Dumb Eddy

by wordytom

Copyright© 2008 by wordytom

Humor Sex Story: Jim married Essie and did not give her much sex. The hired hand gave her much sex and was always getting caught. Eddie, the hired hand, was forever getting the shit beat out of him. Love will find a way

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Back in the 1940s I do believe up near the Panhandle of Oklahoma there are more dumb things happen than any other place on God's green Earth. Railroad executives named new towns after their ugly daughters, high school principals knocked their own students up and tried to blame it on God or the moon or some poor tramp that came wandering through town at the wrong time. Sometimes schoolteachers got knocked up by their sixth grade students who were fifteen or so years old. Then there were pregnancies happened because one or both participants got bored and they had nothing better to do. However I believe Eddie Stover should have to take a bow as being in a class all by himself.

The year was 1947 and thirty year old Eddie worked on the Sorrel Farm out near Fairview. Missus Sorrel was no prize beauty; let that be said up front. She was about thirty years old her own self and a little on the dumpy side. She was sloppy dressed in the best of times and usually very unkempt. But to Eddie she was beauty incarnate. When she walked out to the hen house to gather the eggs Eddie watched every movement her fat ass made as she waddled slowly across the yard. He imagined what it would be like to take that thin dress off her and just plain fuck her in the front yard. When she went out to the barn to give the rations of oats to the milk cows he wanted to take her and fuck her in the straw in the back of the barn.

There was not two ways about it Eddie was deeply in love; but he wanted to be deep in Missus Sorrel even more. Of course the strong attraction Eddie felt toward her did not go unnoticed by either of the Sorrels. "I'd fire that dumb son of a bitch in a minute if I could find someone to replace him. But a good all round hand is hard to find," was Jim Sorrel's attitude. The good of the farm came first above all else. Also Jim was almost fifty years old and never had much interest in his fat and much younger wife. They had been married ten years and he usually put out the effort to have sex maybe once a month at the most. Sometimes he missed a few months and never thought a thing about it. The farm was his passion not his wife.

Essie Sorrel on the other hand liked the thought that someone found her attractive and even desirable yet. Her husband sure as hell didn't anymore. Not that he ever did all that much. Just maybe when the old son of a bitch is out somewhere she just might let ol' Eddie have a little taste of what he wanted so bad. Reluctantly she decided no there would only be trouble if she followed through on that line of thinking. After all look what happened over at the Cavanaughs' place last year when Charley Cavanaugh stopped humpin' his colored help and then started on his very own daughter. That sure turned out to be a pot that just wouldn't stop boiling over. No she decided it would be better just leave well enough alone.

But it sure would be nice to get a good hosin' some time. It had been so dammed long since her old man wanted any bad enough to put out some extra effort. Hell she got more peter from her two cousins when she was growing up than she ever got from that God damned Jim. There weren't any kids to get in the way and come walking in at the wrong time. Damnation. Essie was horny and wanted to get laid. Then she shook herself and put such thoughts out of her mind. She didn't need the grief such a thing would probably cause her if she started getting' a little on the side. But dammit it surely would be nice to get some.

The problem with Eddie was he could not shake himself the idea of nailing the boss's wife. He just couldn't seem to put such thoughts out of his mind.

Finally the day came when he entered the house through the back door and saw her bent over the kitchen table rolling out the dough to make the pies for the week. A good portion of her ass was showing so Eddie opened his fly took out his tool and walked up behind her and slipped it in.

Essie was so shocked by the intrusion she was literally rooted to the spot. After a while it started to feel pretty good and she just naturally backed up hard against her new lover and he started pumping harder and harder until he exploded inside her. Eddid started to breath hard from all that exertion. Then he decided it felt so good the first time he might as well go for number two. After a little rubbing against her bare back side he began again and got another hard on and began to work up a second head of steam.

Without warning he felt Jim Sorrell grab him by the straps of his bib overalls and jerk him away. Then Jim grabbed his overall bib in one hand and started to beat the shit out of him with the other work-hardened hand doubled into a fist. "Goddamit but you have to be the dumbest son of a bitch alive." He hit him one last time and said "Now get out to the barn and finish shovelin' the shit outa th' stalls. Now git."

"He come up on me real sudden like" Essie told her husband.

"Yah and I saw how hard you was strugglin' to get away" he answered her.

"Well I was surprised and was tryin' to collect my thoughts" she answered primly. "You don't think I wanted him to do that do you?"

He ignored her question. "I'd fire that son of a bitch in a Yankee second if there was another good hand to be had around here that was worth a shit. But I guess I'm stuck with him. But I better go lay the law down to him right hard." He spun on his heel and went out to the barn to talk to Eddie.

Essie went back to her pie dough still feeling the remnants of her encounter with Eddie trickle down her legs. Not given too much to deep thought she decided that her encounter with Eddie wasn't too bad. She smiled to herself and finished making the pies.

Jim walked up to Eddie out in the barn and hauled off and hit him between the eyes as hard as he could. Eddie went down and was out for the count. Jim sat and waited for his hired hand to come to. "Now you stupid son of a bitch any time I catch you fuckin' my old lady I'm goin' to beat the living shit out of you again. You think you can get that through your numb headed skull?

"Does that mean I ain't fired Boss?" he asked.

"If I could find another half way decent hand to replace you I'd get your sorry ass out of here in a wink. Now get back to work." He left to do his own chores.

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