You Don'T Know What I Think

by Allan Joyal

Caution: This contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Cheating, .

Desc: : Eight months after walking out on a cheating wife events lead a man down a new path of love and lust.

The loud crash brought the buzz in the bar to a halt. Everyone at my table looked up and heard some male voice plaintively saying. "Honey, it's not what you think. Please. It's all a mistake."

Obviously the cries were ignored because a moment later the same man gave a loud grunt and a body crashed to the floor. "You fucking prick! You can meet my father's shotgun if you ever try to call me again," some female voice screeched. "This is the last time I talk to your cheating ass."

There was another flurry of movement and then the door to the bar opened and a small body left the building. Back at the table where the disturbance started, another woman helped a man to his feet only to then slap him hard enough to knock him back onto a chair once he was standing. "Jerk!" she shouted before making her own way to the door.

I turned back to the beer I was nursing, but David looked over the collection of co-workers who had decided to make this Friday night a gathering at the bar. "Why do they do that?" he asked.

I stayed silent, but Joyce perked up and looked back at David. "Why do they do what?"

David snorted. "Why is it whenever a man or woman is caught cheating they always start by saying, 'It's not what you think.' How do they know what their partner is thinking?"

I sighed and tried to turn away. The comments had brought back memories of the last time I had seen my wife Robin, and I had to wonder what might have occurred in the fifteen months since I walked out on her, with her shouting that very same phrase.

"Mark? Hey, Earth to Mark!" Kristi said as she pinched me to get my attention. I turned back to find that everyone at the table had turned back to look at me.

"What?" I asked, as I fiddled with my beer.

"You spaced out there Mark," Jason said. "What were you thinking about?"

I looked at the faces of my collected co-workers and sighed. I knew them well, and they were not going to be satisfied with just half an answer, so I took a deep breath and started. "I just was thinking of a time in my past when I heard a woman say that phrase to me," I admitted.

The table grew quiet around me. I had transferred into the east regional marketing division about fifteen months ago, and Joyce and David certainly remembered the disdainful and anti-social mood I arrived in. You could almost see Joyce make the connections and she whispered. "So you..."

"Married a stupid cunt," I said with a growl. "And yes, I did hear her try to use that line on me."

Kristi looked up, sadness in her eyes. I was trying to figure out why when she said. "But you did talk to her, didn't you?"

I snorted. "Maybe if I'd had some warning. Perhaps if her starting to stay out late had made me suspicious. Or a night out with the girls, which got me to thinking and putting an investigator on it. But no, I got to find out the worst way. Coming home to our apartment early from work because of a migraine and finding a trail of discarded clothing leading into the bedroom. Yeah, I really wanted to find out how it could not be what I thought when I found Robin wearing only a garter belt and stockings as some guy put his tongue to her clit."

I could see Jason wince. "That must have been painful. But certainly you've talked to her since then."

I laughed bitterly. "When? I walked out with her still crying out about it not being what I thought. The next day I snuck in to pick up some clothing and personal items and drove out here. Thorvald had been after me for months to accept the transfer, and I accepted as long as I could transfer immediately."

David just slapped me on the back. "Well, how about you get your revenge tonight?" he blurted out. "Everyone knows you are such a hermit. Live a little."

I shrugged. "Look, I love looking at ladies and I do know a couple of ladies I can meet when I want a quiet evening at a show and don't want to go alone, but right now dating isn't for me. I had always thought marriage was for life," I muttered.

"So?" Jason said with a nasty smile. "Are you claiming that it stopped working?"

I tried to shake my head, but Kristi immediately smiled and grabbed my hands to drag me onto the dance floor. I tried to get away, but a slow dance started and she melted into my arms. I fought the urge to put my hands on her ass, but they wrapped around her, and I could feel my cock rising to attention as she pressed her breasts into my chest.

The song ended and I released Kristi, thinking that I could sneak out, but she put her arms around my neck and pulled me in for a kiss. "Drive me home?" she asked with her baby-blue eyes looking directly into mine.

I tried to look away, but no man I know could have refused Kristi at that moment and after a long fight with my libido I nodded without speaking. She jumped up with a cheer and ran back to the table to grab her purse. I thought about trying to duck into the crowd, but Kristi dashed back and put her arms around mine. I just looked back for a moment and saw David shrug.

"Why me," I grumbled as we fought our way to the exit. "Besides, what about your car?"

Kristi laughed. "I always get Joyce to carpool with me on nights we are going to be at the bar. She drives me to work, and I drive us back to her place and walk home. But she likes to go to the parking lot a few times every night and I end up staying out late."

I stumbled in the parking lot. "Wait? Joyce? Happily married Joyce?"

"Fucks at least two different guys every time we have a bar night," Kristi said serenely. "But don't worry; I haven't taken any lessons from her."

I paused just by my car and looked at Kristi. She joined the company less than a year ago after graduating with a degree in finance and accounting and already has won a promotion to senior accountant. If you only talked to her on the phone, you would say it was not a surprise, but Kristi looks like a blond beach bunny from California. I know David is still wondering where her brains come from. Kristi admits that she was a cheerleader throughout high school and college and has received several modeling offers. She always has an expression of distaste, when she describes the latest offer during one of the nights out.

At work, Kristi is the model of efficiency and dependability. She refuses to wear pantsuits, but always has a professional skirt and jacket, and keeps her long hair tied back. The beauty still shines through, and every man in the office and more than a few of the women had tried to get her out for private dates only to be turned down. Kristi shocked everyone of the bar goers one night by admitting that she was a virgin, and had no interest in casual sex, preferring to wait for the right person.

Now, I had not asked her out in the past. We did have some pleasant conversations when I had a question about the marketing department budget and Kristi was assigned to guide me through the audit, but otherwise, I was still too bitter about discovering Robin to think about the possibility. Kristi is ten years younger than me, and well out of my league. With her beauty and charm she belongs on the arm of a CEO, not a broken down bum of a marketing director. I have to admit that when the bitterness had cleared Kristi often played a prominent role in my fantasies, but I had always felt that asking her to be more than a friend was wrong.

Well, my shock might have caused me to pause, but I remembered why I was in the lot and opened the door for Kristi, holding it and averting my eyes as she slipped into the seat. She gave a surprisingly girlish giggle as she pulled her legs into my sedan and then pulled the door closed so I could walk around to my side, where I discovered she had reached across and opened the driver's door for me.

As I climbed in, I could see the smile on her face. "Despite it all, you are a gentleman," she said as she removed her jacket and undid the first two buttons on her blouse, granting me a tantalizing glimpse of her bra.

I tried once again to avert my eyes and concentrated on starting the car and pulling out of the lot. "It's ingrained now. Besides, a lady like you should be treated like the treasure you are," I murmured.

Kristi smiled again. "I'm sorry Mark, that I told you about Joyce. You won't let her know that I gave her away, please!"

I snorted. "Other than the fact that Joyce keeps bragging about how great Roy her husband is in bed while at the table, I really have no opinion. She's not my wife, and I don't know Roy personally. I just hope she realizes what she could lose."

Kristi looked somber. "So you're divorced then," she asked me.

"And have to pay lawyers and meet with the slut again?" I barked. "Nope. Figured that I'd just ride off into the sunset and disappear. I'm afraid that marriage is an institution that I don't think I'll join in again."

Kristi looked sad for a moment, but then started talking about the upcoming company summer party. She had graduated in December, and this was going to be her first party. She was looking forward to the activities and wanted me to join her for the couple's races, which were normally populated by husband and wife teams. She was rather insistent and by the time I pulled my car up to her apartment complex I found that I had agreed to attempt the three-legged race with her.

Kristi waited in her seat as I walked around to open the door for her. As she stood up she put her arms around me and gave me another kiss. "Do you want to come up?" she asked me.

"Kristi!" I barked. "I thought you wanted someone special. I'm not who you want."

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