Oak Tree
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, True Story, Cheating,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Unhappily married attend a friends party to meet a man I would later have an affair with.

My husband and I were invited to a friend's daughter 1st birthday party. My friend is from Ghana and when they party, they party for the entire weekend. I'm talking 3 days of eating and drinking. I invited my girlfriend and her husband to attend with they showed up later that evening. As we parked my car and approached the driveway, I saw him. He stood about 6'9", skin the color of dark molasses and his build massive like he could have been a professional ball player. He was shooting hoops in the driveway by himself and as I approached the ball rolled into the street. I retrieved the ball throwing it into the basket for two points. He caught the ball, threw it back at me making eye contact. It was dark outside, but his smiled lit the block as if it was daylight. I noticed his hands which were huge like bananas and I couldn't help but smile and wonder what else was huge. I threw the ball into the basket once again for two points taunting him. He said hello introducing himself as Edward. I had already named him Oak because he was as tall and dark and massive as an Oak tree. He looked as if he was unmovable. I said hello, never giving him my name as I walked into the house after my husband. I said hello to the host and his wife, giving them the gift I brought for their daughter. I walked onto the deck saying hello to everyone I remembered from last year and those whom I've never met. I sat with my husband in the yard listening to stories from back home and eating grilled fish and plantains. My phone suddenly started vibrating letting me know I had a message. It was from Janice, letting me know she and her husband were out front. As I walked through the side gate to meet them out front, Edward appeared in my path. "You never told me your name." he said.

I looked up into his beautiful brown eyes and lost my senses. Just as I was about to tell him my name, my girlfriend yelled to me from their car. I told him I had to go, leaving him wondering once again. I hugged my girlfriend and her husband, chewing them out for taking so long. I told her husband Jimmy where he could find my husband and he proceeded to the rear of the yard. My girl Janice said "I saw you talking to that guy, damn he's fine." "Yes he is and his hands are big as bananas" I said to her laughing. We walked through the front door to find him with his family, yes a wife and two kids. The whole night I looked for him and every time we made eye contact, it felt as if an arrow was shot through my heart. I was kicking myself for not telling him who I was in fear he would leave and never know, and that's exactly what happened. When I returned back to work and asked my friend Simmy about him, never know he too inquired about me. He called me 3 days later. His voice was like hot dripping molasses and just as sweet. He said "It's a shame I have to go through a friend to find out your name." All I could do was laugh and apologize for my rude behavior. We continued to talk and the more we talked the more I knew I liked him. We decided to meet for breakfast to talk more in person.

I arrived first securing us a booth in the rear of the restaurant. I saw him come into the restaurant all eyes on him as if he was a celebrity, walking with a swagger demanding attention. I waved to him beckoning his company. He approached the booth smiling as if he knew a secret I was dying to hear. "Hello" he said. "Hi" I responded. We both just sat there staring at each other. He finally broke the silence by asking if I wanted something to eat and drink. I told him I took the liberty of ordering us something and that I hoped he liked it. We made small talk over coffee while waiting for our order. He told me he couldn't stop thinking about me. He told me he remembered everything I had on that night. "No way, tell me." I said. "You had on a beautiful beaded black top with white pants and black sandals" he said. He described how my hair was worn and that my perfume smelled beautiful. I was taken aback by his preciseness and also quite impressed. He told me he was married with two kids, but something drew him to me. I told him I was also married with two grown girls but was equally attracted to him and never stopped thinking about him. We both knew that this wouldn't be the last time we would see each other. After eating, he walked me to my car advising me he would call me later if that was okay. "Sure, I look forward to hearing from you" I said. I got in my car looking back as he walked away wishing for him to turn around and he did. He smiled as did I. He called me the next day asking me to meet him at his friend's house to finish our conversation. His friend was out of town and he was keeping an eye on his place. He met me in the parking lot giving me a hug and kiss on the cheek. We headed upstairs to the 3rd floor apartment. His friend's place was pretty neat for guy. He offered me something to drink as we sat at the living room table. He took my hand into his complimenting me endlessly, telling me how beautiful I am. "Can I kiss you?" he asked. Noticing my hesitation, he apologized for embarrassing me and making me feel uncomfortable. It wasn't that I didn't want to kiss him, I was afraid I wouldn't stop at that. As he sat back in the chair, I leaned forward into his lips.

They were large yet soft as cotton. We kissed for what seemed like a lifetime. When we finally parted, I felt dizzy; heart beating to a tune even I was not familiar with. My body was on fire, arm pits sweating and the dark cave between my legs had now become a waterfall. "I want to do something to you, if you let me" he said. He grabbed my hands pulling me towards the bedroom. He started kissing my neck and then my lips again. He squeezed my chest letting me know he loved my breasts; said they were beautiful. "Can I taste you?" he asked "I just want to taste you and nothing more" please let me do that, he begged. I hadn't had sex with my husband in months, so my inability to say no was not a shock. He took my top off first admiring my breasts. He then kneeled before me undoing my pants, slowly peeling them off. He placed his face in my pussy inhaling the aroma his touch brought about. "God you smell delicious" he breathed. He words came in short spurts in between him kissing my thighs. I felt his hands grabbed my Victoria Secrets, the purple pair I wore for passion.

I was embarrassed at how wet I became. Never had any man made my pussy drenching wet as he did. I felt his tongue come in contact with my other pair of lips and a moan escaped my mouth. "Lie back" he ordered placing his hands on my chest as if I couldn't follow simple orders. He then lifted one leg onto his shoulder and licked my clit until my back arched. "Don't run" he whispered, taking the other leg putting it onto his other shoulder. His face disappeared between my heaven falling in love. He spread my lips admiring the pinkness that shown beneath like a piece of fresh fruit. Inspecting, licking, inspecting, licking, tasting then biting. I was in frenzy, writhing beneath him like a fish out of water. I clawed at his back begging him to stop. I had never had a man enjoy my fruit as much as he did. He appreciated my body when I no longer did. His lips felt like silk and his tongue like a flower petal. I wanted him to fuck me. His dick was long, thick, black and beautiful. I begged him to fuck me, but he had no intentions. He saw the desire in my eyes. I saw my desire in his eyes and it scared me. I was at the point of no return. The wetness of my pussy excited me. The sight of his dick excited me. He continued to eat me, sounding carnivorous, inserting two large fingers into me fucking with each come hither movement. "Come for me" he said, stroking me into an Abyss I would never return from. I came hard and long. I screamed to the heavens, clawing my way back to reality. I looked into his eyes, feeling his restraint and desire. He kissed my lips below trailing to my lips waiting to taste the sin that now glistened his lips. "Thank you" he said. "No thank you" I responded. "I know what you wanted, but not today, I just wanted to taste you" okay? He walked me to my car. I stood in his arms which felt so safe, praying he would never let me go. He lowered his head to kiss me allowing me to taste his tongue that stole my soul. "I'll call you later baby" he said from his car. I waved goodbye and drove away replaying the scene over and over again in my head. If his lips can make become catatonic, I wondered what his dick would do.

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