Lorna's Lodgings

by Sirdar

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Harem, .

Desc: Sex Story: Recently divorced Tony arrives in town and seeks new lodgings. He was offered a room at Lorna's where the girls are rather adventurous. However, Tony finds himself a new partner.

I was desperate to find somewhere to live. I had taken this temporary appointment at the last minute. They wanted someone quickly, and I was free so I took the job. I was well qualified and it paid well I had just arrived a few days early at this beautiful South Coast seaside resort and I had to find somewhere to live. Being a married man in the process of divorcing my wife, I had no ties and I was glad to get away from my home town, her family and all the recent bad memories there.

I left my luggage at the station left luggage room, and walked into the town. I saw a nice looking public house called the White Hart, and as soon as I entered I could see that it was a favourite haunt of the sailors from the nearby submarine base.

I ordered a pint and enquired of the barman if he knew of any one with rooms to let. "Yes there's plenty of rooms now as it is out of season, but many of the boarding houses are shut for the winter, but you see that blonde haired attractive lady over there. That's Lorna, go and ask her, I think she still lets a few rooms all the year round."

Thanking him I picked up my pint and sauntered across. I stopped at the table and looked down at her.'

"Good evening are you Lorna." I asked politely.

"Yes honey I'm Lorna and you are looking for a room?." she replied.

"That was a good guess."

"No not really honey Fred sent you over didn't he?."

"Here sit down." She said standing up and pushing me down, to sit next to an extremely thin blonde headed girl of about 23. For the first time I noticed that there were two other pretty young girls sitting opposite, all eying me up and down with a certain amount of interest.

"You are sitting next to Anne and the dirty blonde hared girl opposite you is Fran, and the one with the permanent grin on the left with short black hair is Betty." I said "Hi" to all of them and they nodded and smiled.

"Are you married?" Lorna asks.

"Are you Navy? Betty asks.

"No I am not navy and no I'm not really married anymore." I replied cautiously.

"How long do you want the room for?"

"It depends, but I start a new job here next week and I have just arrived in town, my luggage is still at the station. I want something regular, but It depends on what it is like and how much."

"Well I have six navy men with me at present, and they move out next Monday when their depot ship returns from refit. They are all with the submarine squadron that is based here." Lorna told me.

"He can bunk down with me tonight." Betty said with a big chuckle.

As she spoke I became aware of Anne's hand resting suggestively on my thigh which was causing a resulting swelling in my groin.

Anne said in a slight husky voice. "Unlucky you Betty, we have already clicked over this side of the table."

As she spoke she leaned heavily against me, and I became very aware of her body pressing into mine and the faint smell of her perfume, a her probing hand became more aggressive in its search for my cock.

"Down girls." Take no notice Mr... ?"

"Nash. Tony Nash."

"Do you mind sharing a single bed for tonight in a double room, with another man and we can sort you out a room on your own tomorrow Tony?"

"No that will be fine."

Lorna said quietly "There is no guarantee that you will be sharing tonight as sometimes the lads are away for the weekend, or are on duty, and whether Stan will be in tonight or not we do not know. But tomorrow you can have a look at what we have got, and choose one that you like, and we can agree terms then. Is that OK."

The room was very nice and I could see that it had recently been redecorated. It had a nice shower and plenty of wardrobe space. Lorna very kindly cooked me a meal, and we sat chatting in the kitchen with the girls for awhile, before I retired to my room. My key would not open the door and so after fiddling for a moment or two I knocked on the door.

"Who is that? A male voice enquired.

"I'm billeted with you tonight in the spare bed " I replied.

The door opened cautiously, and a young man peeped out before he opened the door completely.

He let me in and said "Sorry about that." as he proceeded to replace a padlock on the door.

"I'm Stan I am an LTO on the Tenacious and I am just protecting myself against these females."

"What do you mean." I asked feeling rather baffled.

"Well the girls tend to visit male boarders during the night and it all becomes too much when you have to work the next day, especially when you have two or three of them wanting to fuck you in succession. They all have keys so I invested in a padlock today. We should be OK tonight now." he said with a look of relief on his face.

"This will be my last night here as I am away home tomorrow until Monday and the depot ship will be back by then. I will leave you the key before I go."

It was about two hours later that I heard someone trying a key in the door, and some irritated female whispering outside, but I was soon asleep again.

The next morning was a Saturday and I slept in late. At some time earlier on I had heard Stan get up shower and leave. I did not think to get up and put the lock on as I drifted back to sleep.

It was about ten o clock when I was awoken by the lovely Anne appeared in my room with a mug of coffee and some bacon and egg and fried bread. She was dressed in a shortie night dress with a silk like material dressing gown It was the first time that I had seen her properly in daylight, and I noted that, she had lovely features, but she had a slight cast in her right eye. She was painfully thin, her breasts were I guessed about the size I would expect on a twelve year old girl, and I wondered for a while, whether she was anorexic, but the way she helped me finish my toast I soon amended my ideas.

I wanted to finish my sleep as the previous days travelling had worn me out, and I slid back on the pillow and closed my eyes, presuming she would go and leave me in peace. However, it was not to be and I heard a rustling, and opened my eyes just in time to see Anne slipping out of her night clothes, and within seconds she had pulled back the clothes and slid into bed alongside my naked body. I put my arms around her and pulled her close, but she wriggled free and straddled my inert body.

"There is a technique to properly fucking a man who really wants to sleep. " Whispered Anne as she gripped my naked body between her thighs. The feeling of her thighs was intensely erotic, and the smell of her perfume clinched my need for this girl. I noticed in passing that her pussy was neatly shaved, leaving no trace whatsoever of pubic hair. For a while she just positioned herself across my thighs so my cock was just pressing gently against her pussy, while I found her lips engaged on mine in a long passionate French kiss, Meanwhile, now fully awake I reached up and fondled those very small but firm breasts. Her nipples hardened quickly and I could see that she was obviously savouring the feel of my cock pinned down between her long, shapely legs,

Anne reached down between her thighs, grabbing my very erect and quite large cock as she lifted herself slightly and I felt her soft fingers gently rub my cock head against her moist pussy.

"Now just relax Tony dear, she whispered as she let her body fall gently on to my erection."

"OOOoooohhhhh!" I could not help moaning as I succumbed to the sensation of my hard cock

being enveloped into her warm, tight, vibrating love tunnel. Anne smiled down at me as she wriggled her shapely thin hips from side to side, inexorably sliding my cock into her eager vagina as far as it would go. She leaned forward and grabbed me by my wrists, pinning them down on the bed above my head, leaning forward, she put her nipples near my lips where I could easily suck them to my hearts content.

Her eyes closed and she shuddered. "Oh, yes-s-s, Tony that is nice. Oh, my darling you're so deliciously hard. Ooh, yes, that feels so good inside me. Let's see how deep you can go in. Don't move, baby, just don't move a muscle, just lie there and let Annie do all the work."

"Oooooooohhhhhhhhhh!" I could not contain myself as I felt my cock being gripped tightly inside Anne's vagina. I could not stop my hips from responding entirely as she moved slowly up and down on my naked body, gradually arousing me to fever pitch, as my cock penetrated even deeper into her.

She tossed her head in the air and moaned, "God, Tony you feel so bloody gooood!!!"

I was immersed in an agony of pleasure Anne felt wonderful: tight, slippery and warm and I warmed to the lustful look on her face as she looked down at me. "Mmmm, yessss!" she gasped. "S-some men, oooh, can climax very, ahh! quickly and one has to, uuugh! sometimes stop completely in order to prevent the man, ohhhh! from shooting too soon."

My head moved from side to side, my hips writhed as Anne increased the tempo of her shapely hips bouncing up and down on my cock. "Ohhhhh!" she gasped. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh y! and I joined her in a cacophony of sound as we very quickly came in perfect unison.

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