Carrie's Curiosity

by anon1940

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: This is the story of Carrie's attempt to satisfy her curiosity about her craving for intense physical and sexually exciting stimulation. By the end of the story, she has found out what she set out to learn.


For several months Carrie had been talking about her desire to submit her body to a rigorous training program. Throughout the time that I had known her, it was clear to me that she derived an erotic thrill from having her body pushed to its limits, even when that entailed considerable physical stress and occasional pain. In order to satisfy her craving, we devised various games, which, for a time, she found sufficient. At first, these were games which we played at home where, completely naked, she would have me supervise her as she did a sequence of calisthenics. My role was had two components. First, I was to make sure that she do each exercise until her body was exhausted, and second, I was to closely monitor her body while it was working. These two roles were consistent, since the best way for me to know when she could endure no more was for me to probe that portion of her body on which she was making demands. Thus, for example, when she was performing sit-ups, I would place my hands on her abdomen and not allow her to stop until I could feel her muscles begin to fail.

After a time, we would sometimes play our games in a more public setting. Once, at a hotel where there was a swimming pool, Carrie decided to have me work on her tummy while we lay together on the lawn by the pool. Clad in a tight-fitting swimming suit, she lay on her back and, using only her abdominal muscles, lifted her head several inches off the ground. Although this form of sit-up was mild by comparison to those she did in her usual routine, it brought her muscles into stark relief under her suit and, after a time, caused those muscles to burn. When she started to feel her muscles flag, she invited me to use her tummy as a pillow and asked me to make her maintain her position for as long as I thought she could. By the time I let her relax, her belly was trembling.

On a different occasion, we went together to a gym where there were exercise machines available. This time Carrie wore a simple leotard which hugged every curve of her otherwise naked body. At each station, it was my duty to make certain that she do as many reps as possible. As we proceeded, her leotard became glued to her sweating body, which became increasingly visible to one and all. For example, while she was working her pectoral muscles, every movement of her breasts was obvious and the points of her nipples were blatantly visible under their scant covering. In spite of, or perhaps because of, the immodesty involved, Carrie persevered. In fact, she told me later that the only machine at which she nearly balked was the one for the inner thighs. Indeed, as she well knew, each time she spread her legs, she was presenting her open labia to anyone who cared to look at the folds of her damp leotard as it stretched over her crotch, and she was aware that there were several men besides me who were enjoying the view.

However, as much as she liked our games, Carrie wanted more. Specifically, she wanted to put herself under the control of someone besides me. As Carrie explained, she felt that the intimacy of our relationship made me incapable of imposing the sort of disinterested discipline which she wanted to experience. What she wanted was someone who was capable of bringing her to a state in which the distinction between pain and erotic excitement would be blurred. With this in mind, we began to look for someone who could satisfy her curiosity. Our search was complicated by the fact that we did not know for what we were really looking. On the one hand, we did not want to find a sadist. On the other hand, we wanted to be sure that the person we found would have the skill and expertise to give Carrie the experiences she craved. For a long time, we debated whether that person should be male or female. In the end, Carrie convinced me that only another woman would know enough about the female anatomy and psyche to induce the sensations which she sought.

With the help of the internet, we at last found a promising notice. A masseuse affiliated with a high-end health club had placed an ad in which she claimed that she had spent many years training women to successfully explore their bodies and fantasies, and, after we visiting the health club to make sure that it was the sort of place which we could trust, we made an appointment.

The Initial Session: The day arrived on which we were to meet the woman who would be training Carrie's body. In preparation for the interview, Carrie, knowing that her body would be on display, took special care with her toilet. Perhaps the fact that the person who would be paying such intimate attention to her body would be a woman, Carrie wished to be sure that her body would be presented at its best. Thus, she made certain that she removed any unsightly hair from her underarms and legs, trimmed her pubic hair, and finally chose a simple dress under which her otherwise naked body was displayed in a demure but attractive manner. Once she had finished her preparations, she took a deep breath and, with trembling fingers, grasped my arm as we left for her appointment.

The room to which we were guided when we arrived at the gym was brightly lit and completely white. Except for a large mirror covering one wall and a variety of equipment, some clearly designed for exercises but others with less obvious applications, the room was essentially unadorned. In fact, there was so little furniture that we were not sure where to sit while we waited. However, our wait was a short one. Within a few minutes of our arrival, a tall, well built woman joined us and introduced herself as Olga. From the moment she entered, Olga's attention was focused on Carrie, whom she immediately approached and, without further ado, began to inspect with both her eyes and her hands. After a few minutes, she asked Carrie to remove all her clothes and step up on a small platform facing the mirror. Her tone and demeanor were clinical without being brusque. When Carrie had complied and was standing on the platform, Olga had her raise her arms to shoulder level and then resumed in earnest her examination of the body which was now blatantly available to her. In the pose which was she required to maintain, the skin covering Carrie's torso was stretched so that every sinew and bone was brought into relief and her waist hallowed in a way which emphasized the flair of her hips. Stepping forward so that her face was within inches of her target, Olga began a careful palpitation of Carrie's front. Starting with the outstretched arms, she squeezed and assessed each muscle as she proceeded from the arms to the shoulder and laps, then to the abdomen, and finally to the thighs and calves. As she proceeded, Olga made detailed observations about what she was finding and drew my attention to those aspects which she thought would interest me. For example, with her hands firmly gripping the sides of Carrie's waist, she pointed out that the gentle curve of Carrie's belly tightened in a way which caused the region around her navel to tip so that her belly-button pointed up instead of forward, and, maintaining her less than gentle grip, Olga invited me to probe Carrie's proffered navel with a finger. Similarly, with her hands digging deep into the soft flesh at the top of Carrie's thighs, she commented on how, in response to small changes in her grip, she could make Carrie flex her hips and buttock. More generally, during all her manipulations Carrie's body, Olga encouraged me to investigate Carrie's involuntary reaction to what she was doing. When she had completed her initial trip down Carrie's body, Olga, after telling Carrie to rest her arms along her sides, turned her attention to Carrie's breasts. Joining Carrie on the platform, Olga, with her own front brushing Carrie's back, reached under Carrie's now damp underarms in order to place a hand over each breast. Once she had a firm hold on the resilient flesh under her hands, she began a penetrating examination of Carrie's breasts. Occasionally, when Olga's fingers probed the mammary glands and ducts lying below the surface, Carrie seemed about to protest. However, remembering the commitment which she had made, she never gave voice to her protests.

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