Daddy's Christmas Gift

by L.A. Wicker

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Tear Jerker, Incest, Father, Daughter, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Size, Big Breasts, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Daughter gives him a wonderful gift

He stood by the Christmas tree looking at his gorgeous, thirty-year-old daughter Darcy as she talked with one of her friends. She was a mirror image of her late mother and sometimes, like now, he missed Carol so much, he hurt. 'You're so damn pretty!' he thought and as soon as the thought filled his mind, Darcy's head quickly turned to him. 'Wow that was freakin' nuts!' he thought again and hoped that Darcy wasn't like her Mom. She could read his mind and tell every thought he had.

Darcy watched her handsome Dad, Alex from the other side of the room and she could feel his dark, sexy eyes on her too. 'My poor Daddy, you look so lost without Mom by your side and I know you only drove all that way to make me happy.' Darcy thought as sadness rushed through her loving heart, seeing his eyes roaming her body from top to bottom.

"I'll be right back," she said to a friend, who was rambling about his Christmas bonus being so small this year, but Darcy didn't care and she had to get away from this person before she ran a knife through his spleen.

Darcy grabbed a bottle of wine, two glasses and she strolled across her living room and to the love of her life. "Hey Daddy, I couldn't help but seeing you here all alone and lookin' kinda lost. So, I thought that I'd steel you for a while and take you down by the beach. How does that sound?" she asked with her normal soft and very seductive voice, as she reached to caress his strong, manly back.

He saw Darcy walking towards him and Alex could not control his stiffening cock. She was tall, like her mother, standing at five-foot-ten-inches tall and she had the body of a goddess. Her breasts were firm and her nipples pointed up, as if to say, come and suck us. Darcy's hips were slender, he guessed a size 36 and they could get his attention every time she walked. Her legs were long and he could see that Darcy still did her daily workouts.

"Hey baby, I'm ok. It's just weird when you don't really know anyone, but you've put on a great party." Alex said as he tried not looking at her breasts hidden under her white, silk blouse and he could easily see that her nipples were hard with excitement. "I'd love to run away with you for awhile. We haven't had a good talk session since ... um ... well know," he stuttered, remembering the day at Carol's funeral and the last time they talked.

She led the way out the side door of her massive, multi-million dollar home and down the long path to the beach. "Oh God, I love when the moon is full and with it being just a two days before Christmas, makes it all the better!" Darcy said with a grin and turned to Dad. She saw his eyes focused on extremely, tight jeans and for some odd reason, it excited her to have him looking at her in such a way.

He quickly looked up and gave her an innocent smile. "Sorry, I couldn't help myself. Those things look fuckin' awesome!" Alex said with a wink and with the moon shining down so bright, he could see her face turning a light shade of pink.

"Do you mean my jeans or my ass?" she teased him and now, she had the enjoyment of embarrassing her Dad. "I don't care ... look all you want and besides, you're the first man that's looked at me like that in a long time." Darcy said with a small hint of sadness in her soft voice.

"Shit, I doubt that!" he said with a quick, short laugh. "You have a great ass, little one and it turns many heads!" Alex added as they sat down on the sand and Darcy handed him the bottle to open.

"Well, I'll take your word on that. It seems that my husband didn't like it that much."

He opened the bottle, poured the wine and wondered what she was talking about. "What are you talking about? I thought you guys were doing great," he said as they lightly clanked their glasses together.

"I did too, until I caught him with his tiny, limp dick up his secretary's ass last week," she replied and softly sniffed, knowing that her Dad would make it all better, he always did. "Daddy, he was fucking her on the antique desk you gave me ... when Mom died!" Darcy lost it and she fell against him, crying like a baby.

"Holy shit, I knew that little fucker wasn't worth a damn!" he said holding his daughter close as he stroked her long blonde hair from her face and he gently kissed the side of her mouth. "Fuck him, sweet-heart! You'll be a lot better without the prick." Alex whispered as Darcy sobbed and he felt her warm tears dripping on his am.

"If he's fucking around on you, why is he still in 'your' house?" Alex asked as he thought of the piece of shit, living in the beautiful home that he had given to Darcy when she turned twenty-one.

"He's not, he just came for the party and his ass is leaving. I didn't want anyone to know about it until after the holidays were over, but sitting here with you, I had to tell you," she replied and gave her pretty, blue eyes a careful wipe, not wanting to screw up her eye shadow.

"Jesus, I can't believe that he'd want to screw anyone but you! I know I wouldn't have!"

She heard him and a hot rush of blood raced between her long, long legs. "Daddy, you big silly!" Darcy teased and playfully slapped him arm. "You shouldn't say things like that to your daughter!" she giggled at him and she had to get closer to him.

"Shit, it's true! You're a freakin' muff girl and he's a dumb-ass for cheating on you!"

"I guess I should say thank you for that strange complement, I'm not sure!" she laughed more and she looked into his loving eyes. "I wish that I could have been Mom for just one day." Darcy whispered with a lustful purr to her Dad as she bit her lower lip and could not believe what she had just said to him.

"And why is that?" he asked and continued to caress her silken hair.

Darcy wasn't sure of what to say. She couldn't tell him what she really meant; he might slap her ass, if she did. "She had a wonderful husband and she knew that you'd never do anything like that."

"You'll find you a good man. It just takes time, baby."

"I might, but I'll never find a sexy or faithful man like you were to Mom."

He just held Darcy close and rocked her back and forth. "Keep your hopes up, you never know. Come on, I'm only going to be here tonight and I don't want my girl being sad." Alex said as he gave her a playful slap on her left ass-cheek. "Drink up, we have an entire bottle to finish!" he said with a smile.

"Ouch, you bugger, that hurt!" she laughed and enjoyed being with him so much. "Hey, why are you leaving so soon anyhow? Why don't you stay with me? I could use some company," she said with a smile and hoped that Dad would.

He laughed and hugged her. "I always leave so soon because I couldn't stand to be around that prick for more than a few hours! I'd love to stay with, baby," he said and refilled their glasses.

"Great, tomorrow we can go shopping for each other and have lunch. How's that sound?" Darcy said with a big grin and was so happy that she'd get to spend the holidays with him for the first time in eight years.

They finished the wine and Alex helped his half-loaded, giggling daughter back into the house. "Merry Christmas!" Darcy yelled out and everyone turned to return the Christmas cheer to her. "I have some awesome news to share with you guys!" she said staggering towards the bar for more wine.

Alex just smiled at her and figured that she was going to tell all of her friends that he was staying with her, but Darcy had other plans. "Last week, I caught my dear, sweet husband fucking around on me and I kicked his rotten ass out on the street!" she laughed harder and came close to falling on the floor.

"But, on a brighter note ... my sexy Dad is going to spend Christmas with me!" Darcy smiled at him and that's when she knew. She was in love with her Dad and it wasn't the kind of love a daughter should have for her Dad. She loved him as a woman.

Everyone in the house was shocked, but not because Darcy's Dad was staying over. It was because of her dumb ass husband, fucking around on Darcy and her millions of dollars. Alex made millions playing the stock market years before and he gave half to his gorgeous daughter when she married, but Alex made Darcy force her soon to be ex-husband into signing all rights to any of it away.

She flopped down on the floor giggling and crying at the same time. Alex walked over to her and scooped Darcy up with ease. "Come on, let's get you up to bed," he whispered to her as all of Darcy's guests waved goodnight and filed out of the house. "You'll feel better in the morning," he whispered again and gently caressed her very shapely behind, not thinking much about it, until his long, thick cock grew out of control and he quickly stopped.

"Don't stop, Daddy. I love when you touch me ... it makes me all warm and um ... fuzzy inside," she smiled a drunken smile and held his neck with all of her might, hoping this wasn't a dream and she'd wake up alone.

He smiled and went back to rubbing Darcy's awesome behind and Alex hoped that he'd be able to sleep tonight. He hadn't had sex since long before Carol found out that she was dying of cancer and he was in pain. "Ok baby, anything for you." Alex said and he tried to control his male hormones, but it was impossible as his hand slowly caressed her skin-tight jeans and her warm butt in them.

Alex laid her on the king-sized bed and turned to leave, but her hand grabbed his, stopping him in his tracks and pulling Alex back to her bed. "Stay with me, Daddy. I don't want to be alone anymore." Darcy said with a pouty face and made sure to stick out her lip.

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