One Good Turn...

by L.A. Wicker

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Son, White Couple, White Male, White Female, Size, Big Breasts, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: A story about a man and his stripper mom. He wants her, but the past screws him up.

Frank Wheeler made his way through the crowd of cheering men and towards the large stage. He looked up to the tall, sexy woman and he could not believe his eyes. He watched her big breasts swaying about, her juicy hips moving to the slow beat of the music and his cock grew hard as a rock.

'Mother fuck!' he moaned to himself as he sat down in an empty chair next to the stage. She was completely nude, other than the tiny pair of blue bikini panties, on her 36-inch hips and a small pair of black glasses resting on her nose. 'You look so fuckin' good Christy and you're killing my poor cock!" he thought again as visions of being away at war for the last four years, filled his mind and how it would feel to hold her.

'Maybe I should see if she does lap dances or not! Wouldn't that be one for the ol' memory book!' he thought with a laugh as her long thick, black hair glistened in the bright stage lights and he saw something else. Christy's nipples were swollen three times their normal size and they looked so damn good. 'Does this turn you on that fucking much? I wonder what poor Jim thinks about you doing this shit?' he thought as the song ended, men started cheering and yelling as loud as they could.

"Alright, let's put them together for the hottest M.I.L.F. in the world, Christy!" the announcer said as men and young guys yelled even louder than before.

Frank ordered two Jack Daniels and waited for her come from the dressing rooms. After fifteen minutes of waiting, she came out and started serving men drinks and flirting for tips. He watched as her small see-through tee shirt and tiny panties did little to conceal her beauty, and Christy's most treasured gifts. 'You're so fucking pretty! I'd give my left nut for just one night with you, ' he thought as she walked up to his table and she smiled.

"Hey solder, how yaw doing tonight?" Christy asked with a forced smile and she waited for his hands to start pawing at her, but he didn't.

"I'm fine, how are you ... Christy?"

She bent down and looked at him closer. "Oh Frank, when did you get back?" Christy asked with excitement as she quickly hugged him and she forgot about her skimpy outfit, but it felt wonderful to feel him again. Her large, near bare breasts, smashed against his face and she felt him let out a long and very low sigh.

"I've been back two hours. They cut us loose pretty fast. I guess they figured it would be the right thing to do, after making us stay for two tours of duty in that shit-hole."

She sat on his lap and continued to hug him. "I should still kick your ass for signing up. It was so dumb and there was no need for it either! We would have worked through everything. We always did baby, but you just ran away and didn't even tell me. " She said with a sad face and hurt filled Christy's heart.

"Oh well, I'm fine and you're happy."

"Yeah, bullshit too! I hate my life and you could get killed at any fucking second! How is that fucking fine, Frank?" Christy yelled at him and she quickly stood back up. She pulled her thoughts and emotions together and added. "We close in about an hour, can we 'please' talk about it then?" she asked and hoped he would. She felt so bad for all that happened and she was the reason for him joining the Army.

He knew this was still bothering Christy really bad and he hated to see her upset. "Yeah, that'll be fine. Maybe we can find a nice place to eat. I haven't had any good food in four years," he said and Frank reached around her and slid his big hands on Christy's butt. "I'm sorry all of this shit happened, ok?" he said as he looked up into her beautiful dark eyes and her big, juicy lips, thinking of kissing her again.

"We'll talk soon; sweet-heart and you best not leave either! I'm telling the girls' that you're home and that you need some lovin'!" Christy smiled from ear to ear and she could still see the same look in his eyes. Frank was still in love with her and deep down; Christy felt the same way about him.

She ran to the bar and told everyone about Frank being home. They all felt like they knew him from the way Christy always talked about him and a young stripper named, Jackie, really took notice.

She quickly passed her drinks and rushed to his table. "Hey there, solder. I heard you were lonely and needing some lovin'!" she smiled and eased into the chair across from him. "I'm Jackie, Christy has told me all about you and everybody she's met since starting here!" she laughed and they shook hands.

Frank smiled at Jackie and he quickly saw that she was a splitting image of Christy, but a little smaller and younger. " Jackie, I'm Frank. It's very nice to meet you," he smiled and couldn't help but looking at her full, young breasts through her white, see-through top and his cock was hard.

"That girl sure does love you, but I can't believe she hasn't jumped all over you. What's her problem?' Jackie asked with a smile and wished she could get a hot looking guy like Frank in her life. He was great looking, a sergeant in the Army and he seemed to be very sweet.

Frank just smiled at Jackie's words and he truly wished that he and Christy could be together, but it couldn't be. "Yeah, we've always been close, but it just never happened," he said lifting his drink and carefully sipped it.

"I'm not sure about her, but I would have done anything to work it out." Jackie replied as she stood and added with a frown. "I gotta get busy. The boss loves Army people, but he doesn't like us to mingle very long," she moved in front of him. "Hey, if you don't think that Christy would get jealous, could I treat you to a um ... lap dance? It's the least I could do for a 'real' war hero." Jackie said as she stood in front of Frank, knowing he had a full view of her body and all of the parts men loved so much.

"I'd like that," he said with a smile and slid his arms around her thin waist. "I haven't been with anyone in four years and I could sure some fun!" Frank winked.

Jackie slid on his lap, hugging his neck and said. "Damn, you poor baby, Christy should be the one fixing you, but if she won't..." Jackie paused to run her fingers through his thick, black hair and she leaned to give Frank a soft kiss on the lips. "I'd love to help and it would be more than a silly dance on your lap," she purred and felt something nice and very hard under her ass.

He smiled and returned Jackie's kiss. "That would be nice, but I'm sure the family will have me booked for the next week or so." Frank said as Jackie's words echoed through his brain. 'I wish Christy would give me more than a dance too, but ... oh well, ' he thought and saw Christy looking at him from the bar. She didn't look very happy, either. 'Are you fuckin' jealous? Wouldn't that be so fucking funny?' he laughed to himself.

"I'll write me number down for you and when things calm down, just call me and we'll get together!" she gave him another kiss and quickly walked away.

He watched Jackie's sweet butt as she walked away and Frank loved the way it wiggled under her little panties. "I gotta hit that thing a few times and as much as she looks like Christy, it'll be a fucking blast!" he mumbled and didn't care. He still loved Christy and wanted her so bad, he hurt.

Later that morning, Frank and Christy sat in a small diner a few blocks from the strip club. "How have you been, sweet-heart and please ... don't lie or be a smart-ass, ok." Christy said as she held Frank's hands in hers, thinking of how nice it was to see him again.

Frank could see that Christy was truly glad to see him again and if he wanted another try at her, he better be a lot nicer. "I'm been doing real good. It sucks being away from home, but a person gets used to it after awhile," he replied with a smile and Frank couldn't take his eyes off of Christy's gorgeous, mature face and her new look. She had her hair coiled on top of her head and the little glasses made her look so damn hot, Frank's cock stayed hard.

"I bet it does. If I had to do anything like that, I'd just lie down and die." Christy said as she thought of Frank being in such danger all of the time and she knew it had to be so hard on him. "Do they have someone you can talk to?" she asked with concern.

"Not really, just some guy acting like he's a preacher, but we found out that he's a fake and getting kicked out for lying."

"Oh my Lord, are you joking?" she said with a shocked look.

"No, he lied and when the brass found out, they had a fit!" Frank laughed. "How's Jim and the kids doing?"

"They're doing great! If someone would write once and a while, he'd know these kinds of things," she said giving him a motherly look as she pushed back her glasses.

He watched as Christy pushed back her sexy glasses and said. "I know, but we stay so busy and when we come back from a mission, we are always so tired and stressed from it all, nobody can think straight."

"You really need to try. The kids miss you so much, Jim loves hearing from you and..." Christy paused and fought to hold back her tears. "And ... um ... I worry about you day and night baby," she said and her tears won the battle. They ran from her eyes and down her pretty face, dripping on Christy's flimsy blouse and she was dying to hug him again.

Frank hated seeing her cry and he held Christy's hands tighter, wishing that it was the body he missed. "Come on, you know I can't stand to see you cry," he said and Frank lightly kissed her hands. "When I sign back up next month, I'll write every day. I got a new laptop computer and I can email everybody. Plus, I have so many cool pictures and video's I can send." Frank added with a smile and he hoped Christy would stop crying.

"I wish you would think about that." Christy smiled as she took off her glasses and gently wiped her eyes. "I have a big family dinner planned for tomorrow and I'm making everything you love to eat," she smiled and looked into his dark, bedroom eyes and Christy wanted to kiss him.

"I can't wait! I love your cooking and I know I won't get poisoned!" he said with a smile and Frank knew she was still his. "Why in the world are you..." Frank started to ask, but Christy cut in.

"When Jim got hurt that night, things got so bad and we were about to lose everything. I saw a little add in the newspaper looking for sexy, mature women and the next day, I went to an interview."

"I bet they loved your ass!" he smiled and Christy's face turned red. Frank knew her body and he knew it well.

"Yeah, they sure did and I started that same night," she said and could feel her face turning red with embarrassment and she knew what Frank was thinking about.

He just gave her a teasing wink. "You looked real good up there. How did you learn to move and dance so damn hot?" he asked with a sigh and a teasing wink.

"I guess I'm a natural!" she giggled and Christy felt her pussy starting to tingle. "How did you know I was in there?" she asked and took one of his cigarettes.

"I didn't. I just wanted a drink and to see a few naked ladies. This was the only place that looked decent, so here I am."

"Wow, what are the odds of that?" she shook her head. "No one knows about this, Frank and I'd like to keep it that way. I told everyone that I do some accounting for a company and they want me to work nights."

"I won't say anything, babe. I wish I would have known things were so bad. I would have helped you." Frank said as he lit a cigarette. "I don't buy or use any of my money. It sits in the bank getting moldy!" he laughed and Frank wanted to hold her and make Christy's life better.

She just smiled at him. "You were always trying to be my protector and I loved it so much." Christy said with love pouring through her body and it settled between her long, slender legs.

"I did my best," he smiled as they gazed into each other's eyes and Frank kissed Christy's hands again. "You'll always be my girl and I mean it from the bottom of my heart," he added and could see more tears forming in her pretty eyes. "I'm sorry, but I just can't help it, Christy. I'm still in love with you." Frank said with a scratchy voice and he wanted to cry with her.

Christy held his hands her tears started forming. "I know baby, I can see it in your gorgeous eyes" she smiled as the tears ran down her face. "I wish things were different too. You would be a dream come true for any woman, including ... me, but um ... we can't." Christy whispered and her body started to betray her. Christy's pussy wanted Frank in it and it wanted him now.

He managed a weak smile and Frank just looked in her eyes, thinking of her last two words. "I know, but I can't stop thinking about it. You know damn well that you've thought about it too and if you say you haven't ... you're fuc ... um lying, girl," he quickly replied and watched her face, hoping that he could see what she was thinking. He knew Christy wanted to do it with him, but she wouldn't give in and Frank tried his best.

"It wouldn't matter either way, Frank. It's never going to happen, so please don't start on me." Christy said as she thought of how easily Frank could always excite her. 'Please don't, I can't resist you right now.' Christy though as her inside churned with need and she wanted to jump into his arms.

"I'm not going to do anything, so calm down," he smiled and Frank hated lying, but he was going to drive Christy insane.

She looked at him and Christy could read him like a book. "Yea, tell me some more of your shit and I'll put my boots on! I know you better than that and it's not nice to lay," she smiled and it warmed Christy's heart knowing he loved her that much.

"Where are you staying? If you don't have anything planned, you're more than welcome to come to the house. Everyone would love to have you there." Christy said and she hoped he would. She wanted to be near him, but hoped that Frank would behave himself.

"I was going to get a room, but if you insist." Frank smiled and he saw Christy's eyes sparkle and they seemed to be filled with joy.

"Good, let's finish our drinks and go home!" Christy smiled and hoped that this wasn't a horrible mistake on her part. The last time Frank stayed with them, Christy's husband was turned into a crippled mess and her life was completely turned upside down.

Christy led the way into the dark house and Frank was right behind her. She stopped and his hips smashed into her meaty butt. "Oops!" Christy giggled, enjoying the feel of him against her body.

He slid his arms around her and pulled Christy back to him. "I have to hug you. Can I do that without getting into trouble?" Frank whispered with a low and very manly voice, knowing how much she loved him talking that way. He gently caressed Christy's lower stomach, just above her low-cut jeans and he could feel her relaxing in his arms.

She was helpless and Christy knew this would happen. "I thought you were going to behave yourself?" she moaned as his hands and very erect cock, drove her crazy with need.

"I'm trying, but you make me crazy," he whispered again and leaned to kiss the back of her neck. "I can't help myself." Frank said as he kissed her more.

She laughed and pulled away from him. "Come on, Frank, you promised. So stop it, ok." Christy said in a voice that he knew all too well.

"I'm sorry." Frank said as she turned on the living room lights and it was good to be home. Well, to Christy and Jim's home, but it still felt so good. "You never know just how much you miss something, until you see it again," he said and looked into her loving eyes.

"I know what you mean, baby. I feel the same way." Christy whispered as she chewed on her lower lip, hoping he wouldn't try anything.

"Do I get the same room or did you change things around?" he asked, wondering if Christy remodeled after Jim got hurt. He remembered that Jim needed 24 hour care and Christy couldn't sleep with him anymore.

She felt bad for inviting him home with her and then, telling him to sleep on the sofa. "I have that room now, but I'll change the sheets tomorrow and I'll take the sofa." Christy said with a smile.

"Nah, I'll be fine. You keep the room and don't worry about it."

"No, we can take turns. I'll use it one night and you can have it the next," she said in a firm voice, with her hands resting on her sexy hips.

He laughed at her and flopped down on the sofa. "Can I still smoke or do I have to go out?" he asked holding up his cigarettes.

"You'll be fine for now, but if Jim has his oxygen on ... you can't. You know that."

"Cool," he said and lit one up. "I'm glad that poor guy can't remember what happened, but I still feel so fucking bad."

"I know what you mean, but he wouldn't stop and listen." Christy said as she turned and sat facing Frank. "I felt guilty for a long time, but we tried talking to him and it's not our fault he took off in the car."

"Yeah, but he walked in on some crazy shit!" Frank said and he had to shift his growing cock.

Christy smiled and her pussy tingled. "That he did!" she smiled and thought of Jim walking in on her and Frank naked as the day they were born.

"What a wild day that was!" Frank said and he was worn completely out. "Would you be insulted if I crashed out? I've been on a plane for the last two fucking days." Frank yawned and started pulling off his clothes.

"Yeah, that'll be fine, but you owe me a night of talking and just hanging out together." Christy smiled as she watched him strip for her and wished she could go back in time to enjoy that night, one last time.

"Babe, I'll do anything you want," he said and stopped to yawn again. "And, as much as you want."

"I think that will be just great and I'm holding you to it." Christy smiled as she thought of spending time alone with Frank.

"I don't think you have to worry about that. You know how I am when it comes to you," he whispered and Frank drifted off to sleep.

Christy sat there watching him and love filled her heart. She stood and got Frank a blanket from a nearby chest and draped it over him. "Goodnight my love. You sleep well and tonight, you'll be safe," she whispered, gently kissed him on the lips and Christy went to bed, knowing that he would be in her dreams.

Frank jumped from the sofa and quickly looked around. "Damn it! These fucking nightmares are killing me," he moaned and started towards the bathroom. "Man, I got to piss!" he moaned and started walking faster.

Once there, Frank started to empty his cock and couldn't help but let out a long moan of relief. "Oh fuck, much better!" Frank moaned louder as his cock grew more and it started to hurt. "Ouch, I hate getting hard, while I'm pissing!" he laughed and felt the end was near.

Something caught his eye; Frank turned and saw Christy laying in a bubble bath, smoking a cigarette.

"Hello." Christy whispered as she watched Frank's cock growing and she took a long puff from her cigarette. "Do you feel better?" she said as the smoke and her words filled the small room.

"Oh yeah, that was a good one."

She smiled and puffed the cigarette again. "I'm glad I left the door unlocked. You got to pee and now we can talk to each other, but I want you to light those two candles for me. " Christy pointed behind him.

"Sure," he said as he took the lighter from her and had the candles burning in a second. "How's that?" Frank asked he sat on the toilet and looked down to Christy.

Her hair was still in a bun on top of her head and the tiny, black glasses were resting on her long, slender nose. He big C cups were covered with bubbles, but he knew they wouldn't last long, before they popped. Christy's long, right leg was bent at the knee and it was above the bubbles, teasing him.

"Thank you, sweet-heart," she whispered and reached to butt her smoke. "I want to talk and find out how you've been. I hated not hearing from you. It broke my heart, baby." Christy started crying and she felt Frank's arms going around her naked body. "I did ... so ... much ... for you and you ... y... ," she sniffed and rested her face against his bare chest. "You do that to me!" she cried more and Frank rocked her.

He felt so bad for not writing her and Frank knew he had to make it up to her. "I'm sorry, baby. I was hurting and I didn't know what to do."

"I was too, but you shouldn't have done that!" Christy said as she sat up and reached for another smoke. "He caught us, Frank and we didn't know if he told anyone before he wrecked the car. The cops could have been watching us or anything. I didn't want to end up in jail for doing it with my ... SON!" she all but yelled at him. "I wanted you to love me! I wanted that long, thick fucker in me so bad, I could taste it, but we couldn't!" she yelled again and hoped the kids didn't hear this.

"I needed you and you just shoved me away!" he said as tears filled his eyes.

"I know you did baby and I needed you, but I was so afraid. I didn't want us to end up in jail, so I stopped it cold! And you had to run off and join the Army, before I could explain anything!"

"All you had to do was tell me what you were doing. I would have understood." Frank said as he looked at Mom lying in the tub and she was crying because of him. Frank bent down and he hugged her tight. "I'm sorry, Mom," he said and Frank cried in his Mom's loving arms, enjoying her soft touch and her warm breasts on his face.

"I know baby and so am I," she whispered to him and Christy hoped this wasn't a mistake. She still wanted her Frank to love her, but she was still his Mom and that was never going to change. She reached up, gently wrapped her fingers around his thick shaft and Christy squeezed. "Can Mom make it up to you?" she whispered and started stroking her sons' long, thick cock, enjoying the feel of holding a young stud, ready to fuck anything that moved.

He couldn't move or open his mouth. Mom was jerking him off and Frank loved it. Her hand was magical as it slid up and down his entire length, giving him feelings that he never thought he'd ever enjoy again. But, Mom was jerking him off, while she rested in the warm water and Frank had a great idea.

He quickly locked the door, slid off his shorts and he got in the big tub with her. "I thought that you might be able to do it better, if I was in here with you," he smiled and Mom went back to work on his cock, but this time, Mom was using both hands to please him. "Ahhh, shit ... that feels so damn good, Mom!" he moaned through his teeth. He watched his gorgeous Mom, jerking off his cock and he moved over her, sitting face to face with her. "Yeah, pull on it, Mom! It wants you! It wants to love my sexy Mom!" he moaned in her ear and she let out a low growl of need.

"You little, fuck! You're going to end up fucking me, aren't you? Do you wanna fuck your Mom? Do you wanna put that big, ol' cock up your Mom's lonely pussy and make her happy? Oh God, I need your cock in me!" Christy moaned as her tiny hands slid up and down her son's big, raging cock.

"I love holding and playing with you baby! Will you make love to me? I need my big, handsome son to ... fuck me!" she growled louder as her hands slid up and down her son's cock, pulling and twisting, twisting and pulling. She did anything to help him cum.

He loved the way Mom was talking and it did not take long for him to cum. "Ahhh, fuck! Oh Mom! Oh Mom, I'm cumming! I'm cumming for you and on you!" he grunted as rope after thick, sticky rope of cum shot from the tip of his cock, covering his Mom with warm cum and she smiled to him.

She stroked faster and he let go. Cum shot from his cock and splashed all over her neck, her chest and her excited breasts. "Yeah, cum baby! Cum for me! Cum all over your Mom and show me who the man is!" she moaned and kept on jerking him off.

"Oh shit! That was fucking hot!" he said leaning down and rested on her body. "I love you, Mom." Frank moaned as hands slid up her body, cupping each of her large breasts, his thumbs teasing her nipples and his pulsing cock resting on her flat tummy.

"It sure was, but what do I get?" Christy said as love poured through her body.

"What if I take you to your room and..." he stopped to kiss his Mom and Frank whispered. "Love you until morning? Would you like that, Mom? Your son back inside you, but this time ... I'll be loving you," he moaned and softly bit her neck.

"Yeah, my baby ... in ... me!" Christy panted with need as she and Frank stood up. "I need you to love me. I need my son to hold, love and make me feel good again. I've been so lonely." Christy moaned with need as she rubbed her excited body all over his, hoping that he'd just shove her to the wall and do it right where they were.

"Mommy, my tummy hurts! Mommy! Mommy!" Christy's youngest daughter cried out in the night, breaking a wonderful moment between Christy and her first born.

"Oh no, not now!" she moaned with hurt, having a good idea that Cindy's stomach flu was back. "I gotta go, baby. She's been so sick all this week and if I don't, Little Jimmy and Jim's sitter will get up."

"Darn it, I wanted to make out with you so bad!" Frank moaned as he helped Mom slip on her gown. "If you get a chance, come and see me," he winked, pulled up his shorts and went back to bed.

Frank woke up late the next say and he quickly smelled coffee and food cooking. "Oh yeah, I'm starving!" he said finding his shorts and he almost ran to the kitchen.

He saw Mom standing at the stove, wearing a very tight pair of blue, stretch jeans and they were tight. The light-blue jeans were wrapped on her so tight; it looked like they had been painted on Mom's gorgeous ass. Her crack and each beautiful cheek were perfectly outlined and he could feel his cock springing to life.

"Hey pretty lady, what's cooking?" he said walking towards her, moving behind her, smashing his stiff cock against Mom's ass for a few seconds and he sat at the table.

Christy felt his arm sliding around her waist and his cock on her butt. She thought of him the entire night and her pussy was on fire. "I thought that I'd make you a nice lunch." Christy said as she turned to admire her son and his erection.

"Cool, I'm freaking staving! It'll take me two months, maybe longer to catch up on some good food," he laughed and watched Mom's sexy ass, wiggling in her jeans and he watched it closely. "Those jeans look hot as hell on you and I'm not just saying it to score points!" Frank smiled as he gave Mom a teasing wink.

"Thank you very much! I wasn't sure if you'd get upset or not. I told you to behave and I wear my sexiest jeans."

"Well after what you did to me in the tub, I can look at your sexy ass and still be a good boy, Mom. I'll keep my promise." Frank said and he was going to behave. If Mom wanted him, she would have to make the first move.

She just smiled and flipped over a piece ham. "I have a very busy day today and I won't be home until about eight, plus I have to work tonight. Do you have anything you need to do or any friends that you could be see or you could just stay home and relax."? Christy said as she fixed his plate and walked to the table. "Here you are. I hope you're ready to eat!" she smiled and sat down the massive plate of ham and eggs.

"Holy God! This is one of the many reasons I love coming home!" he said with love and Frank pulled her to his side. "I love you so much!" he said and hugged Mom tight.

"I love you too, baby and I love cooking for you, so you don't have to thank me for that."

"Yes I do." Frank said with a low voice and he leaned to kiss her, but he only grazed her sexy lips.

She loved his kiss and Christy wanted more, but Frank started eating and he just smiled at her. "That wasn't much of a kiss," she said and sat across from him, wondering why he didn't give her a better kiss than that.

"You told me that I had to behave, so I'm behaving."

She just laughed to herself and Christy knew that she'd get him later, after she came home from work. "Ok, I'm going to go get dressed and get going. I have so much to do," she stood, walked to him and leaned to give him a big, wet kiss. "There, I just took one!" Christy laughed and she went to dress.

Frank didn't want to spend the entire day by himself, so he got his cell phone and he dialed Jackie's number. "Hello," a soft voice filled his ear.

"Hey there, this is Frank. I thought I'd call and see what you're doing today."

"Well hey there handsome, what ya got in mind?" Jackie cooed into the phone, hoping that Frank was in the mood for some hot, sticky sex.

"I thought that I'd take you to lunch and we'll find something to do."

"Mmmm, that sounds nice and I'd love to have lunch. I haven't been on a real date in ages!"

"Good, give me your address and I'll come and pick your sweet, little ass up." Frank said and he hoped that Mom still had Jim's other car or he'd be fucked.

She gave Frank her address and he went to look in the garage. "Great, now I just hope she'll let me use it," he said and went to find Mom. "Hey Mom, where are you?" he yelled walking into her room.

"I'm doing my makeup, come on in!" she yelled back and Christy knew he was going to love what she was wearing.

Frank made his way through her room and into the bathroom. "Holy shit, Mom! You tell to behave and look what the fuck you're wearing!" he said with a painful voice, looking at her white, see-through, panties and tiny bra. The bra just did hold Mom's large C cups in place and the side of her breasts spilled over the small garment. Her meaty ass-cheeks were in plain view and the small panties went into her crack. "Damn, be glad I promised to behave myself or your ass would be in trouble!"

"What kind of trouble would I be in?" Christy asked as she turned to face him and she smiled at the look on her son's face. She knew that he was seeing all of her worldly goods and she loved it.

Mom turned and the bra and panties did nothing to hide her big nipples or her tiny, shaved pussy. "Your ass would be laying on your bed with my stiff cock fucking your pussy!" frank growled and he couldn't wait to go and see Jackie. He knew that she wanted him and he needed her pussy.

"Damn, right to the point! Is that any way to talk to your, Mom?"

"It is when she dresses like this shit and she has a son that wants her ass!"

"The son needs to go get some ass and calm down." Christy smiled and she hoped he wouldn't, she wanted him all for herself, but Christy was still afraid to do it with him.

"That's kinda why I'm here. Can I use Jim's old car to go see a few old friends?"

"I guess, just be very careful and no drinking," she said thinking of Frank driving the expensive car. Jim had a 1970 Dodge Charger that was in mint condition and Christy wanted to keep it until her youngest son could have it.

"I won't and I will take very good care of it," he said as he moved beside Mom and slipped his big hand on her ass and he gently caressed it. "Can I come and see you dance tonight? I love seeing you move this sexy ass and hips." Frank said as he pushed against Mom's hip, knowing that she could feel his stiff cock.

"Mmmm, that thing feels so good," she purred as Frank moved against her body. "I'd love for you to come and see me dance. If you're a good boy, I may even consider doing something nice and very nasty for you!" she said with lust in her soft voice.

"Oh yeah, what would that be?" he asked as his hand slid all over Mom's sweet ass.

She thought for a second and Christy knew this was a bad thing to say, but it was too late to stop now. "I'll give you a lap dance," she moaned in his ear as she reached down to squeeze her son's massive cock. "And, I won't hold back! I'll do anything you want," she purred again and Christy sat down on her knees in front of him. "I'll even suck you ... if you want," she purred more as she rubbed her face all over the front of Frank's shorts and hard cock.

He just stood watching his sexy Mom, enjoying her teasing his cock and he thought about her wonderful offer. "I thought you wanted me to behave, even though you jerked me off last night?" he asked as he ran his fingers through Mom's hair.

"I wanted you to slow down. I know you're horny baby, but I need time to let this sink in. It isn't everyday that a woman makes love to her son and it's a big thing. I couldn't just jump into it."

"Well, I'm keeping to what you ask. I'm going to behave myself!" he said, turned and Frank left Mom standing.

"Well shit, why in the fuck did I tell him that shit? I'll be lucky if he even looks at me now," she said putting out her lower lip and Christy went back to her makeup.

Frank walked up to the apartment door, knocked and it flew open before he could move his hand. "Wow, that was fast!" he laughed as Jackie opened the door and she stood in front of him in nothing but a pair of black panties and thigh-high stockings.

"I'm in a hurry!" she replied and pulled him inside. "I made lunch for us and its hot and ready for you to eat!" Jackie added as her heart pumped fast and her pussy dripped with need. "Follow me," she added and pulled him into the dinning room.

He watched her tiny ass wiggling under the small black panties and when she climbed on the table and spread her legs, Frank smiled. "Oh hell, a buffet!" he said with a wink and leaned down to her pussy. "Mmmm, it smells wonderful and I'm so hungry!" he added and Frank started licking, sucking and tonguing every inch of her thighs and pussy.

Jackie grabbed his hair and she held it tight. "Oh God, oh fuck! I'm so horny! Eat me, eat my fucking pussy!" she cried out as Frank devoured her. "Yes! Oh, fuck! Eat it, me my nasty pussy!" she yelled out as Frank nibbled her thighs and made his way towards her aching pussy. Jackie hadn't had a good, hard cock in two years and she knew Frank had a giant one. "Yeah, eat me! Eat my pussy and get it real wet! I need fucked hard, baby!" Jackie moaned as he sucked her thighs and at last, his mouth moved over her pussy.

Frank licked and nibbled all over Jackie and he loved her cries of need. He just smiled and nibbled all over her body. He moved to her pussy and she went crazy. He licked and sucked her panties, enjoying her warmth and sweet nectar.

"Oh baby, how could Christy let you go? I'd never let you out of my sight!" Jackie cried as his long, skilled tongue licked up her center and he stopped just long enough to tease her clit and he moved back down her slit. "Oh God, I'm going to fuck you to death!" she whimpered as he continued to lick and suck all over her wet pussy.

Frank loved her moaning and it drove him to please this sexy woman more. He licked over her clit, lightly brushing the tip of his tongue over the blood-filled nub and Jackie squealed for more. He kept licking and would throw in a tiny suck of her clit, for good measure.

"Oh my God, you're gonna fuckin' kill me!" Jackie giggled as she enjoyed his skilled tongue and she was going to return the favor in just a few minutes. "You've had it, when it's my turn to suck you!" she giggled and couldn't help but squirming.

Frank lifted his head and asked. "What was the biggest you've ever had?"

"I'm thinking that its gonna be you. I saw how big you were last night, at the club," she panted and sat up on the table. "You're gigantic!" Jackie smiled as she pulled Frank up and into her arms. "The next time you do that to me, I'm going to cum all over you ... so be ready," she cooed and reached down to hold Frank's swollen cock. "Oh my fuckin' God, I can't wait to suck and fuck you!" Jackie moaned as a hot rush of blood raced through her young body and straight to her already, aching pussy.

"Good, I loved being sucked, but not many woman want to do me and as for you cumming ... go for it!"

"Mmmm, I'm going to explode the next time!" she whispered to him as she held his big cock and she could feel why women didn't want Frank. He was so big and hard; it took Jackie's breath away. "I'll do my best to suck you, sweet-heart. I've only had one truly big man and I loved him, so I'm going to 'really' enjoy sucking you," she cooed, slid from the table and led Frank to the bedroom.

Frank stood before Jackie and she slowly undressed him. "You're so fucking handsome," she whispered as her hands slid over his chest, enjoying its thickness and the light hair covering it. "Oh God!" Jackie moaned as she slowly unzipped his pants and eased them down. "Ahhh, shit, are you fucking kidding me?" she moaned louder when his long, stiff cock filled her eyes and her tiny, tiny hands and she held him against her face.

He just stood, looking down at the pretty girl, enjoying her moans of delight and Frank knew that this was going to be one to remember. "I'm glad you like it so much. I plan on fucking you the rest of the day," he said and grabbed a big handful of Jackie's hair and he pulled her head towards his needy cock. "He needs your mouth, is that ok?" he asked and she moaned loud.

"Ohhh, yes! I'll suck this big, beautiful thing anytime or anyplace you want!" Jackie moaned, but it was more like a needful scream. "I'm gonna eat you alive!" she moaned again as she looked at Frank's massive cock and its slight curve down, thinking of how nice it would slip down her throat and she couldn't wait any longer. She opened her mouth, leaned forward and sucked him in, until it hit the back of her throat.

"Oh fuck yes!" Frank yelled as Jackie took more half of him with ease. "You could have been a freaking whore! Damn, you're great!" he cried with joy as she smiled around his swollen shaft and she sucked him hard.

'Oh baby, wait a few minutes and I'll suck you deeper!' Jackie thought as she continued to suck and smile around Frank's massive piece of woman pleaser. She sucked him and while her tiny hand stroked the remaining part of his long, long cock, thinking of it going down her throat and what a rush it was going to be.

He watched and could not believe Jackie. She was sucking more of him than any other woman he ever had in his life. "Yeah baby, suck that big ol' thing! Suck it, baby! Suck it for me!" he moaned as he kept holding Jackie's hair, easing her forward and Frank could feel her swallowing around the head of his cock. "Oh fuck, you should have been a whore!" he grunted as she took more of him and Frank could feel the young beauty relaxing her throat.

'I'll be your whore, but nobody else's!' she thought and smiled around him again, hoping that Frank would start talking dirty to her. Jackie loved to be called nasty names, while she was being made love to. She sucked more, letting his massive head slip deeper into her silky throat and she loved the look on his very rugged face.

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