Carrie's Curiosity

by anon1940

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: This is the story of Carrie's attempt to satisfy her curiosity about her craving for intense physical and sexually exciting stimulation. By the end of the story, she has found out what she set out to learn.


For several months Carrie had been talking about her desire to submit her body to a rigorous training program. Throughout the time that I had known her, it was clear to me that she derived an erotic thrill from having her body pushed to its limits, even when that entailed considerable physical stress and occasional pain. In order to satisfy her craving, we devised various games, which, for a time, she found sufficient. At first, these were games which we played at home where, completely naked, she would have me supervise her as she did a sequence of calisthenics. My role was had two components. First, I was to make sure that she do each exercise until her body was exhausted, and second, I was to closely monitor her body while it was working. These two roles were consistent, since the best way for me to know when she could endure no more was for me to probe that portion of her body on which she was making demands. Thus, for example, when she was performing sit-ups, I would place my hands on her abdomen and not allow her to stop until I could feel her muscles begin to fail.

After a time, we would sometimes play our games in a more public setting. Once, at a hotel where there was a swimming pool, Carrie decided to have me work on her tummy while we lay together on the lawn by the pool. Clad in a tight-fitting swimming suit, she lay on her back and, using only her abdominal muscles, lifted her head several inches off the ground. Although this form of sit-up was mild by comparison to those she did in her usual routine, it brought her muscles into stark relief under her suit and, after a time, caused those muscles to burn. When she started to feel her muscles flag, she invited me to use her tummy as a pillow and asked me to make her maintain her position for as long as I thought she could. By the time I let her relax, her belly was trembling.

On a different occasion, we went together to a gym where there were exercise machines available. This time Carrie wore a simple leotard which hugged every curve of her otherwise naked body. At each station, it was my duty to make certain that she do as many reps as possible. As we proceeded, her leotard became glued to her sweating body, which became increasingly visible to one and all. For example, while she was working her pectoral muscles, every movement of her breasts was obvious and the points of her nipples were blatantly visible under their scant covering. In spite of, or perhaps because of, the immodesty involved, Carrie persevered. In fact, she told me later that the only machine at which she nearly balked was the one for the inner thighs. Indeed, as she well knew, each time she spread her legs, she was presenting her open labia to anyone who cared to look at the folds of her damp leotard as it stretched over her crotch, and she was aware that there were several men besides me who were enjoying the view.

However, as much as she liked our games, Carrie wanted more. Specifically, she wanted to put herself under the control of someone besides me. As Carrie explained, she felt that the intimacy of our relationship made me incapable of imposing the sort of disinterested discipline which she wanted to experience. What she wanted was someone who was capable of bringing her to a state in which the distinction between pain and erotic excitement would be blurred. With this in mind, we began to look for someone who could satisfy her curiosity. Our search was complicated by the fact that we did not know for what we were really looking. On the one hand, we did not want to find a sadist. On the other hand, we wanted to be sure that the person we found would have the skill and expertise to give Carrie the experiences she craved. For a long time, we debated whether that person should be male or female. In the end, Carrie convinced me that only another woman would know enough about the female anatomy and psyche to induce the sensations which she sought.

With the help of the internet, we at last found a promising notice. A masseuse affiliated with a high-end health club had placed an ad in which she claimed that she had spent many years training women to successfully explore their bodies and fantasies, and, after we visiting the health club to make sure that it was the sort of place which we could trust, we made an appointment.

The Initial Session: The day arrived on which we were to meet the woman who would be training Carrie's body. In preparation for the interview, Carrie, knowing that her body would be on display, took special care with her toilet. Perhaps the fact that the person who would be paying such intimate attention to her body would be a woman, Carrie wished to be sure that her body would be presented at its best. Thus, she made certain that she removed any unsightly hair from her underarms and legs, trimmed her pubic hair, and finally chose a simple dress under which her otherwise naked body was displayed in a demure but attractive manner. Once she had finished her preparations, she took a deep breath and, with trembling fingers, grasped my arm as we left for her appointment.

The room to which we were guided when we arrived at the gym was brightly lit and completely white. Except for a large mirror covering one wall and a variety of equipment, some clearly designed for exercises but others with less obvious applications, the room was essentially unadorned. In fact, there was so little furniture that we were not sure where to sit while we waited. However, our wait was a short one. Within a few minutes of our arrival, a tall, well built woman joined us and introduced herself as Olga. From the moment she entered, Olga's attention was focused on Carrie, whom she immediately approached and, without further ado, began to inspect with both her eyes and her hands. After a few minutes, she asked Carrie to remove all her clothes and step up on a small platform facing the mirror. Her tone and demeanor were clinical without being brusque. When Carrie had complied and was standing on the platform, Olga had her raise her arms to shoulder level and then resumed in earnest her examination of the body which was now blatantly available to her. In the pose which was she required to maintain, the skin covering Carrie's torso was stretched so that every sinew and bone was brought into relief and her waist hallowed in a way which emphasized the flair of her hips. Stepping forward so that her face was within inches of her target, Olga began a careful palpitation of Carrie's front. Starting with the outstretched arms, she squeezed and assessed each muscle as she proceeded from the arms to the shoulder and laps, then to the abdomen, and finally to the thighs and calves. As she proceeded, Olga made detailed observations about what she was finding and drew my attention to those aspects which she thought would interest me. For example, with her hands firmly gripping the sides of Carrie's waist, she pointed out that the gentle curve of Carrie's belly tightened in a way which caused the region around her navel to tip so that her belly-button pointed up instead of forward, and, maintaining her less than gentle grip, Olga invited me to probe Carrie's proffered navel with a finger. Similarly, with her hands digging deep into the soft flesh at the top of Carrie's thighs, she commented on how, in response to small changes in her grip, she could make Carrie flex her hips and buttock. More generally, during all her manipulations Carrie's body, Olga encouraged me to investigate Carrie's involuntary reaction to what she was doing. When she had completed her initial trip down Carrie's body, Olga, after telling Carrie to rest her arms along her sides, turned her attention to Carrie's breasts. Joining Carrie on the platform, Olga, with her own front brushing Carrie's back, reached under Carrie's now damp underarms in order to place a hand over each breast. Once she had a firm hold on the resilient flesh under her hands, she began a penetrating examination of Carrie's breasts. Occasionally, when Olga's fingers probed the mammary glands and ducts lying below the surface, Carrie seemed about to protest. However, remembering the commitment which she had made, she never gave voice to her protests.

In some ways more difficult for Carrie than the physical manipulation of her body was the humiliation and excitement that that manipulation produced in her. Having a woman not only purposefully force her pelvis to simulate coitus while I watch, but also have that same woman make sure that I appreciate every nuance of the response that she was eliciting, was for Carrie a form of self-immolation to which she had never imagined submitting. The difficulty of coming to terms with her emotions were only increased by what Olga did next. Namely, when she had finished thoroughly palpating Carrie's breasts, Olga stepped down from the platform and rolled forward a trolley on which sat several instruments, each of which was specifically designed to measure a particular portion of the female anatomy. Olga began with several completely conventional measurements, with a tape, of Carrie's arms, chest, bust, waist, lower belly, hips, thighs, and calves. Aside from Olga's editorial remarks as she recorded her findings, Carrie found these measurements relatively easy to tolerate. The only one of them to which she wanted to object was the measurement of her belly. Namely, after circling her belly with the tape and recording the result, Olga administered a stinging slap just below Carrie's navel and then redid the measurement, now sure that Carrie would not be using the muscles in her tummy to tuck it in. Putting her tape aside, Olga completed her inventory of Carrie's body by making a detailed measurement of her breasts. Using a adjustable, circular metal band, she measured the circumference of each breast in several places, starting at their base and moving outward so that her last measurement was of the circumference of Carrie's areolae. Finally, with a pair of calipers, she measured each nipple twice, once before and once after stimulating the nipple to full erection.

However, it was only when Olga had completed these comparatively benign measurements that Carrie's resolve was pushed to its limit. The measurement which she found most humiliating was the one in which the strength of her vaginal muscles was tested. For this purpose, Olga, after having Carrie spread her legs, returned to Carrie's upper thighs where she now renewed the manipulations which had earlier evoked the salacious gyrations in Carrie's pelvic region. But this time, the sexual content of what she was doing was much more explicit. Indeed, once Olga saw Carrie's labia begin to swell, Olga asked me to spread them so that Carrie's clitoris became accessible. Once Olga had Carrie in a state of considerable, if embarrassed, excitement, she introduced into Carrie's vagina a narrow glass tube. About an inch from the top of the tube was a strip of about two inches where it swelled to a diameter of slightly less than an inch, and at the bottom of the tube hung a metal ring. When she had the tube lodged about five inches inside Carrie, she opened a box containing a sequence of lead weights and attached the lightest of these to the metal ring. After several seconds, she replaced that weight with a heavier one and continued increasing the weight attached until she saw the tube begin to drop. At this point, Olga re-inserted the tube until its top rested against Carrie's uterus and instructed Carrie to use her vaginal muscles to prevent it from dropping. Motivated by a desire to both prove herself and not humiliate herself further, Carrie strove mightily to keep the tube from falling. Never before had she realized how much physical effort is required to control muscles which are only semi-voluntary and unaccustomed to duress. Thus, after a couple of minutes, a thin film of sweat coated her entire body, all the way from her face to her now trembling pelvis. In spite of the intense stress of doing so, Carrie succeeded in keeping the tube from dropping for long enough to satisfy the demanding Olga, and for this she received the one sign of admiration which Olga bestowed on her that day.

Without giving her much time to recover from her vaginal calisthenics, Olga turned her attention back to Carrie's breasts. After positioning the trolley directly in front of Carrie, she used specially drilled holes in the surface of the trolley to attach a semi-circular metal rod which rose, at its highest point, to the level of Carrie's chin. She then put on this semi-circle a pair of light rods which were held in place by clamps fitted with hinges, thereby leaving the rod free to swing. Hanging from each rod was an electric wire running to a motion sensitive device which recorded any movement of the rods. When she was satisfied with her preparations, Olga had Carrie bend at the waist so that her firm breasts were pulled by gravity into a pair of succulent cones and her nipples just touched the rods. Finally, using several strips of adhesive tape, Olga attached each of Carrie's nipples to a rod. Up to this point, neither Carrie nor I knew what Olga had in mind, and, after the indignities to which she had already been subjected, Carrie found this new trial reasonably tame. However, that assessment was shattered when Olga took a step backward, armed herself with a ruler, and began a systematic tapping of Carrie's breasts. By tapping first on the outer surfaces, then on the inner surfaces, and finally directly up on the taped nipples, she set Carrie's hanging breasts in motion. Each bounce and swing as measured, with great precision, by the device to which the rods were connected. Adding insult to injury, she handed the ruler to me so that she could monitor more closely the measurements being recorded while I applied the ruler to Carrie's increasingly sore breasts. As Olga explained, her purpose was to learn as much as possible about the musculature supporting Carrie's breasts and the firmness of the breasts themselves, and, by the time that Olga had the information she sought, Carrie's breasts were red and tingling.

After releasing her breasts from the rods, Olga had Carrie stand down from the platform. In spite of Olga's slightly martial tone, she is not an uncaring person. To wit, when Carrie was back on the floor and staring incredulously in the mirror at her own slightly swollen breasts, Olga suggested that I try to relieve Carrie's discomfort by caressing those inflamed orbs. In addition, knowing that Carrie had already been forced to accept more than she had bargained for, Olga took advantage of this interlude to make sure that Carrie wanted to continue. Thus, as I clasped Carrie's warm breasts in my hands, Olga explained that if Carrie agreed to proceed, the next stage of the interview would make extreme demands on her body. Perhaps because she was re-assured by the pleasure I was giving her breasts, Carrie hesitated only a moment before assuring Olga that she wanted to continue.

Encouraged by Carrie's assurance, Olga left us in order to prepare for the next stage in the interview while I continued massaging Carrie's breast. She removed the platform and replaced the trolley with a sturdy table. The surface of the new table was well padded. In addition, it was segmented so that one or more sections could be adjusted or removed independently of the others. Taking care to position the table so that one of its shorter ends pointed toward the mirror, Olga locked its wheels. After giving Carrie a few more minutes to enjoy the comfort that my hands were providing, when Olga saw that Carrie's breasts were returning to their normal color and that further fondling would push her into a state of lassitude, she had Carrie climb onto the table with her belly on its padded top. Using softly padded straps which were embedded at strategically chosen places, Olga proceeded to secure Carrie's lower body to the table. When she had finished, each of Carrie's legs was firmly attached to the table by three straps, one at the ankle, one just below the knee, and on the thigh, just below her crotch. The way that the straps held her legs slightly apart left Carrie's nether region on display, and, considering the precision with which Olga did everything else, I assumed that this too was no accident.

Having checked the straps, Olga gave Carrie a pat on her upturned buttock and went to the middle of the table, where there were several wheels with which she could control the individual segments of the surface. The wheel she chose to turn caused the top third of the table to drop from beneath Carrie's prone torso. Taken by surprise, Carrie's torso dropped along with its receding support, with the result that she found herself, bent at the waist, with her upper body dangling from her pelvic bones. Before the blood had time to rush to Carrie's head, Olga moved to one side of Carrie's bent torso and had me position myself on the opposite side. She then told Carrie to lock her hands behind her neck and pull her head back while the two of us, grasping her at the elbow and armpit, hoisted her body into a back bend. In this position, Carrie's upper body assumed a graceful curve, with her breasts riding high on her chest and her abdominal muscles clearly visible under her stretched skin. I was struck by how much she resembled the prow of some classic sailing ship, a resemblance which she was able to appreciate herself as she looked at her own image in the mirror. However, her ability to appreciate her image was interrupted when Olga, after having me move the hand I had on Carrie's elbow to the armpit which she had been holding, climbed up onto the table, sat herself atop Carrie's buttock, and leaned forward so that her hands could circle Carrie's midriff. Using her strong fingers, she dug into the smoothly drawn cords of muscle running on either side of the center-line of Carrie's taut abdomen, and, with great skill, began to prize them apart. Naturally, Carrie attempted to relieve the strain on her tummy by lowering her body so that her muscles could relax, and, at first, it took all my strength to prevent her from doing so. Fortunately, after Olga had been at it for a while, Carrie's stomach muscles gradually learned to accommodate the invading fingers and it became easier for her to tolerate what was being done to them.

When it seemed clear that Carrie was past the point of struggling, Olga retrieved a device which was attached at the foot of the table. This turned out to be a halter which she slipped over Carrie's head and fastened so that Carrie's position would be maintained by three bands, two broad straps running just above and just below her breasts to keep her torso bent and a thin one running around her forehead to prevent her from dropping her head. Freed from my responsibility of holding her in position, Olga had me move down the table to the juncture at the top of Carrie's crotch where, as she put it, I should do my best to distract Carrie from the travail to which Olga was subjecting her tummy. I began my diversionary maneuvers by running my hands along the smooth skin on Carrie's rounded buttock and along her inner thighs. Then, when I saw that my petting had attracted her attention, I moved one of my hands into the moist, warm pocket formed by Carrie's labia. There, with great care, I sought out her waiting clitoris, which, when I located it, I stroked with a steady rhythm. I was rewarded for my efforts by the look of ecstasy which soon replaced the one of pain which had been on Carrie's face. In fact, it seemed that Carrie had entered a state in which her mind was able to cancel the torment of Olga's continued assault on her abdominal muscles with the the sexual pleasure I was giving her clitoris. As I result, Olga and I were able to keep Carrie from succumbing to exhaustion for a protracted period, by the end of which Carrie was torn between her desire to have us continue and her need to have us desist. Thus, even though Carrie's relief when we at last released her was enormous, she regretted leaving the surreal state into which she had been transported.

Because of the stress to which she had been subjected, Carrie required our help when she tried to rise from the table. Once her feet were back on the floor, Carrie stared in amazement at the reflection of her sore belly, which had acquired a mottled pink hue. Not wanting her to catch cold, Olga draped a large towel over her shoulders and brought a chair for her to sit on. Even after she was seated, Carrie's eyes remained glued to her own image, from which she was obviously deriving considerable narcissistic pleasure. In fact, while Olga went to fetch her a glass of water, Carrie adjusted her posture to purposefully make her stomach more prominent. When she returned with the water, Olga solicitously inquired about her condition and urged Carrie to enjoy the brief respite she was being given from her labors. Further, to enhance Carrie's enjoyment, Olga suggested that I stand behind Carrie's seated figure and gently massage the hard worked muscles in Carrie's neck and shoulders while she made the preparations for the next stage in Carrie's training.

In our mutual reverie of her body, Carrie and I were oblivious to what Olga was doing. Thus, we hardly noticed the disappearance of the padded table and its replacement by large, vertical, rectangular frame and were somewhat taken aback by Olga's stern announcement that it was time to put Carrie's body back to work. Somewhat reluctantly, Carrie accepted Olga's invitation to place herself, facing the mirror, inside the rectangle and raise her arms so that Olga could fasten her wrists to its top with a pair of soft cuffs. Aside from the mild strain caused by having her arms held above her head, Carrie was reasonably comfortable and quite pleased by the image she saw of herself in the mirror. However, what Olga did next compromised Carrie's comfort, if not her pleasure in her image. Namely, gripping Carrie's left ankle in her hands, she drew the leg up and to the left and then placed it in a sling hanging from a rope attached to a winch mounted high up on the left side of the rectangle. At this point, Carrie's left leg was in the same plane as her hips and lay outside the frame, but Olga had no intentions of leaving it there. As soon as she assured herself that it was safe to proceed, Olga used the winch to slowly raise Carrie's leg, inch by inch, until its foot was inches from her head and the entire leg fit neatly, if painfully, inside the frame along with the rest of her body. When she had Carrie's leg at the height which she wanted it, Olga adjusted the sling so that it ran from her calf to her ankle, with the result that Carrie's leg was held straight and could not bend.

The image which Carrie now presented in the mirror was transformed. Most dramatic was the way in which the region around her crotch demanded our attention. From a purely aesthetic standpoint, what was most pleasing were the symmetrically placed curves of her thighs, the one espaliered against her torso and the other one bearing most of her weight. These curves gave definition to the entire region between them. Indeed, Carrie's lower body now resembled a ripe peach which has been slit to expose its pit. In this case, the ''pit'' was her vulva, which had been pulled forward from its usual hiding place. As her pelvis spread in response to the forces acting on it, her vulva opened to reveal its moist interior, thereby transforming what had been a whole pit into one which has been split to expose its seed. Further, the symmetry of her lower torso was intriguingly complemented by the asymmetry of her upper torso. On the left, her breast lay under her raised leg, which made the presence of her breast on the right, with its fully erect nipple, all the more dramatic. Of course Carrie's own appreciation of her image was tempered by the physical and psychological discomfort which its maintenance imposed on her. The physical discomfort was focused in the muscles of her raised leg. Specifically, her hamstring was begging for relief, and the tendons in her groin were stretched to what she was sure was their breaking point. The source of her psychological discomfort was the blatancy of her exposure. Never had she imagined that her vulva could be made so visibly the center of her being, especially when its visibility was so emphatically out of her control. The lurid way in which her own flesh was presented reminded her of Dali paintings she had seem, and it both disturbed and titillated her to realize that it was her body that had become the object in the picture.

Pleasing as Carrie's image was, {\ae}sthetics was not Olga's major aim. Thus, after admiring her handiwork, she once again grabbed Carrie's left ankle and forced the raised leg to move in a circular orbit whose diameter increased with each circuit. By working with care, Olga was stretching the tendons in Carrie's leg far further than they had ever been stretched before. In spite of Carrie's plaintive moans, Olga continued until she at last was able to bring Carrie's leg straight up. When she had the leg snugly pressed against Carrie's left breast, she reattached the rope holding the sling to prevent Carrie from easing the tension on her leg. Needless to say, Carrie was suffering and had every reason to regret having submitted herself Olga's care. Under traction as she was in the frame, with the muscles and tendons in both her legs begging for relief, she could not but wonder what she was doing there. At the same time, she was strangely elated. Even as a youngster taking ballet classes, her legs had never been limber enough for her to get them as high as her left leg was now, and certainly she had not known that her body, and particularly her nether regions, could be displayed to such remarkable effect. Even at the price they were costing her, Carrie was gratified by her realization that, once again, Olga was producing in her exactly the sort of ambivalent emotions which she had been seeking.

Entranced by the living sculpture into which she had turned Carrie's body, Olga stepped back to admire its beauty and told me to see what I could do to distract Carrie from her pain. In view of the gaping vulva which Carrie presented, I had no doubt about where to apply my services. Indeed, her fully distended clitoris was readily available at the apex of Carrie's welcoming vulva, and it required no imagination on my part to realize that it must be begging for attention. Thus, after drawing up a chair, I sat myself directly in front of Carrie, placed a finger at the tip of her clitoris, and proceeded to play her with the joy stick which nature had placed at my disposal. Carrie's response was immediate. In a vain attempt to control what I was doing, she fought the bonds which held her. Because there was little else that she could do, she would raise herself on the toe of her right foot in the hope that she could in that way win herself some wiggle room. However, all her struggling was for naught, and she after a short while she decided that she had better just accept the frustration which accompanied the pleasure I was providing her.

Sensing that I had tormented Carrie's clitoris long enough, Olga suggested that I might want to try other, more satisfying techniques, and seeing that I was more than willing to try, she discreetly left the room. After removing my clothes, I clasped Carrie's body in my arms and guided my penis to the entrance of her vagina. Much to my surprise, and in spite of her copious secretions, I discovered that it was difficult to penetrate more than an inch or so into her body. As we both quickly realized, her normally straight vaginal channel was no longer straight. Instead, when her vulva moved forward, her vaginal channel was forced to follow and was now curving up and forward, with result that, in order for me to penetrate further, she would have to allow the walls of her vagina to be stretched. Thus, I continued only after she confirmed that she was willing to endure this new form of assault on her already stressed body. When I renewed my efforts, I found that progress was possible if I moved slowly enough to give her vagina time to accommodate each step in my invasion, and as I worked my penis against her vaginal muscles, I began to suspect that Olga knew full well what she was doing when she suggested that I enter Carrie. Indeed, as we strove to reach orgasm, I was giving Carrie's vagina, not to mention my own penis, as diabolically strenuous a workout as anyone could devise. Moreover, even when we at last achieved orgasm, the workout did not come to an end until my erection subsided sufficiently for me to disengage my penis from the iron grip her vagina had on it.

As soon as we did manage to disengage, Carrie's ability to rise above her pain forsook her. Thus, it was with great relief that she greeted Olga's reappearance, and her relief became outright gratitude when Olga released her leg and she was able once again to stand on both legs. However, before releasing her still stretched body from the frame, Olga took the opportunity to explain that this initial session was at an end and what would be expected of her were Carrie to choose to return for another. Although Olga's examination had found Carrie's body to be in good condition, she felt that Carrie's waist could be reduced and her legs should be more limber. For these reasons, she demanded that, before working on Carrie's body again, Carrie would have to take an inch off her waistline and spend time at a ballet barre having her legs stretched. To emphasize her point, she then produced a belt made out of a padded wire fitted with a small, button shaped buckle on one end. After passing the belt around the Carrie's waist, she tightened it to the circumference which she required that Carrie achieve, anchored in place by pushing the buckle into Carrie's navel, and snipped off the extra wire. With her body stretched as it was, the belt was a comfortable fit. However, when Carrie's body was released, it was clear that the belt would be tight enough to sink into her flesh, which is exactly what happened after Olga removed the cuffs from Carrie's wrists and allowed her to leave the frame. Before leaving us, Olga suggested that Carrie not remove the belt but wear it as a constant reminder of the dimensions which Olga had dictated that she should achieve.

Interlude: By the time that Carrie was back in her clothes and ready to leave the gym, she was so physically depleted that I decided to bring her home in a taxi, and, after we arrived home, she needed my help undressing and getting into bed.

When she woke the following morning, every muscle in her body lodged a complaint. Not only did her abdominal muscles cry out every time she rose or bent, her legs, especially her left one, found it difficult to bear her weight. A long, soothing, hot bath helped but did not restore her completely. Further, it was not just her body which was exhausted, her session with Olga had left her emotionally drained as well. Each time she recalled what Olga been done to her, the memory would send a tremor down her spine. In particular, she was unable to forgot how, in Olga's hands, she had achieved a level of sexual excitement at which she had lost her capacity to distinguish pleasure from pain or even determine whether such a distinction really exists when sexual gratification is the goal. These memories both disturbed and thrilled her. Disturbing for her was the extent to which she had relinquished control over her whole self, mind as well as body, to another person. At the same time, she was thrilled each time she remembered how, with Olga's guidance, she had entered an extra-corporeal state in which her conscious and physical selves had become separated so that her mind was able to look dispassionately at the body it had left and appreciate the beauty which Olga's skilled hands had won from that body.

A related issue for Carrie was the question of her submitting to a second session with Olga. Knowing, as she did now, exactly how arduous such a visit would be and still suffering the residual pain from the previous one, she was more than a little ambivalent about putting her body again at Olga's disposal. Did the pleasure sufficiently compensate for the pain? Why had she given another person, particularly another woman, such complete mastery over her body? For that matter, why was she, by wearing Olga's belt around her middle, still implicitly accepting Olga's domination? For several days, Carrie was unable to find a satisfactory answer to any of these questions. However, as time passed, it became increasingly clear to Carrie that she, in spite of her reservations, still craved what Olga had to offer and that, in the end, she knew that, inevitably, she would put her body back into Olga's hands.

Having reached this conclusion, Carrie had to confront the problems posed by Olga's demands. She knew that the reduction of her waistline could be accomplished by combining a change in her diet with a more rigorous exercise program. With this in mind, Carrie carefully monitored her calorie consumption and increased the time she spent exercising her abdomen. At first, she was disconcerted by the discovery that Olga's belt would dig into her tummy each time she called on her stomach muscles. As a result, she taught herself how to keep her stomach flat even when she was working it. For example, she would take care to tuck her tummy in rather than let it bulge when doing her sit-ups. Similarly, when I massaged her belly, she concentrated on keeping her waist as small as possible while rounding her lower belly so that it could accommodate the penetration of my fingers. Further, she was gratified to find that, after a few of weeks, her waist had shrunk sufficiently that the belt was no longer a source of serious discomfort.

Limbering her legs was a more difficult problem. As a child, Carrie had taken ballet lessons, but she no longer possessed the flexibility which those lessons had given her body. Working together, we tried to devise an exercise program for the purpose of limbering her legs. After several abortive attempts, we settled on an exercise which seemed to work quite well. Namely, Carrie would lie on her back and raise one leg straight up. I, after grasping the ankle of that leg with both hands, would use my weight to manipulate it in ways designed to stretch its tendons. By pushing the leg forward, I forced Carrie's hamstrings to lengthen. When I pulled it to the side, it was the tendons in her groin which were made to bear my weight. Our efforts did make her legs more limber. On the other hand, nothing that we did with her legs even approached the demands which her visit to Olga's frame had made on them. Thus, we suspected that Olga would not satisfied with our efforts and decided that we had better employ more rigorous methods. For this reason, we located a dance school where Carrie could have a personal trainer for her legs.

When we arrived at the school, we were greeted by a handsome young man named Greg who was wearing an outfit which hid little of his muscular body. After ushering us into a small studio, he asked Carrie, whose body, once she had removed her coat and slipped out of her shoes, was attractively displayed under her leotard, to stand in front of a full length mirror so that he could assess the condition of her legs. Unlike Olga's, Greg's examination was completely dispassionate. In fact, although he clearly appreciated what he saw, he seemed to have only a purely professional interest in her body. Even when he was touching her rather intimately around her crotch, there were no sexual implications discernible in his touch. For Carrie, Greg's apparent asexuality was simultaneously reassuring and disturbing. On the one hand, she did not want to involve yet another person in her sexual life. On the other hand, she had to admit that she expected men to be sexually aroused by her body and found it slightly insulting that this man was not.

Having ascertained the information which he needed to proceed, Greg came to the same conclusion as Olga had. Namely, he thought the most efficient method for improving Carrie's flexibility was to employ a barre in much the same way as ballet masters used to train their students. So saying, he positioned a portable barre several feet in front of the mirror, anchored it to solid sockets in the floor, and, after adjusting its height, invited Carrie to place one of her legs over the barre. Remembering her ballet classes, Carrie assumed that she was to place her leg so that her ankle would be the point at which it met the barre. However, that was not what Greg had in mind. Standing on the opposite side of the barre from Carrie, he grasped her ankle and gently pulled Carrie forward until her crotch rested on top of the barre so that her raised leg was entirely on Greg's side and the groin of her other leg rested against the side of the barre. After warning Carrie to brace herself, Greg slowly stretched her leg by leaning back. As he steadily increased the pull on her raised leg, the muscles in that leg as well as the tendons of her groin were subjected to increasing tension. However, he seemed to know how much she could tolerate and stopped increasing the tension before it became too painful. Once he had the pull on her leg at the level he wanted, he, without diminishing the tension, began working the stretched leg. Depending on the direction in which he guided her raised leg, he forced Carrie to rotate on the other leg so that at one extreme she was nearly facing toward him and at the other extreme she had her back to him.

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Ma/Fa / Consensual / Lesbian / Heterosexual / Fiction /