Massage of His Life

by Jack Andrews

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Mind Control, Drunk/Drugged, TransGender, Light Bond, .

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Patrick is approached by Melissa for a post-skiing massage. It turns out that it's quite unlike any massage he's ever received before.

Patrick finished his long day of skiing. He was sore from all of the runs and headed to the spa club to soak in the hot tub. Just as he went to get into the tub, he noticed an amazing looking woman over by the club desk. They caught eyes and she smiled back at him.

Patrick stepped gingerly into the steaming hot tub and began to soothe his tired muscles. The woman wandered over to where Patrick was in the hot tub knelt down besides a surprised Patrick.

"Hi there. I'm Melissa."

"I'm Patrick. Nice to meet you."

"You looked like you weren't moving too well getting in here."

"Yeah," he laughed, "I took some pretty nasty spills today."

"That's why I came over, I'm the massage therapist here and was wondering if you'd like one - I have an opening."

"Great. A house call of sorts. Do you always come after your clients?"

"Very funny. I've been up here all day with no clients, I'm pretty damn bored and you looked like you could use a massage."

"Let me dry off and..."

"Head over to the desk and go down the corridor. I'll be in room A."

"Great. I've always wanted to be a cure for boredom."

Melissa smiled and headed back to the desk.

Patrick wasn't a loser, nor was he a slouch with women, but this was very strange. Someone as attractive as Melissa had never approached him. Even if it was just for a massage. He toweled off and headed down to room A.

He opened the door and wasn't prepared for what he saw. Melissa somehow looked doubly attractive. He couldn't really explain it. She was wearing a simple t-shirt and shorts, nothing really out of the ordinary, but it accentuated her figure. Melissa was a striking brunette who almost matched Patrick's six foot height. He didn't check her out by staring, but she looked like she had a 34C-25-35 figure. He was at loss for words, since now he was staring.

"Like what you see?" Melissa said coyly.

Patrick smiled and sheepishly apologized, "Sorry. I couldn't help myself. I'm sure you know you're beautiful..."

"Thank you very much," she smiled. "Ready for the massage of your life?"

"Sure am."

"I'm going to step out for a sec. You've had massages before, right?"

"Quite a few. I know the drill."

"Oooh, a veteran. I like that. I do things a little differently. Lie on your back first."

"I'm in your hands."

Patrick took off his clothes and slid between the sheets just as instructed.

There was knock at the door and Patrick said to come in. Melissa no longer wore the shirt and shorts: She was clad in a leave-nothing-to-the-imagination white catsuit. It was so form fitting, Patrick could make out the design on her bra and panties.

Patrick just stared.

With a twinkle in her eye, Melissa said, "I like to wear this during massages with my male clients: it gets their blood flowing. How do you feel about aromatherapy?"

"Never had it."

"I put a mask over your nose with a soothing scent. It helps to completely relax you ... makes the massage even better."

"Bring it on," Patrick said with a smile.

Melissa walked around to the head of the massage table, behind where Patrick was laying. She flipped a lever and a small machine rolled out from behind a partition. It looked like a nitrous tank that you'd see in a dentist's office.

Melissa grabbed the mask and strapped it to Patrick's face. Melissa started the flow.

"Here it comes. Breathe deeply Patrick. You will feel very relaxed, very quickly."

Patrick took his first deep breath and noticed the fruity scent. It seemed relaxing at first, and as he started his second breath, it felt like all of the stress and tension was literally pushed down through and out of his body. Everything felt so heavy and relaxed. It felt so good.

Melissa looked down at Patrick. She began to stroke his hair.

"Doesn't it feel wonderful?"

Patrick wanted to answer, but couldn't really figure out how to form the words.

A large smile drifted across Melissa's face.

"Yes, that's right, Patrick." Her voice seemed to linger on his name. You probably can't speak right now ... just keep breathing deeply and listening to what I say."

She knelt down near to his ear and whispered sensuously, "Breathe deeper and let yourself float. Not that you'd want to you anything else ... Breathe."

Patrick's thoughts were very scattered. All he could concentrate on was breathing and how beautiful Melissa is. He felt like her eyes were consuming him. She walked around to the foot of the table, and unlike your standard massage, Melissa pulled the sheets off Patrick and then began the massage.

"Keep breathing Patrick. Deep breath in and sloooowly exhale."

She reached into a seemingly hidden compartment in the counter near the foot of the massage table. A small cart came out and on it were various bottles of gels and lotions.

Melissa picked up one of the bottles with a sprayer on it and another with a squirt top. She sprayed a fine mist all over Patrick's body that seemed to make his skin glow. Patrick felt like his skin was being bathed in the finest and softest caress ever to have existed. His sense of touch had been greatly enhanced.

When she got to his head, she leaned down again to whisper to him. "How do you feel?"

Patrick sighed the sigh of someone who was experiencing a great deal of pleasure. Melissa smiled broadly.

She took the squirt top bottle and squeezed a light blue gel into her hand. She began to apply it to Patrick's face, working carefully under the mask. From temple to temple, over and in each ear ... she slathered it on his closed eyes ... everywhere.

"Patrick, I need you to concentrate on your face now. Feel the gel as it binds to your skin. Feel it changing your skin, making it softer and softer ... softer and softer ... lighter and more delicate. It feels wonderful. Concentrate."

Patrick didn't know what was going on, but his mind heard every word that Goddess Melissa said. He had just felt like his entire body had been caressed to a point of bliss, when Melissa's wonderful voice told him to focus on his face. There was a cool, heavy wet feeling all over his face. He wanted to open his eyes or raise a hand to feel what was on it, but those thoughts were way too complex to break through the intense pleasure he was feeling now.

Melissa continued to apply the gel to his face as Patrick began to feel his face ... change. He couldn't put connect the thoughts, but through the pleasure he could tell things were different. His skin felt different. He actually felt a luster on it. The feeling seemed to permeate through into his skull. The pleasure was so intense that he wasn't sure, but it felt more than just skin deep.

Melissa put that bottle away and sprayed him again. He had almost no body hair left, but Patrick didn't know that.

"Patrick, concentrate on the most prominent thing you feel."

She took a sprayer filled only with water and sprayed it on his nipples. And his cock. From the outside, it looked like he was having a seizure. On the inside, his brain almost melted. It felt like Melissa applied bottled pleasure to those areas.

Melissa continued applying the gel to his entire body, making Patrick look like a mannequin covered in blue gel. She went back to the cart and replaced that bottle while picking up another.

She leaned over and whispered, "Concentrate, Patrick. Enjoy the pleasure."

This one had some pinkish gel in it which Melissa squirt in her hand and began to rub it on Patrick's chest, concentrating on his nipples.

Patrick immediately began to feel the pleasure from his nipples out pace all of the other pleasure in and on his entire hypersensitized body. He felt like he was receiving a blowjob on each nipple, except it felt better than any blowjob he ever got on his cock. In reality, Melissa was kneading and stimulating his nipples to massage the pink gel in, while coaxing his not-yet-formed breasts out.

Melissa continued the local massage of his chest. She was doing a good job since he was already and decent A cup. She continued the kneading, when she reached back for a metal container of what looked like talcum powder. She sprinkled it over his A cups and continued the massage.

The rest of his body was hard at work under the direction of the blue gel. The muscles in his calves and thigh had already rearranged themselves in accordance with the bones of his legs. His feet, once a size 12, were now a dainty women's 6. They were as adorable as a pair of feet could be.

Another bottle from the cart, Melissa had a green gel that she applied copiously to Patrick's stomach, waist and hips. She rubbed in the gel with the grace of a pastry chef. She glanced up to look at his breasts and realized it was time. She really did enjoy this part, even if it was a wee bit cruel.

She reached under the table and grabbed a strap (no, this was NOT your every day massage table). She strapped down his legs and his upper thighs. Moving around the table, she carefully strapped down his waist - being very careful to position the strap right on his hips - his arms were next, and she even had one going across the very top of his chest. She made her way to the head of the table where she secured his head. With that, she slowly turned down the gas.

Patrick's euphoria began to slip away like soap in a shower. Strange sensations began to register from all points.

"I just need to turn it down a drop, but don't worry, we're not even close to being finished," she said as she stood where he could see her. She gently pressed on his new chest.

Patrick tried to speak, but nothing came out. His face felt like Silly Putty, his legs felt like sticks of molded clay and there was something odd about his hips, waist & stomach. He was definitely not at full mental capacity, that's why his new A cups only registered as tightness and pressure in his chest.

Melissa watched the expressions on his face while he was struggling with what he was feeling. She didn't know why she got such a thrill at this part.

With that, she pressed on his breasts again and said, "Patrick," while looking right at his eyes, "how do you like your new breasts?"

The look of confusion on his face was nearly enough to make her cum. Melissa did feel a serious wave of pleasure run through /her/ body.

At that moment, for Patrick, it felt like two giant plungers were trying to be pushed through an unbelievably thick piece of rubber. Patrick felt his nipples suddenly got relocated. They seemed to be further away from his body. There was a considerable amount of pain with the skin moving so rapidly, but the intense pleasure mostly nullified the pain. It had to be done rapidly to insure the best looking transformation. For Patrick, it felt as if two containers of something simply pushed out of his chest. His chest felt heavier than he could ever have remembered it. Nothing made sense to him.

Melissa stuck her finger in her mouth to moisten it. She had her other hand on the gas valve.

With one hand on the gas valve, Melissa stuck a finger from her other hand into her mouth to moisten it. She looked intensely into Patrick's eyes and without breaking eye contact Patrick, she cupped his right breast and wet his nipple with that finger. As expected, Patrick took a very sharp deep breath in response to the intense feeling of pleasure that his new nipple communicated to his brain. Melissa was rather confident this would happen and turned the gas back on just as he took that breath. His mind once again clouded over with euphoria, sending him back to super pleasure land -- but his new C cups weren't going anywhere.

Melissa was so turned on that she slid off of him and awkwardly got onto the floor. She couldn't help herself and jilled her clit right through her catsuit. The orgasm she had was so intense, she saw stars. Melissa has a huge smile on her face, part from the amazing orgasm and part because she knew she wasn't done with Patrick by a long shot. This was definitely a good cure for boredom.

As intense as the feelings that were ricocheting around Melissa's orgasming body were, they were no match for the amazing sensations in Patrick's. In the haze of pleasure, he sensed something just not right. With what little cognitive ability he had at the moment, he could feel a gentle tug somewhere in his mind that things weren't how they were when he got on this table. The pleasure was too great to comprehend more than that.

Melissa gathered herself from the floor and immediately tweaked Patrick's breasts. Melissa knew that just about each touch of his breasts would make it seem to Patrick that his breasts were growing even larger, when they actually weren't.

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