Daddy's Christmas Gift

by L.A. Wicker

Copyright© 2008 by L.A. Wicker

Romantic Sex Story: Daughter gives him a wonderful gift

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Tear Jerker   Incest   Father   Daughter   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Size   Big Breasts   .

He stood by the Christmas tree looking at his gorgeous, thirty-year-old daughter Darcy as she talked with one of her friends. She was a mirror image of her late mother and sometimes, like now, he missed Carol so much, he hurt. 'You're so damn pretty!' he thought and as soon as the thought filled his mind, Darcy's head quickly turned to him. 'Wow that was freakin' nuts!' he thought again and hoped that Darcy wasn't like her Mom. She could read his mind and tell every thought he had.

Darcy watched her handsome Dad, Alex from the other side of the room and she could feel his dark, sexy eyes on her too. 'My poor Daddy, you look so lost without Mom by your side and I know you only drove all that way to make me happy.' Darcy thought as sadness rushed through her loving heart, seeing his eyes roaming her body from top to bottom.

"I'll be right back," she said to a friend, who was rambling about his Christmas bonus being so small this year, but Darcy didn't care and she had to get away from this person before she ran a knife through his spleen.

Darcy grabbed a bottle of wine, two glasses and she strolled across her living room and to the love of her life. "Hey Daddy, I couldn't help but seeing you here all alone and lookin' kinda lost. So, I thought that I'd steel you for a while and take you down by the beach. How does that sound?" she asked with her normal soft and very seductive voice, as she reached to caress his strong, manly back.

He saw Darcy walking towards him and Alex could not control his stiffening cock. She was tall, like her mother, standing at five-foot-ten-inches tall and she had the body of a goddess. Her breasts were firm and her nipples pointed up, as if to say, come and suck us. Darcy's hips were slender, he guessed a size 36 and they could get his attention every time she walked. Her legs were long and he could see that Darcy still did her daily workouts.

"Hey baby, I'm ok. It's just weird when you don't really know anyone, but you've put on a great party." Alex said as he tried not looking at her breasts hidden under her white, silk blouse and he could easily see that her nipples were hard with excitement. "I'd love to run away with you for awhile. We haven't had a good talk session since ... um ... well know," he stuttered, remembering the day at Carol's funeral and the last time they talked.

She led the way out the side door of her massive, multi-million dollar home and down the long path to the beach. "Oh God, I love when the moon is full and with it being just a two days before Christmas, makes it all the better!" Darcy said with a grin and turned to Dad. She saw his eyes focused on extremely, tight jeans and for some odd reason, it excited her to have him looking at her in such a way.

He quickly looked up and gave her an innocent smile. "Sorry, I couldn't help myself. Those things look fuckin' awesome!" Alex said with a wink and with the moon shining down so bright, he could see her face turning a light shade of pink.

"Do you mean my jeans or my ass?" she teased him and now, she had the enjoyment of embarrassing her Dad. "I don't care ... look all you want and besides, you're the first man that's looked at me like that in a long time." Darcy said with a small hint of sadness in her soft voice.

"Shit, I doubt that!" he said with a quick, short laugh. "You have a great ass, little one and it turns many heads!" Alex added as they sat down on the sand and Darcy handed him the bottle to open.

"Well, I'll take your word on that. It seems that my husband didn't like it that much."

He opened the bottle, poured the wine and wondered what she was talking about. "What are you talking about? I thought you guys were doing great," he said as they lightly clanked their glasses together.

"I did too, until I caught him with his tiny, limp dick up his secretary's ass last week," she replied and softly sniffed, knowing that her Dad would make it all better, he always did. "Daddy, he was fucking her on the antique desk you gave me ... when Mom died!" Darcy lost it and she fell against him, crying like a baby.

"Holy shit, I knew that little fucker wasn't worth a damn!" he said holding his daughter close as he stroked her long blonde hair from her face and he gently kissed the side of her mouth. "Fuck him, sweet-heart! You'll be a lot better without the prick." Alex whispered as Darcy sobbed and he felt her warm tears dripping on his am.

"If he's fucking around on you, why is he still in 'your' house?" Alex asked as he thought of the piece of shit, living in the beautiful home that he had given to Darcy when she turned twenty-one.

"He's not, he just came for the party and his ass is leaving. I didn't want anyone to know about it until after the holidays were over, but sitting here with you, I had to tell you," she replied and gave her pretty, blue eyes a careful wipe, not wanting to screw up her eye shadow.

"Jesus, I can't believe that he'd want to screw anyone but you! I know I wouldn't have!"

She heard him and a hot rush of blood raced between her long, long legs. "Daddy, you big silly!" Darcy teased and playfully slapped him arm. "You shouldn't say things like that to your daughter!" she giggled at him and she had to get closer to him.

"Shit, it's true! You're a freakin' muff girl and he's a dumb-ass for cheating on you!"

"I guess I should say thank you for that strange complement, I'm not sure!" she laughed more and she looked into his loving eyes. "I wish that I could have been Mom for just one day." Darcy whispered with a lustful purr to her Dad as she bit her lower lip and could not believe what she had just said to him.

"And why is that?" he asked and continued to caress her silken hair.

Darcy wasn't sure of what to say. She couldn't tell him what she really meant; he might slap her ass, if she did. "She had a wonderful husband and she knew that you'd never do anything like that."

"You'll find you a good man. It just takes time, baby."

"I might, but I'll never find a sexy or faithful man like you were to Mom."

He just held Darcy close and rocked her back and forth. "Keep your hopes up, you never know. Come on, I'm only going to be here tonight and I don't want my girl being sad." Alex said as he gave her a playful slap on her left ass-cheek. "Drink up, we have an entire bottle to finish!" he said with a smile.

"Ouch, you bugger, that hurt!" she laughed and enjoyed being with him so much. "Hey, why are you leaving so soon anyhow? Why don't you stay with me? I could use some company," she said with a smile and hoped that Dad would.

He laughed and hugged her. "I always leave so soon because I couldn't stand to be around that prick for more than a few hours! I'd love to stay with, baby," he said and refilled their glasses.

"Great, tomorrow we can go shopping for each other and have lunch. How's that sound?" Darcy said with a big grin and was so happy that she'd get to spend the holidays with him for the first time in eight years.

They finished the wine and Alex helped his half-loaded, giggling daughter back into the house. "Merry Christmas!" Darcy yelled out and everyone turned to return the Christmas cheer to her. "I have some awesome news to share with you guys!" she said staggering towards the bar for more wine.

Alex just smiled at her and figured that she was going to tell all of her friends that he was staying with her, but Darcy had other plans. "Last week, I caught my dear, sweet husband fucking around on me and I kicked his rotten ass out on the street!" she laughed harder and came close to falling on the floor.

"But, on a brighter note ... my sexy Dad is going to spend Christmas with me!" Darcy smiled at him and that's when she knew. She was in love with her Dad and it wasn't the kind of love a daughter should have for her Dad. She loved him as a woman.

Everyone in the house was shocked, but not because Darcy's Dad was staying over. It was because of her dumb ass husband, fucking around on Darcy and her millions of dollars. Alex made millions playing the stock market years before and he gave half to his gorgeous daughter when she married, but Alex made Darcy force her soon to be ex-husband into signing all rights to any of it away.

She flopped down on the floor giggling and crying at the same time. Alex walked over to her and scooped Darcy up with ease. "Come on, let's get you up to bed," he whispered to her as all of Darcy's guests waved goodnight and filed out of the house. "You'll feel better in the morning," he whispered again and gently caressed her very shapely behind, not thinking much about it, until his long, thick cock grew out of control and he quickly stopped.

"Don't stop, Daddy. I love when you touch me ... it makes me all warm and um ... fuzzy inside," she smiled a drunken smile and held his neck with all of her might, hoping this wasn't a dream and she'd wake up alone.

He smiled and went back to rubbing Darcy's awesome behind and Alex hoped that he'd be able to sleep tonight. He hadn't had sex since long before Carol found out that she was dying of cancer and he was in pain. "Ok baby, anything for you." Alex said and he tried to control his male hormones, but it was impossible as his hand slowly caressed her skin-tight jeans and her warm butt in them.

Alex laid her on the king-sized bed and turned to leave, but her hand grabbed his, stopping him in his tracks and pulling Alex back to her bed. "Stay with me, Daddy. I don't want to be alone anymore." Darcy said with a pouty face and made sure to stick out her lip.

He knew better, but her sad voice made him do it anyway. "Ok, baby," he whispered and moved on the bed next to her body, thinking that he'd get up when she passed out, but it didn't go as planned.

"Daddy, do you think I'm pretty?"

He ran his hand over her soft hair and replied with a big yawn. "Yeah baby, why would you ask such a silly thing?"

"A girl feels bad and needs some reassuring after what happened to me."

"Well, trust me ... you are very pretty!" he replied and yawned again and closed his eyes for a few seconds.

"Thank you, Daddy. I knew that you being here is all that I needed to make me feel better." Darcy said and she heard a funny noise. "You silly," she whispered and gently kissed her sleeping Dad, on his nose.

Alex sat up and he couldn't believe that he just slept through the entire night. It was the first time since Carol died and it felt so good. "Jesus," he moaned and stretched. "What time is it?" Alex asked looking around Darcy's room, but he only saw pictures of himself and nothing else. "Damn, she must like me or something!" he laughed and went to find her.

He walked into the large kitchen and found Darcy's out on her deck. She was leaning on the railing, looking out into the ocean in nothing but a pair of those tiny G-string panties and a shirt that went just under her breasts. "Geeze woman, are you trying to kill me ... I'm an old man!" Alex laughed and let out a heavy sigh.

She quickly turned and smiled. "Oh bull-shit, you're not old Daddy and you know it too! I've seen women of all ages checking you out and if you haven't noticed..." she stopped to flick her cigarette over the rail and she laughed him. "You need to go get your eyes checked!" Darcy smiled and loved his handsome eyes going up and down her tall body, sending chills of excitement, racing through her.

"No, I haven't seen anything this nice in a long time and you surprised me. You look wonderful!" he grinned from ear to ear as he reached to hug her and hoped Darcy wouldn't feel his stiffness on her leg.

"Thank you Daddy and I want to say it back to you." Darcy smiled and loved the puzzled look on his face. She pointed down and said with a seductive wink. "It's nice to see a man get so dang hard ... for me!" she giggled, fanned her pretty face and sat in a plush chair next to him.

He covered himself and quickly sat next to her. "I couldn't help it, baby. That body of yours is freakin' awesome!" Alex said and figured why cover it. She was a grown woman.

"Well, I guess we'll spend the next few days flirting and checking each other out. How's that sound?"

"Fuck yeah; I'm game if you are! I know it might be wrong looking at you the way I do, but you are one beautiful lady!"

She just smiled and had to giggle at him. "Daddy, you are one of a kind." Darcy replied and slid on his lap, knowing he must be going crazy. "Can we like ... um ... really flirt with each other?" she asked with a pouty tone, knowing that most times, she always got her way.

"What do you mean?"

"I don't know um ... lots of hugging, maybe a bunch of snuggling and whatever we can think of." Darcy said as she ran her fingers through his short, brown hair.

"We can do that. Hell, I think we'll have a blast."

"When we go out ... I'm going pretend that I'm your woman and dress so sexy, you're going to faint!" she said with a low purr, knowing Mom used the same voice when she was horny and needed Dad's big cock in her.

Alex loved Darcy and she was one sexy woman, but she was his daughter and she was giving him a major hard-on. "I'm in for it, aren't I?" he asked and he could hear the same tone in Darcy's voice, as her mother.

"Nah, I won't kill you or send you to the hospital, so relax!" Darcy laughed and started thinking of something Daddy would enjoy her wearing. 'Maybe my white, spandex jeans and the powder-blue blouse I got last week!' she thought and could see him looking at her muscular legs.

"Daddy, you can put your hands on me. I know I'm close to being nude, but I also know how much you love touching my butt!" she said with an innocent undertone and it wasn't a split second later, until his big left hand was on her ass. "Isn't that better ... Daddy?" she whispered in his ear and Darcy felt him growing under her ass.

He knew it was wrong to touch her this way, but Alex was dying to bust a nut. It was too damn long of a stretch without being with a woman and he was at his wit's end. "Next time, you have to have more than this on, ok?" he asked, but it was more of an order and she knew it to.

"Alright Daddy, if that's what you want. If you change your mind or if you think of anything you'd like to see me wear or um ... not wear ... just tell me and I'll do it ... just for you." Darcy whispered again, but it was filled with seduction and she felt him suck in a breath of air.

"Anything I want, huh?" he asked caressing the bare flesh of Darcy's outer thigh and he couldn't help it, but he had to flex his cock. "Sorry, but you have that effect on me." Alex said with a smile and he flexed again.

She almost fell off his lap, but it felt so good against her bare bottom and Darcy just smiled at him. "Mmmm, I don't mind at all! I told you that's it's nice to have a man hard for me again and I don't care if you are my Dad. I love it and feel free to do it any time you want!" Darcy said with lust and hoped that it wasn't going to scare Daddy, acting this way.

"I'll be sure to make a note of that," he replied and brushed a strand of hair from Darcy's left eye.

She hugged him tighter and Darcy knew this was going to be so much fun. "I hope you've noted our 'entire' conversation and remember what I've told you," she said and gave him a soft kiss on the lips.

"I will and um ... what was that for? Not that I didn't enjoy it, but..."

"Just because." Darcy cut in and gently kissed him again. "It's for being here with me and that we get to spend Christmas together again."

"Cool, I'm glad you're happy baby. I sure am."

Darcy felt tears in her eyes, but these tears were happy tears. "Hey I'm going to go shower and get dressed up for you, so we can get going. It will be hell at the mall, it always is."

"Ok, I'm going to finish my coffee and have a smoke, and then I'll start getting ready." Alex said as he caressed Darcy's thigh, enjoying her smooth, tanned flesh against his fingers. Her legs were toned and they just plain ol' felt good to touch.

She stood up and made sure to turn just enough for Daddy to see her shapely ass one more time, before she went to dress. "See ya in a few," she smiled, blew him a kiss and Darcy ran up to her room.

"What have I gotten myself into?" Alex said as he lit a smoke and thought about what Darcy said. "I hope this doesn't get out of hand. I'm already so horny I could fuckin' die from blue-balls!" he laughed, looking out over the water and Alex felt more alive than he had in the last few years.

"Daddy, from the looks and smiles I'm getting, you're the man of the day!" Darcy said as she wiggled her ass more and knew that her skin-tight jeans were also a big hit.

They formed to her shapely ass so well, it looked as if they were painted of her and she loved wearing them for her Daddy. If he was willing to stay with her, Darcy was going to please him, no matter what it was. Oh yeah, her C cup breasts were also free under her thin blouse and bouncing up and down, with each step she took.

He had Darcy's arm wrapped around his as they walked together. "I like this! You're the hit of the day, not me!" Alex said as he whistled at her sweet ass in the jeans.

"Daddy, you're a silly! Whistling at my butt!" she giggled like a schoolgirl, but she didn't give a damn. She was having fun.

He reached around her, slipped his right hand on her left cheek and Alex gently squeezed. "It's a very sexy ass that drives me crazy and those jeans ... wow!" he smiled like a kid turned loose in a candy store and he kept his hand on her.

"Thank you, I love it when you tell me how pretty I am. I haven't heard it in a long, long time." Darcy whispered and stopped to hug her Dad. "He told me that I was an ugly, spoiled brat and that I didn't know a single thing about ... pleasing a man. He told me that his hand was better that I was," she started to sob, but Dad slapped her ass.

"Fuck him baby! If I ever see that little fucker again ... I'm knocking his teeth out!" Alex growled at Darcy. "You know damn well it was all a lie! You are one of the prettiest women I've ever set eyes on and as far as the other thing, I'm sure that was his fault, not yours! Do not ever think that shit when I'm around or any other time!" he said as he held her shoulders and made sure that Darcy understood him.

"I know Daddy, but it's hard hearing that day and night. A person starts to believe it, even if it is nothing but crap." Darcy said as she carefully wiped her eyes.

"Well, I'm here and I say your fucking hot!" he growled again and grabbed both of her perfect cheeks. "You understand, lady?" Alex laughed as they stood together, looking deep into each other's eyes, while he enjoyed her butt.

She loved the feel of Dad against her body and could feel his erection pushing into her lower stomach. "I love you, Daddy and I'm going to die when you go home and leave me here," she said and more tears tried forming in her eyes, but Darcy fought them off.

He felt the same way, but Alex wasn't going to say anything. "Don't think about that right now. Let's have fun and do some shopping," he said and gave her butt a loving swat.

She giggled and grabbed her stinging ass cheeks. "I like it when you do that. It um ... kinda ... um ... it makes me ... um ... horny, Daddy!" Darcy purred as the stinging on her butt, raced between her long legs and deep into her lonely pussy.

He winked at her and replied. "I'll definitely make a note of that!"

Alex and Darcy went in deferent directions to shop for each other and she found herself looking at something that astounded her. "Oh hell, he would die if I bought that to wear. I did tell him that I wished I could be his wife," she giggled and almost ran into the store.

Across the mall, Alex was looking high and low for something special for Darcy, but he wasn't seeing anything he liked or caught his eye, until he looked in a 'fine' jewelry store. "Holy fuck, I bet it's fucking five carats, maybe more!" he gasped as his eyes looked over the pretty thing and he knew Darcy would love it.

Later, Alex stood waiting for Darcy in the center of the mall. He saw people of all shapes, sizes and one person caught his eye. The man was in a wheelchair and looking in the store that Alex just left.

He stood and walked back towards the store. "They sure do have some nice things." Alex said and he saw a frown cover the man's face. "Hey, I'm Alex."

"Hey, I'm Larry. Yeah they sure do, but I'm lucky if I have fifty bucks on me." Larry frowned and wished that he had more money to spend on his wife.

"Damn, that does suck. Who you shopping for?"

"My wife, I can never save enough to buy her anything nice and it pisses me off so bad, I could scream!" Larry said as he started to back away, but Alex stopped him.

"Hey um ... I'm kinda rich, would it bother you if I said pick out anything you want and I'll pay for it?" Alex asked and he could see that Larry wasn't going for it. "Look what I just bought my girl," he said and carefully let Larry look.

"Wow, I might be blind now!" Larry laughed and he figured Alex was telling the truth. "I guess, but I'm not doing any weird shit to pay for it or anything else!"

"Nah, this is the time of year to give and I have lots to give, so get anything you want." Alex said and he knew that he had to help this guy and his family. "Do you and your wife have any kids?" he asked Larry.

"Yeah, we have three girls' and it's going to be a 'suck-ass' Christmas this year."

Alex turned and pulled out his wallet to count his money. 'Well fuck, that's not enough for a family of five. I wonder how much Darcy has with her.' he thought and pulled out his phone to call her.

"Hey baby, how much money do you have on you? I met a real nice guy and I want to help him out, but I only have a few hundred on me." Alex said and motioned to the salesperson that he'd be paying for Larry's things.

"You should know me by now, Daddy. I always carry way too much and I'd love to help someone. Where are you?" she waited to hear where he was and she rushed to Dad. "Hey handsome ... wanta make a few bucks?" she teased and held up a wad of money that would have choked a horse.

"Damn girl, how much is there?" Alex asked and he really wished that she wouldn't carry around so much cash.

"Shit I don't know, but if you're helping that guy in the wheelchair ... give it all to him!"

"It's not like we're going to run out of it or anything." Alex said with a grin, took her money and he walked back to Larry. "Hey, my girl and I want to help you and your family. Would it bother you if we offered you some money?"

Larry looked at the money in Alex's hand and he came close to fainting. "Are you for real or is this a dream? You got this ring and now you want to give me all of that too?"

"Yep, we do things like this for people and we wish others' in our position would too. It's not like you can take it when you die so, I figure it's best to enjoy it while you can."

"Damn, you guys are awesome! You'll never know how happy my kids and wife are going to be." Larry said as Alex's girl came walking up to them.

She sat down on her knees next to Larry and looked at the ring Dad bought for him. "I'm glad we could help you." Darcy said as her eyes filled with tears. "If we're out like this and see somebody we think needs a hand, we offer it to them and hope they take it." Darcy said as she looked to the sweet, crippled man and her heart warmed.

"I'm going to take it and hold on tight!" Larry said with happiness.

"Well good and before we part ways, I'm going to give you my email address and if you ever need anything ... you better write me or else!" Darcy said trying to look mean, but both guys just laughed at her.

"I will and I can't think you enough." Larry said as Darcy leaned to hug him and Alex shook his hand.

They left Larry and watched him racing off to find his family. "There's another reason I love you so much." Darcy said as she hugged him and they went to have lunch.

"So, what did you buy me?" Alex teased Darcy, acting as if he was trying to peek into one of her bags. She just smiled at him and snatched it away from Dad, before he could see in.

"You're silly Daddy, but I'll let you look in one bag of mine and you can tell me if what I bought is ok or not," she smiled and handed him a medium bag, that felt like it was made of velvet. Darcy watched him peeking in her bag and laughed when his eyes grew big.

"Is that better, Daddy? You told me that I had to have a little more of myself covered, so I bought ten pair of those." Darcy said as Dad looked at all of the various pairs of bikini panties and from the look on his face, she knew that he liked them very much.

He looked at all of the tiny panties, enjoying the many different colors and he also noticed a few of them looked to be see-through. "I like them ... a lot!" Alex smiled and he couldn't wait to see his sexy daughter in them. He loved seeing her nice body, but he knew it was a little more than a Dad should be seeing.

"I'm glad, cuz I love looking good for you and I want to keep you happy."

"Oh yeah, I'll be real happy now. Oh, feel free to wear these little pink ones when we get home," he winked at her and felt his cock growing fast. "I can't wait to see them on that cute ass of yours!" Alex said and he wanted to see Darcy in the near see-through panties.

She knew the ones that he was talking about. Darcy had five other colors and they were the same, see-through. "Daddy, I told you to tell me what to wear or not to wear and if there's anything else you ... um ... need or ahhh," she panted with a soft voice and Darcy could feel her small pair of panties being flooded with warm, pussy juice.

"I love the three white pairs too. I used to love seeing your Mom in that color, it also made me think of her as being pure and ... all mine."

"Hum, maybe I should wear a pair of them, for you. I could be all innocent and pure for you ... Daddy," whispered across the table. "I loved seeing you hard and it would be fun to see it again."

He laughed and knew his daughter had a dirty mind, like his and Alex loved it too. "It may be fun for you to see me that way, but it really hurts. I haven't been with anyone, not even your Mom, in three years."

"Ouch, I'm sorry Daddy. I didn't know or I wouldn't have teased you so bad." Darcy said with a sad face, but inside her body wanted to jump up and down with joy. Daddy was horny and Darcy had him all to herself, until after Christmas.

"I bet you are!" Alex said in return and he could see that her mind was running at full speed.

She just smiled and said with a sexy voice. "You never know, maybe Santa will bring you a pretty, young girl for Christmas! Would you enjoy that, Daddy? A real pretty girl to hold, kiss and um ... slip that big, ol' long thing in her and make her squeal for a few hours. Wouldn't that be so nice?" she panted.

Alex sat there and he knew what Darcy was saying, but he didn't know what to think. She was a grown woman and way over eighteen, but she was his daughter. "Oh really? I've never heard of Santa bringing a girl for a Christmas present." Alex said as he looked into her eyes and he could see that she was in need too.

"I have some really good connections and if you're a good little boy..." she paused to bite her lip and added. "I'll bet on Christmas Eve, you find a pretty girl under the tree and she'll be all yours." Darcy added and she watched his eyebrows go up.

"That would be interesting." Alex said as she leaned over the table and motioned for him to do the same.

"If you did ... what would you do with her?" Darcy asked with a sweet voice as she rubbed the very tip of her nose, on his.

"Wow, a pretty girl for Christmas ... what would I do with her?" he smiled and hoped he could resist Darcy, but she was slowly seducing him. "Hum, it's been so long, I'm not sure," he added watching her frown and her teasing lower lip came out.

"You gotta tell me so that I can pass it on to Santa's helpers. You want her to be pretty and do all stuff you like ... in bed, don't you Daddy?"

"I'm sure that she'll be pretty, but that other part ... I'll keep that to myself."

"You silly Daddy, you have to tell me, so that I can pass it on to Santa. What's the one thing that you 'really' love a girl to do for you?" Darcy asked, but she had a good idea of what it was. When Darcy lived at home, she heard Mom sucking him off many, many times and she knew he loved to be in Mom's mouth.

"Maybe I'll write him a letter when we get home and I'll tell him myself."

"You should tell me so he'll know; otherwise ... he may not find out and send you the wrong girl!"

"That would be the shits! What if I got one of those girls' that looks like a girl, but they have a big, ol' wang between her ... um ... his legs?"

Darcy laughed so hard, she came close to falling off her chair. "Oh Lord, I love being around you, Daddy. You always make me feel so good!" she said and gently kissed him and it wasn't on the side of his mouth this time. It was right on his lips and Darcy traced his lips with her wet tongue.

"I don't think she'll have wang! I bet she'll have something nice, warm and you can put that big, long thing of yours ... in her ... if you ... um ... you wanted." Darcy added and chewed her lower lip.

Alex was ready to die. Darcy just told him that he was free to make it with her, if that's what he wanted. "That would be nice. I wonder what she'll look like."

"I she'll have nice hair like mine, long sexy legs, an awesome body like mine too."

He looked at Darcy and could see that she was hurting just as bad as he was. "But, what if they were related?"

"Even if you were, I don't think she'd care." Darcy replied with lust in her eyes.

"Wouldn't that be just a little strange?"

"She wouldn't think that. She'll want to kiss you," Darcy leaned and kissed him, while they looked deep into each other's eyes with love. "She's wants to hold you," she whispered and bit her aching lip, wishing that they were home and she was wearing a pair of her new panties and sitting on Dad's lap. "She wants to do things that ... only you and her should ever know of." Darcy moaned in his ear, letting her warm tongue gently graze his ear lobe.

"What if I did make it with her and she got pregnant? What would happen then?"

Darcy smiled and whispered. "She'll a big girl and remembers to take her pill, so those kinds of things don't happen to her."

"What if it did, what would she do?"

"She'd find out if it would be healthy or not and if it was ... you'd be a Daddy all over again. Wouldn't that be so nice?"

"I'm fifty now and my baby days are long gone."

"Mmmm, I bet you still pack a punch, Daddy. A man like you was made to spread your seeds all over the place and um ... I bet she wouldn't mind if ... um ... um you spread a bunch of them ... in her, I know that I wouldn't mind."

He looked at her and it did sound good. Alex was sick of being alone and so was Darcy, but she was his baby girl and there was no way in hell she could get pregnant. "She'd have to promise that would never happen."

Darcy had to smile at him and she knew that he was right. "I bet she'd go for that in a second ... I would," she whispered to him and wanted to get home, so she could wear some of her new panties for him.

"Well good, come Christmas Eve ... I'll have to keep an eye on your tree!"

"Until then, it's my job to get you real good and horny for her ... so be ready ... Daddy!" Darcy stood and slid on his lap, giving him a hug and a nice, wet kiss.

"Oh Lord!" Alex moaned in her mouth and he felt her giggling at him.

"Hey." Alex heard come from his side and there she stood.

He looked up to his seductress, his daughter Darcy and Alex wanted to scream. "Holy fuck, you're unbelievable!" he gasped, stood and walked up to her, not touching, but close enough that they could feel each others' presence.

He smiled at the way Darcy fixed her hair into two long pigtails and she changed her makeup. She had light pink eyelids, soft pink cheeks and pink lipstick. She had on a top and it was also pink. Well, it was more like a fishing net and it gave Alex a great look at Darcy's hard nipples as each of them poked through the tiny holes.

He looked down, her stomach was bare and Darcy had a thin gold chain wrapped around it. He looked lower, until his quest was complete and her new panties filled his eyes. Alex didn't dare to look any lower, if he had, he might have died. The stockings were pink and so were the four-inch high-heels on her tiny feet.

"Is this better ... Daddy?" she asked looking to the floor with her hands behind her back and Darcy's blood started to boil in her veins.

She knew this is what Daddy loved to look to see. She saw it on his computer the last time he came to visit her and Darcy counted the days, waiting to dress up for him. Every picture and video was with girls' or beautiful women wearing things like this.

"Do ya like it ... Daddy?" Darcy asked with a soft purr, keeping her eyes on the floor, just like the video that was on the computer screen that day. "I hope you do. I want to get you ready for Christmas. She might come dressed like this ... you never know," she purred again, slowly looking up to his face and she saw a little smile.

He could not believe her; Darcy was just like her late Mom. She was a born teaser and a damn good one too. "I should spank your ass for looking at my computer." Alex smiled and he was glad that she saw what he liked.

"It was there and I was too ... so ... I peeked!" she giggled and skipped across the deck and flopped into the same plush chair as last night, making sure that Daddy could see her long legs and the stockings.

"Well, I'll let it slide this time, but I better not catch you peeking at my things again." Alex said with a wink as he sat with her. "I'm glad I left that up, maybe I'll do it again if my tastes change!"

Darcy returned his smiled and slid her small hand on his lap, searching for the big thing that made her. "When do I get to see if I made you hard or um ... not, Daddy?" she asked putting out her lip and snuggled closer to him and Darcy found it. "Mmmm Daddy, that feels nice!" she purred into his ear as her fingers tried wrapping around his mass, but Darcy couldn't and she moaned.

"It's all for you," he smiled and looked down to watch her hand on his stiffened shaft, enjoying her loving touch.

"Oh really?" she panted and slid her fingers up his length, knowing another reason why Mom loved him so much.

"Yep, all of it, but how is this getting me ready for my Christmas girl?" he teased Darcy and he felt her hold in a giggle.

"I gotta make sure I tell Santa all the things you like and what you want 'her' to do for you. Wouldn't that be so much better? So when Christmas comes, she'll be the perfect ... um ... lover."

He sat there enjoying Darcy's hand caressed up and down his straining cock as he admired her long legs and skimpy panties. "Are your other things going to look as good as this one?" Alex asked as he reached to run his hand over her right leg, savoring the smooth feel of the sheer stocking on his fingertips and he grew more.

"I don't know ... they might or they might not, you gotta wait and see, Daddy," she whispered and Darcy wanted to hold his bare flesh in her hands. She slipped in the floor in front of him, sat on her knees and she slowly unzipped his pants. "Oh Daddy, it's so beautiful!" Darcy moaned and it sounded like she just orgasmed, but she was holding that until, Christmas Eve.

He watched Darcy and he hoped she wasn't going to kill him. Hell, he was an old man that hadn't been with a woman in a long time and here he was with a beautiful woman that was a fraction of his age. He was hard as a steel pole and she was pulling out his cock to play with. If Darcy was anything like her late Mom, she loved to suck things.

"What are you planning on doing with him?" Alex asked looking down to Darcy between his legs. She was holding him with both of her small hands and she was just looking at it, as if she was sizing it up.

"Oh God, Daddy..." Darcy moaned as her pussy dripped like never before and it was all because of him. His cock was a gigantic and close to a foot long. The head of it looked like a small apple and the shaft was slightly bent downward. "I wish it was Christmas Eve right now. This poor thing needs somewhere nice, wet and um ... warm to spend the night," she whispered, opened her mouth and licked a big blob of pre-cum from the tip of his thick cock-head.

Alex saw her mouth open and when her long, wet tongue lapped at his cock he wanted to scream. "Oh shit!" he moaned and hoped that she wasn't going to suck him. Alex knew he wouldn't last but a second, maybe two and that was it.

"Mmmm, did you like that ... Daddy? I gotta make sure I know what you um ... like. We want 'her' to be perfect, don't we?" Darcy whispered as her eyes looked up to his and she licked him again, letting her tongue linger longer, teasing him until he was ready to explode.

Darcy's tongue was like silk as she licked him again, making sure that she drove him crazy and Alex loved it. "Holy fuck!" he moaned and Alex wanted this teasing vamp so bad, he was thinking of taking her right there, but waiting would be better. He wanted to see what Darcy had planned for Christmas Eve and if he took her, it was sure to screw up her plans.

She looked up and giggled at him. "What Daddy, don't you like me doing that to you?" Darcy knew he loved it, but she also knew that he needed to release, but she would help him with that later that night. For now, she planned to drive him nuts.

"Oh girl, I loved it, but your 'playing' is killing me!" he moaned and Alex hoped that Darcy would help him or something. If she kept this up, he would never make it until Christmas.

"Well, if you need a little break, I could go find us some snacks and make us a drink. Is that ok, Daddy? Would you like to come with me?" she asked with a purr as she held his massive cock in her hands. "You can watch my butt while I work. I know how much you love that," she said with a low voice and Darcy saw he was dripping again. Her long tongue lashed out and Darcy quickly licked away the salty cum, letting it sit on her tongue and savoring the forbidden fruits from her Daddy.

"Oh my God!" he moaned and Alex could see his cock down her silky throat, being sucked hard and Darcy's mouth being filled with cum. "I hope my 'Christmas girl' enjoys sucking things. Do you think she will?" he asked and saw a tiny smiled on her lips.

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