Head of the Clan ~ The adventures of Steve and Lana
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2008 by Von_in_your_Mind

Humor Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Come along on the journey of Steve and Lana as they begin a new life of love and understanding on the farm in Arkansas. Steve is just your typical computer geek in love with a Arkansas farm girl when the need for a new head of the clan arises.

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   True Story  

I'm sitting my life in a quandary. For most people it wouldn't be but for me it is. The issue that has me there is I was richer because of my own work than I ever thought. I had developed the Codec for the next generation of full screen Internet based on demand television and movies. That by itself was good but better was the technology to compress a two-hour movie into a 3-minute download. There was the added ability to plant an expiration timer into that download. It as pure gold and my mastering of the technology equated into a huge payday. We were past the beta stage and moving into the final live roll out when a stock analyst sniffed us out. The news rattled the computer world and the entertainment industry. We are talking about billions of dollars at stake here. There would be cataclysmic wealth transfer from the Time Warner and Direct TV world to the Internet Service Providers. I had managed for years to fly under the radar of them all; even the Microsoft snoops and hackers could not break into my system. Then that goddamn analyst screwed it all to hell.

I had been too proud to accept my Dad's offer to fund the startup entirely and that one fatal mistake had bitten me in the ass. In simple terms it meant I didn't have the bulletproof 51% majority to control my own destiny. The corporation had authorized and issued 100,000,000 shares with the majority of those to venture capitalists. I only had seventeen percent in my sphere of control. Ten percent was mine from my personal investment or in the form of stock options as part of the poison pill defense we had set up. The other seven percent was with the other employees who were with me come hell or high water. When it hit the street it became a bidding war which made it a certainty the sale would happen.

Six weeks later, it was the cable and satellite guys winning to keep it from the market. My consolation prize was money and I was now richer than my extended family combined. You see my roots were in old southern money, Southern California that is. I was both old family money and one of the fashionable new rich, money in the bank rich not in equity and paper profits.

I should have been ecstatic. I had achieved the ranks few capitalists had and for a few days I was, right until the time that it hit me. The sale of the company had killed my baby. It would never see the light of a screen again. I had put years of my life into that project and knowing it was dead left me depressed me and that was eating me alive.

There was only one stable point left in my life and that was Lana. She and I had been married for three years when all of this happened. She was a Southern Belle from the real South, if you consider Arkansas to be the south. A copper headed beauty surrounded in alabaster skin with a body so sexy a computer geek easily gave up his terminal when she flashed that come-hither look.

We shared a delightful life. Her profession was Human Resources Management and I was the computer geek. A big lovable geek according to her but I was a geek nonetheless. When you're suddenly retired at 27 with millions in the bank and a lifetime non-compete clause, there is a huge loss of focus with what you should do for the rest of your life. Lana had when the dust settled taken vacation from the mega biotech company she worked for. She used all her charms and personal reassurance with close bodily contact. Remember back to your honeymoon and all that you shared. Add to that the depth of knowledge that can only come from pleasing and being pleased by the love of your life for the past three years. God, I do love her.

Lana returned to the job she loved and my mind is now back into the death of my baby. She gets to be the peppy one heading off to work everyday and I sit at home mourning. Days relegated to surfing the internet, seeing what was out there. I had lost touch with it after having to devote so much time and energy to the Codec and compression technology.

The geek morphed me into an Internet junkie and my fix was connected to a 22 inch screen with stereo speakers and a T1 line. I screamed and burned a wide path all the time hidden from view of anyone who wanted to see me. Geeks rule the Internet and don't you ever forget it.

One day I stumbled across Storiesonline.net and stopped to read for distraction. That and to keep me from invading (Hacking) into places I should not be looking at. There are people with badges who work for three letter agencies that will come looking for you when you do that. I prefer my freedom and know that I don't want to be their owned chimp working on hacking into where they want to look around. All because I looked somewhere I shouldn't have.

So I find this author RealLifeDragon and he is writing these stories 'Cammie Sue I, II and III.' Reading them became an obsession because it is pointed right at the love of my life. They are stories about an Arkansas farm girl and the life she had with her new man. How he mated up with her and became the head of their clan. Lana you see is an Arkansas farm girl who is the oldest one of triplets. I admit I'm addicted to reading what her life where she grew up might be like. It's a whole new world for me and I'm reading from the time Lana leaves in the morning until she gets home. It's lucky for me that she has seen me this way for the past three years and doesn't treat it as anything abnormal.

The question that burns within me is: is this real? Lana has never mentioned anything to me about clan. Were married for three years and we are in love with lots of lust and I thought we told everything to each other. So since she hadn't mentioned it I'm more that curious. We never really talked about her family and even less about her life growing up. Every time I tried she'd freeze up and change the subject. Curiosity has gotten the better part of my judgment and I just have to know. So, I did what all good husbands in this situation would do, I bought some wine to help loosen her up. It helps to know she just can't handle more than a couple of glasses.

Lana walked through the door. We exchanged our customary kisses and gropes while I went back to work on dinner; she went to change into something more comfortable. We were eating dinner and she had her third glass of merlot just talking when I asked in my best southern diction. "So who's all is in ya Pap's clan?" Not very Southern but what did you expect from a city boy in Southern California?

The wine had worked its magic because Lana surprised the hell out of me. "Well, there's Mam. She's been his bitch since they mated up at 17. Then after my uncle died who was Pap's brother, because the tractor tipped over on him, Aunt Betty Ann who was his brother's wife, became Pap's bitch when she moved in with us. You know the men down there ain't really good to another man's kids, she wanted to protect her son and two daughters." And then it hit her. "How do you know about the clan and more importantly why are you asking?"

"Oh, I've been reading about it and just wanted to know," I sat back and gave her a wink and grin.

"It's not that simple. You're tricking me. You know more than you're telling," like I said that wine works wonders and her accent was coming out then.

"Yep and you're not telling all you know. So when was I suppose to go and become the head of the clan?"

"Do you want to know? It's a long story, baby," She came over and sat in my lap. She does know how to get in just the right spot to command my attention.

"Lana, I love you beyond words and want you badly all the time. But if you continue to sit in my lap we're not going to be talking about what I want to know."

We had finished our dessert first on the table and then the next in the bed. I was in the mood she deemed to be more receptive and she started to tell me, "So you know about the clan. It's true and a way of life in much of the south, especially where farming is involved." What she went on to tell me took us till midnight to finish. Of course we did stop for a couple more helpings of bedroom dessert.

After we finished our last helping and were just getting comfortable again she asked, "Did you want to be the head of the clan? Don't tell me now, baby. We can talk about it over dinner tomorrow night." Then she kissed me and snuggled up close.

I might have been in a state of sexual exhaustion but those few words had me wide-awake. Once Lana had fallen asleep I was back at the computer screen and started rereading "Cammie Sue." I condensed as much as I needed into a working 'white paper' for an easy understandable reference. After that I just fell asleep in my chair and woke when the shower in our bedroom started.

Other that some sleep deprivation and a kink in my back I was okay physically. Mentally was the bigger question. At this point I didn't know enough and I was desperate for more information from Lana. We had breakfast together and she left for work, I cleaned up last night's dinner and breakfast dishes then hit the shower. I decided as the water cascaded over me to write her an e-mail with some questions that would define some additional items.

I had my list of questions completed by noon, they were concise and to the point. I included the 'white paper' about the clan information from "Cammie Sue." That was my only real reference point and I wanted to know if that was true for her in clan life. I asked her not to write back to me about it but that we would use this as a basis to begin the discussion tonight.

I needed to get away from the computer and out of the house; so I spent the afternoon shopping for dinner. Cleaned up around the house and waited for Lana who would be home at 5:30. We ate without talking much and as soon as we were finished she came over and sat in my lap which started a helping of dessert. That was Lana's way to get me in the proper position for me to focus on this. So after dessert, another two helpings where I was in the proper position she laid her head on my chest and to speak in that slow soft southern drawl.

"I left the farm to go to the University of Arkansas. I got a full scholarship because of my grades. Before I left my sisters and I agreed that I would bring back the new head of the clan by the time I was 28. Or they were free to leave and find a clan of their own."

"So you think I'm head of the clan material?"

"Oh yes, not a doubt in my mind." She reached down and worked her hand in place.

"If you keep that up, we won't finish the conversation until very late tonight."

"Well there are worse things than keeping it up," she kissed me.

Another helping of dessert, Lana's head back on my chest, I asked, "So I met all of your family when we got married here. How come we didn't go back there at some point to see all of them?"

"When we go back, both of my sisters will want to try to help me encourage you to be the head of the clan. They would throw themselves at you to make you want to stay. You were so wrapped up in work here that I didn't think you would do it."

"You're probably right. I was so tied to the Codec and the compression formula that I would have left and never returned." She giggled which was a sign that she knew something. "Okay, Lana, fess up. What do you know?"

"Oh nothing, nothing really. You love me more then anything right?" She kissed me.

It hit me. She was involved with the analyst knowing about the Codec. "You told that analyst, didn't you?" I put my hand under her chin lifting her head so she looked at me.

She wasn't looking me in the eye, a sure sign she was guilty. "I love you. I love my family. I want you to be head of the clan."

"Lana, you told the analyst, didn't you?"

Lana's hand took a hold and she was stroking me then "Well, I might have mentioned it to one of the analysts at work."

I was ready to explode. Of course Lana's head moved quickly down and her mouth engulfed me. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to be angry when the love of your life is busy sucking on you?

So I was torn between the anger and the pleasure and the pleasure was winning. It was more than winning and I was going to be sore in the morning but dessert was on the menu again.

So I am on my back, in a more relaxed and receptive mood with Lana's head back in place on my chest. "We need to discuss all that I understand about clan."

"Uh humm"

"I'm serious. You want me to be head of the clan but I only just read about it. I have no idea if that's all true and if that is how it is."

"Uh humm."

"Lana, I am serious. I can't just go be the head of the clan and not know what it is all about." She had contentedly fallen asleep her head on my chest.

I didn't want to disturb her but nature was calling so I went to take care of that. I went into the kitchen for a drink. Standing there in the kitchen drinking the anger is building. She is my wife and I love her to pieces but she torpedoed my business. Well, she didn't torpedo it. I mean, I have all of that money. Hell, what did I mean? I could not figure it out for the life of me. So I just headed back off to bed.

Right before I slip off to sleep I realize that life is imitating art if you consider the life of Dean in the "Cammie Sue" series to be art. But it's my only point of reference and I feel as frustrated as he has at times in their story. Of course holding on to her as she snuggled back up to me took care of that issue as I drifted off to sleep.

So it was Saturday morning and I woke up mad. Damn, she had her hand involved in killing my baby. But she is right there so damn sexy. I am wondering why she didn't just tell me what she wanted. I knew that answer before I posed the question to myself. The Codec took almost all of my waking hours and how I would have never really listened.

Lana has me right where she wants me and that is right where I want to be at the moment. But I remember reading the head of the clan is the one who is the final say so in everything important. Of course the women always maneuver the head to make the decision they want. Ah shit, it's all too confusing. I decided that dessert before breakfast was a better idea and worked on waking Lana up.

I was sore and she was sore but we worked together to make sweet soft love. She rolled back over for some more sleep while I headed off to make breakfast. We were going to talk about all of this but I was more hungry than curious for the moment.

So breakfast in bed was nice. We finished and showered together. I had cleaned up everything and Lana was on the couch biting her lip and looking at me. I'm no idiot. What I did next was going to determine if we had any life together. I was angry and hurt but the Codec was just a thing. Lana was the love of my life. So I buried my ego and sat next to her.

"Lana, I love you." She melted into my arms. "I won't say I'm not hurt but you did this for a purpose. I wouldn't have listened to you with the Codec going. So now you have my complete attention. Tell me what you want and how the clan works."

"Steve, I love you so much it hurts. I love my family. I want us all together. I knew that if the Codec worked out you would never want to go and be the head of the clan." She had tears in her eyes. "I need you to be the head of the clan. We need you to. Can you do that for me, for us? For all of us, my family, our family?" Her body was trembling as she finished saying that.

"Lana, I do not know anything about being the head of the clan. I have read some internet stories. Is what I sent to you how it works?"

"Some of what you read is how we live, other parts we don't and then we add some. It all depends on what the clan has lived with before and what you as the head of the clan dictate."

"What I dictate?"

"Yes, there are no hard-and-fast written rules. What you sent me seems to work but with us much is passed down from one head of the clan to the next. Normally that would be your Dad to you but since he does not live the clan life it will be best if you had Pap help you. I can tell you many of our traditions and how they work plus I'll always be your bitch. But given that it is all new for you, Pap will be the best one to help you."

"That makes sense, is he willing to do that?"

"Yes, before I left I told Pap that I would bring a new head of the clan back. Normally my marrying you and not coming back would have lost us to the clan. But with my sisters' agreement I can come back with you until I am 28. After that, I'm not part of the clan."

"Okay. So what is this about you being my bitch?"

"That's true. You have to own me and any woman not your daughter who lives with us. You have to fuck me in the ass, me asking you to do it."

"But you told me you didn't want to try anal sex."

"It's not trying it when you make me your bitch. I have to ask for and submit to it. That is just how it is."

"But I won't hurt you."

"You have to do this and not only me if any other woman comes to live with us they will have to be your bitch also."

"You want to be my bitch. Who else?"

"Both of my sisters to begin with."

"To begin with?"

"Yes, you never know what might happen in life."

I mulled over what she said. This was something new. Not that it all sounded bad but who knew how it would work out. I'm not from that part of the country. My mom is a Kentucky woman. Dad told me he saw her and fell head over heels for her when they were in college. He found her and went to wooing her from the hills of Kentucky. I was going to ask Mom what she knew of this life. It would be a lot easier than talking to Lana's Pap.

"So now what are we going to raise once we're in Arkansas?" I asked.

"Well, I know the Codec was your baby, but I was kind a thinking about a different baby."

"Well since I am retired maybe raising a baby won't be so bad now," I smiled at her and she used her hand to slap me softly and then smiled back.

"It won't be a baby. It will be babies," she giggled with that cute little girl giggle I do so love.


"Both of my sisters are going to want babies also."

"That sounds like a harem." I was snickering as the thought of me and the three of them. Hey, I'm as red blooded and as horny as the next 27-year old guy.

"I'll harem you," she kissed me. "Now about making a baby?"

"Seems you would have to get rid of your birth control first, don't you think?"

"Yep, and you have to make me your bitch before that."

"I don't want to hurt you."

"That ain't the point. The day you make me your bitch is the day I get rid of my birth control," she stuck that cute little tongue of hers out at me.

"Okay. Well if we're going to move to Arkansas we need to do a lot to make that happen. First item on the list is we need to have dinner with my folks and tell them we're going there."

She was a fit of squeals and giggles. "We're going. I can't wait to tell them all were coming home."

"Oh no, it's a surprise. You'll just have to keep quiet about it. Unless you want me to use a switch on you when we get there?"

"Oh no, you're not going to use no switch on me."

"Oh so the switch and me being the head of the clan is true."

"I ain't saying nothing about that," that southern dialect was seeking out.

"That's okay. I'm sure your Pap will tell me."

"That's no fair asking Pap about that."

"You know I might just like this being the head of the clan," I grinned at her.

She stuck her tongue out at me so I grabbed her and put her over my knee. They were light swats more for her arousal than punishment and dessert was very nice even if I was sore.

I called my parents and made a Sunday afternoon date with them. Lana and I spent the rest of the day and evening planning out what we needed to do to make the move happen.

It was a couple of hours drive to my parents' house. Mom met us at the door and we got kisses and hugs. Dad hugged us both and showed us into the family room.

He said, "So, son, it's good to see you. Too much free time to keep you away from us now that you're retired?"

"Well, I am a bit bored with nothing to keep me busy every day. Of course Lana found a way to keep me entertained," I laughed.

Lana turned five different bright shades of red which got Dad laughing.

She and Mom moved over to the couch while Dad took drink orders. The women were busy chatting while Dad and I got the ladies glasses of wine and beer for each of us.

"So what do we owe the pleasure of your visit to?" He said once we were out of hearing range.

"Well, you know that I have a lot of free time and nothing to do around here."

"Okay, did you want to come and work with me now?"

"Well, not exactly. Lana and I are going to be moving to Arkansas."

It's not often that Dad is speechless. Then he spit out "Lana's the oldest right?"

"That she is, Dad."

"Did she tell you what that means if you go back there?" I had never seen him so animated.

"What do you mean Dad? We're just going to go there and see how it is to live there for a while." I watched as he had done so many times before when I didn't know something. So I wanted to exact a little getting even for a while.

He was having a hard time and I loved it. "Maybe we had better get the drinks over to the ladies."

"Sure, Dad." I was having a hard time keeping a straight face. So I let him lead.

"Here you are, Mom, Lana." I handed each of them a glass of wine I had been holding by the stems.

"Lana's been telling me how you and she are going to move back to Arkansas now that you don't have your company anymore." That was Mom just a simple matter of fact attitude. Not willing to put her cards on the table.

"Yeah. Since I'm retired and don't need to work anymore, I thought it might be nice to work on some other baby instead of the Codec."

Dad near spit his beer out and Mom looked at me speechless. It was priceless.

"So you're talking about having a baby?"

'Well, it's more than talking," I grinned.

Lana's alabaster skin was back to a bright shade of red again.

"So, are you pregnant now, Lana?"

"Not yet, Dad. But who knows?" I cocked my head a bit and raised and eyebrow.

I figured that with Mom being from the Kentucky hills she knew more about the clan life than she was letting on. So I decided to see of I could provoke a response.

"Well. Mom, it seems that I have to make Lana my bitch before I start having babies with her."

Mom covered her mouth and then dropped her hand. "You know about the clan life, don't you, Steven?"

"I know some, Mom. It seems that Lana was holding off telling me about it but now with the company gone."

Dad chipped in. "I'm going to get you for leaving me hanging like that, son." Then he smiled first at me and then Mom.

"So Mom, I don't know how to ask this without being straightforward about it. Did Dad make you his bitch?"

Dad was angry now. "That is nothing to ask your Mother, Steven. Apologize now or leave."

"No, don't leave. Your father has a hard time with my life in Kentucky. I am not afraid to tell you that yes I am his bitch. We don't live that life here but we got married in Kentucky and I told him it had to be that way."

Dad's face went from angry to shock to a look of defeat. I don't think he wanted that known.

"It's the way of my people back home, Steven. Your father and I were married there but never lived there. I told him how it was and he just could not come to grips with it. I love my life here and would not trade my life for one back there," she was near tears.

Lana pulled herself close to her and hugged her tightly. Mom had her head on Lana's shoulder and was just hugging her. Dad went to go and get some more drinks. I walked over to Mom and asked her to come and walk with me. We were out the front door before Dad had returned.

"Mom, I love you. I know it's hard to tell me. I didn't mean to hurt you by asking but I wanted everything out in the open."

"That's good, Steve. It's just a shock to have it all come up this way. So you're moving to Arkansas. You're going to be the head of the clan there?"

"It seems so, Mom. Lana wants it really bad. She was the one who told an analyst friend of hers about my Codec and got the bidding war going on the company."

"She didn't? Oh my God!"

"Yeah, that was my first reaction. I won't lie to you. I was angry and hurt when I found out. But, when we talked about it, she has her ways of calming me down." I grinned and Mom slapped my arm.

"That, Steven, is more information than I wanted to know." Of course she had a sly grin on her face.

"I realized that I loved her more than any Codec or the company. And now I am free to do something that she thinks I will be good at. Honestly, I'm more than a bit confused about it all."

"It can be confusing, son. When you haven't grown up with it all your life."

"I don't know if I can do it but we're going there to see. She has to bring me back before she is 28 or it all falls apart for her family."

"I love you, son. You're the man I hoped you would be when you were born." Mom stopped and kissed my cheek.

"What do you think Dad will say about all of this?"

"Well, he has had a Kentucky clan woman in his house for many years. I doubt he is going to be jumping up and down with joy about it. But when he met Lana and found out she was an Arkansas farm girl he knew that this was a possibility. He will love you two no matter what. Getting use to it will be another change for him."

"Yeah, you know that I have to make Lana my bitch so we can start having babies." There was that sly smile on her face again.

"Yes dear. It's more than making you her bitch it's the point where you're mated up. It's a lifelong commitment to each other"

"That's' what I was thinking too. I have read some about it but at the moment you're my trusted source for independent confirmation. I hate to be left in the dark. Is it Okay, if I call you and ask questions or confirmation?"

"Son, it's more than Okay. But remember that while I know about the clan life, not every clan has the same rules."

"Does that mean I can change the rules?"

"You can't change the hard-and-fast rules, like mating up and them being your bitch. But what goes on behind closed doors is your clan's business. Just don't make it public no one's going to be sticking their nose in your business. That's how my daddy explained why others did what they did while he didn't"

"Well that makes it a bit easier; you know this is all so different for me. I love Lana and told her I would try. But I don't think trying is in her vocabulary at the moment. We're going there and she expects me to be the head of the clan. And that clan includes her and both her sisters."

"Well, if they are going to be living with you I don't think you're going to be able to not have them as your bitches."

"Yeah, that is a given and she wants them to be having my babies also."

"I won't lie to you and tell you that I have never heard of that. It's a bit unusual but it's your clan."

"Thanks. Mom. That's a lot of help."

"Son, you're head of the clan. I'm not the one deciding that, at the moment it doesn't sound like you are either. As your mother I can only say I will love all of them grandbabies."

"That sounds like you're on their side."

"Son, I love you. But, if I get more grandbabies because you're head of the clan, well we all have our crosses to bear," She was grinning so much.

"Thanks Mom. Anything I can do to help you have more grandbabies. It's all my pleasure."

"Don't you start with me about that. You're going to be having triplet sisters all wanting you. It's going to be a lot of pleasure for you too."

"Mom, what are you insinuating?"

"I'm not insinuating anything. I know you're going to be having a lot of good old fashion sex."

"I guess I have nothing to say about it?"

"Son, fight the battles that need to be fought, but this is not one of them. The three of them have it all worked out already. You're not going to win anything fighting about it. There are worse ways to lose a fight."


"Do you think it was easy for me to get your dad to understand he had to make me his bitch?"

"I hadn't thought of that."

"Let's just say that we loved each other enough to come to an understanding. We don't live the clan life. I'm satisfied enough with my clan past and we're happy with this life so we just let love take care of the rest."

"Let love take care of the rest. Seems like a good idea that I can take with me as head of the clan."

"You're going to do very well at being the head of the clan," she kissed me on the cheek.

"Mom, there is the matter now of mating up and taking Lana as my bitch. I know being married isn't enough for the clan. And with the surprise she gave me about the Codec I am planning a little getting even by making her my bitch in my old bedroom today if that is all right with you."

"You're wicked, Son," she said with a grin.

"Well, it has been quite a shock for me. I just want to be the one doing the shocking for once." I was grinning.

"Well, OK. Did you want me to take Dad out for a while then?"

"Oh no, not at all. She needs to know that my clan knows she is my bitch. Plus I brought all of her birth control pills for her to dispose of."

"You're sure you want to have her do that in front of us?"

"I do."

"You're likely going to upset her."

"I'm going to be head of the clan. There are times when I will upset her then too. She might as well get use to it. And I think she might fuss about it a bit but we basically told you that once she is my bitch she was going off them anyways."

"Well, you do as you see fit. You're the head of her clan. Of course it could upset your father."

"I'm sure he can deal with it. And who knows it just might remind him of when he made you his bitch."

She slapped my arm "You're terrible." Then she flashed me a big grin. "It just might at that."

"Well we should head back. I'm sure they are wondering where we're at."

"Yes, dinner is in an hour."

"Okay, think I have time to make her mine?"

"All depends on how fast and long you want to do it?" A wicked grin appeared on her face.

"Are you reliving it in your mind with Dad?"

"Guilty as charged."

We walked back into the house arm in arm, laughing as we did so.

"Good to see the two of you so happy."

"Thanks, Dad. You and Lana have a good talk?"

"Very informative son," he grinned.

"You know that I had bought over two million shares of your company."

"No, Dad, I didn't"

"Well you wouldn't take our money. Your mother and I wanted to support you. I kept my feelers out with a few friends and bought in when it was time, I'm not sorry that we did."

"Somehow I bet you're not," we laughed at that.

We had about forty minutes before we needed to leave for the restaurant and I wanted to make Lana my bitch before we did. So I took her hand and lead her upstairs to my old room. I'm sure she was thinking of a private place where we could talk. We might talk but that would be later now she was going to be my bitch.

I had grabbed some lube when I was out yesterday afternoon buying the dinner we had last night. I slipped it into my pants pocket before we left our house. She needed to be my bitch and I was going to surprise her and make her that as soon as we were in my old room.

I closed the door and pulled her to me. Whispering in her ear, "This is where I grew up. I fantasized about women in this bed for so many years. You need to be my bitch and this is where it is going to happen. Take off your clothes now or I am going to just turn you around, flip up your skirt and make you my bitch that way."

She shuddered and looked in my eyes. She did exactly what I told her to do, took off all of her clothes and got into the bed. I stripped and got the lube from my pocket.

I was getting into bed when she said, "You told your Mom you were going to do this here, didn't you?"

"Yes," I was knee walking behind her as she lifted her ass up for my inspection.

I took the lube, squeezed out a dollop onto my fingers, and put it to her rosebud. She shivered when the cool lube contacted her hot spot. I pushed a finger at her tight hole and was working it back and forth across it. Small pushes working it in. I stopped and got some more lube and was back with my fingers. My finger slipped in past her ring and slid into the first knuckle. Her breathing changed a bit and then another finger slipped in. I worked them in slowly and deeper, opening her up.

She was panting on the bed. She had put her face down on the pillow and was pulling her cheeks apart. I reached down for her clit and played with it.

She started to moan. So I asked, "Are you ready to be my bitch?"

"Make me your bitch. I need to be your bitch."

"My folks are going to hear you. They will know."

"I don't care who knows. I need to be your bitch. I love you so much. Make me your bitch."

I lubed up my cock, pushed the tip in the lube and pushed what was left in the tube into her. I left her clit and grabbed her hair. With a firm hold of her I pushed my cock slowly into her.

She was screaming, then moaning, and finally begging as I worked slowly into her. I stopped now and then to let her adjust to me. Then I pushed home and seated fully in her.

"Take me and cum in me. Make me your bitch."

I did just that. I had been drained by and with her so many times over the past week that it took me longer than normal to cum this time. I didn't want to hurt her but she made it clear what I needed to do.

After we cleaned up and went downstairs my parents were nowhere to be found. I heard a loud moan and knew then where they were. No doubt something was rekindled.

It was a quiet drive to the restaurant. Lana was fidgeting back and forth trying to find a comfortable way to sit. I leaned over and kissed her to try to take her mind off the pain. She stopped moving and leaned closer to me.

Dinner was pleasant enough, given what had happened in the house before we left the talk involved nothing of much significance. It was obvious that no one wanted to broach the subject.

Of course once we were back in the house Dad brought the hammer out. "So, Steve, will Lana be the only one in your house or are her sisters moving in also?" Lana was watching but didn't come to my defense. I guessed that this was a head of the clan issue discussed between father and son.

"Dad, from what I understand, both of Lana's sisters will be moving in. Of course we don't have a place to live there yet. I don't know what I am going to be doing, but it is certain that I am going to be head of the clan. From what I understand Lana and her sisters all expect to live with me." I had told mom that already but he needed to have it all aboveboard. That is just how my dad was, it was how he raised me to be so now there were no secrets.


Damn, he was the master of understatement. I am going to be the head of a clan and have what looks to be at least three wives and all he can say is interesting. No doubt mom had told him everything; he knew it but just wanted to let me twist in the wind.

Mom chirped in, "So I take it that you and Lana will be working on the baby now." Mom knew what I was going to do next and I could see she was helping me.

Since they were both now enjoying their grilling of me, I figured to turn the tables a bit. "Every chance I get, Mom. Lana will be tossing out the birth control pills right now."

Lana turned to me and said "What?"

"Oh, did I forget to mention that I brought all of your birth control pills from home with us?"


"Well here they are". I pulled the two packets that she had in the medicine cabinet from my sport jacket pocket and handed them to her. "The trash can is under the sink."

"She took them from me and walked over, opened the cabinet door and tossed them out. She closed the door and came over to sit in my lap.

Dad chuckled, Mom covered her mouth and Lana just took it all in stride. I guess being my bitch and mated up in my parent's home had ended her embarrassment.

"So then, you'll call us as soon as you know she's pregnant. I can't wait for a grandbaby." That was Mom - grandbabies were on the top of her list now.

"Why, Mom, I might even invite you to stay with us while she is. You know them clan rules about women living under the roof of the head of the clan."

Mom covered her mouth and Dad about spit out his beer. Lana was giggling at the sight in front of her.

"Now, son, that is just not funny."

"Why, Dad? I'm just learning all about this head of the clan deal. From what I understand that might be the rule. I'll ask Lana's Pap when we get there and let you know."

"All right. All right. I give. We will stop teasing you about it. But both of us are excited that you and Lana will be having a baby soon."

We spent the rest of our time that evening discussing Lana leaving her job and the sale of the house. Dad recommended against it until everything was set. Lana and I had discussed it and decided that it had to be sold. We didn't want to do this without being committed and I told Dad and Mom that.

My best guess was that we would be on the road to Arkansas sometime in the next few weeks. We discussed taking our time to see some sights along the way, so there was not a need to drive directly there. She still wanted to tell her family she was coming back but I kept her to her promise.

The house sold in a week and we sent everything we did not donate or discard to storage in Arkansas the second week. We went out and turned in the leased cars we owned and got a new Ford Expedition. It was a monster SUV but I wanted something larger as we were moving into the backwoods. Plus there would be the four of us traveling around together most of the time.

We stayed with my folks our last night before we left. Mom hugged me and tried to hold her tears back the next morning. Dad was misty-eyed also but seemed genuinely happy for us.

Lana and I were just taking our time enjoying each other before the next chapter of our life together was set to begin.

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