Michelle's Erotic Tryst With the Maid at the Mandarin Lark Hotel

by Dag123

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Swinging, Oriental Female, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Curiosity overcomes Michelle! Fascinated and not a little intrigued by Sandy Li's exotic stories, of strange faraway places'"she looks forward to accompanying her new husband, Randy on his next business trip to the Orient. An Exotic Tryst is Arranged! Erotic Passions explode! The young Couple and their sensuous little House Maid take great delight in reaching for the outer limits of Erotica! Are they in danger of going too far?

If there were a law against being happy, Randy Dalton would have already been convicted and serving his time.

You see, three months ago he gladly suffered a life shattering change. He got married. Yeah... , I know... , you're wondering, What's so special about that?

Well, if you were to ask Randy that question, you would only confuse him. You see, the guy's happiness centers around his new wife, Michelle—and like the advertisement says on the TV— ... and folks ... that's not all you get—Yes... , as a bonus prize for marrying their mother—you also get her three lovely daughters.

Take it from me. His wife, Michelle, is not just pretty, she's stunning! A little blue-eyed blonde, with a trim figure that will stop you where you are—and cheer you up— no matter what kind of day you're having. With that nice rounded little bottom and perky firm titties—she's welcome in my fantasy world anytime.

Each morning when the sun comes up, Randy is always relieved to discover his newfound happiness wasn't just a pleasant dream he had during the night.

Now no one would ever consider her three cute little girls, Beth, Susan, and Betsy, a consolation prize. All three girls are bright, intelligent, and fun loving. And... , they have already learned how to push their new Daddy's buttons anytime they want to wrap him around their little finger.

And... , as far as Michelle goes, I think she's already convinced herself, that her new husband, Randy may have been the third person in the Garden. She has gone from being an ordinary Shop Girl, barely eking out a living, to being the wife of one of the richest men in this part of the country.

This happened because when Michelle was a Shop Girl she had an abundance of good looks, charm, grace, and class. Now, with money no longer a problem—she still exudes that same amount of good looks, charm, grace, and class.

You may be asking, what made Randy finally decide he wanted to marry her? Well, she also has an earthy side to her personality. In the privacy of their bedroom, she becomes the ultimate temptress. And, she is willing to go to any length to explore Randy's secret little erotic fantasies.

His fantasies... ? Well, wouldn't you know, she has them all identified and cataloged. Nightly to his delight, she is willing and eager to embrace them—so the two of them make uninhibited love with abandoned.

Of late, Randy has become convinced he'll die before he reaches the age of fifty. Cause of death? Sexual exhaustion. (What can I tell you? The guy's happy!)

One wild night, several months back, when Michelle settled her little feud with Mrs. Sandy Li, she discovered she had an advantage that, as the saying goes— ... just keeps on giving.

In her first ever confrontation with another woman, she had more than settled the score with the catty Mrs. Li. By the time their little face-to-face confrontation was over, she had proved once and for all that, prude was not a word included in her erotic dictionary.

Because she knew it was exciting for Randy, she had loved doing it. Much to his delight, she had confirmed what he had suspected all along. His fiancée, Michelle was anything but a shrinking violet.

Originally, it had just been for his pleasure, she had gone swimming in—what was for her—strange new waters of erotica. Because, by the time it was over, she found herself secretly admitting that she had enjoyed having the catty Mrs. Li in submission to her.

To her amazement and surprise, she found that she had enjoyed forcing her to do forbidden sexual acts. Then as if things weren't bizarre enough—the two attractive women had become friends.

On that night, she had identified and at last understood her new husband's secret little fantasy. It was something she considered silly, yet so downright simple, she often found herself smiling with amusement when she thought about it.

His deep dark fantasy was—he liked watching his woman and another female trying to physically conquer one another. Once one of the females had the other in submission, the erotic consequences that followed were the fulfillment of his ultimate fantasy.

So their lovemaking night after night continued to remain torrid and unrestrained. Randy could never get enough of her—Michelle vowed to keep it just that way.

Lunching with Mrs. Li...

Michelle had just stepped out of a leisurely bath and was doing her nails in pastel pink when her cell phone rang.

"Hi Michelle, this is Sandy Li. Want to get together for lunch tomorrow?"

"Oh Hi... , Sandy. Sure. I'm free, the girls are in school."

"How about the Rosalie Café? About 12:30?"

At 12:45 the next afternoon, Michelle hurried through the restaurants' doors. Looking around, she spotted Sandy Li in the back, already seated.

"Gosh! You're here already. Am I very late?" she said, approaching the table at the back of the restaurant.

"No. I just got here a few minutes ago," she said, smiling back at Michelle,

"I requested this table here in the back so we could have some privacy. I hope this is okay."

"Sure. This is nice and private," Michelle said, sensed something was afoot.

"Michelle... , Remember when I promised some time back that I would someday tell you about some of the sexy erotic things couples do in the Orient?"

"I do, "Michelle said, nodding her head, her smiling blue eyes filled with anticipation. "Is this where we have our little talk about that?"

"Why don't we eat first, then after, we can sit and chat," the little Asian wife suggested. A half hour later, they had finished lunch, and were lingering over coffee.

Michelle gets a Cheerful Little Earful...

"Okay. Come on, dish! Don't be a meanie and make me wait." Michelle said, betraying her curiosity.

"What I'm about to tell you, is for your ears only. It's about a place Sam and I visit about once a year. Promise you'll keep it to yourself, okay?"

"Gosh, Sandy," Michelle said, slightly put out, "Haven't you ever heard the old saying, 'Daisies never tell'..."

"Well, Okay," Sandy said laughing at herself for being so serious. "Anyway, once a year or so, I go with Sam on one of his business trips. After he finishes conducting his business, we take a week off and go on holiday. We stay at this hotel that's located just outside of Kuala Lumpur."

"The place is called the Mandarin Lark hotel. The place is exclusive and caters only to a small very wealthy and exclusive clientele. It's located in a very remote location, so very few people are even aware that it exists. There, they specialize in catering to every sexual taste you can imagine—all in the strictest of privacy."

"The way it works," the Asian wife said, continuing, "Each couple who gets accepted is given a Suite. It comes completely furnished with everything. It even includes an attractive house maid who takes care of the couple's wants and needs. She's also there to participate in any sexual activities the couple may wish to include her in."

"Gosh! That sounds so strange and exotic," Michelle said, stunned to find out that such a place even existed. "Are you sure you're not just making this up?" Michelle said, somewhat skeptical.

"No. Of course not, "Sandy said, laughing at her naïve companion. "Remember everything you and I did at my house that evening several months back?

"Well... , the maid assigned to you will be willing to do all that with you and much, much more. What ever you or your husband wants her to do—for you, with you, or to you—she'll do it." Sandy said, noticing that Michelle had grown quiet. She could see her sexy little blonde friend was definitely intrigued.

"Whoever knew such a place even existed!" Michelle said, sitting there, a stunned look of disbelief on her face.

"Michelle... , Sammy and I are both aware that like me, you agreed to that evening we spent together, mostly for your husband's enjoyment. But, we also come away with the feeling that you secretly enjoyed what you and I did," Sandy said, with a hint of a smile playing in her almond eyes.

Feeling somewhat uncomfortable to even be talking about an experience that had been so intimate, Michelle said, with a shy little smile, "Sandy, dear. You, of all people know how much I enjoy it," she laughed. "That was the first time I'd ever done anything like that with another woman. It was all so new to me."

"Michelle, the four of us did those things in complete privacy—don't tell me you're still embarrassed. Look at it like a delicious little memory that you can tuck away in your mind. No one else will ever know it happened except the four of us," Sandy said, reaching over to pat Michelle's hand affectionately.

"I do enjoy thinking about it," Michelle said," Many times Randy and I still talk about it. Especially when we're doing it. It definitely spices things up for both of us." she laughed.

"Tell me about it! " Sandy said, comfortable with her own revelation. "Sammy and I still enjoy thinking and talking about it also." Both girls laughed.

"Tell me more... ," Michelle said, feeling more relaxed, and becoming more curious by the second.

"Okay," Sandy said. "We usually stay for the full week. It's very expensive but I'm sure money is not a problem for the two of you."

Michelle giggled. "I think Randy would probably be glad to pay anything if we could experience a whole week of that sort of erotic activity."

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