

"You should be able to do this yourself before long," Amber remarked as she dipped the sponge again and leaned over the bed.

"Looking forward to it," John responded, and glanced down. He immediately wished that he hadn't, because he could see straight down the blonde nurse's top. Though her nipples were still hidden in shadows, he could see both obviously firm globes, and knew that she wasn't wearing a bra. He snapped his eyes back to the ceiling, turning his thoughts to the start-of-day procedure at work, the most tedious portion of his normal day.

The sight of her bared charms had eroded his willpower, however. He could feel the faint tingle between his legs, and fought against it with everything he had. When the sponge moved lower, he had to turn his thoughts to even less arousing ones. Despite imagining the most obese, ugly woman he knew, he was losing the fight. When the sponge stroked over his thighs, it was over.

His cock swelling and straightening beyond any ability to control, John muttered, "Sorry," his face warming as blood rushed there as well.

"It's okay," Amber replied, "It's a natural reaction. I was actually a little concerned that you might have some restricted blood flow that the doctor might need to look into."

She continued to wash him despite his ever-growing erection, as if nothing had changed, but it did little to curb John's embarrassment. By the time she stroked the sponge over his family jewels, he was as hard as a rock and twitching from her touches.

"You have nothing to be embarrassed about," Amber said as she curled the sponge around his cock. "Just relax, we're almost done."

John couldn't help but close his eyes and revel in the feeling as she spent a long time stroking the moist sponge over his cock. When she'd lingered for what must have been a full minute, he opened his eyes and glanced down his body. He found her staring at his cock with nearly undisguised desire in her eyes as she squeezed the sponge tighter around him.

"It's getting a little dry," John suggested as he winced from the sponge scraping over his hard flesh.

"Sorry," Amber apologized as she uncurled her hand from around him, causing him to throb and twitch. Her voice had a husky quality that matched the hunger in her eyes, and he could see her stiff nipples pressing against the material of her scrubs.

"It's okay," John responded as he locked eyes with her. Her deep blue eyes drew him in, and some distant part of him was aware that she was breathing heavily. "It felt good," he said, his tongue acting before his brain could stop it.

Amber sucked in a deep breath and shuddered. She smiled and said, "That's my job — to get you feeling better."

"It's working," John said, caught up in her beautiful face, sexy body, and her eyes falling to his cock as he spoke.

"There's something else I could do," she said in a breathless whisper.

In complete disbelief, John couldn't answer that. The hard organ dancing between his legs was speaking volumes, however.

Amber curled her soft hand around his shaft, her fingers unable to touch around his girth. She stroked her hand slowly over him, using the other to pop open more buttons on her scrubs, fully revealing her breasts to him.

"Incredible," he sighed as the perky globes emerged from beneath the cloth.

Amber moved her hand down to the base of his erection, leaving just the swollen head and a little over an inch of the shaft exposed above her fingers. That didn't last long, as she leaned down to take him in her mouth.

John let out a short, quiet groan as her hot mouth surrounded him. She bobbed her head over him, her lips stretched wide around his girth. Her long blonde hair tickled him as her lips and tongue worked their magic on his cock.

He winced a little as his casts bit into him from the involuntary muscle contractions that she was causing as she sucked him. When she looked up into his eyes at the top of a stroke, his hips bounced upward, pushing his tip against the back of her tongue.

Though she let out a little gagging cough, she didn't release him. He could see a thick coating of her saliva on his cock, which was now dripping down over her hand as well.

It had been a while, even before the accident that had laid him up, and John knew he wasn't going to last much longer. "Close," he warned in a whispered grunt.

Amber responded only by sucking him even harder and faster. John clenched his teeth, fighting against the groans that wanted to escape him. He still growled, deep in his throat, when he erupted.

Amber quietly moaned around him as she sucked and swallowed, drinking up his cum as it spurted from him again and again. Thankfully, she released him when he grew too sensitive to handle any more, because he couldn't even move enough to push her away if she hadn't.

"Holy shit," John groaned once he recovered his breath. He looked up at Amber to see her still bare breasted, daubing at the saliva on her chin with a towel.

A little fear crept into her eyes as she appeared to realize what she'd done. "You won't tell anyone, will you? I could lose my job. I shouldn't have done that."

"Not a soul. God, that was incredible."

Amber buttoned her scrubs and smiled, convinced by the tone in his voice. "Are you okay for me to wash you off?"

John let out another quiet groan and answered, "Not really, but make it quick."

He breathed heavily as she sponged away her saliva and his cum from his softening cock, and then let out a sigh of relief when she blotted him dry.

"I need to get back to the station," she said as she closed his robe, but not until she'd allowed herself another lingering glance at his cock.

"Wish I could do something for you."

Amber purred, "Me too. I'm so wet. Do you want a taste?"

"Oh yeah."

She glanced back at the door for a second, and then quickly pulled down the front of her pants. She tugged aside her pink panties, revealing the most beautiful pussy he'd ever seen, and dipped a finger inside her.

He sucked her glistening finger clean as she covered herself again with her other hand.

"You taste good."

"So did you. I've got to go. You won't tell anyone?"

"Nobody. Wouldn't want you to get in trouble."

"I'm already in trouble. I'm going to be horny as hell for the rest of the night," Amber remarked, and then pushed her cart toward the door.

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