The Perfect Salon

by Jack Andrews

Caution: This Mind Control Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Mind Control, Drunk/Drugged, Magic, TransGender, .

Desc: Mind Control Story: Billy decides to get a haircut at a salon for a change. Billy never knew a haircut would change his life... or feel so good.

Billy had driven past the salon many times before on his way home from work and always noticed how amazingly attractive the stylists were. This, of course, from his 15-second view while stopped at the light at the intersection.

Tonight was different. He was going to get a haircut. Not a big deal, but big enough for him. For some reason, he always had difficulty speaking to attractive women. And, um, his barber was out of town...

Billy parked the old clunker and walked into The Perfect Salon.

"Hi," said a striking brunette sitting near the cash register, "I'm Lisa." Her deep brown eyes sparkled as she spoke.

"H-H-Hi ... I'm Billy."

"Nice to meet you Billy. What can we do for you tonight?"

Billy could barely speak. This woman was a bonafide goddess. She had to be about 5'9" with deep brown hair and eyes. Her body was simply amazing - absolutely perfectly proportioned. Although Billy had a difficult time talking to women, he definitely looked at them a lot (in an adoring way, of course) and pretty much knew Lisa's measurements.

"I need to get a haircut."

He looked at Lisa again and noticed she was wearing a similar dress to the other two stylists, a light floral pattern that was feminine, but not "girly." It hugged her many curves in all of the right places and gently scooped the very top of her beautiful cleavage. He noticed a pendant hanging from a necklace just above her breasts, actually drawing his eyes into her covered cleavage.

"We've got a lot of options for you ... Wash, cut and blow or just wash and cut. They are all pretty reasonably priced."

Billy's eyes were again drawn to the pendant. He began to speak and then realized where he was looking. "I ... I... ," he looked into her eyes, " ... just need a haircut. Wash and cut is fine."

He could have sworn the pendant glowed for a split second, but c'mon, a glowing pendant?

"That's great, " Lisa smiled, "C'mon in the back and we'll get you set up." Lisa shot knowing smile over to Maribeth.

Billy followed Lisa into the sinks area while his eyes were glued to her perfect form. He realized each sink was essentially in a separate, enclosed cube.

"Why so much privacy for washing hair?"

"A lot of our clients enjoy it and we don't want them to be conscious of others. It makes for a more enjoyable experience. Sit down and get comfortable." She pulled the door to the cube closed.

"You don't mind if I take this off, do you? I wouldn't want it to get wet." As she undid several buttons on the dress, she revealed a smooth turquoise bra.

Yeah, like Billy could even speak at that moment.

Billy sat in the chair and Lisa pressed a hidden button under the sink. Billy commented to himself just how comfortable it was. Granted, Billy was a barber guy, but he had had, on occasion, his hair washed in a salon's sink. The chair felt like was molding to his body.

"Comfy?" she asked, brown eyes sparkling.

"Yeah, wow ... what a comfortable chair."

Lisa smiled and said, "We've got a special today for 'The Works, ' no extra charge. That alright?"

"Sure." He'd thought to himself that he'd agree with anything she'd say if he could just see those eyes light up.

She leaned over him to ostensibly grab a towel, when her pendant caught Billy's eyes again. He had been right, it did glow. This time it glowed and Billy could not look away from it. He didn't really mind since he thought he was staring directly at her breasts. He didn't even realize he couldn't look away. The pendant began to pulse from light to dark.

"That's right Billy. Keep staring ... it feels so good." She swung around and actually straddled him so his eyes would be fixed on the pendant. Lisa put on some heavy-duty gloves and poured a liquid into them. Billy didn't know of much except the pendant and the pulsing.

Lisa began massaging the liquid into Billy's hair. She was smiling a very large, very attractive smile. Unfortunately for him, he couldn't look at it.

Billy realized something warm and wonderful was just placed on his head. He then realized that Lisa was sitting on top of him. In an uncharacteristic show of courage, he went to reach up and touch her. As he began to left his arms, Lisa gently pushed his hands down. Something in the chair took hold of them and fastened them to the chair. He felt his ankles secured at the same time. It was at this brief lucid moment, a voice in Billy's head said to get out of there.

Billy was too caught up in the moment to hear.

Lisa began increasing the massage of his hair and added yet another liquid. It felt wonderful to Billy, almost as if she was massaging his whole body by simply massaging his hair. His attention was completely focused on the pulsation of the pendant when he heard Lisa speak.

"Keep watching and feeling Billy. You are mine now. I know you don't mind."

She stopped with his hair and leaned down, as if to kiss him. The pendant glowed as brightly as it had in the several minutes since this began. Lisa placed her hand in front of it to shift Billy's gaze momentarily to her eyes. She always loved this part.

Lisa locked eyes with Billy. He was too far gone between the pendant and the liquids to do anything about anything, not to mention he was secured to the chair. She pulled out what looked like a standard issue spray bottle found in any salon and sprayed it all over Billy. He floated down just to the point of being control when Lisa, still staring directly at him (it seemed more like directly into his soul), said with a smile and a seriously mischievous sparkle, "This will feel better than anything you've ever experienced and remember."

That was the moment she was waiting for. Billy looked back at her and on his face was, at the same time, a look of sheer terror and sheer bliss. He felt a draft and realized he was somehow completely naked. He didn't have a clue what was going on and he was more scared, more excited, more turned on than ever before AND more attracted to her than anyone he'd ever been attracted to. Lisa continued leaning down and instead of kissing him, she pushed the pulsing pendant in his surprised mouth while never breaking eye contact with him.

Lisa was now lying on top of him completely. The pendant seems to melt in his mouth and he felt very strange. The terror had faded and now it was simply weird. Lisa was beautiful, he knew that, but now he seemed to feel it. Everything seemed to ... feel.

Lisa smiled and held him closer. At that instant, Billy felt like he was melting. And at the same time, getting bigger. He didn't understand what was happening, but since it felt so good and Lisa was so beautiful, he really didn't care.

"You are all mine," she whispered, "Feel."

At that moment, Billy began to feel. Everything. He couldn't move at all and he couldn't speak ... he could barely move his eyes around, but, he felt his entire body in minute detail. And there was a problem.

Everything seemed to tense up while it was melting. Billy didn't understand, but it felt wonderful. Lisa seemed to press closer to him, all the while staring directly into his eyes. And smiling.

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