Kept in the Dark

by niteowluk99

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, NonConsensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, BDSM, Gang Bang, Safe Sex, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: A woman get abducted and used as a slut by numerous men. she is hooded in a specially designed hood and finds the whole experience releasing her innermost passions.

Sandra was a 40 year old, five foot ten blonde, slim figure with a firm 36DD bust line. She had often fantasised about bondage and in particular found herself getting turned on by the thought of being powerless to resist whatever a dominant man may decide to do to her. In fact these thoughts had been invading her thoughts more and more. She had tried to even suggest to her boyfriend that it may be great fun for her to be tied to the bed and ravished.

He had made encouraging noises but had never done anything more about it and the subject seemed to be forgotten. However for Sandra the subject did not go away in fact it got stronger and stronger and had even started becoming daydreams.

Then one evening as she walked home, a man approached her and asked for directions, as she turned to point out the way he grabbed her around the waist and his other hand shot to her mouth. Unable to scream or anything, Sandra struggled as much as she could when suddenly everything went black as a heavy cloth bag was placed over her head. The hand slid out and she felt the opening of the bag tighten around her neck, still in shock she failed to scream out.

It tightened just enough to prevent her from removing it and then she felt something tighten over her mouth; she opened her mouth to scream out and felt the object wedge between her lips and prevent her screaming. Now her arms were being pulled behind her back and she felt them being tied tightly. Her senses now began to reel, she was scared and yet not totally scared. Suddenly there was a funny smell that invaded her nostrils, it was strange and yet familiar to her; her mind set about this new puzzle, she secretly hoped it was not ether or a sleep inducing liquid.

Sandra was in a state of shock but also extremely aroused by the situation rapidly developing. Suddenly she was taken off her feet and felt herself being carried between two men, then she felt he cold steel of the back of a van as she was laid out and heard the doors slam shut. She felt the weight of a man sitting on her mid drift and soon felt her legs being forced apart and in her mind's eye she could see the man now preparing to push his grubby hand into her groin area and begin rubbing her cunt. Sure enough she felt the feverishly hot hand on her upper thigh. Instantly she decided to offer a token resistance and tried bucking the man off her body; deep inside she knew it was futile and strangely she was glad it was. For this was the nearest thing to her minds latest fantasy as she could get, she just hoped she was safe and would be returned home when they had played out their fun.

Now the hand was pressing against her cunt, the motion of the van was causing the hand to rub against her clit and she silently thanked the fact that the bag hid her embarrassment as she was now getting extremely wet between her legs. The smell still puzzled her and then almost in a blinding flash she recognised it. It was the smell of fresh spunk, she recalled how only yesterday her boyfriend had shot his load over her face and she recalled the same sexual fragrance then.

What Sandra did not know was the bag was made from a fine Hessian cloth lined with satin like material and three inches inside the bag there was a small pocket which today contained three freshly used condoms. It was this pocket now showing a spreading wet patch which released the fragrance she was smelling and also its position against her open mouth had now squeezed a little of the milky white fluid on to the tip of her tongue.

Sandra froze when she first tasted the thick liquid recognising it as exactly what it was semen. She now felt like the complete whore as she tasted a stranger's cum un aware of how many men were there wanting to fuck her or what they intended to do to her.

The journey in the van seemed to take forever, not that Sandra was complaining for the hand was working overtime on her heated cunt. Her panties already soaked were now scrunched up in the crack of her cunt and the hand had two fingers inside her cunt hole; one either side of her panties. Her breathing became faster taking in much more of the heady scent of the spunk so close to her mouth.

Suddenly Sandra let out a gargled strained groan as her orgasm ripped through her body and her ears picked up the laughter of the man as he announced to the others in the van, "this cunt whore of a white slut has just fucking cum all over my fingers. She is a real cum loving slut make no mistake."

Then the van slowed and then stopped, after a short reverse the doors opened and she was pulled out. Her skirt still up around her waist let the cold night air waft over her exposed cunt lips as she was frog marched into the building. As soon as she heard the door slam shut; she had her arms untied and a voice close to her left ear ordered her to start removing her blouse. She seriously thought about refusing till she heard the crackling of electricity and was warned the shock stick, whilst not powerful enough to permanently hurt her was still very painful when applied to her tits or cunt.

So to a chorus of show us your tits, she began to remove her blouse; the voice close to her ear reminding her she had better be a good well behaved whore or they would still have their way with her before letting her loose to walk home naked still blindfolded and with her hands tied behind her back. The guy told her it was a long; 50 mile walk home but would be even more perilous when naked and bound.

Sandra was not sure how many different voices she heard, but felt even more humiliated than if they had simply ripped her clothes from her body for now she was having to willingly reveal her body to these strangers she could not even see. Soon her blouse slid to the ground and she stood there in her flimsy lacy bra which barely held her 36DD tits. There was a cacophony of noise as those present saw her tits more clearly her nipples still erect and hard poking through the lace of her bra.

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