The Green Green Grass of Home - Dgh

by DG Hear

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Note from Jake Rivers:

This is my fifth semi-annual "invitational." The initial one was based on the Statler Brother's song, "This Bed of Rose's." The second used the Marty Robbins El Paso trilogy: "El Paso" "El Paso City " and "Faleena." The third had stories based on the various versions of "Maggie May" or "Maggie Mae." The fourth invitational was based on any Country & Western song.

The current invitational is based on any song written or performed by Merle Haggard.

Regards, Jake

I have always wondered if you could love someone too much. I believe in my case the answer is yes.

The old hometown looks the same as I step down from the train

And there to meet me is my Mama and Papa.

Down the lane I look and there runs Mary hair of gold and lips like cherries

It's good to touch the green, green grass of home.

I remember this song from way back in my younger days. So pretty, yet so sad. It's about a man's dream before he is taken to be executed. I guess I could almost call it my swan song seeing as I'm in the same situation.

Here I am at seventy-one years old waiting to take my final walk down the corridor. I guess I should go back a few years to explain how I ended up where I am now.

My name is Myron Brock and I am a CFO (Chief Financial Officer) for a major institution. I worked my way up through the ranks to this top position.

Back in my college days, I was somewhat of a playboy but I also had brains. I found out early that I liked dealing in numbers and that I was good at it. I took courses in Accounting and Finance graduating in the top of my class receiving my Bachelor of Science degree. I went on and received my Masters degree in Finance as well.

I had no problem finding a position with a top company. I started in the accounting department and worked my way up.

The dating scene was quite interesting for me. It really started in college. It was a lot wilder than I would have ever imagined. The sex was there for the asking. I must have gone to a party at least every other week. The booze flowed as well as the drugs. I drank some and tried the pot but it always made me tired.

I gave up the pot but I did drink at the parties. I was a nerd but far from a geek. Because of the smarts, I helped several friends with their homework. In turn, I made lots of friends and pretty much was invited to all the parties.

I really don't want to knock the girls because they were just doing and wanting the same as the guys. We all partied on down and most every party ended in a lot of sex. After getting intoxicated, the girls wanted it as bad as the guys did. It was nothing to be on a bed sprawled out with six naked people. This wasn't a one-time thing but happened at most every party.

I didn't really have any girl friends as such. I know many of the girls came to college to find a husband while others actually came for an education. The majority did come to party or at least to get a taste of the college life. I guess that's why I could have sex with them and still not be serious about them.

It would be hard to want to marry a woman that a number of your friends laid. Many of my friends didn't feel that way. After we graduated, there were several of my friends getting married. Maybe I'm old fashioned but I felt kind of funny going to weddings with women that I had bedded down.

I could have been serious about a couple of women but the multiple sex partners did it in for me. I'm not talking double standards here. I would think that many of the women felt the same about guys that they were interested in. I guess it's all in the heart of the beholder. Some are able to separate love and the different sex acts. They could love a woman or man that had sex with other people they knew. I just wasn't made that way.

I can understand a loving relationship going awry and the couple breaking up. Each going their own way and marrying other people, but fucking my friend's fiancée and them getting married the following week was a bit much for me.

Ruthie was a girl I bedded down with quite a few times in my freshman year. I really began to like her. I could see her being a good long-term partner. I even think I told her that I loved her numerous times. I was getting serious about her until I got to one of the parties late and she was letting Randy, a black ball player, feel her up on the dance floor. When they sat down on a couch, Randy had his hand up her thigh and onto her pussy. She just spread her legs for him.

She was being finger fucked when she saw me. We both knew it was over between us at that point. I later found out that she had dated Randy before me. Believe it or not, it wasn't about race but about money. Randy was big into sports and she figured that he would make it to the big league and she would be his wife.

They both lost. Randy broke a leg in mid season. His possible pro career was over. Ruth left him soon after that. She came back to see me but I told her we could fuck but a future with her was out of the question.

Barbara was another woman I enjoyed being with. In my senior year, she actually proposed to me. It was almost funny if it wasn't true. Brad, another senior, had proposed to her and she said she needed a little time before answering him. She told me that she loved me and wanted to marry me. It was my last chance because if I said no she would marry Brad.

I wished her and Brad a very happy marriage. Even though I did care for her, sharing my woman was not what I wanted. I was even in their wedding party. How strange it felt knowing I had slept with the bride a number of times. It was at this point that I figured I'd be a bachelor. I had no problem having sex or sharing women as long as they were not my girlfriends.

It bothered my mom that I wasn't married and didn't have anyone serious in my life. I tried to explain to her that even though I went out with a number of women, I was not in love with them. I could not commit to a lifetime relationship with someone I didn't love.

My career made it difficult to have sustaining relationships. The company I worked for offered me a job opportunity that I couldn't refuse. They needed a traveling financial advisor who would go throughout the United States and help start new offices and do reviews and audits on present accounts.

It paid a six-digit salary and covered all expenses. I could be gone anywhere from a few days to a month at a time. Several people applied for the position but most were married and this job would play havoc on any relationship. Since I was single and considered one of our top new financial people, I got the position.

The job let me see the world. I always traveled first class, ate at some of the finest restaurants and stayed at top ranked motels. I do have to say it was lonely at times. Frequently I met a woman in the lounge and invited her to dinner then we often ended up in bed.

For those who have seen 'Pretty Woman' I have also picked up women at dating services. If I needed a woman on my arm at a particular dinner, I would contact a service and the woman of my choosing would be there for the night. I paid to have a woman available as my escort. If she decided to spend additional time with me it would be extra and of the woman's choosing.

Most women spent the night. There were a few incidents where she might refuse or I didn't need her services after the dinner. Either way, I always tipped her well.

I had been doing this job for a number of years now. I was past forty years old and had received a number of promotions and raises. My secretary, Rose, had been with me since the beginning. She was my right hand woman, if that makes any sense. I would transfer all my financial data to her and she in turn would set up the reports. In the beginning at dinner meetings, I would usually write down data or use some type of tape recording when necessary and Rose would type out the whole conversation.

There was starting to be more and more meetings, dinners and reports since our business was growing so fast. Rose and I both agreed that it would be an asset if I could have a secretary help cover the business meetings. Rose came with me to a number of them but asked me to find someone else who could attend and take notes. Being gone so often was wreaking havoc on her marriage.

I didn't want to lose Rose and I didn't want to mess up her marriage so I started using our secretarial pool at work. They usually didn't attend dinner or the social engagements that came up. I used a high class dating service for those affairs. The secretaries liked a chance to travel, usually overnight, and we always treated them well. After the meeting, they would take their reports and give them to Rose, who would complete the paper work.

As the business grew, I was able to use secretaries from the various new offices we opened up. I still used the dating service when needing a woman on my arm for the evening, or when attending parties.

In my later years after college, I had dated dozens of women, but only had strong feelings for a few of them. The first was Sharon who I met shortly after I began my new job. She was young and beautiful and was always smiling. Her personality would light a room when she entered it. Sex with Sharon was always an experience.

She wasn't afraid of trying anything. We tried many positions and some really felt awkward. The standard man on top, woman on top, doggie style and oral worked well for us. She liked anal but it made my dick hurt. Sorry anal lovers but it just wasn't for me. At one time, she told me she wanted to travel and see the world.

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