More Problems, More Solutions

by Aurora

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Slavery, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Incest, BDSM, MaleDom, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Continuing the Engineer's solutions. Having settled down with his slaves problems arise which have to be found solutions. I think this stands alone but if you read 'Engineered Solutions' it'll give you more background

I had had, by my standards, a long hard day. In fact two days. I was beginning to run down my consultancy business, but in order to do so I had to finish a contract which had taken me away from home the previous morning. I then had an overnight stay and was able to wrap it up at a reasonable time. So I was delighted to get home and drive into the garage by late afternoon. I took my brief case from the car intending to drop it in the office and then walk across the house to greet my loving slaves, Diana and Ruth. I walked in through the packing and despatch room, and past the, unusually, open door of the room we called the dungeon. This was where we tried out new products. As I did so my attention was caught by a forced 'uurrrgh' sound. This came, I saw, from the gagged mouth of a young lady - I could tell young and female because she had not a stitch on - whose wrists and ankles were secured to our latest restraint frame. A double take showed me a very attractive and well proportioned girl who was trying to speak to me through the ball gag in her mouth. I decided to go on with my planned route via the office to the house, and see what the girls had to say about this first.

I took a couple of paces more towards the office when I was struck by a bolt of realisation, two paces back and my eyes confirmed that the young lady in question was Joanna. My daughter. Let's be honest, few fathers would recognise their daughters naked and caught in a restraint frame, it is just too far out of the norm, even for me.

I had, of course, been a normal family man until a few months ago, but I'm sure you will have read about that. Since I had acquired two devoted slaves, or rather Diana, my wife of many years had been ... converted, perhaps straightened out, and her friend Ruth had joined us, we had carried on a rather different domestic life. Having designed some equipment to restrain Diana whilst I took my revenge upon her for her infidelity with Ruth, which had changed partway through when it became clear that Ruth was in fact the miscreant, and having developed this into a very lucrative mail order business, we had gone on to greater things. We had acquired the gymnasium and fitness club where Diana had met Ruth and the girls now ran this very successfully. Meantime I had had the bondage equipment manufactured by outside contractors, and employed a lady called Wendy who came in to do the packing and dispatch.

We had some alterations done to the barn, and stables, to suit the needs of the business. My office and workshop remained much the same, so I was able to carry on the development of new products. Part of this was done in the dungeon, and the girls were normally very enthusiastic about testing these items. Normally they were the victims, in fact they were always the victims, the only victims, so I was intrigued to know what was going on. I hadn't even known that Joanna was at home, although it was not entirely unexpected for reasons that will become clear, because she should have been at university.

I carried on, dropped my briefcase in the office, and strode across the gravel to the kitchen. The girls greeted me with the enthusiasm that I expected, showering me with kisses. As soon as I was able, much to their delight, I inspected and compared their expanding tummies. In a few months I was going to be a double daddy.

I sat down with a cup of tea, and Diana rather tentatively said.

"Master, did you notice..."

"Yes, slave, I did," I replied. "Tell me about it."

"She came in yesterday afternoon, throwing her stuff down and being quite unpleasant, you know what she can be like. In the evening Ruth and I were told in no uncertain terms how disgusting it was that we were both pregnant at our age, and then this morning, when Ruth and I were just, um ... lying in bed, she burst in and really let fly, then stormed off to the kitchen."

"We got out of bed," continued Ruth, "and came down, grabbed her and got cuffs on her. Then we took her outside."

"How did you get her outside?" I asked.

"Ruth grabbed a handful of the back of her jeans, lifted, and marched her out. There's not a lot you can do when you are almost being picked up by your fanny," Diana chuckled. "The rest was quite easy."

"You taught us how to do that," grinned Ruth.

"She really was awful, Master," put in Diana. "We really had to do something."

I finished my tea. "Well, I'd better go and sort her out then."

"You're not cross with us?" Asked Diana

"No, no, I think in the circumstances you probably did the right thing. How she will react we shall have to see."

"What'll you do, Master?" asked Ruth.

"As always," I said, "play it by ear."

And with that I went out to visit the dungeon.

On my way through I picked up one of our 'cat o' nine tails'. This has fairly soft lashes and no knots, and leaves no mark, but it is very painful, as my slaves will testify.

I entered the dungeon, with little doubt that there would shortly be an audience out side listening, and surveyed their captive. My captive now.

Joanna squirmed and squawked as much as she was able, and since she had been there a few hours I thought that this indicated a strong will. She had always been more like me than her mother, and I thought that trying to break her would be a pointless exercise. Nevertheless, whilst she wouldn't be a slave, she had to understand who was the boss.

I went over behind her and removed the gag. Joanna started immediately.

"Daddy, thank god, do see what those fucking bitches have done to me? Release me immediately."


"What! Are you siding with those shitty cows? Are you going to let them tell you what to do? You don't have any more morals than they do. I suppose you're going to rape me and make me pregnant too."


"You bastard, you shit, you... " and she went on for several minutes whilst I stood there. Eventually she ran out of steam.

"You really do have a potty mouth don't you Joanna?"

And off she went again.

"Shut up."

She carried on. I flicked her across the stomach with the whip.

"Ow! That hurt."

"Then do as you are told and shut up. Only speak when I want an answer. Is that understood?"

And she started again.

I wandered around the back of her and once again there was that curious thwackly-crackly sort of sound as the whip struck her bum. Left cheek first followed by backhand to the right, I'm left handed you see. I've only heard screeches like the one that followed from a sow when the boar has just found his mark, except this was longer and louder. I should remember to keep some ear defenders in the room.

I walked back around the front. The sound gradually subsided to a sob and a hiccup.

"Would one of the two eavesdroppers fetch the box of tissues from the office please?"

There was a scuffle from the passage and Ruth came in with the tissues.

"Clean her up a bit please."

"Yes, Master." And she gently wiped up the tears and snot.

"Righto, you two can go back to the house." The girls left.

"Do I have your attention now? I asked Joanna

No reply. I flicked the air with the whip.


"Yes what?"

"Yes ... do I have to call you Master?"

"No, Daddy, as you always have done."

"Yes, Daddy." Hic.

"Better. Now we are going to have a question and answer session. Bear in mind that I already know a lot of the answers even though you may wonder how, so any lies will become apparent. I'm sure you can guess what will happen if you do lie. Clear so far?"

"Yes, Daddy."

I had been in touch with friends and colleagues at the university she attended and I had been checking up on Joanna, and a sorry tale it was too. This was why I was not entirely surprised that she was at home. She had wasted her time there, attending few lectures and generally partying and having a good time. At my expense. Don't get me wrong here, students should do these things, but they should also do some work. Joanna hadn't, and so she had been sent home to consider her future. I was very unhappy about her treatment of Diana and Ruth, and her attitude generally. I was particularly annoyed with her attitude towards her mother's sexuality which I felt had nothing to do with her. Nor had the fact that she was about to acquire brothers or sisters.

As I have said, Joanna takes after me so she is more dominant, but she needed to learn that you need a little humility with it, and that you get much more out of your slaves if you show them a little kindness. They have to know the boundaries of course, you can't have them questioning who's in charge.

"Now," I said after about an hour of discussion, and one or two more lashes. "You have three choices. You can return to university, work like stink for the next few weeks and hope you can do enough to be allowed back next year. Or you can stay here and work in the assembly and dispatch departments of the goods, part of which I may remind you, however immoral you may consider them, have paid for your excesses, including a couple of the frames that you are presently attached to. In addition you will be expected to clean, and whatever else is required both here and in the house. Finally, you can leave here and make your way in the world as you will, no assistance given. Your choice. Now you will go to your room, shower and dress suitably for supper which you will attend when called. You may let me know your decision then. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Daddy."

And I released her.

"How am I going to get to the house?"


"But I've no clothes."


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