Stay Here With Me

by Losgud

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Cuckold, Incest, Brother, Sister, Slow, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: The first new Losgud story in many years. While once a stalwart member of the old ASSM community that initially populated Storiesonline, I've been moribund for ages. I hope this helps rectify the situation. It's a story of love-gone-wrong that, drawing closer to home, becomes one of love gone absolutley right. Including the Losgud trademarks of smart writing, hot sex, and the bit of humor at the whole situation. Hope you all enjoy!

Generally I work out of my apartment, on the computer, but I'd had to spend the morning downtown with a major client finalizing the details of the design work I'd been doing for them. They were very happy with my presentation, which made me very happy. I was glad not to have to tinker anymore with the shit I'd done for them. And happy in the knowledge of the big fucking check I'd be getting for the month spent working up the designs to their exacting specs.

Mostly though I was working hard to keep my cock from getting too noticeably hard, at least until I managed to escape their offices. All my focus was on the long weekend ahead, to be spent in a romantic trip to the cabin in the woods with my girlfriend Linda.

I wasn't in a monkey suit, though I'd dressed up for the occasion of the meeting. It was that casual formal attire: pressed chinos and the only button down shirt I owned. I really wanted to go home and change, but I figured I could just endure and swap out when we got to the cabin. I wasn't going back home. My bags were all packed and in the trunk of my car.

Once I left downtown and began the short drive to Linda's place I let my boner get the best of me, filling out the front of my pants. I was more than ready to start panting, though I knew Linda would make me wait until we were actually at the cabin.

I got to her place, rang the bell, and she let me in while wearing the sweetest smile. I was so ready to jump her right then, but knew that would be the wrong thing to do. She had me well trained.

"Packed and ready to go, babe?" I inquired. I gave her a nudging look. "Let's get the show on the road, so we can get the show on the road!"

Linda was extremely excited, full to bursting with something she just had to share. "This is so great! I have such exciting news! Pamela called earlier today, and when I told her we were going up to the cabin for the weekend, she asked if she and Steve could join us!"

Instantly the front of my pants began deflating. My lack of enthusiasm upon hearing the news was quite visible. "But," I sort of whined, "I thought this would be our romantic weekend."

"But it'll be so much fun," Linda continued, flashing a big fat fake smile. "Besides," she shrugged, "what could I say? It's your sister, and it's her cabin as well."

This was true. Pam and I owned the cabin jointly. Our dad had built it, and we both had fond childhood memories of the place. Cabin was perhaps too rustic a term for the place. Though it'd started out on that level, he'd improved on it every year to the point where it was totally modern. It even had cable t.v. Pammy and I came to share it when we'd become orphans in our early twenties. Mom and Dad had taken early retirement and moved to Florida, only to be promptly terminated by being T-boned in an intersection by a drunken cop ignoring the red light.

"Besides, Steve is your best friend. This'll be such a fun weekend."

Steve and I had been best friends for years. Then we'd both pursued Linda, and why she chose me I'll never know. It was like he'd hooked up with Pam as a sort of consolation prize.

I hated what was going to happen, but then it happened again, just like it always did. Linda started rubbing me. "Please," she whispered. My cock had no conscious, swelling under her touch. It was only a month or so after we'd become a couple that she let it be understood that she intended to continue hooking up with Steve as well.

After the first couple instances I'd made a little joke that maybe I should find myself a little fuck buddy too. "No!" she'd actually stomped her foot. "Me and Steve, that's different. We have a connection. What you're talking about--you'd just be whoring around." And that was that. End of discussion.

Linda unzipped my pants and fumbled my hardening cock out into the open air. She took the tip of me into her mouth, then backed off with a smile. She pulled her shirt off and undid her bra, revealing her big appetizing rack.

As she began to suck me, I reached down to fondle her breasts, but, as usual, she brushed my hands away. "Stop it, Daniel! You know they're too sensitive, and I don't like them to be touched."

So as usual I settled for looking at my girlfriend's tits while she sucked my cock. I stood there as she kneeled before me feeling like the most pathetic guy on the planet. Linda disliked oral sex, either end. I'd tasted her pussy only once, until she'd pushed me away, proclaiming such an act as yucky. She only sucked my cock as a rare reward for getting what she wanted. Even as she did it I could always tell it was a chore for her. And, really, she was pretty mediocre at the job.

I felt so terrible, getting so hard for such awful action, but there I stood, grateful enough for what I was getting. As usual, once I started getting close, Linda pulled her mouth away, jacking my shaft roughly until I shot all over her tits.

As usual she got an immediate look of distaste on her face. As usual, as I was still gasping, she demanded, "Go get me a washcloth. Get it warm, but not too hot." As usual, she refused to let me be the one to mop the come off her breasts. While she did that, I went back to the bathroom and quickly washed my cock, alone, per the usual.

Once all that was settled, we each got dressed, then placed Linda's bags in the trunk, and got ready for the drive. While she was in the bathroom for a quick last pee I stole into her bedroom long enough to check the drawer of the bedside table. Her battery-powered dildo was absent, obviously packed in her luggage.

We got to the cabin first and aired the place out. I was starting to feel feisty again. I grabbed Linda in a backwards hug, pressing my stiffness against her ass, thinking a quickie might be in order. Instead, she shrugged out of my embrace, "Stop. They might be here any minute."

It was an hour. The time didn't matter. I'd given up.

There was all the hullabaloo when they did arrive. Pam and I hugged lightly. Linda and Steve, I thought they were going to start rutting right there in the gravel.

We all joined in to fix a nice late dinner, then retired with some beers to the main room. I got the fire going good, while Steve flipped through the channels on the t.v. Finally he settled on a slightly risqué channel. There was some movie I'd seen ages before. Something about a bunch of friends meeting up for a long reunion weekend at some manor house. Things happened. I'd forgotten the plot because there wasn't much of one. It was very sof-core. Old issues were addressed, and then resolved. The sex involved lots of breasts, some butt shots, but not much else. R-rated porn. Just the thing, I supposed, to get us all in the mood for the depths of the night ahead. But the first few sex scenes were all just the women oohing and ahhing, faking the sounds of pleasure. It reminded me exactly of being in bed with Linda. Except the vibrator never made an appearance.

We'd all changed into our sleepwear. I normally slept nude, but was happy to swap my downtown clothes for a pair of sweatpants and hoody. Linda went for some frillies that left her cold. Even though we sat together on the sofa, she didn't snuggle, instead pulling a large afghan over her. Steve was likewise lightly attired, sitting on the other end of the sofa, slightly shivering, so Linda shared the cover with him. I was wanting a little myself, but when I tugged at the corner Linda batted my hands away. "Go get your own," she hissed.

Pam was sitting by herself in the big overstuffed chair. She was wearing just a pair of short boy jammy bottoms and a sleeveless ribbed wife-beater top. She sat hugging her knees to her chest, but I knew that was just the way she was sitting. She was a few feet closer to the fire, but I knew that didn't matter. My sister had always been the kind of girl who was never bothered by the cold. Though Pam was probably half a foot taller than Linda, she appeared to be much more petite. Linda had all the womanly curves and padding of her Mediterranean extraction, but it was my pale thin sister who was always tossing off instead of hogging the covers in the dead of winter.

What I didn't get was why Steve wasn't over there. Sharing the big chair with her, or holding her on his lap. Not that I didn't understand. The way the afghan kept moving, it looked like a tribe of moles inhabited the cover between my girlfriend's and my sister's boyfriend's laps.

At that point I surrendered all hope.

The fire was starting to die down and there weren't anymore logs left in the holder. We'd depleted the stack on the porch, so it was out to the woodshed. "Looks like we need some more firewood," I stated standing up. "I'll be right back." I grabbed a pair of leather palm gloves beside the holder, then slipped on my coat.

"Sorry we can't pause the movie," Steve grinned at me.

"Don't worry, dude, I'm sure I'll be able to follow the plot when I get back!"

I was just to the door when Pamela bounced up, "I'll help."

"No no," I waved her back, "you're not dressed for the cold."

She just shrugged and slipped past me, first out the door. I had to go outside just to catch up with her. "Pam, are you crazy? You're gonna freeze out here!"

"No I'm not," she laughed back over her shoulder. "I've got a fucking furnace burning inside of me."

I was slightly shocked. My sister rarely used profanities in her everyday speech.

She stayed ahead of me, and as I watched her ass twitch so cutely in just her thin boy jammy shorts, I wondered why the hell Steve couldn't settle for just that.

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