What's in a Name

by AB_Moore

Tags: Ma/Fa, DomSub, MaleDom,

Desc: : A short from a woman's perspective about an internet romance. The feelings of being able to finally enjoy one's self. I envisioned it a bit like a well mixed drink; equal parts man and woman, blended with romance and fire. It's that twist of lemon that'll get you though.

Twitching and writhing with anticipation, Dana Richards lay upon smooth linens and gazed up in wonder. Her brilliant blonde hair strewn out around her, and her blue eyes darting around to find a glimpse of her prince charming.

Doubt had left her at long last. The fear that she would never find love was gone. From the second she had laid eyes on him, walking through the restaurant door in his starched white shirt, and creased khaki pants, she'd wanted him. He'd dressed up just for her.

They had met on an internet site, one of several sites Dana frequented in her quest to find a match. Keith's honest, forthcoming email, stood tall amongst all of the emails she received. Bold, intelligent, even just a hint cocky. When he had sent her a photograph of himself with out even mentioning wanting one in return, Dana had been intrigued.

Over time, they had spoken about his position with the bank as a loan officer, and her horrible witch of a boss at the book store. Not once had Keith shown any dismay about her job. He didn't show any sign of being put off by her disorganized life.

A bit of her thigh, feeling the cool air in the room, grew goose bumps while she waited. Turning her head, she let her eyes roam the room. Nothing fancy, nothing special about it except him and her ... together.

Blood pulsing through her with a wanton ache, Dana wanted him back, wanted to hear the smooth tone of his deep and rich voice. She wanted to feel the palms he'd roughed up on his old truck. The depth of her conversations with him had told her more about him than anyone she knew.

Four long months had passed before this night. Exchanging emails, chatting on instant messengers, and even though they both lived in Las Vegas, they had yet to meet. He told her that he was only a bit worried about the reality not living up to the dream. She persisted though, and this night ... this cool October evening had been their first encounter.

The bathroom door clicked open, and she drank in his body, now wearing only his dark silken boxer shorts. Exactly as he had described himself to her, slightly athletic, medium complexion, and graceful on the move, she added that last bit. He was striking with his fluid moves, a cat on the prowl. She hoped he'd pounce.

When he walked into the restaurant four hours earlier, she had been just as impressed with his poise as she was now. Dark hair, shining eyes, and a cool comfortable demeanor, Keith struck her as a man she needed. The dinner conversation had not been forced, but comfortable and natural. When he surprised her and offered to take her to a room he had at a nearby motel, she was unfazed, even eager.

She let her eyes run the length of his toned body, following the vertical line in his abs where it started below his chest, and memorizing every inch of it until it dipped into the waist band of his boxers. Lips tingling as she thought of running her tongue over that line, she arched her back, trying to entice him with her own body.

Dropping deftly to one knee, he plundered in his bag, and looked up to smile at her. The goose bumps spread across her legs and she felt a flutter in her belly when he winked. His focus returning to his things, she admired him. Impressive to her was a man who could remain poised with a half naked woman before him.

Although she was a bit above average in her appearance, with a body that bore the effects of hours in the gym, and skin that was never blemished, Dana had trouble dating. Her tastes were a bit out of the ordinary. She needed a man who would dominate her, one who would take her hand in the bedroom, and lead her over his knee if necessary.

Within hours of meeting Keith, he had revealed the same thoughts to her. Only instead of needing to feel the will of another, Keith needed to know that his will was felt. He craved obedience in a woman, longed for the gentle compliance of a kept woman. Dana knew she could be anything he desired. All he had to do was ask.

So, lying in the motel room with her hands stretched over her head, towards the corners of the mattress, and her feet stretched out the same at the other end, all four laced with soft cotton rope and held fast, she was in heaven. Her five foot three inch frame out on display for her prince. Her tongue licking her lips in anticipation as Keith appeared again.

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