Family Gathering

by Thesandman

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Lesbian, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Father, Daughter, Niece, Aunt, Nephew, Group Sex, Orgy, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Squirting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Coming together as a family produces some surprising results

For years we'd been going up to Blue Mountain Lake where my parents had built and owned a cabin, though my grandfather had been the one to originally purchase the land. It had become a family tradition, and one in which we had all come to look forward to especially as it was so far tucked away, affording us a great deal of privacy. As such, running around in the nude was never a big deal for any of us, including mom and dad back in those days. They had brought each of my siblings and I up with the same sort of openness about being nude in front of one another, so much so, that none of us even gave it a second thought as we grew up and matured.

The other interesting thing about the four of us was, we were all paired fraternal twins. Jack and Jessica, (though my father had initially fought to have my older sister actually named Jill, which my mother adamantly refused to do) were not quite two years older than my twin sister Darlene and I. They had named me David after my grandfather, and Darlene after my mother Darla. So in some ways it was cool being paired twins as that was a rarity of sorts, though I believe that kept the four of us a lot closer than most siblings because of that.

We had all been looking forward to our annual stay at the cabin especially with my sister and I both planning on attending college soon, which meant it might be a while before we'd find and have the time to do so anytime soon. Jack along with Jessica were both engaged to be married, and that meant there would be inevitable change coming soon after that, so it might very well be the last time we all went to the cabin together alone as a family, not to mention the fact that though we called it our annual trip, it had been nearly two years since all four of us had been able to go up there together. So it was another reason that we truly were looking forward to going. With so much going on in our respective lives now, it was a chance to renew the closeness we had all shared together during the course of the years, an opportunity then to just enjoy being around one another again the way we all used to do.

And then only a day before we were scheduled to leave dad experienced some chest pains, requiring an emergency trip to the hospital, though the preliminary tests they ran, soon ruled out his having had any sort of heart attack or anything like that. But his doctor did want to keep him for twenty-four hours for observation, and then run some follow up tests the first of the week. And with that, our planned trip seemed to suddenly fall apart understandably so.

Unfortunately, with everyone else's plans there was just no other time that we could all reschedule and make the trip up to the lake, which is when mother stepped in and insisted that the four of us go up anyway, especially as it might indeed very well be the last time we did so as just the four of us together. After that, we all knew there would be additions to the family, including grand kids knowing Jack and Jessica, shortly after their respective marriages.

With the assurance that dad was doing just fine, and that it might not be anything more serious than intestinal flu or something, our parents insisted we still go up anyway, making the trip without them this time. This would be a first, and in a way fitting as we had never done so before, nor in all likelihood, would we ever be doing so again.

Maybe it was the realization of that which caused the four of us to decide to take a bit more up with us to drink than we normally would, especially with mom and dad around, though they never frowned on us for that either as long as we kept things to moderation. Without them being there this time however, we decided to make the best of it, and planned on having a really good time together enjoying the rest and relaxation of the Lake, fishing, and rowing around in the small boat we kept there. Though I for one enjoyed going for long walks in the woods, something that Darlene and I had both enjoyed doing ever since we'd been going up there as kids.

It wasn't an enormous cabin, but it wasn't a small one by way of comparison either. There was a large family gathering room with one entire wall holding an enormous fireplace for when the nights grew cold. There was a master bedroom which was our parents of course, and then two additional bedrooms each with king sized beds that we had shared together as kids growing up, all of which were on the top floor with an overhanging balcony which we called the loft, both inside as well as outside the cabin, giving it a really unique feature to enjoy the surrounding mountain view with.

Perhaps out of respect for our parents, we took our old rooms with Jack and I taking the one, and the girls taking the other. After we'd put away all the provisions we'd brought along with us, we did some general cleaning and straightening, just as we'd always done, and then settled in preparing the evening meal we had planned.

We had gotten a nice warm fire going in the fireplace as the nights were definitely cool now, making it all warm and cozy inside, almost unbearably so. Both Jessica and Darlene were wearing next to nothing to compensate, simple tee-shirts and panties, which is what they normally wore to bed to sleep in, though it had been a couple of years since I'd seen either one of them naked. Something I became painfully aware of as they soon after came downstairs to rejoin us wearing only that. Jessica didn't appear to have changed too much, though again it had been a while, but my own twin sister certainly had, as her breasts were noticeably fuller.

Jack and I had even looked at one another sheepishly upon seeing them, the unspoken acknowledgement that our very own sister's were actually quite hot looking, passing between us. Darlene soon brought out a tray of Jell-O shooters which they had made earlier in the day in anticipation of our first evening together, and we also knew that Jessica had brought along some sort of a game she had purchased at a novelty store thinking it might be fun to check out and try amongst the four of us, though even Darlene had raised her eyebrows upon seeing it and reading some of the directions on the back.

"You do know this is one of those naughty games don't you?" she'd asked her sister.

"Only if you include the 'sex-cards'," she'd responded. "Otherwise it's not really all that bad, and might be fun to try out anyway, see if it's something we might enjoy with some of our other friends," she'd stated smiling.

Jessica had always been considered the wild one of the family, including my brother Jack, who had a fair bit of a reputation himself with the girls, though his fiancé' Patricia, soon to be my sister in law in a few months, had somehow managed to take him off the market. Even so, Jack was a bit leery about playing the game as he knew how Jessica could get, especially after she'd had a bit to drink when her inhibitions really flew out the window. She'd once been dared to run out to the street in a blinding snowstorm completely naked, which she'd done, and which should have been simple enough. But she had done so waiting until a car finally came by, shocking the hell out of the passengers, before running back inside the house, cold as she was by then.

She and Darlene had already had a couple of the rum-filled Jell-O shooters before Jack and I had had any ourselves, so the girls had gotten a pretty good head start as Jessica laid out the game and began explaining the simple rules to us.

Although we'd decided not to even use the "Sex cards" as Jessica called them, there were two other decks to be drawn from, which were labeled "naughty" and "nice", though even the nice ones weren't anything you might expect as we eventually found out.

"So what happens if someone refuses to do something?" I asked curiously, as I was already wondering about a couple of situations that might possibly arise as I thumbed through a few of the cards beforehand.

"No fair peeking!" Jessica said taking the cards away from me as she did so, placing them back where they belonged on the game board. "But you're right, there should be some sort of penalty involved, should someone chicken out or refuse to do something."

"Like what?" Jack asked curiously.

"Well, for one ... if you guys refuse to do something when it's your turn, then I say you have to wash and dry all the dishes for the week while we're up here."

"Then you guys need to clean all the fish we catch should you refuse," Jack counter-offered, knowing full well how much both Jessica and Darlene hated having to do that. Jessica even thought about that for a moment, and then agreed, though Darlene wasn't too happy about going along with that decision when she made it. Eventually we all decided we'd be allowed a single 'pass' letting us all off the hook just once, but then after that, the penalties would come into play.

Since Jessica and Darlene had very little on themselves, Jack and I had stripped down to socks and shorts to even things out. The fact we were, and had been used to seeing one another naked before wasn't a significant factor in playing the game even though there was a good chance that eventually we'd all wind up being naked anyway. The problem as I saw it, was what sort of things we might all be required to do while we were playing it. These were after all my own brothers and sisters here, and though we'd all gone through periods of sibling curiosities while growing up, it had never really gone beyond that.

"Let's just play and see how it goes," Jessica finally stated after seeing Jack and I's still concerned hesitation. "You can always refuse to do something," she added.

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