Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Heterosexual, True Story,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I stopped at the 7-11 store on my way to work. Saw this very handsome man that I just had to meet.I went home with him. I never picked up my co-workers or went to work.

I'm not sure if it was his beautiful brown eyes, or those dimples that seem to deepen with each smile. Never before has any man on sight made my heart flutter with their appearance as this stranger did.

I measured him from a distance, appearing well over 6feet 2 inches tall, with milk chocolate skin. The black shirt he wore clung to his large torso like it was specifically tailored for him. He wore blue faded jeans that showed off his strong chiseled thighs and nice round butt.

Knowing that I had somewhere to be in five minutes didn't faze me the least. I couldn't take my eyes off him. I was mesmerized. Startled by my ringing phone, I spilled coffee all over my silk blouse. I knew I was wrong for sitting here knowing my date was waiting on me. I answered the phone in the sexiest voice possible,"Hello" I said. "Baby where are you? I thought you were around the corner. "I told him I was, but I needed to get some gum from the store. His anger fading just a little, said "Ok baby, just hurry up.

I couldn't move; curiosity would not let me leave that spot. Everything around me seemed to disappear as I watched this man walk around the store as if he owned it. I became aroused, so I touched myself trying to control my pulsating pussy. I felt my nipples rise underneath my silk shirt and watched my windows fog as my breathing became heavy. The more I watched him, the more I craved for this man to be inside me.

My phone rang for the third time that evening. I knew I was wrong for not answering it, but what could I say, I mean what could I possibly tell him as my reason for not being their yet, when I was only five minutes away. I let his message go to voice mail — Damn!

My patience was wearing thin. What in the world could he be buying in 7-eleven for Christ sakes?

Afraid that my date had already left, I started my truck, hoping to salvage what was left of the evening. No soon as I was about to back out of my space, my knight emerged. I jumped out of my truck so fast I almost hung myself with my seatbelt.

Now I know most men don't like aggressive women, but I had to know this guy's name. Excuse me, I yelled after him. You don't know me, and I'm sorry to intrude on your time, but I saw you when you went into the store, and well I wanted to meet you. My name is Sherry. What seemed like an eternity was only two minutes, before those dimples pooled and his million dollar smile graced his face and he told me his name was Winston. When our hands touched, it was electrifying. I felt like a school girl getting my first kiss. All of a sudden, I became nervous and I knew he felt my palms get clammy. He made me feel so uncomfortable — like he knew I wanted him in the worst way and that he could smell my sweet scent permeate through my pants. His eyes inventoried every inch of me, shelving by expiration date, things he needed to taste first. It was at that moment, I needed to leave, but my body wasn't cooperating. The put your foot in front of the other, seemed like an impossible task.

Finally, he spoke. "So Sherry, any plans for tonight?" Forgetting all about my date, No! fell so easily from my lips. He said, "Well I was just about to go back to my place and watch some movies, and I would love it, if you could join me."

I know better, Lord knows, I know better. The person that stood before this phione ass man was not me. My good senses must have gotten hung-up in the seat belt, because I sure as hell didn't have any at that moment. "Where's your place", I stuttered. "Just around the corner" he sang. Winston must have sense my fear and hesitation. He said, "I won't hurt you, I promise", unless you want me too." There he goes with that sexy as smile. He could have been Hannibal Lectors grandson for all I know.

I wanted this man, I couldn't deny that. I approached him, running up on him like a stick up kid, so I couldn't punk out now. I wanted to see what it was about this man, that made my panties wet, just standing next to him. So I said "lead the way."

Common sense must have seeped back into my body between me getting in my truck and arriving at his place. I phoned my sister-friend to let her know I had lost my mind once again, but that I was okay and I gave her Winston's address and his tag number, just in case he turned out to be a physco.

He had a beautiful apartment. His living room was painted a deep chocolate, while stark white furniture made the room come to life. His kitchen housed every gourmet appliance we women would have died for. As he gave me a tour of his place, he lit a candle in every room, making for a very romantic evening. His bedroom was painted red, housing black Chinese furniture. The king size sleigh bed had my mouth watering and my panties dripping, anticipating the wickedness that would go on behind those doors. He must have called my name a couple of times, and it wasn't until he touched my shoulder, that I even remembered he was in the same room. The sight was breathtaking. He wanted to know if I wanted a glass of wine, and was I ready to watch a movie, and if so, which one. He had a lot to choose from, so I let him pick. When he came back from getting wine, he had changed into a silk pair of pajamas. He wanted to know if I wanted his top while he got some club soda, to get the coffee stain out of my silk blouse. I went into his bathroom and changed into his top. His scent alone drove me crazy and I wished I could wear him, I mean his shirt the rest of the night. Curiosity got the best of me. I proceeded to look through his medicine cabinet for any sign of a wife, girlfriend, boyfriend or any lover. I also peeped out if he was taking any meds for personality disorder, A.D.D or STD's, but I found nothing of the sort.

He got comfortable and with nervous energy I planted myself at the other end of his sofa. Having his shirt on, made me feel as if I wore nothing at all. He said, "Damn girl, I know you ain't shy the way you ran up on me, bring yourself over here". I said, "No, I'm not shy, just didn't want to be all up in your space". He said, "Well I want you near me, besides, it can get a little chilly in here and I could use the body heat. I remember seeing the previews, and the beginning of the movie we were watching. I remember him playing in my hair telling me how good I smell, but it was him that smelt delicious. I remember his hands rubbing that sensitive spot on a women's neck that makes the hair on the back of her neck stand up and her body tingle. Then I remember looking up into those beautiful brown eyes and him licking his lips, all the while I was wishing he would lick mine. Before I could think of a better way for him to utilize his tongue, that's when I felt his soft lips on mine. He was tender at first, and then his kisses became intense and I felt the thickness of his tongue enter my mouth. His kisses were sweet and hypnotizing. It seemed like we kissed for hours, but ten minutes can seem like a long time. When we finally pulled away, I was not only speechless, but breathless. His kisses awakened feelings, none like I ever felt before.

I didn't want to rush things, but I wanted him inside me, my body begged for that. I felt his hands massage my breast and my nipples hardened under his grasp. I raised my body so that he could get as much of my cantaloupes that would fit in his mouth. He sucked them one by one, and when that wasn't enough to satisfy his appetite, he took both of then into his mouth. I begged him to suck harder. I needed the pain to bring me back to reality. I knew there was no turning back at this point and honestly, I didn't want to.

I reached for him, grabbing at his silk bottoms, searching for a little piece of heaven. Well, lets just say a chuck of heaven. I hope with everything this guy had going fro him, he would not disappointment me. Everything about this man was thick even down to his dick. It was every bit of nine inches, maybe more, and the girth of his head should have been etched along side of George Washington on Mt. Rushmore. The more I rushed, the more he wanted to slow things down. The more I begged, the more he teased.

He was aggressive and strong, and I liked that about a man. I could be a handful, so to know that he wasn't a light-weight enhanced things even more. He told me to relax. He said "Be patient baby, its coming." He poured his remaining wine down the center of my chest, licking and slurping the remaining juices that didn't seep into his sofa.

My body quivered uncontrollably. He continued to lick, lingering playfully in my belly button and then into the crevice of my hip. He inhaled my essence that was so distinct and raw. Between my pussy juices and the wine, his lips on mine, the aroma was captivating. He said "You smell so sweet I can't wait to taste you?" He gently parted my legs with his hands and buried his face into my treasure box.

His lips were like a feather, they were smooth and gentle. He took his time feasting upon me. He parted my lips with his tongue and inserted a finger so deep into my pussy it took my breath away. Slowly, he began to massage my clit, teasing and pulling with his teeth, driving me absolutely mad. I clawed at his back, holding onto his head, driving him deeper and deeper into my flesh. I don't recall any music playing in the background, but my hips began to slow grind and perform a private dance for his tongue. If eating pussy was a contest, he would have won hands down. The more I begged, the deeper his fingers went into my pussy, beckoning for me to cum. I cried for him to stop, I bargained with him to put that fat dick inside of me, but he wouldn't stop until all of my juices cease to flow. I came so hard, I became catatonic. I couldn't move and I could barely breathe but he wasn't done with me yet. He laughed at me, as if knowing he got me exactly where he needed me to be, helpless and defenseless.

He crawled upon me, placing his dick between my breast and then to my lips. He said, "You want to taste this don't you?" All I could say was "Please." I began licking around his head, tasting his juices that prematurely spilled from his body. The more I licked the harder his dick became and the ridges around his head bulged like the Hoover Dam. I knew I had him, he wasn't the only one wicked with the tongue. He tried to resist, but I was too much for him and I knew it felt to damn good for him not to go all the way. His moans were frightening, they were so intense, I thought he was possessed, and just before the mother load expelled, he withdrew, releasing his seeds about my face and chest.

His orgasm was so powerful, I just knew he was done, because Lawd knows I couldn't take anymore, but he was hardly through with me. He reached for my hand, and placed it on his still rock hard dick. I knew I was going to get punished, but I'm going to take this beating like a champ. Where in the world is he getting all this stamina from? That might be why he ain't got a girl, two days of his ass would kill ya.

He began kissing me with a longing one would get from an old lover. With one hand, he inserted his dick in me. He took his time, like every inch would feel different. Like every inch had it's on zip code. He moved inside me slow, asking me "do I like it?" Asking me can he have this pussy again, and again, and again? I felt my inside stir, causing my body to dance with his. On one accord we tangoed, we dipped and we swayed. Our rhythm increased and our movements were without merit. His body meshed with mine till I became one with him. He pumped faster and his breathing became shallow, but I held on until we both exploded simultaneously.

Spent, he laid upon me like a prized fighter on his last leg. I held him because I needed to feel him near me. His deflated penis no longer held our bodies in unison. His breathing became shallow, and it was then that I knew he had fallen asleep. I gently rolled him off of me and I cuddled in the warmth of his chest until I also lost the battle.

I awake to the smell of eggs and bacon. On a tray with a single rose, he delivered my breakfast to me in bed. If it had not been for my tousled hair and the fact that I was butt naked, I would have sworn this was a dream. He had cleaned my shirt and had everything pressed and neatly placed on an adjacent chair. He ran me some bath water with moisturizing bath beads and began washing every inch of my body, leaving no part untouched. When the bathing was done, he dried and oiled my skin with coconut oil, massaging every part as he went along. I didn't want to get aroused again, but every part of my body he touched awakened with a thirst, I knew only he could quench.

At the door he held me, making it harder for me to leave. Last night left a lasting impression on both of us. We were like two strangers that met somewhere before, only to meet again as lovers. We exchanged numbers and I kissed him good bye.

I tried not to look back, for that would only draw me closer to a man I had no future with, but I couldn't help myself. I could still smell him, his hair, deodorant, cologne, the lotion he used on his face to the syrup on his breath. This was supposed to have been a one night stand. I knew I shouldn't see him again, yet I felt a connection with this man unlike I ever felt before.

I needed to get home and face the music and any other consequences that may come my way. I started my truck and pulled away, knowing I dare not see this man again, but everything about our encounter would be unforgettable. I tried to be convincing, but who do I think I was fooling? I'll see him again, and again, and again. Call me crazy if you like, but you didn't meet Winston.

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