Santa Cums Once a Year

by Switch Blayde

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Fiction, First, Oral Sex, Size, .

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: A lonely woman drinks a bottle of wine before going to bed on Christmas Eve. She wakes up with a start to find Santa Claus in her bedroom.

It was Christmas Eve, a joyous time. But Virginia sat alone in her living room clutching a half-empty bottle of red wine. The 34-year-old attractive blonde led a very lonely life.

Virginia's father and mother had both been only children of parents who died quite young. Maybe that's why they had planned on a large family. The thrill they experienced when the doctor told them of the pregnancy lasted the full nine months. Even the contractions on the way to the hospital weren't powerful enough to dampen their spirits. The young woman's hand lay palm up on her thigh as her husband held it, affectionately squeezing from time to time. His grip suddenly tightened when the headlights blinded him, and then he was dead. Steam rose from the crushed radiator and one wheel spun as their car lay on its side in a ditch. The drunk driver's car was ablaze not far from where it had crashed into theirs after crossing the double line. Virginia's mother, strapped into her seatbelt, lay unconscious. She lived long enough to give birth to a healthy baby girl.

Her parents were just starting their lives. They had not accumulated assets and didn't have life insurance. Why would they? They were young and had their whole lives ahead of them. The orphaned baby had no relatives and no money, so a group of nuns accepted her and raised her in a convent, even giving her her name which was inspired by the purity of the Blessed Virgin.

Virginia was raised in the strictest environment. She received a wonderful education, both secularly and spiritually, but was taught that her body was sacred and should not experience pleasure -- sexual pleasure, that is. The nuns were not mean, they simply taught her what they knew, and they didn't know much about sex.

After Virginia completed her advanced degrees, she became a librarian, content with helping others experience the wonders of the world through books. Her attractive features were camouflaged by her lack of makeup, her frumpy dresses, and her blonde hair tied up in a bun. Occasionally, some man would stare into her pale blue eyes and see past the facade. If you looked closely, you'd see her beautiful silky blonde hair, fair skin, slim waist, long curvy legs, round firm butt, and perky 35C breasts. But before the relationship would begin, it would end -- the nuns molded Virginia well. She wouldn't even permit a kiss from her date and they quickly lost interest.

So this Christmas Eve was typical for Virginia. She sat in her cotton pajamas on the couch with a bottle of wine -- alone! And then she went to her bedroom, crawled under the quilt, and fell asleep.

"Huh? What's that?" Virginia mumbled in her sleep as her hand brushed her nose.

The tickling sensation begrudgingly brought her out of her deep sleep. There it was again. Each time she scratched her nose she became more awake until her eyes finally opened. With the sleepiness fading, her eyes focused and she noticed the large figure standing at the foot of her bed. Her hand flew to her gaping mouth.

"Oh my god, please don't hurt me!" she screamed.

"Ho Ho Ho," the man's voice boomed. "Don't be afraid, little girl. I won't hurt you."

Virginia shook her head and then stared more intently at the figure. Her eyes were adjusting to the dim light. Standing before her was a large man dressed in a red and white outfit, sporting a very white beard. She sat up against the headboard while tugging the cover to her chin.

"What do you want? What are you doing here? Who are you?" She tried to keep her voice normal, not wanting to excite the intruder.

"Ho Ho Ho ... don't you recognize me?" He chuckled boisterously. "I'm Santa Claus. This is Christmas Eve and I'm going house to house to reward those who were good. And each year, I select one very good girl and ... well ... you'll see. I give them a special gift. This year, Virginia, you are the most deserving.

"H-How do you know my name?"

"Virginia, I'm Santa Claus. I know everything about you ... and everyone else too. I'm sorry I had to wake you, but sprinkling 'tickle powder' on your nose wasn't such a bad way of waking up, was it?"

"Tickle powder? Santa Claus? WHAT'S GOING ON HERE?!"

Santa took a few steps until he was standing beside the bed. The petrified girl cowered under her blanket as he raised his fist above her face. When he spread his fingers, she watched glittering lights sprinkle from his open hand and float down to her nose. She immediately scratched.

"That, my dear girl, is 'tickle powder'."

"Please leave me alone. There is no such thing as Santa Claus."

The big white beard couldn't hide his hurt expression. "Didn't the nuns tell you about me? This is Christmas Eve."

"Wh-What d-do you want?" Virginia's heart beat fast, her body trembled.

"To reward you for being so good. But you are too good, Virginia." He chuckled. "Sorry, I just thought of that Billy Joel song ... you know, the one with your name and Catholic girls. Well never mind that. Tonight is going to be a very special night. The elves and I are going to awaken you."


"They'll be in soon to help. Don't worry, leave everything to me. Now pull down the quilt ... uncover yourself."

Virginia did just the opposite. She grabbed the end of the cover firmly and yanked it up, holding it tightly over her nose, peering over the top, terrified. When the large man leaned over her, Virginia closed her eyes and held her breath. The quilt slowly slid down to her neck. She was incapable of stopping it, and then she felt the soft beard brush her skin just before their lips made contact. She tried to move her head away, but Santa held it in place with both hands as he molded his soft lips against hers. Virginia stopped squirming and relaxed. This was a new sensation, and it felt very nice.

When the wet tongue probed, Virginia instinctively parted her lips, but then she attempted to force it out with her own tongue. When the tongues touched, her body began to tingle. Her tongue still pushed against the other one, but not to dispel it from her mouth. And when Santa's slowly withdrew, Virginia's followed it into his mouth. Santa sucked on her tongue and Virginia let out a low moan. Then Santa slowly backed away.

When Virginia regained her composure and opened her eyes, she realized the cover had been removed. She was stretched out on the bed in only her pajamas. Her hands quickly moved to cover as much of herself as possible.

"Now, wasn't that nice?" Santa asked, smiling.

"P-Please leave me alone. Don't hurt me. Please."

"Did that hurt?"

"N-No, b-b-but--"

"Virginia, I'm here to give you a present ... a Christmas present. A very special one. Now please open up your pajama top."

Virginia's hands clutched her chest. "NO! NO! NO!"

Santa turned towards the doorway and softly said, "Elves, please come in."

Virginia's eyes widened as a column of little people entered her bedroom. They wore funny hats and curled-up shoes. Their clothes were very colorful and then she saw it -- their large pointy ears!

"This can't be happening," she sighed, almost to herself. "I'm dreaming. It's not real."

"It's real, all right," Santa announced, "as you will soon find out." Then, speaking to the elves -- none in particular -- he said, "Remove her top."

The elves pounced. While some held Virginia's hands and legs down, others unbuttoned her pajamas with their small fingers. She tried in vain to repel them, but they were surprisingly strong for their size. When the buttons were undone, they lifted her slightly and pulled the garment off, leaving her naked from the waist up.

"Breathtaking ... absolutely beautiful," Santa exclaimed. "What a shame to have hidden them all these years. Elves, show Virginia what she's been missing."

One of the male elves gently brushed his fingertip across an exposed nipple. Virginia shuddered as it stiffened. As he caressed the nipple, it got bigger and bigger, while Virginia's breathing got quicker and quicker. The elf leaned forward and ran his tongue along her breast, making sure it traveled over the hard nipple. After a few strokes, he opened his mouth and covered as much of her breast as he could. He sucked and licked. Then he grabbed the nipple between his lips and pulled his head back -- stretching it to its fullest. When he released it, it sprang back, but stood even longer and harder.

One of the female elves then attacked the other breast. The technique was slightly different, but the result was the same. When the two elves backed away, Virginia's nipples were darker, harder, and longer. Her chest rose and fell with her pronounced breathing.

"How did that feel?" Santa asked the confused woman.

"I don't know. It's wrong ... b-but, it felt ... uh ... different. It made my body tingle and made it hard to breathe."

"Ah, good. And did it make you wet?"


"You know ... between your legs. Are you wet there?"

Virginia felt her blush rise from her chest over her face. She didn't notice it before, but she did feel wetness down there. She wondered if she had an accident.

When Santa didn't hear a reply he addressed the elves. "Let's see, my little friends."

Two elves jumped onto the bed and grabbed the bottoms of her pajama pants legs and tugged.

"Oh no ... please don't. Oh my god," Virginia screamed.

While strong little hands held her struggling body down, her pajama bottoms were slid down her long, curvy legs. When they were removed, Santa gave the signal and his obedient elves pulled her legs apart. With little hands pressing her shoulder to the mattress and others holding her legs, Virginia lay helplessly nude.

"Now, my dear, you are going to experience even more pleasure," Santa said to the still struggling girl.

He gave the signal and one of the elves crawled between Virginia's legs. He was so small that, if she had use of her legs, she could have smothered him. When he reached the juncture of her legs he paused for a moment and then extended one small finger. Placing it between her pussy lips, he gently ran it along the slit several times.

"Oh ... oh ... oh!" Virginia cried out.

"She's wet," the elf said holding up his finger for all to see.

"Ho Ho Ho!" Santa said victoriously. "I knew she enjoyed the tit stimulation. Ho Ho Ho!"

The elf returned to the virgin pussy and carefully inserted his finger. His finger was thin enough to fit into her vaginal opening without tearing the hymen. The elf moved his finger in and out and Virginia, experiencing the new sensation, "oooo'ed" and "aaahhh'ed". Once his finger got real wet, the elf moved it upward along her slit to her clitoris. He flicked the sensitive flesh a few times causing Virginia to gasp and catch her breath. Then he rubbed it in little circles. Virginia's body was easily aroused -- she just never gave it a chance before.

Virginia moaned and bucked her hips. The little elves had to wrap their arms around her legs and clutch them to their chests to keep them in place. And then, just when Virginia thought she couldn't experience anything more titillating, the elf lowered his face and flicked his tongue over her clit.

"Ooohhhhhh!" Virginia cried out.

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