Neighborly Love

by softi

Caution: This Mind Control Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, NonConsensual, Mind Control, Lesbian, Science Fiction, Robot, .

Desc: Mind Control Story: A friend of Liz's neighbor brings over some latex to try on.

Disclaimer: This story contains scenes of non-consensual sex and depictions of sexual slavery. If you are under 18 or offended by this type of material please do not continue. Otherwise, please read on and enjoy! Also, any resemblance of the characters in this work of people either living, dead or fictitious is unintentional and purely coincidental.

Rain always put the damn cable on the fritz. 'Ironic, ' thought Liz as she sighed and selected the recorded programs menu. 'Works perfectly when you want to be outside.' She hoped it would be working before "Grey's Anatomy" came on. She flipped through the screens and settled on a Lifetime movie she'd recorded. The commercial looked good. It looked romantic, unlike her life. Not that she should knock her husband or her kids. Just sometimes, it was, well, boring.


Liz turned to the door and sighed. It was Girl Scout Cookie season and every girl in the neighborhood would stop by her place, knowing she was an easy target. Resistance of Thin Mints and Peanut Butter Patties was futile.

Liz pulled herself out of the sofa and wandered toward the door.

'It better not be Jean.' Liz's neighbor Jean found so many excuses during the day to stop by. Liz wasn't sure she could take that now. If she didn't know better, she'd think Jean was hitting on her.

'Maybe it's a some hunk come to sweep me off my feet.' Liz felt a little tingly thrill. 'Better not keep him waiting!' She grabbed her wallet off of the foyer table and yanked the door open, fully expecting a a little trooper.

"Hi..." Liz stopped. The girl was taller and more developed than the average Scout. The outfit wasn't Girl Scout Mother either. Black leather body suits and high heeled, calf-length boots weren't the typical soccer-mom look.

"Hi, ma'am, I was looking for Elizabeth McBride?" The woman smiled brightly, like she was about to ask how Liz felt about school funding or saving owls three states over.

"Sorry, don't want any..." Liz pushed the door to close it. Some of her friends had mentioned lingerie parties and she wouldn't be caught dead at any of those. That kind of thing was private and embarrassing. Did they go door to door now?

The woman put her hand out. "Elizabeth? Great!" She barged past a shocked Liz. "I have such wonderful things to show you!" The woman strode into the living room and placed her bag on the coffee table.

"I, uh..." Liz stepped towards the woman. "Um, please, I don't really..."

"Here's our latest product, the Doll Maker." The woman held up a large piece of latex. "It's a favorite. Why don't you try it on?" She sniffed gently along an arm. "Smells like chocolate and mint."

Liz's mouth dropped open. She and her husband were certainly not ... not ... deviants. Only seriously bent people would even consider wearing something like that. It was all ... shiny, slick, confining. Liz backed up to the stairs. "You need to leave." She looked directly at the woman. "Now!"

The woman gazed back. "It won't hurt to try." She closed with Liz. "Will it?" She ran the fabric through her fingers. "I know you don't want to be naughty." She smiled again. "But we're just trying new things here, and being a little naughty can be fun sometimes." She beckoned to Liz. "Come over here and add some spice to your life. You might enjoy it."

Liz caught her breath. This was too strange to be believed. When did Girl Scouts start selling club clothes? Why did the room smell like chocolate and mint? "Is this the Thin Mints special? All minty chocolate goodness?" Liz said. 'Where did that come from?' Liz shook her head. "OK, enough. Please leave my home, now!" She pointed at the door.

The woman persisted. "Liz, let me show you what an exciting product this is." She stepped within reach of Liz and flicked the fabric against Liz's exposed arm. "You'll love the feel against your naked body."

"No! NO!" Liz backed away. "Please just leave before I call the cops!" She reached towards the phone that should be sitting on top of the counter behind her. Why was her arm tingling?

"No Liz, you need to try this on. It will change your life!" The woman closed again quickly and hugged Liz, holding the soft, slick cloth against Liz's face and neck. "Smell how delicious this outfit is."

Liz stumbled back against the counter, the phone slipping from her fingers. She felt butterflies fluttering down her belly to her suddenly moist pussy. Her nose filled with mint and chocolate.

"You like that?" The woman kept rubbing the soft fabric against Liz's exposed skin. "It's even better against your naked body." She flipped Liz's shirt up and slid the black latex against Liz's smooth belly.

Liz moaned and her knees buckled.

The woman held her against the counter. She pulled Liz's top off and wrapped her arms around the boneless housewife. "It feels wonderful." She leaned in close and whispered in Liz's ear. "It smells wonderful."

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