She's the One

by Agena

Caution: This Drama Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, .

Desc: Drama Story: A man discovers something about himself that sets off a series of events.

My name is Bill Erwin; I'm 36 years old and have my own business as a building contractor. My business isn't big, only four employees including a book keeper, and an old barn which houses my equipment, building materials and a small office. My wife, Sara, works as a licensed real estate broker for a local firm and does quite well at it. I primarily build upscale custom homes, which are always in demand in spite of the ups and downs of the economy. Between the two of us we make well into six figures every year.

Sara is the same age as I and we went through high school together; graduating in 79. We started dating in our junior year and had our first sex in our senior year. It was the usual unsatisfying romp as we were both virgins but, as they say, practice makes perfect. So by graduation time we were going at it pretty good. Her parents were understanding and had put her on birth control. We found out that we both liked sex and she especially liked to ride my pole cowgirl fashion. The back seat of my old car really took a beating. It wasn't obvious at the time, even though we thought we were in love, it was just lust. We both enjoyed sex and felt comfortable doing it with each other to the exclusion of all others...

I'd like to mention that Sara was a 'late bloomer' and really didn't start to gain those delightful female attributes such as breasts and a figure until her junior year when we started going together. When she did start to develop it was like watching a rose emerging from its bud into the sunlight and I was most appreciative of the results as were most of the guys. I was certainly glad I'd discovered her first. In our senior year a lot of the guys started hitting on her but not being used to the lustful attention of the mail population she chose to stick with me for protection I guess. By the time we graduated she was basking in her new-found popularity and starting to flirt with other guys to my dismay.

We knew however that our relationship was all going to end when we graduated. She was going to her dad's alma mater at a university out of state as her folks could afford the out of state tuition. My folks weren't as quite as well off nor was I quite as academically inclined, so I would be attending the local community college with my field of study in small business management.

My dad was a carpenter and I enjoyed working with him at building projects on my summer vacations but he wanted me to go into business for myself.

Anyway, she went off to college and the parting was hard because we were used to fairly frequent sex and we thought we were in love. I tried to get down to see her on the occasional weekend in my old car but we slowly drifted apart. I didn't see too much of her again for about four years until we ran into one another at a CW bar in town I liked to attend. It had line dancing as well as the music I liked and I'd met quite a few girl's there. I was making pretty good money then working in the building trade, gaining experience and doing minor repair and remodeling jobs on the weekends getting ready to go into business for myself.

I was standing with my buddy Drew at the bar with a long neck Bud when Drew, who was facing the door, nudged me and gestured with his head to look behind me. Drew and I go back to grade school and he knew about my earlier relationship with Sara.

Looking over my shoulder I saw her. Sara was standing near the door with two other girls looking the place over. I guess it was their first time there and checking out the lay of the land as we all do when we're in new territory. She looked incredible and my cock twitched at the sight of that great body in the tight jeans and T shirt I remembered enjoying that last year of high school.

If anything it had improved with age. Suddenly, as she gazed at the bar I saw her face show recognition and a smile lit up her face as she started toward me while motioning her friends to follow.

"Bill, its been a long time." she spoke as she hugged me and kissed my cheek. I felt those magnificent breasts pressing into my chest and my cock gave another lurch in my pants.

"Its good to see you again Sara." I said as I enthusiastically returned her hug. "You remember Drew don't you?"

"Oh sure, Hi Drew. These are my friends, Sally and Remy."

Sally was a tall slim red-head and Remy was a perky, well developed blond. Both girls appeared a little nervous about being in a CW bar/dance hall.

"Hi, do you guys want to get a table?" I asked trying to put them at ease. Heading over to a table near the dance floor I noticed every guy in the place following us with their eyes.

Seating ourselves, I caught the attention of one of the waitresses ans ordered us a round of drinks.

Drew waved over a buddy of his to join us and we were quickly involved in a new round of introductions and getting acquainted until the drinks arrived. Sara and I began to bring each other up-to-date on events in our lives over the previous four years. As we were talking I could feel myself responding to her in a way I never had with any other girl before and in the back of my mind a chant seemed to be repeating, "this is the one, this is the one, this is the one". I think she was hearing it too because she put her hand on my arm and kept it there as we talked.

I found out that she had just graduated with a BusAd degree and had taken a job at one of our larger real estate firms in town. She was in a training program and hoped to get licensed within the next year. Sally and Remy were friends from college who were down for the weekend. She admitted that this was their first time in a CW bar but they'd heard it was a good place to meet guys so they'd decided to try it out.

Squeezing my arm and looking into my eyes she told me, "I'm glad we decided to come here."

"I'm just as glad, Sara." I responded.

The rest of the evening we danced and talked. Other guys tried to cut in but she just told them no and stayed close to me, holding hands if we weren't dancing. It was obvious that we were about to become an "item". I was living in my own apartment now and later that evening we all adjourned to go there where we partied together for awhile and then the others left. Drew gave me a wink when he left arm in arm with Remy. They had seemed to hit it off really well that evening.

That night started our long term relationship. The sex was just as good as it was when we were in high school and Sara admitted she'd been intimate with couple of guys in college but she thought I was the better lover. She never wanted to discuss her college days and I didn't really want to know. I was so in love with her by then that I didn't want to know anything that would disturb that feeling of euphoria that bubbled up in me when I was with her. Besides, I'd done my own catting around so I couldn't blame her for something I'd done too.

Of course I'd had sex with other girls and had learned a few things. An older woman had taught me the joys of oral sex and I was quite accomplished at worshiping a pussy. When Sara and I had sex when we were teenagers all that was involved was fucking like rabbits but as we began our new relationship love was now part of the mix as well as our more experienced intimacies and it blossomed into a strong relationship.

We doubled dated a lot with Drew and Remy. They had become an item too and being mutual friends it seemed appropriate to chum together. I wasn't surprised that they announced their engagement a few of months after they'd met. I felt that Sara and I were almost to that point in our relationship and I was in the process of buying her an engagement ring.

I'd talked to Drew about the possibility of a double wedding but Drew told me that Remy wanted a wedding back in her home town where her parents still lived. He did inform me that Remy had admitted that while she, Sara and Sally had been in college that they'd been the favorites of the fraternities on campus because of their willingness to participate in group activities of a sexual nature. He didn't elaborate but I got the picture. He told me that Remy wanted to start their married life without fear that someday someone might appear who knew about her past and try to exploit it. Drew said that he was more than satisfied with her promise of future faithfulness to him and their marriage. I wondered about Sara's lack of honesty on her past, but considered again my own previous love-life I decided not to pursue talking with her about what I'd found out. Still, it bothered me, since my history seemed to be tame compared with hers and I had several disquieting moments before we were married when I recalled what Drew had told me.

When I finally proposed, Sara was delighted. We were at an Outback Steakhouse in a secluded booth and were having our coffee after a filling dinner when I brought out the little ring box. Her eyes opened wide when she saw it and when I opened the box and saw the engagement ring I'd selected she squealed in delight. Some of the other diners that could see in our booth smiled as I slipped it on her finger and proposed.

"Sara, will you be my wife?"

"Oh yes!! Oh yes!! I will. Oh, I'm so excited. Yes my darling, I will be your wife." she exclaimed as I came around the table and slid in beside her; taking her in my arms. We kissed to the accompaniment of clapping around us as more diners and staff became aware what had just occurred. We were slightly embarrassed as we broke our embrace and nodded to those around us. The attention we'd generated soon died down and we sat together drinking our coffee and talking in low voices. Periodically, the waiter came and refilled our cups with coffee but otherwise we were left alone in our own world exchanging loving kisses.

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