The Green Green Grass of Home - Dgh

by DG Hear

Copyright© 2008 by DG Hear

Romantic Sex Story: Can you love someone too much? Here is Myron's story. Could be in many different categories

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Tear Jerker   Cheating   .

Note from Jake Rivers:

This is my fifth semi-annual "invitational." The initial one was based on the Statler Brother's song, "This Bed of Rose's." The second used the Marty Robbins El Paso trilogy: "El Paso" "El Paso City " and "Faleena." The third had stories based on the various versions of "Maggie May" or "Maggie Mae." The fourth invitational was based on any Country & Western song.

The current invitational is based on any song written or performed by Merle Haggard.

Regards, Jake

I have always wondered if you could love someone too much. I believe in my case the answer is yes.

The old hometown looks the same as I step down from the train

And there to meet me is my Mama and Papa.

Down the lane I look and there runs Mary hair of gold and lips like cherries

It's good to touch the green, green grass of home.

I remember this song from way back in my younger days. So pretty, yet so sad. It's about a man's dream before he is taken to be executed. I guess I could almost call it my swan song seeing as I'm in the same situation.

Here I am at seventy-one years old waiting to take my final walk down the corridor. I guess I should go back a few years to explain how I ended up where I am now.

My name is Myron Brock and I am a CFO (Chief Financial Officer) for a major institution. I worked my way up through the ranks to this top position.

Back in my college days, I was somewhat of a playboy but I also had brains. I found out early that I liked dealing in numbers and that I was good at it. I took courses in Accounting and Finance graduating in the top of my class receiving my Bachelor of Science degree. I went on and received my Masters degree in Finance as well.

I had no problem finding a position with a top company. I started in the accounting department and worked my way up.

The dating scene was quite interesting for me. It really started in college. It was a lot wilder than I would have ever imagined. The sex was there for the asking. I must have gone to a party at least every other week. The booze flowed as well as the drugs. I drank some and tried the pot but it always made me tired.

I gave up the pot but I did drink at the parties. I was a nerd but far from a geek. Because of the smarts, I helped several friends with their homework. In turn, I made lots of friends and pretty much was invited to all the parties.

I really don't want to knock the girls because they were just doing and wanting the same as the guys. We all partied on down and most every party ended in a lot of sex. After getting intoxicated, the girls wanted it as bad as the guys did. It was nothing to be on a bed sprawled out with six naked people. This wasn't a one-time thing but happened at most every party.

I didn't really have any girl friends as such. I know many of the girls came to college to find a husband while others actually came for an education. The majority did come to party or at least to get a taste of the college life. I guess that's why I could have sex with them and still not be serious about them.

It would be hard to want to marry a woman that a number of your friends laid. Many of my friends didn't feel that way. After we graduated, there were several of my friends getting married. Maybe I'm old fashioned but I felt kind of funny going to weddings with women that I had bedded down.

I could have been serious about a couple of women but the multiple sex partners did it in for me. I'm not talking double standards here. I would think that many of the women felt the same about guys that they were interested in. I guess it's all in the heart of the beholder. Some are able to separate love and the different sex acts. They could love a woman or man that had sex with other people they knew. I just wasn't made that way.

I can understand a loving relationship going awry and the couple breaking up. Each going their own way and marrying other people, but fucking my friend's fiancée and them getting married the following week was a bit much for me.

Ruthie was a girl I bedded down with quite a few times in my freshman year. I really began to like her. I could see her being a good long-term partner. I even think I told her that I loved her numerous times. I was getting serious about her until I got to one of the parties late and she was letting Randy, a black ball player, feel her up on the dance floor. When they sat down on a couch, Randy had his hand up her thigh and onto her pussy. She just spread her legs for him.

She was being finger fucked when she saw me. We both knew it was over between us at that point. I later found out that she had dated Randy before me. Believe it or not, it wasn't about race but about money. Randy was big into sports and she figured that he would make it to the big league and she would be his wife.

They both lost. Randy broke a leg in mid season. His possible pro career was over. Ruth left him soon after that. She came back to see me but I told her we could fuck but a future with her was out of the question.

Barbara was another woman I enjoyed being with. In my senior year, she actually proposed to me. It was almost funny if it wasn't true. Brad, another senior, had proposed to her and she said she needed a little time before answering him. She told me that she loved me and wanted to marry me. It was my last chance because if I said no she would marry Brad.

I wished her and Brad a very happy marriage. Even though I did care for her, sharing my woman was not what I wanted. I was even in their wedding party. How strange it felt knowing I had slept with the bride a number of times. It was at this point that I figured I'd be a bachelor. I had no problem having sex or sharing women as long as they were not my girlfriends.

It bothered my mom that I wasn't married and didn't have anyone serious in my life. I tried to explain to her that even though I went out with a number of women, I was not in love with them. I could not commit to a lifetime relationship with someone I didn't love.

My career made it difficult to have sustaining relationships. The company I worked for offered me a job opportunity that I couldn't refuse. They needed a traveling financial advisor who would go throughout the United States and help start new offices and do reviews and audits on present accounts.

It paid a six-digit salary and covered all expenses. I could be gone anywhere from a few days to a month at a time. Several people applied for the position but most were married and this job would play havoc on any relationship. Since I was single and considered one of our top new financial people, I got the position.

The job let me see the world. I always traveled first class, ate at some of the finest restaurants and stayed at top ranked motels. I do have to say it was lonely at times. Frequently I met a woman in the lounge and invited her to dinner then we often ended up in bed.

For those who have seen 'Pretty Woman' I have also picked up women at dating services. If I needed a woman on my arm at a particular dinner, I would contact a service and the woman of my choosing would be there for the night. I paid to have a woman available as my escort. If she decided to spend additional time with me it would be extra and of the woman's choosing.

Most women spent the night. There were a few incidents where she might refuse or I didn't need her services after the dinner. Either way, I always tipped her well.

I had been doing this job for a number of years now. I was past forty years old and had received a number of promotions and raises. My secretary, Rose, had been with me since the beginning. She was my right hand woman, if that makes any sense. I would transfer all my financial data to her and she in turn would set up the reports. In the beginning at dinner meetings, I would usually write down data or use some type of tape recording when necessary and Rose would type out the whole conversation.

There was starting to be more and more meetings, dinners and reports since our business was growing so fast. Rose and I both agreed that it would be an asset if I could have a secretary help cover the business meetings. Rose came with me to a number of them but asked me to find someone else who could attend and take notes. Being gone so often was wreaking havoc on her marriage.

I didn't want to lose Rose and I didn't want to mess up her marriage so I started using our secretarial pool at work. They usually didn't attend dinner or the social engagements that came up. I used a high class dating service for those affairs. The secretaries liked a chance to travel, usually overnight, and we always treated them well. After the meeting, they would take their reports and give them to Rose, who would complete the paper work.

As the business grew, I was able to use secretaries from the various new offices we opened up. I still used the dating service when needing a woman on my arm for the evening, or when attending parties.

In my later years after college, I had dated dozens of women, but only had strong feelings for a few of them. The first was Sharon who I met shortly after I began my new job. She was young and beautiful and was always smiling. Her personality would light a room when she entered it. Sex with Sharon was always an experience.

She wasn't afraid of trying anything. We tried many positions and some really felt awkward. The standard man on top, woman on top, doggie style and oral worked well for us. She liked anal but it made my dick hurt. Sorry anal lovers but it just wasn't for me. At one time, she told me she wanted to travel and see the world.

Sharon had one big downfall and that was money. She wanted to marry a man who was wealthy. Someone who could make all hers dreams come true. At the time, I was just starting out in the auditing department. I tried to explain to her that my position in the future would be financially secure. Apparently, her friends told her that most accountants weren't in the upper money brackets and that she would be wanting.

It was sad that she was so worried about money. I was ready to ask her if she wanted to get married when I found out she was more interested in money than she was in me. We were good together. We went out on one more goodbye date and had sex the entire night. I knew I would miss her but would be better off without her.

She did end up meeting a doctor and was married a couple of years later. I had seen her and her new husband at a New Years bash. She still looked great and had that bubbly personality. By then I was starting up the corporate ladder and some of her friends had told her I was headed into the big time.

I knew that when I danced with her that she regretted us breaking up. She even offered herself to me that night but after kissing her and feeling her up, I told her to go to her husband. I guess I was becoming a little more moral.

It was two years later that I met Laura. What can I say about her? Another beautiful woman who was very sure of what she wanted. She desired a home and family, the house in the country, a stable marriage with total trust between the husband and wife. She wanted to be a homemaker and would do anything for the right man if she loved him.

Laura was a very loving and caring person. We even talked of marriage but we knew it wouldn't work between us. In my new position, I would be traveling all the time and would be lucky to be home a week or two out of a month. She wanted a husband who would be there for her on a regular basis. I knew I couldn't be that man if I wanted to get ahead in my chosen profession. It was hard leaving such a warm and passionate woman.

Then I met Mary; it was a story in itself. As I have mentioned, I travel and fly a lot. I've gotten to meet a number of airline stewardess's. A few I have asked out if I knew I would be in their city for a day or two. Over the years, I took out several.

I was flying first class, as usual and Mary and Jackie were the stewardesses on this flight. Mary just caught my eye. She seemed to be in a class of her own. She was always smiling and looked beautiful even in her uniform. I wanted to get to know more about this woman. She had the same bubbly personality I remembered Sharon having.

I asked her if she was staying overnight in Dallas where we were heading and she said she was. When I asked her if I could see her that evening she said in the nicest voice that she was sorry but she didn't date customers. It was a rule she set for herself. She didn't want to get involved right then either it seemed. Then she thanked me very much for asking, smiled and went about her duties.

I was awestruck by her. I didn't stop to think that maybe she just saw me as an older man. After finding out her age, I asked Jackie, I realized that I was twenty-three years older. Damn, where did all the years go?

She and her fellow hostess stopped and talked to me during the flight. That's when I found out about their ages. Jackie was twenty-six at the time. She was more into the dating scene where I didn't quite know about Mary, she was the one who intrigued me.

At our destination, I said goodbye to the two ladies and checked in at my motel. I cleaned up, put on some casual clothes, and went down to the restaurant for dinner. I had reservations, and good thing I did, as it was quite crowded.

I looked up and saw my two stewardesses, Mary and Jackie. They were just standing there so I figured they didn't have a reservation. I mentioned to the waiter that they were welcome to join me if they liked. Jackie came walking over with a rather hesitant Mary behind.

"Thank you for the invitation," said Jackie. "There was a one-hour wait."

"We're not imposing on you are we Mr. Brock?" asked Mary.

"Not at all. I'm all alone here tonight and it's nice to have the company of two beautiful ladies." I smiled at both of them. "Please call me Myron; it's a lot less formal."

The waiter came over and handed the girls a menu. "Ladies, dinner is on me tonight," I said.

"You don't need to do that Mr. Brock, I mean Myron. We're capable of paying for our own dinner," remarked Mary.

"Mary, I know that. I would never assume otherwise. I didn't mean to be impolite..."

"For Pete's sake Mary, loosen up a little. He just offered us dinner and to share his table with us. Not every man wants to take advantage of us," said Jackie.

"You're right Jackie; I'm sorry I was critical of you Myron. Thank you for the kind offer," Mary replied.

Truth be known, I wouldn't mind taking advantage of these two lovely women, who wouldn't? I do have to say that Mary did something to my heart. I can't explain it because I never felt like this very often.

Both ladies told me a little about themselves and I explained to them about being in the financial industry. Jackie wanted to be a career stewardess. She loved traveling and meeting new people. Marriage and family wasn't something she gave much thought about right now. She was just looking for a good time.

Mary on the other hand was different. She wanted to travel but also wanted a family. She said she was waiting for the right man to enter her life. I guess what bothered me was she was very serious when she told me these things. I guess in a sense, I was waiting for Mrs. Right but never expected to find her either. Mary seemed to have some of the best qualities of my two old girlfriends, Sharon and Laura.

After dinner, the three of us stepped into the lounge for a few drinks. The music was loud but we were able to talk over it. Both women were really nice but I couldn't help the feelings I got from being near Mary. It did something to my insides. I honestly had to wonder if I had a problem.

They had a small dance floor and I danced a couple of slow numbers with each of them. I got goose bumps holding Mary. Jackie on the other hand pressed her body up against mine. It felt good but I wished Mary would have done it also.

It was getting late and Mary said she had to get up to their room and get some rest. The two of them were supposed to do morning exercises before catching their plane out. Jackie said she had to go also. I gave them both a kiss on the cheek and thanked them for a wonderful evening.

I headed up to my room and poured myself a drink then caught up on the latest news. I was in my skivvies when there was a knock at the door. I opened it slightly and there stood Jackie.

"Mind if I come in for a nightcap? Mary is already asleep and I can use the company."

"Give me a minute to slip on more clothes," I said.

"That's not necessary," she said as she pushed open the door and closed it behind her.

All she had on was a robe and when she opened it, she was naked underneath. It didn't take a brain surgeon to know what to do next. I turned off most of the lights and put the TV on a mellow music station. I poured us both a drink and we sat on the side of the bed. I set the drinks down and kissed her; she tasted good. We kissed a few more times before I pulled her robe off her shoulders and let it fall. I laid her back on the bed and began kissing and rubbing her tits. She moaned and groaned before telling me to keep going.

We moved up to the center of the bed and I put one hand between her thighs and worked my way up to a very moist pussy. "I've wanted this all night," she said to me as she reached out and found a very hard cock.

I rolled over on my back and we did a sixty-nine on each other. Her pussy was soaking wet. She quickly turned around and said she wanted me inside of her. I reached into the nightstand and pulled out a condom. She took it from me and opened it up then put it on my cock. She rose up and inserted my cock inside her. It was great watching her moving up and down on my hot cock.

"God your cock feels so good; I could ride it all night. Oh, so good, so fucking good. When I drink, it makes me so horny. Fuck me, fuck me, oh yeah, that's it, I'm about to come. Oh, shit! I'm coming, I'm coming."

As she came, she lowered herself and buried me all the way inside her. She would rub her pussy back and forth against my pelvic. I felt myself getting ready to come also. I held her hips down while I shot a large load into the condom. After both of our orgasms subsided she rolled off me.

I went into the bathroom to dispose of the condom and put my briefs back on. When I returned to the bedroom, she was in her robe and sipping her drink.

"Myron, thank you for helping me to reduce this tension I've had all day. I feel much better now."

"I think I'll be able to sleep pretty good myself," I said and smiled.

I couldn't help but think of the mile high club. For those readers who don't know what that is I'll explain. It's having sex while in an airplane while it is in the air. I remember asking Jackie if she was a member.

"To be honest with you, yes I am. It wasn't on a commercial flight because my job is much more important than a fuck. I did go up in a private plane with two pilots in a small aircraft. They took turns piloting and I did them both. The three of us became members of the mile high club."

She finished her drink, got up and we kissed one last time before I opened the door and watched her leave. It was a good fuck; I don't know why but I was hoping she wouldn't tell Mary. God, what was the matter with me?

I was lying on the bed after my sexual encounter with Jackie and I thought about the one time I came close to belonging to the mile-high club myself. It was a couple of years ago when I had to make a quick flight to Texas. There was one leaving at two in the morning and Rose got me a reservation but I had to ride coach. It was fine with me since I would be coming back the next day.

I boarded a plane that had a stop in Columbus and saw that most of the passengers were resting. The stopover only woke a few of them up. I sat near the rear of the plane. A couple sat next to me that I figured was married since she wore a wedding ring. I believe they were of Mexican decent.

They were both of dark complexion. She was a stunning looking woman with long black hair and dark brown eyes. By what I could see, she was wearing a somewhat short dress that was slightly above her knees. They spoke Spanish to each other but she did speak English to me when she told me their names.

As the plane left the airport, most of the cabin lights were off. Hector leaned against the window and went to sleep. Anna talked to me a little while; I loved listening to her voice. She mentioned that she and Hector had left a party before getting on the plane. That was why she was still dressed up. Hector drank too much and she thought he would probably sleep through the flight home.

She asked me if it was all right to put the armrest between us up. When she leaned against her husband to rest, it would push against her hip. I told her I had no problem with that. As she leaned toward her husband, her dress slid up even higher on her thighs. I saw her looking at me checking out her ass. She just gave me a little smile.

I put my hand on my thigh. By then Anna's butt was up against me. I couldn't help but move my hand against her naked upper thigh. She felt so soft. I figured if she complained that I would just apologize seeing she was pressed against my leg.

After about ten minutes of me rubbing her thigh, she sat up and said that she needed to use the rest room. I was worried at first that she was going to complain about my hand on her thigh. She just smiled and said she would be right back.

When she returned I got up so she could sit back in her seat. Before I sat down, she asked me if I could get a couple of small blankets out of the overhead compartments. I handed them to her and she took the first one and covered her husband. The other one she used to cover her lap and mine. She reached over, took my hand in hers, and put it between her legs. It was then I realized she had taken off her panties.

She put her finger to her lips to let me know to be quiet. I could feel her bush. In my mind, I could picture this full black bush. She put one leg on my lap and spread her legs as I pushed my fingers into her wet cunt. With her left hand, she reached into my lap and unzipped my pants. I quickly helped her by pulling my pants open so she could grab my very hard cock.

Here we were two strangers in the night masturbating each other. Me with two fingers buried into her cunt with her husband sleeping right next to her. If anyone walked by us, they could easily tell what we were doing. I wished I could fuck her but there just wasn't any way. She was jacking me off in a slow methodical way.

I could feel myself getting ready to come. She must have felt it too. With her free hand, she handed me some tissues that she must have gotten from the restroom. I put them over my cockhead as she jacked me off to completion. It felt great; I just hoped that the tissues caught most of my cum.

She continued to hold onto my cock while I kept finger fucking her. I felt her pussy tighten up and she must have had a series of small orgasms. Her pussy gripped my fingers so hard that it hurt. When she finished with her spasms, she loosened her pussy and I could feel the wetness of her orgasm on my fingers.

She released my cock, took some more tissues, and pushed them against her cunt. I pulled my very wet fingers out of her and wiped them on the blanket. I put my finger under my nose and smelled her fragrance. She looked at me, smiled and then put her fingers in her mouth and licked some of my cum off them.

I did my best to put my cock back in my pants. She leaned against her husband and went to sleep. I found myself waking up a couple of hours later with my hand back on her pussy. I quickly took it off her as she was waking up and it was almost time for the plane to land. She got up and used the restroom. When she returned I again stood up so she could sit down. As she was sitting, I could see she had her panties back on.

Hector was awake as the stewardess came through offering coffee or juice. I had already put the cum stained blanket under my seat. That was the only time I had ever had any kind of sex on a plane. I often wondered if I should ride coach more often. Anna is now a distant memory but one I will never forget.

I went to sleep and woke to the phone ringing. I left a message with the front desk for a wake-up call. After answering it, I headed for the shower and got dressed. As I was leaving the motel, I couldn't help but look into the exercise room. There was Mary and Jackie doing their routines already. They both looked good but I couldn't help stare at Mary. I didn't bother them as I headed out for my meeting.

For the next couple of months everything was back to normal. Rose told me that they were interviewing secretaries that would be with me when traveling. We had decided it would be better always to have the same assistant. They would get used to our routine and we wouldn't have to constantly train them.

I left it up to human resources to find an assistant but Rose and I would make the final decision since she would be working with us.

Rose knocked on my door. "Myron, can you give me a minute? I have something to show you."

"Rose, I always have time for you; what do you have there?"

"It's an application for the secretary position. I think you might want to see it."

"Isn't personnel handling that?" I asked.

"Yes they are but they sent this one up to us. The woman is waiting outside my office."

"I don't understand. Why did they send her up here instead of interviewing her along with the other applicants?"

"It's because of her references, Mr. Brock. She has named you as one of her references."

"What? She named me? Who is she?"

"Mary Harmon, Myron, she is an airline stewardess, very beautiful and according to her resume, she has the qualifications. Do you want to see her or should I send her back down to human resources?"

My God, I thought. It must be Mary, the stewardess that I met on the plane. I do remember telling her and her friend Jackie that if they ever needed a recommendation, not to hesitate to ask. I've given hundreds of cards away; this is the only time I have ever got a reply for assistance.

"Rose, please send her in and hold any calls. She is an old friend."

" ... and a very pretty one at that," Rose said and laughed as she went to get Mary.

Mary entered the room and thanked me for seeing her; she was as beautiful as ever. She was dressed in business attire with a dark blue top and skirt just above her knees.

"Please sit down Mary and tell me exactly why you are here."

"Well, Myron, I mean Mr. Brock, as you know I was, and still am, a stewardess. I wanted to see the world and maybe some day find the right man and settle down. It let me travel the world all right, but all I saw was airports and motels. I hardly ever had time to enjoy the surroundings.

"I saw this position for a traveling secretary and thought it would be a great opportunity for me. I meet the qualifications and I have good people skills. I'm not married or engaged so I won't be complicating any relationship."

"Mary, why did you use my name as a reference?"

"I'm sorry but I thought you said it would be okay to use it. I felt that your name as a reference would give me an edge. I've learned that people respect others in power. If you want me to remove your name from my resume, I'll do so."

"No, I told you that it was okay to use my name and I meant it. I was just surprised to see you here at this firm. Did you know that if you got the position that you will be traveling with me? You would be my assistant on the road."

"Oh my god, no, I didn't know that. I'm sorry..."

"No need to be sorry. I think you could be an asset to our business. I do have to say that I look at you differently then human resources or my secretary Rose might."

"I don't understand."

"It's not necessary for you to understand the workings of my mind," I replied and laughed. "I want Rose to interview you and see what she thinks, seeing you will be working closely with her. I just want to say it was very nice seeing you again."

Mary smiled and I could see the true beauty in her face. There was nothing phony about her. I just knew I wasn't going to make the final decision. This needed a business decision and I might be thinking with my emotions.

I asked Rose to come in and told her that I wanted her to personally interview Mary and explain what her duties would be if we were to hire her. Rose knew me well enough to know that I was going to abide by her decision.

Mary thanked me once again for seeing her and then the two women headed to the outer office to continue the interview.

A little while later Rose came in to talk with me. "So, Rose, what did you think of Mary?"

"She's a natural; beautiful, smart, dresses well and one of the nicest personalities I have ever come across. She picked up on everything I showed her the first time."

"So, why the look of worry on your face? Is there some negative facts I need to know?"

"You Myron. I will guarantee that if she travels with you that you will fall in love with her. I don't see how the two of you could be together and not be intimate. I would hate to see this young woman get hurt. She is so genuine. I've never before met anyone that I could say that about."

"Anything else you want to say, Rose?"

"If you take her on the trips with you, you won't need dating services for dinner engagements. Mary is as pretty as she is smart. I guess the company would save money just in escort services alone." Rose grinned as she spoke.

"What's the bottom line Rose? We hire her or not? I'll do my best to keep everything on a business level. If not I'll marry her." I laughed but deep inside I think I meant it.

"She deserves the position and the company would be lucky to have her. Just watch your step and please don't hurt her," said Rose.

"Rose, I have no intention of hurting her. Call her tomorrow and let her know she got the position. Inform human resources that we hired her and that she will be in to fill out her papers. You may want to see if she needs to give a notice to the airlines. I think she will want to do right by them if she is as ethical as you say."

I was right about her being ethical. She was appreciative that she was able to give the airline a proper notice. Her first day on the job she seemed so happy. She wanted to learn and spend a lot of time helping Rose with the ever-increasing workload.

It was two weeks before we had our first trip. It was a two-day conference on the west coast. I knew Mary was nervous but I did my best to put her at ease. We talked about her past job as a flight attendant and she told me about her family. She was an only child and her parents lived about five miles from her apartment. She saw them as often as she could.

They were very supportive and happy for her in her new position. She laughed when she said her mom told her that maybe she could find a rich man and settle down. Her mom sounded a lot like mine.

Sitting next to her on the plane was great. She was a pleasure to be with, always asking questions, wanting to do everything just right.

We'd already discussed that when we were alone she could call me Myron, but in business situations, she needed to use Mr. Brock. I explained to her that the company would pay for most of her expenses while she was traveling with me. They took care of her room, meals, and anything needed for business. Any private purchases would be her own expenses unless it was something requested by me.

She said she wasn't sure what I meant so I told her I'd explain it to her if and when the time came. It had to do with dinners or parties if we were invited to them.

We checked into our motel before going to the company offices. We had separate rooms that were on the same floor. After freshening up, we took our rental car and headed to the offices. She was very professional and took notes then made copies of all the necessary documents. At the end of the day, she asked if she could use one of the computers so she could send all the information to Rose.

She saved us a lot of time by getting the information back to Rose so quickly. I had to wonder why some of the other assistants never thought of it. It was evening and I invited Mary to dinner. We ate at the motel and talked over our days activities. It felt so nice just being there with her. I was almost sad when we retired for the night.

The next morning she rang my room and said she was going to the exercise room and wanted to know where she should meet me. I told her we would meet for a light breakfast in about an hour and a half.

Our day went very similar to the first. She was doing an excellent job. I did notice that a number of men would stop her and talk to her in the halls. It did bother me just a bit but she always came back bubbly and happy.

When I mentioned dinner, she asked if I would mind if she went into the city. She wanted to go and see the French section. I asked if she would mind if I came with her.

She smiled, "I'd love for you to come with me. I just didn't want to break up your usual routine."

We had a great time and it felt so different. I felt more as if I was on a vacation. We even had a couple of drinks before heading back to our motel. Mary asked me if I wanted to exercise with her in the morning. I decided why the hell not and we agreed to meet in the exercise room at seven. Again, I felt sad when our day was over and I headed back to my room.

From then on, I went to the exercise room with her whenever we were traveling. I usually rode the stationary bike or the treadmill. I always got more worked up watching Mary exercise than doing it myself. I know she noticed but never said anything about it. If there were other people using the equipment she would use a lot less motion. That's how I knew she was doing it for my benefit.

We'd been traveling together for about two months and it was great. I loved being with her. I just wished we could become closer and more intimate. I didn't want to make any advances toward her and ruin the relationship and trust we had going.

My parents were going to have a fiftieth wedding anniversary party. I invited a few of the top executives in the company as well as Rose and her husband. Rose asked me if I was going to invite Mary.

"Do you think I should?"

"Myron, she's your personal assistant. I think she might feel a bit offended if she wasn't asked. Besides, I think it's time your mom and dad met her."

"Okay, ask Mary to come see me, and thanks Rose."

Mary came in, "Yes, Myron, you asked to see me?"

"Mary, my parents are having an anniversary bash at the local lodge. I was wondering if you would like to attend. Rose and her husband will be there as well as a few executives. It will be next Saturday."

"I'd love to go; is it casual or dress up? Do I call you Myron or Mr. Brock? Will I be driving myself there or will I be riding with someone else?"

"Easy Mary, Rose will fill you in on the details. I'm just happy you will be attending. It's their fiftieth wedding anniversary."

Mary was excited and so was I. I knew my parents would have a ton of questions for me once they met Mary. I would get a ton more because of her age and beauty. I guess this was step one in moving forward.

Rose had decided it would probably be best if Mary rode with her and her husband Phil. She said it wouldn't be right for Mary to come alone and if I picked her up it just might draw too much attention.

The dress code for the party was very casual but Mary looked beautiful. My mom was the first to ask Rose who Mary was the minute they walked in the door. When Rose told mom that Mary was my traveling assistant, the questions began to roll out.

You have to understand that my mom is a wonderful person and would do anything in the world for most anyone. She did have a tendency to be nosy, to put it mildly. She asked Mary all the basic questions. Where did she work before? How old was she, married or single, and did she have any kids. She must have asked a dozen other questions.

Mary answered everything without a pause. I found out later that Rose told Mary about mom and that she might ask many questions. I decided it was time to save Mary. I walked over to her and mom and said, "Enough for now, Mom. Mary is my traveling assistant and I am fond of her. Now leave the poor girl alone and let her enjoy the party."

Mom looked at Mary and then over at me, "Myron, I like this girl a lot. You need a woman like her." I looked over at Mary and saw the sweetest smile.

Then she met my dad. He thought Mary was a very sexy woman. That was his description. I told him that I was twenty-three years older than she was and he came out and said "Big deal, Myron, she's a keeper. I've been around for a long time Son, and believe me I know."

They started playing music and I asked Mary to dance. Having her in my arms was great. I loved the scent of her perfume. She told me it was White Diamonds. She danced with dad while I took a turn with my mom. My sister and brother both asked me if she was my girlfriend. I told them she was my assistant. My sister said, "That wasn't the question Myron. We can tell she cares for you and we are wondering if you feel the same."

"To be honest, I like her a lot. It's just that she is so much younger," I replied.

"Forget about the age," said May, my sister. "Go with your heart Myron. If you think she's about money, there is always a pre nuptial agreement. Just remember, you're not getting any younger."

After the party, Mary thanked my mom and dad for the invitation. They in turn said that they hoped to see her a lot more often. I think they meant that statement for me. I thanked Mary for coming and then told her I would see her on Monday. I waved goodbye to Rose and Phil as they all left.

Before I went home my dad looked at me and said, "She's a keeper Son; don't think too long about her."

It was about two months and five trips later when I knew I would be attending a dinner engagement besides the meeting. On our flight over, I mentioned to Mary that I had something to discuss with her.

"Mary, I have a dinner engagement to go to after the meeting today. I will be honest with you here. I usually call an escort service to find a woman to have dinner with and take to the party. I was wondering if you might want to attend this dinner with me instead. Don't feel you have to go if you're uncomfortable with it."

"I think I need a little more explanation of what's expected of me."

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