Egg Nogged Family

by scouries

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Humor, Incest, Mother, Brother, Sister, Grand Parent, Aunt, First, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Abigail, a girl who's just had a baby out of wedlock (who's the father?) is asked by her granddad to prepare the Xmas Egg Nog. And what secret ingredient will she add? And what about her brother Robert? Will he become involved? Will he sneak an ingredient into his mother's drink? His grandmother's?

Dec 24th 2008: the McLeod House, a small town in the American Midwest

I stopped in the doorway when I saw her. She was sitting at the kitchen table with our baby in her arms, gently holding her daughters head as the baby's lips hungrily sucked at her fat teat. Involuntarily my tongue slipped between my teeth and started to lick my lips in anticipation. Of course she sensed my presence.

"Hi you," she welcomed as she looked back over her shoulder with a broad smile on her face. I slowly walked over to her and put my arm around her shoulder.

"Leave some for me Sophie," I instructed my baby daughter softly as I lightly tweaked her nose.

"Oh no you don't, not today," the woman I loved more than anything in the world replied, shaking her head as a sly smile crossed her lips.

"I'm starving Abby," I growled as I chomped my teeth together. I slipped my palm onto the breast our baby wasn't suckling at.

"Stop that," she ordered as she flicked my fingers away just as a drop of milk appeared at the end of her nipple.

"You got lots mommy," I said as I put my finger to her lips.

"Not today!" she insisted, then lifted our sated daughter from her chest and held her out to me. "Sophie needs burping," she instructed as I took my baby into my arms.

"Yes little momma," I agreed as I sat down at the table and brought my daughter to my chest and started to lightly pat her back. "Later," I promised with a leer as I watched Abigail across the table. She'd left her breasts bared and was clearly in no hurry to cover them up. Fortunately we were the only McLeod's home that afternoon.

"They're beautiful," I complimented as I watched a droplet of milk as it first formed, and then fell from her left nipple.

"They're too big," my sister complained as she placed her palms under her breasts and lifted them.

"Let daddy have a little suck," I pled teasingly.

"NO! We can't. We've got work to do."

"Work? What work? It's the holidays."

"Guess who Gran has appointed as the official Christmas Egg Nog preparer in the McLeod household this year?" my sister asked.

"You?" I asked, the astonishment clear in my voice. "Does Gramps know?" Abigail Katherine McLeod smiled back at me proudly. "But do you know how to ... I mean do you," I started, but then stopped when I saw the look of warning in my sister's eyes.

"Well Mister know-it-all Robert Duncan McLeod," my sister said sarcastically in her thickest Scottish accent, "do you believe the mother of your child is incapable of preparing a simple drink for her family?"

You fool, I chastised myself silently as I delayed answering my sister, instead I lifted our daughter from my chest and gently placed her in her bassinet.

"Someone as extraordinarily talented as you shouldn't waste her time on such mundane tasks," I said in an effort to escape her wrath when I finally looked back up at my sister.

"Yeah right, maybe I'll tell mom and grams that you think they should be doing the 'mundane' household chores while I solve all the world's problems." We were both teasing now and knew it; we loved each other so much it almost hurt.

"And you're helping too," sis ordered as she stood up and walked towards the refrigerator.

"Oh no I'm not ... you're just looking for someone to blame if it turns out bad," I declined as I watched as my sister filled the table with ingredients and bowls and stuff. She still hadn't covered her breasts.

"You're the assistant chef today big boy," Abby answered sweetly. But it was the kind of sweet tone that had a steel order behind it.

"Yes dear," I agreed mockingly, then asked, "Is there a recipe or something?" I knew immediately the question was a mistake. Once sis got going she could be dangerous.

"Are you asking if there's a recipe for your great, great, great, great grandmother's famous McLeod family egg nog? A concoction first prepared in a humble croft deep in the Scottish highlands," Abby demanded haughtily.

"Sorry," I mumbled quietly, hoping to stem my sister's oratory. I loved her but she sure loved to talk!

My sister picked up a sheet of paper from the counter and handed it to me. The recipe! "Of course each new McLeod who is honored to prepare this Christmas drink is required to add her own special ingredient," Abby said as she placed a bowl on the table in front of me.

"She is?" I asked stupidly as my eyes darted back to the list of ingredients — I read:

McLeod Egg Nog: Ingredients for 8 servings

Fresh Eggs (separated yolks/whites) - 6

Sugar — ¾ cup

White Rum — 1 cup

Milk — 3 pints

Heavy Whipping Cream — 1 cup

Single Malt Scotch Whiskey — 1 ½ cups

Ground Nutmeg



Secret Ingredient


- Separate eggs into yolks and whites and put in separate bowls

- Beat yolks with half of the sugar

- Beat egg-whites until stiff, then add in the rest of the sugar

- Mix the yolks and whites together

- Add rum to mixture slowly

- Stir in the milk

- Stir in the Scotch

- Stir in one half of the cream

- Whip the rest of the cream and then fold in carefully

- Add a pinch of vanilla and cinnamon

- Serve at room temperature by ladling egg nog into cups and then sprinkle nutmeg on top

"This looks easy," I finally said after studying the list. "We don't even have to cook anything. Let's get going," I urged, now eager to finish the job quickly and then get back to my sisters breasts. Which she still hadn't covered! "What's your special ingredient anyway?"

"It's a secret," my sister answered with a shake of her head. She then proceeded to sit on my lap, placing herself so that her back was against my chest. "And we're not following the recipe exactly."

"Stop fooling around, let's get this stuff prepared," I grumbled even as my hands circled Abby's waist and then slowly moved upward until they were cupping her tits.

"Look who's fooling around now," my sister teased as she leaned her head back so that my face was engulfed in her long, silken tresses. My fingers started to squeeze and caress the heavy, milk laden globes. Abby groaned as a first thick stream of milk arced out from her left breast.

"Into the bowl ... milk me into the bowl," Abby demanded as her body squirmed in my lap.

"Huh? What bowl?" I asked about three seconds before I realized what my sisters 'special' egg nog ingredient was going to be. "You're crazy! They'll kill you ... Grandpa will go crazy," I stammered even as I saw the beauty and humor of Abby's plan.

"They'll never know," my sister said, "unless, of course, the young scion of McLeod Manor can't keep his big mouth shut. The next Master McLeod," she added laughing.

"I won't be that for a long time," I said softly into my sister's ear even while knowing it might happen any day.

"Master Robert McLeod of Cock Lomond," my sister teased as she reached between her legs and squeezed my penis.

"We're Americans you fool, have been for five generations," I scoffed, then kissed my sister's cheek.

"Lord Robert with the biggest Scottish caber in America," Abby added as she lowered my zipper and freed my pole.

I didn't answer, instead I turned back to the task at hand and started to milk my sister seriously. Like a farmer on a stool next to his prize cow I alternatively pulled and squeezed and pumped stream after stream of fresh McLeod milk into the bowl Abby had positioned in front of herself.

Abby's soft, little hand then started to pump me in time with my milking of her breasts. "Do you like having your caber tossed Master McLeod," my sister teased.

As if she didn't know! "How much do we need," I finally asked after I'd half filled the container.

"That should be enough with the other I've got," she said as a last stream of milk splashed into the bowl.

"What other?" I asked as she slipped down off my lap.

"I got some last night ... refrigerated it, we needed three pints," she said as she knelt between my legs.

"Shouldn't we do the egg nog first?" I asked as I felt the first moist touch of her tongue on the end of my penis.

"Later," she said and then with her eyes locked on mine she slowly swallowed me. I felt her fingers close around my balls as her head started to bob. Her other hand continued to pump my shaft into her hungry mouth.

"Oh jesus baby ... I'm going to cum ... don't stop," I begged minutes later when her lips suddenly released me.

"Are you close?" Abby asked as she looked up. One on her hands was firmly circling the thick base of my penis. The other released my balls.

"Abby!" I groaned in need as her tongue licked off a drop of pre cum. I could feel the inexorable pressure of an imminent ejaculation building as her lips again slipped over my cockhead.

"Fuck!" I cried when she released me again. "In your mouth ... I want to cum in your mouth ... hurry," I demanded as I reached for my sister's head.

"Oh no you don't," Abby answered as she tightened her fingers around the base of my cock, stopping the first spurting stream from rushing up my shaft. I moaned as she half turned and grabbed a measuring cup from the table and then quickly placed its open end over my erection. Then she released her hold on my now throbbing prick!

"Are you nuts? Why?" I asked as I watched first one, then a second, thick stream of creamy cum splash into the cup.

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