Holly Hungry

by Flying-Circus

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Blackmail, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: I suspected my store clerk of stealing from the register. I gave her two choices: jail or sex.

It was strange but my cash register till was short again, but this time it was by fifty bucks.

I owned Curios N Cards. It was a little shop that sold curios and cards hence the name. It wasn't unusual for the register's computerized accounting and the actual cash receipts to differ. An extra three pennies here or one less dollar there when giving out change always caused discrepancies. The strange thing was it was off by over five dollars a couple of days last week, around ten dollars earlier this week, and by a whopping fifty today.

Times were tough in this leaner economy so I needed every rightful dollar to stay afloat.

I was a 55-year old man, divorced long ago, with no children, and this store was my life.

If the store went under then I went under. I was too old to start over. I knew if I made smart business decisions I could ride out this economic downturn until everybody was back into a carefree spending mode.

Unfortunately, there was only one direction to look at in regards to my missing cash. It had to be Phoebe. She was a pretty, 18-year old brunette who started working for me this summer. She just graduated high school and planned to attend the local community college in the fall. I hated to accuse Phoebe but I had no choice. She and I were the only ones working here. She was a fantastic employee and I was quickly ecstatic about her.

She had a great work ethic. So I thought. I was evidently wrong. I was sad about Phoebe but I was angry too.

I had noticed her expensive blouse earlier this week and commented on it, but she said her grandmother gave her some money. I had a bad feeling I was her grandma. I couldn't just outright accuse Phoebe however. I had to make sure it was her. It could have been a customer though it was very unlikely.

It would normally cost some money to set up secret surveillance, but I could borrow equipment from my younger brother. He was in the film industry.

If I proved it was Phoebe by catching her on video then she would repay me. She definitely would repay me. It was either that or go to jail. The more I thought about it and stewed over what she did the angrier I became.

An idea hit me. It was possible to not only get what I wanted from her but I might even be able to recoup my financial losses. I'd have to check with my brother. He'd know. It all depended on whether she preferred jail or to give an old guy some fun. I was old but I was fit. I could more than handle a young girl like Phoebe. I would meet with my brother to hash my ideas out. He'd know more about what I was thinking since he dealt with actresses all the time.

Phoebe sat in my office after the shop was closed with her hands in her face. The video was indisputable.

"I don't want to send you to jail" I said, sitting on the edge of my desk facing her.

"You've been a great worker with a great attitude that is until I discovered you were stealing from me."

"I'm sorry," she blubbered for what felt like the thousandth time.

"So you have two choices," I said. "You can go to jail and be a disgrace to all your friends and to your loving Mom and Dad or you can do what I want."

"What is that?" she said, finally looking up.

"It's real easy. You let me fuck you."

"Fuck me?"

"Don't sound so surprised. Don't think a guy like me wouldn't love to fuck a sexy girl like you."

"Forget it!"

"What? Are you afraid you might like it?"

"Fuck you!"

"Right! That's what I want you to do. Are you a virgin?"

"It's none of your business!"

"Look!" I said angrily, grabbing her face in my hands and forcing her to look into my eyes. "It's my business now. You have a decision to make. Do you want to get fucked by a prison dyke or do you want to get fucked by me? Personally, I think your decision is pretty easy."

I let her go.

"I'm not," she said.

"You're not what?"

"Not a virgin."

"So you've decided then?"

She nodded, looking down at the floor.

I smiled broadly.

I took a paper out of a folder and sat it in front of her. I pulled a ballpoint pen from the desk drawer.

"Before I get to this contract there are a couple of conditions," I said. "You still work here. I'm not letting you quit and I'm not firing you. If you quit without my approval then you go to jail and find out what it's like to have some woman with hairy knuckles shove her fist in your pussy. There is a good chance I will give you a raise if you stay.

I'm thinking twenty-five cents an hour but it could be as little as ten cents or it could be as much as a dollar an hour or even more."

"Why would you do that?"

"That's my business. Now onto the contract. I'll summarize it for you. I'm going to film our little fuck." I pulled a towel off a high-quality handheld camera that I borrowed from my brother. "You're going to a do a little acting. In my movie your name will be Holly Hungry. Do you want to know why?"

Phoebe said nothing. She looked like she was in shock.

"Cheer up!" I said with a happy smile. "It's still better than having Helga the Barbarian's five fingers up your cunt and she's trying to stick her other five in. Anyway, your name is Holly Hungry because you are hungry for cock. Got it?"

She nodded. I was glad she wasn't completely out of it.

"The way I'm going to get my money back is by selling my video. Don't look so worried.

No one's ever going to know about it. I got to get my money back somehow. No matter how good a fuck you are I still want my money."

"I'll pay you back!"

"Yes but my way. Ready? Go sit on sofa."

I had an old two seat sofa in my office. I had covered it with a sheet in anticipation she would choose fucking over jail.

"Wait!" I said as she stood. "Sign the contract." I handed her the pen.

Phoebe looked beaten down. It wasn't my problem. She was the one who put herself in this position. It was her own stupidity.

"Alright, over there," I said, taking the signed contract.

She plopped down heavily on the cushions.

"You ever seen a porn movie before?" I asked.

She nodded.

"You're going to have to speak. Enough of this stupid silence."

"Yes," she said.

"You saw how the girls are always enthusiastic and energetic? I expect that of you. Got it?"

She nodded then quickly said, "Yes."

I pulled another paper out of the folder on the desk. I walked over and handed it to her.

"Here's the script. I'm going to ask you these questions. Answer them truthfully except your name is Holly Hungry now. When I get down further say the answers in bold when I ask those questions. Got it?"

"Yes," she sighed, reading it over.

"You're going to say it again and again until you get it right, so do it right the first time.

We'll practice first but I need to get ready too."

I stripped out of my clothes. I was still in decent shape. It was mostly the graying hair that gave my age away. Phoebe, I needed to start thinking of her as Holly too, stared at my cock. I think she was surprised that I still had a healthy piece of man meat. Just because I was semi-old didn't mean my cock shriveled away.

I picked up the camera and aimed it at Phoebe.

"What's your name?"

"My name is Holly Hungry."

"More enthusiasm. Try again. And smile."

"My name is..."

"Bigger smile."

"My name is Holly Hungry"

"How old are you?"


"How many guys have you been with before?"


"Just one?"


"Did you like it?"


"What are you here for, Holly Hungry?"

"I'm hungry for cock."

"Good. You're getting it but try to look a little more excited. I know you can be a good actress. Got it?"


"Good. Let's do it for real."

I aimed the camera and pressed record. I stopped her once early on and restarted but I felt good about the second time. She did a good job delivering my prepackaged answers too.

"Okay, get undressed then down on your knees. You're going to suck my cock."

"You don't want me to do a striptease for you?" she mocked with obvious irritation.

I liked her idea and wondered why I didn't think of it. I was too eager to get some action.

I didn't have to hurry. I had plenty of time.

"Good idea," I said to her apparent dismay. "Stand up and do a slutty dance. I can tell you're a natural." It was a dig to get back at her expressed irritation. "I'll tell you what to take off when. Go ahead and slip your shoes off now."

I backed up to the desk, zoomed the camera out to view how her full body looked in the screen then zoomed in for close ups. It would work.

"Okay," I said, "do a little dance while you rub your hands over your body."

It looked stupid but it looked hot too.

"Rub your hands over your boobs. That's the way. You're a natural. Now slowly unbutton your blouse."

I zoomed in on her boobs then zoomed back as she finished unbuttoning.

"Take it off. Good. Now your skirt. Beautiful."

She was now in plain white panties and an equally plain and equally white bra.

"Now your bra."

She undid the clasp. It almost felt like she was getting into it a little.

"Slowly pull it away from your tits." I centered my camera on them. "Good, good.

Perfect! They are beautiful."

Phoebe was a solid B cup. Her tits were a good normal size. I took extra time filming her tits.

"Okay, your panties," I said.

She slipped them down and off. I grinned. It looked awesome.

"You're a shaver," I commented.

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