Phone Witch

by Jack Andrews

Tags: Ma/Fa, Mind Control, Magic, TransGender, CrossDressing, FemaleDom,

Desc: Mind Control Story: A ordinary phone call to an erotic call service turns out to be highly erotic, but definitely not ordinary.

The night was filled with erotic energy and promise. Ok, I'm lying: it was a evening alone since my girlfriend had made plans with her girlfriends and my presence was not welcome. I'd already checked out some of the erotica sites that I frequent and didn't see anything new, and I scanned the tube for anything NOT a rerun or a stupid-ass reality show with no luck. I called a couple friends, but they were busy so I decided to make an early call to my favorite phone sex line.

This was a great service with multiple lines and dozens of women. It wasn't cheap, but it was not at 900 number rates either. I had a list of women who could give me quite the fantasy for my dollar.

I checked out the websites of various women who were on call and came across Amanda, a new girl. I listened to her thoughtfully provided audio clip and loved her voice and her attitude.

Before I could place the call, I needed to get into character, so to speak: I like to crossdress while I made these calls. I pulled out my clothes from their hiding place and began to decide on what to wear. I chose a light blue matching bra and panty set. The bra was a stretchy, smooth nylon-like material that had an underwire. It nicely held my large D-cup silicone breast forms to my body. Once covered, the realistically feeling breast forms looked as if they were in perfect proportion to my body. The panty felt soft and smooth against my skin. It gently held my cock and balls out of sight and made it impossible to jerkoff during the call. I've have to resort to pushing-and-rubbing as a woman does.

I continued dressing up for my call by taking out some black shiny spandex tights, a waist-cinching girdle, and a black, footed, gloved and hooded spandex bodysuit. It is a very erotic ensemble. I'd love to see my girlfriend in it, but then there'd be more explaining than I was prepared to do at that time.

Before the call, I added one additional soothing element: a joint. Just a few hits calmed me down, mellowed me out and made everything feel feel even better.

Now properly attired and medicated, I placed the call to Amanda and explained my complex fantasy: I wanted to be physically transformed, completely against my will, into a beautiful woman by either pharmaceutical or magical means. Although I am a big fan of TG fiction, I had no desire to make the change permanent.

"That won't be a problem. You see, I am a witch."

"Good shtick!" I thought and then said, "That's great! What my fantasy is, is to feel all of the changes, nothing painful, that happen to my body. You are in complete control and make it very clear to me that you are. You have to make it clear that it's your choice and there is nothing I can do to stop the changes. Tell me how I feel and don't ask my permission. While you're doing this, I'll be looking at the pictures of a woman I think it would be awesome to be with, or in this case, become."

"Alright," she said very matter-of-factly.

"You can come up with any scenario you'd like as long as you hit the main points: make me feel my stomach get sucked in and flattened; my hips push out and get wider; my waist get drawn in. You'll eventually make my cock and balls get sucked into my body. The most important change that I want to feel is growing breasts. They should begin to grow slowly through my nipples. Like they slowly awaken and tingle and push and press and get heavier. Nothing too big, just in proportion to my new body. And you should know I'm crossdressed in tight spandex with D-cup forms in my bra."

"Thank you for the information. As I said, that won't be a problem."

"Great. You can start whenever you're ready."

She began by instructing me to breathe several times in rapid succession to "get all the toxins out" and to relax me. She continued with a story of me at a bar where my drink had been drugged. I listened intently to her, taking those deep breaths. Her voice was melodic.

I was becoming light headed in the story while gradually slipping away. In reality, I was feeling very odd from the combination of her voice, my arousal and the pot. She was taunting me. Amanda had the part down perfectly. Her voice was sexy and soothing. By this time, I was not really listening to the words, but being lulled by the tone of her voice. I began to feel her pushing from inside my head. That's the only way I can explain it. I could hear the tone and intonation of her voice outside of me, but she was inside. It was a very disconcerting feeling.

Somehow Amanda picked up on this and said, "I told you I was a witch. You didn't believe me. Let's continue with your fantasy."

I tried to hang up the phone, but I could not move. I fixated on the beautiful woman on my screen. I thought I could hear her chanting something not in English.

"You called in looking for a fantasy. You didn't count on finding a witch at the other end of the phone. Take a deep breath and hold it, until I say otherwise."

I really could not believe that I was doing exactly as she had instructed.

"Feel me enter your body and mind. All resistance is gone. You cannot stop me, no matter how much you'd like to. Exhale, take a deeper breath and hold it until I say."

I felt her presence even stronger inside of me. I was scared and aroused beyond words.

"Focus on the woman on the screen. Focus. See her hair and her eyes and her mouth. See her lips and her teeth and her ears. Look at her nose, her shoulders, her neck."

I was doing exactly that. I still could not move or look away, but no longer cared.

"Look at her stomach. See how flat it is. Look carefully. You cannot resist. You have ... no choice. See the swell and shape of her breasts. See how her nipples stick out. Imagine what they feel like. Imagine how the rest of her body feel when she touches them."

It was as though a switch had been thrown. I felt that I was a passenger in my body.


"This is real." Her voice was inside my head.

"Listen and feel my presence. Your stomach is tighter ... tighter ... smaller ... more compact ... feel my words shape your body. I am your will and I am in total control."

My stomach was tighter. The muscles cramped tightly and I could not control them. "Tighter and tighter. Smaller and smaller. Flatter, more feminine."

I heard the strange chanting once again in the background. I could feel my stomach getting tighter and tighter and couldn't do anything about it. It was a very unsettling feeling.

"Feel me pressing the sides of your waist as it shrinks. Your brain being overloaded with near-orgasmic bliss and you have lost control. You're mine to mold and shape. You can only feel my power and the changes I am making to your body. Breathe deeper. I can feel your fear. Your fear helps make me stronger. Feel the tingling behind your nipples. It's erotic and pleasant. You've never felt like this before. You are very aroused and your arousal is building even more."

I tried to assess the situation, but my thoughts would not come together. She was in my head and I tried to push her out.

"Try to resist me all you like. You won't succeed. Your body is mine to mold. Your mind is mine to write on. Take a deep breath. Hold it as long as you can. When you release it, you will feel all of your resistance leaving your body. Your mind will be blank. This scares and arouses you. Feel how flat your tummy is. It looks just like the tummy of the girl in the picture."

I /was/ scared but very turned on. I took that deep breath and I held it.

"Your nipples are tingling faster now, 'round and 'round your nipple. 'Round and 'round. 'Round and 'round. Feel the pressure behind the nipple as it tries to push out. 'Round and 'round, tingle and push. Tingle and push, 'round and 'round."

It was difficult not to release my breath and it was becoming difficult to think at all.

"So erotic, so horny, so scared. As your waist compresses, you feel your hair grown and begin to crawl outwards from your scalp. Feel your waist compress even more. You feel no pain, only boundless pleasure. It feels so good. You don't even want to resist. It scares you that it feels so good."

Unable to hold my breath any longer, I released it. Everything slowed and it felt like my mind went down a drain. I could not form any thoughts. All I could do is feel what was happening to my body.

"That's right. You are all mine now. There isn't any resistance left because you are no longer own this body. Feel me compress your waist. It's smaller now and more petite. Feel your hair grow. It feels like insects crawling. Longer and longer it grows as your waist shrinks smaller and smaller. It feels so good. If you could think, you'd think how wonderful this feels. Feel your ass begin to fill. As if someone is adding an erotic gel to it from the inside. It's getting rounder and a bit wider."

I could feel my hair reach the top of my back. My midsection felt as if I'd been cut in two. My ass felt like there was more of it. It felt good, so good that I wanted it to continue.

"See the girl in the picture. Her hair is becoming your hair. Your waist is shrinking to her size. Your hair is growing. You are very aroused. It feels so good. Enjoy the feelings. Don't think. Your ass is much fuller. Feel the pulsing in your nipples. The pulsing is in your cock and balls now. The sensations are very strong."

My hair was down to the top of my ass. The rest of my body throbbed with erotic sensation. I hung on her every word, soaking up all of the pleasure induced by the transformation. As if I had a choice.

"Her hair is now your hair. Her waist is now your waist. This next will bring you more pleasure than you have ever felt before. Inhale deeply and feel the pulsing in your nipples begin to intensify. It wants to escape. You know that it will feel very good if it escapes. Your cock is also pulsing with the same erotic beat. Each beat seems to radiate up into your new tummy and out through your hips. Feel each beat of your cock and each pulse of your nipples. With each beat, your hips begin to soften. Your nipples are aching and stretching. Something wants to escape. They are ready. You are ready. Ask me to finish you."

I could form but a single thought: I want to be completed. I had to feel this pleasure. It was so wonderful. In that moment, I truly had no control. I still couldn't believe when my own mouth answered her in a girlish voice, "Please, Mistress, finish me."

If I could have, I would have passed out.

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