Madeline Jones

by Thesandman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Mark lends a helping hand to an incapacitated neighbor

It had been six months since I'd moved in next door to an amazing lady. She was in her early to mid sixties, had a vibrant warm personality, and immediately befriended me showing genuine concern after my divorce. Madeline and I became good friends. I very often stopped by after work to check on her, see how she was doing, and generally on the weekends, did a few odd jobs for her. Having Madeline as a friend, someone to talk to, made the days easier to deal with and not quite so lonely.

She was also a very attractive woman too, and even though she was at least twenty years older than I was, I had in fact entertained fantasies about her, though I would never have acted on them.

It was in the middle of the week that I woke to the sound of sirens and emergency vehicles just outside my window. Throwing on my robe, I dashed outside and stood waiting out on the sidewalk as the paramedics soon brought her out on a stretcher, loading her into the ambulance. I managed to catch the real true fear in her eyes as they carried her by, reaching out to touch her forehead only briefly. As I did, I saw the telltale signs of stroke, now just as fearful as she as they loaded her into the emergency vehicle for the trip to the hospital.

I called a bit later of course, but as I wasn't a family member, there was little information they were willing to give me, except for saying Mrs. Jones was stable and that was all. The next day however, Janice, the older of her two daughters came by the house. Janice was my age, though perhaps younger by one or two years. And though we had never met formally, I knew enough about her from Madeline that I felt I knew her. Janice too, like me ... had recently been divorced. Seeing her pull her car into the driveway, I immediately headed over, though hesitant to ask, too curious and worried about my dear friend not to.

I stood at the screened kitchen door and knocked, moments later Janice appeared, seeing me, and smiled, though it was an acknowledged friendly smile that she in fact somehow knew who I was.

"Hi, I'm Mark Edwards," I said introducing myself. "I live next door to your mother."

"Yes, I know, mom's told me a little bit about you, thank you for helping her around the place," she added, though her look now took on a more somber serious note even before I asked the question.

"How is she anyway?"

"Not good, but at least she's alive. She had a stroke."

I had already guessed that, but hearing it confirmed still shocked and saddened me.

"The doctor's said it may be a while yet before we know the true extent of everything, but right now, she can't do much of anything. Can't speak, can't move her arms or legs..." She stood and began to cry. Though I didn't know her from Adam, I quickly gathered Janice in my arms as she sobbed uncontrollably. When she finally managed to compose herself, we sat down at the kitchen table together.

"With a great deal of physical therapy and time, mother might regain some of her normal functions, but until we know for sure, I've taken a leave of absence from work, and will be moving in to help take care of her when she's finally released to come home."

I of course offered whatever help or assistance that I could, which Janice seemed very grateful to hear, then returned home, saddened and once again feeling alone with the loss of my friend as I saw it, knowing that things would probably never be the same again.

Several weeks later, Madeline came home.

Out of respect, I gave Janice and her mother some privacy and a chance to settle in before sticking my nose in the screen door several days later. When I did, Janice smiled upon seeing me, surprising me with a warm friendly hug as I entered.

"How is she?"

"Ok I guess, but it is bad, she's pretty much paralyzed just as I told you before, though the doctors are still optimistic that in time, she'll regain something's though she may never walk again, in time, they do think she'll be able to speak. But right now, not much of anything."

"Can I see her?"

"I'm sure she'd like that, but let me check first. Though she can't say anything, I can see some emotion in her eyes, so let me tell her you're here and how she responds to that. Right now, she's sitting in her favorite chair by the window, it's about the only exercise we're able to give her at the moment, just getting her to sit up for a short while. But at least that's something."

Janice came back down a few minutes later and told me to go ahead up to her room.

"I promise, I won't stay too long," I said taking Janice's hand for a moment, trying to give her some sort of reassurance that everything would turn out ok, though I didn't feel that myself. And I wasn't prepared for what I saw either, as vivacious and full of life as Madeline had been, she was hardly a shell as she sat looking at me with her face seemingly frozen in time. What Janice had told me however was true, even though she was unable to say anything, or even really acknowledge my presence in anyway, I saw a slight movement in her hand as it quivered in her lap, a look in her eyes that told me she was still fully aware of everything, and even brightened somehow upon seeing me when I entered.

I kissed her forehead and sat down, taking her hand in my own and felt it as she stopped shaking. There seemed to be even a bit of a press from it as I did, though it was negligible. I told Madeline that I would continue to be around, help out Janice and herself however and whenever I could, and then holding to my word soon after left.

The days passed, and though Janice continued taking her mother to therapy, there seemed to be little if any progress being made, though she did manage to sit for longer and longer periods of time in her chair by the window that she had done in the beginning.

The first real sign of recovery came when Madeline managed to somehow get from her own bed into her wheelchair all by herself, stunning Janice when she went up to check on her. How she had done it, she wasn't even sure, though there was marked improvement in her hand, though she still couldn't control it well enough to be able to write with it, at least it seemed, she was beginning to be able to use it if even in a very limited way.

Like I said, Madeline was a remarkable woman.

The one very unexpected by-product of all this, was that Janice and I had grown close now ourselves, much closer in fact. On rare occasions after Janice had gotten her mother to bed for the night, she would come over, and share a glass of wine with me, or just sit with me on the couch. It had been just such an evening, when unexplainably we shared a brief, though very passionate kiss together, which had led to a great deal of fondling and petting though we both soon recovered our wits ending the session, chalking it up to emotional frustrations. Janice had soon returned home after that, but I found myself thinking about her more and more, my own frustrations getting the better of me as fantasies about her increased to the point where I couldn't take it anymore.

I was sitting on the very same couch where we had kissed, where I had sat caressing her soft breasts, feeling and enjoying the hardness of her nipples as they pressed wantonly, invitingly against the palm of my hand. Before I even realized it, I had undone my zipper, freeing my cock, and began stroking it. I allowed my fantasies of Janice to continue until I felt the warm sticky fluid of my eruption coating my hand. I then stood, preparing to clean myself up, grabbing a tissue out of a nearby box though I hadn't placed it there for that reason, and began wiping away my spending which I had sprayed against myself nearly everywhere. I don't know why I suddenly did it, or what it was that triggered the action or thought, but I suddenly spun around glancing up through my window.

The window by the couch I'd be laying on, masturbating as I had been, faced the side of the house where Madeline and Janice lived. Why I hadn't realized it, or considered it until now shamed me. I was almost fearful to look up, but that same fear caused me to do so, and as I did, I saw Madeline sitting there in her large oversized chair looking down at me! Embarrassed, ashamed, I quickly stepped away from the window myself, though without drawing the curtains as that would have made it even more obvious. I could only hope that Madeline hadn't really seen anything, or even if she had seen me lying there for a bit, was unaware of what I'd been doing. Gathering myself, I waited for a while, and then headed over to their house just as I very often did to check on things.

At least Janice was pleased to see me, though not quite for the reasons I'd been hoping for as of late. "Oh Good! I was just about to call you," she stated. "I need a favor."

"Sure, whatever you need," I told her nervously, yet mildly relieved at the moment.

"Would you mind sitting with mom for a bit? I need to run out and do a couple of errands I've been neglecting to do. Shouldn't take me any longer than an hour ... would you mind?"

"Not at all!" I assured her. "Take whatever time you need."

Janice grinned. I think it was the first time in a very long time that I had actually seen her do so. "Thank you, I really appreciate this. And ... I'm going to pick something special up for dinner tonight, so I want you to come over and join us later," then adding before I could even respond to that, "And I would also like to pick up where we left off the other night, after mom goes to sleep," she said boldly intimating to me that she too had been just as aroused as I had been, even though we'd both half-ashamedly ended it as though neither of us should have even been entertaining such thoughts.

"You sure?"

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