by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: He discovered that his wife had a secret.

Betsy and I had been married for a little over twelve years. We were living the American Middle Class Dream. Three great kids, our own home, two cars in the garage — the whole bit. I had always thought that ours was the perfect marriage. I loved her and I'd always thought that she loved me, but I recently found out that my loving wife had a secret life — a life that cast doubt on whether she had any feelings for me at all.

I'd be insulting Betsy if I said she was a stay at home mom who didn't work. Taking care of a house, three kids and a husband isn't a walk in the park, but Betsy did it and she did it well. She also managed to take great care of herself. She exercised religiously and kept herself in great shape. She was five foot seven, her 130 pounds were spread out on a 35x22x34 body and her long blond hair hung down to the middle of her back. At thirty-four she looked like a twenty-five year old. She attracts the eyes of men just as a magnet attracts steel.

Betsy knows the effect that she has on men and she dresses to flaunt what she has and she gets a charge out of flirting with other men. She has always been that way. Even in high school she was a flirt, but she did some times carry it to extremes. She was very popular and she dated and flirted with a lot of guys although they didn't call it flirting. To most of them it was considered "cockteasing." Even after we started going steady she still flirted. I didn't mind. It made her happy, she was mine and she loved me right?

If Betsy lacked anything it was that she was very straight laced when it came to sex. She would make love in various positions — she absolutely loved doggie — but there were things she drew the line at. She would suck my cock, but I was not allowed to cum in her mouth. She would suck me until she considered me hard enough and then she would pull away and wait for me to enter her. Anal sex was a big no-no and if I even let a finger get near her butt she would come unglued on me. She loved for me to eat her pussy and she got off on me sucking her hot juices out of her. I once asked her why my swallowing her juices was okay, but her swallowing mine wasn't. She simply said:

"It isn't something that I want to do."


"Don't push it Rob. We have a pretty good sex life so be happy with it."

She was right. We did have a pretty good sex life so I dropped the subject.

I don't remember the exact date when it happened for the first time primarily because at the time I didn't think anything of it. I remember that we were at a dance and Betsy had gone to the ladies room and maybe a couple of minutes later I felt the need to take a whiz so I headed for the men's room. As I entered the hall leading to the bathrooms I saw Betsy and a guy I didn't know. He had his arms around her and she was smiling. He pulled her closer and bent his head to kiss her and she pushed him away and turned and went into the ladies room and the guy went into the men's.

I was pretty sure that neither one of them had seen me and the way that Betsy had pushed him away led me to believe that it was just some flirting and the guy had thought that it was something else until Betsy set him straight. I went on into the bathroom and was standing at the urinal next to the guy and for a second I thought of asking him why he'd had his arms around my wife. Then thought I'd best leave it alone and not do anything that might ruin the night for Betsy which is what would have happened if the talk with the guy went bad and we ended up duking it out.

When I got back to the table I wondered if Betsy would say anything, but she didn't and I eventually forgot about it.

But it came back to me about four months later. My boss held a pool party and barbecue at his home on the anniversary of the founding of the company and Betsy just naturally had to wear her sexiest bikini. Betsy knew most of the people there from previous pool parties, company picnics and Christmas parties so there was no awkwardness as she moved around the pool generating hard ons.

Betsy was not the only 'hottie' there and that was because of Betsy. Howard Sample, one of the guys I work with, told me he had Betsy to thank for his wife Irma loosening up. She had seen how the guys had reacted to Betsy at a pool party and decided that she wanted guys to look at her like that also so she had gone out and bought sexy clothes and skimpy bathing suits. Howard said that the "new" Irma had him acting like a teenager. He said he was now getting more loving than he had gotten on his honeymoon.

After Howard told me that I started checking out the other women at the party and comparing they way they were then against the way they were at previous pool parties. A good half dozen had gone from one piece suits and old fashioned large two piece suits to skimpy bikinis. My wife a trend setter! Imagine that!

As was our habit at social gatherings Betsy gravitated toward the women where I guess they talked about raising kids, swapped recipes and such. I ended up with the guys talking baseball and NASCAR racing. About two hours into the party Sam (my boss) came up to me and asked me to do him a favor. He had guessed wrong and didn't get enough hamburger and hot dog buns and he asked me if I would mind running to Safeway and get some more. I said that I would and then I went and found Betsy and told her what was going on.

I went to the store, got the buns and came back. I was in the kitchen putting the buns down on the counter and looking out the window. I had a good view of the pool from where I was and I saw Betsy in the pool. She had her back against the side and her arms up on the edge and her legs were floating out in front of her. Standing next to her in the water was Barry Winslow and the two were talking. I didn't like Barry. Never had, never would. He was the office back stabber — the guy who always tried to take credit for other peoples work and the guy who would never pass up a chance to shoot you through the grease by bad mouthing you to a superior if he thought it would get him ahead — and I did not like seeing him with Betsy!

At the last company Christmas party he had Betsy under the mistletoe and I didn't care for the kiss he gave her. It went on much too long as far as I was concerned. I mentioned it to Betsy on the way home and got:

"For Christ's sake Rob, it was only a Christmas kiss. The way you are carrying on some one would think I went to my knees and gave him a blow job."

No sir! I did not like Barry at all and there he was with my wife again. She was smiling at him and he said something and she laughed and then she opened her legs and Barry waded forward between them. He said something and then Betsy laughed again. Barry took a quick look around to see if any one was watching and satisfied that no one was he reached out and put his hand on Betsy's right breast. I waited for her to become enraged and slap Barry, but she just smiled at him. He said something and she laughed and he pushed his hand up under her bikini top. Her smile disappeared and she smacked his arm hard and he quickly pulled his hand away from Betsy and stepped back.

I walked out of the house and onto the patio/pool deck and Betsy saw me and waved and Barry moved away from her. I decided to keep my mouth shut about what I'd seen, especially in light of the way Betsy reacted when I brought up the kiss at Christmas. I wouldn't say anything yet, but I was getting concerned over the way Betsy's flirting was going.

About an hour later I was on my way to the bathroom and just as I walked up to the door it opened and Barry started out. I put my hand in the middle of his chest and pushed him back into the room and closed the door behind me. I intended to have a talk with him about his behavior when he was around my wife, but when he regained his balance he came at me swinging. I almost smiled at his mistake. I blocked the left that he threw and then snapped my own left into his mouth and hit him hard enough to loosen some teeth and then I proceeded to beat the snot out of the asshole. Other than that first punch he never got another one off, but he got at least a dozen of mine.

He was lying on the bathroom floor when I grabbed a handful of his hair and jerked his head up. I looked him in the eye and said:

"If I ever catch you within five feet of my wife ever again I'll cut your cock off and feed it to you. You got that?"

He didn't say anything so I got down until my mouth was six inches from his face and said:

"I asked you if you understood me asshole."

He nodded weakly and mumbled that he understood and I let go of his hair and went over to the toilet, took my whiz and left the room. I made sure that Barry didn't see that I was hurting as I walked out. You don't hit a man in the mouth with your bare hand and not have his teeth break your skin and you don't fight bare handed without hurting your knuckles and fingers. I stopped at the kitchen sink and washed the blood off my hands. I would have to wait until I got home to use peroxide to clean the breaks and put on a bandage.

Betsy noticed my hand when I went back outside and I gave her a story about how I had tripped and had scraped my hand on the brick wall of Sam's garage. When we went home Betsy helped me doctor my hand. Barry called in sick on Monday and Tuesday and he stayed well away from me when he did come back to work.

I kept a close eye on Betsy at the next couple of parties we went to and I didn't see anything really outrageous, but I did notice that Betsy seemed to be keeping a much closer eye on me. Did she think I was up to something or was she keeping track of me so she would know where I was in case she wanted to do something? Had she talked with Barry after I'd had my session in the bathroom with him?

My life went to shit on August 12th at 12:47 at a Safeway super market.

Sam called me into his office at 11:35 and asked me if I was going out to lunch or staying in. I told him that I had intended to catch the luncheon special at Dave's Diner and he said:

"Do me a favor and lunch will be on me."

"What do you need?"

"I need to have some papers over to John Cabot at XYZ by 1:30 so he can sign them. I've got a ton going on here and I don't want to break loose unless I really have to. If you run them over for me and get them signed you can expense your lunch."

"No problem, can do."

He handed me an envelope with the papers and I took off. As far as lunch was concerned it wasn't going to cost Sam a dime since the route to XYZ took me a mile from home. I'd take care of the papers and then stop by the house and have lunch with Betsy.

I got to XYZ at 12:20, had the papers signed and was on my way back by 12:30. I was passing the Safeway on 17th Street when I saw Betsy pull into the parking lot. By the time I made a (strictly illegal) u-turn and got back to the lot Betsy had already gone into the store. I parked and went looking for her and as I was leaving the produce section I saw her down at the end of the meat counter. There was maybe seventy feet between us and just as I turned the corner and headed for Betsy some guy I had never seen before walked up to her and ran his hand over her ass. She turned and looked at him, smiled and then ran her hand across the front of his pants in the area where his cock would be.

I ducked into aisle 16 and peeked around the corner and watched as he took her in his arms and kissed her. She put her arms around his neck and kissed him back. He had both hands on her tits and she kept on kissing him. They broke apart and he said something and she nodded a yes. As I stood there I remembered the guy who had his arms around her in the hallway to the restrooms. I remembered Barry's Christmas kiss and I remembered her actions with Barry in Sam's swimming pool. I turned and left the store.

I moved my car to the other side of the lot where I could see Betsy's car and where I hoped she wouldn't notice me. Ten minutes later the man came out, got in a late model Ford F-250 and drove off the lot. Five minutes later Betsy came out with a couple of bags of groceries, got in her car and drove off. I pulled out and followed. She drove straight home and — surprise, surprise — there was a Ford F-250 parked at the curb in front of the house. Betsy pulled her car into the garage and the man got out of his truck and walked up to the front door which opened and let him in the house.

I was in a "no win" situation. If I went into the house and the two of them were just sitting at the kitchen table sipping coffee and talking over "old times" I would gain nothing. If I brought up what I saw at Safeway Betsy would no doubt blow it off much as she had Barry's Christmas kiss. If I found them fucking I would beat the guy bad enough that he would end up in the hospital and I could likely end up in jail. The divorce that followed would not go well for me. I'd seen how it went with friends. I would be looking at alimony, child support and since Betsy would get the kids I'd end up having to let her keep the house while I paid for it. Why? Because it would be my word against hers.

One of the guys I worked with had gone home early and had caught his wife in bed with a neighbor. He beat the shit out of the guy, tossed his wife out of the house and three hours later he was in jail. His wife said he had come home drunk and found her having coffee with the neighbor and went nuts. The neighbor said, "Yeah, that's just how it happened." Ralph got sixty days for assault and battery, had to perform 250 hours of community service and had to enter a court ordered anger management program. The neighbor sued for medical bills and "emotional damage — and won when the wife testified for the neighbor — and then the wife cleaned him out in the divorce. And then to add insult to injury she married the neighbor and sent him an invitation to the wedding.

If Betsy was doing what I was beginning to think she was doing I was going to need rock solid proof for the courts. I had to know for sure what was going on. I thought about it on the way back to work. A couple of phone calls were all it took to find out that private detectives were not the way to go. Not that they couldn't do the job. It was just that they were way out of my price range. Paying some guy by the hour to sit down the street from my house from the time I left until I got home, especially since he might have to sit there for days or even a week, would bankrupt me.

I got out the Yellow Pages and went searching. I couldn't find what I wanted there so I got on the Internet and looked for surveillance and nanny cams and found a ton of stuff. I found a company about forty miles away and I called them. I took the next day off from work and paid them a visit. I explained to him what I was interested in doing and he pretty much showed me the store inventory. They had some great stuff. Smoke detectors with built in cameras. Clock radios, hard backed books, wall clocks and plant holders all with built in cameras and operating with wireless technology. And, they were not all that expensive.

A DVR for wireless cameras was only $219 and the camera was only $47.99. The DVD set up with two cameras was $468 and the RCA VCR wireless set up came with four cameras for only $497.00.

He made some suggestions and I determined that I could afford it, but I told him that I didn't have the slightest idea of how to install and set up any of that stuff.

"I have a guy who can install it and teach you how to use it. He gets fifty and hour and from what you say you want I'm guessing it would take him about three hours."

"Set it up." Next came the problem of getting Betsy out of the house long enough for me to get Stan in to install things and teach me how to use the system. I was trying to think of a way to get Betsy out of the house for four hours when the planets aligned themselves in my favor. Betsy's sister Joan called and asked Betsy if she could babysit Joan's two pre-schoolers from five until nine-thirty on Wednesday and Betsy said she would do it.

Betsy left the house at four-thirty and at four forty-five Stan got there and I took him through the house. I showed him where I wanted the receivers and the 19 inch monitor. He told me he could do it in three hours and then he left the house and parked down the block and waited for me to take the kids and go to Chucky Cheeses for dinner. As soon as we were gone Stan went in the house and got to work. When we got home at 9:20 Stan was gone.

While we were gone Stan set things up so that the living room, family room, master bedroom, patio and kitchen were covered by cameras that sent a wireless signal to the two DVRs that I had him put in the basement. One DVR recorded what happened in living room and the master bedroom and the other recorder covered the family room, the kitchen and the outside patio. The cameras automatically shut off after five minutes of no motion.

There was a 'synchronizer attached to the DVRs and what it did was take the most recent signal and use it to override the previous signal. For instance; say the camera was filming what was going on in the living room and whoever was being taped got up and went into the master bedroom. The master bedroom camera would sense the motion and come on and the 'sync' would shut off the living room camera. The system had one drawback. It was visual only — there was no sound. To offset that defect we put a voice activated tape recorder in all the rooms with a camera.

He had a recorder tapped into the phone line and even though I doubted that Betsy would do anything in the kid's rooms we decided better safe than sorry we had voice activated tape recorders in each of the three bedrooms. All I had to do was remember to turn on the system just before I left the house and remember to shut it off when I got home otherwise I would have lots of video of the kids to wade through.

I got the kids to start getting ready for bed and then went downstairs to my workshop in the basement. I opened up the cabinet next to the radial arm saw and saw the recorders and the monitor set up and ready. Stan had explained the system to me at the store so all I had to do was hit the "power" button on both of the DVRs and I was in business. The entire system cost me just under eleven hundred dollars. Seems like a lot but three days of a PI at 400 a day plus expenses was at least a hundred bucks more than I paid for my system and my system was good for as long as I had power to the house.

The next morning I switched on the system just before I left the house to go to work. I was home at five forty-five and I went down to my basement work shop to (as I told Betsy) putter around until dinner was ready. By six-ten I knew what Betsy had been up to. The system hadn't even been I place a full twenty-four hours and I had the answers to most of my questions — not all, but most.

I didn't get to see much before Betsy called me and the kids to dinner, but I saw enough to tell me what Betsy was doing. I saw Betsy go to the front door and open it. She had a few words with the man standing there and then she let him in and they walked into the living room and sat down on the couch. They talked for a bit and then the man stood up, took out his wallet and took money out of it. He said something to Betsy and she said something and the man handed her the money. She counted it, said something and then she left the room. She was back in a couple of minutes and the two of them headed for the stairs that led to the upstairs bedrooms. The camera in the bedroom picked them up as they walked into the bedroom and that is when Betsy called us to dinner.

As I ate I wondered why Betsy was selling sex. I made good money and we were not in any financial trouble. We had money in savings and certificates of deposit. Both cars were paid for and I gave her whatever she asked for. I would just have to wait and see if the VORs would tell me or at least point me in the right direction.

After dinner and while Betsy was occupied doing the dinner dishes I gathered all the VOR tapes and headed back down to my workshop. I started with the tape from the phone tap. A call from Betsy's mom, one from her sister and a call from someone working for the local Democratic Party. Then a call that explained a lot, but gave me even more questions.


"Hi sweets. Can you talk?"

"Sure. I'm alone."

"I just had a call from the guy I sent over yesterday. He said that you weren't home."

"I was here."

"What happened?"

"I checked him out through the peephole and saw he was black."

"So what?"

"I don't do blacks and you know it."

"No I don't. You never mentioned it to me."

"Well I don't do blacks and now you know."

"You going to be home this afternoon?"

"I could be. Why?"

"I got a guy who is interested."

"Jesus Christ Scott; have you told the whole world that you are fucking me?"

"No sweets; just guys I know and trust."

"What is it? They think you are my pimp or something?"

"No sweets, they just know that I know a hot sexy broad who fucks for money and they ask me why I'm paying for it when there is so much free stuff around. After I describe why I think you are worth the money they want to try you on."

"I can give him from whenever he gets here until three-thirty. You know the rule. He has to be gone before my kids start coming home from school around four."

"He knows the rules. Keep Friday open for me, okay?"

"You got it."

The next tape was from the living room VOR. It picked Betsy and the man up as they were walking into the room.

" ... tell you the rules?"

"He just said that I had to be gone before your kids got home from school and that what you say goes."

"Did he tell you what happens if what I say is ignored?"

"He did."

"Okay, the deal is from now until three-thirty will cost you $300. Anal is extra and so is a blow job if you want me to suck you to completion. Just sucking you hard is part of the $300."

"How much for anal and swallowing?"

"$100 each."

There was the sound of him standing up and a short bit of silence and then Betsy said:

"Anal and swallowing both?"

"That's the main reason why I'm here. Scott said that you did both. Unfortunately they are both something my wife refuses to do."

I snorted at that. My loving wife wouldn't do either one either, but it seemed that my whore wife would. Betsy said, "Wait here" and I remembered from what I'd seen on the tape that he had stayed in the living room and she had gotten up and gone into the kitchen. Then she had come back and the two of them had gone to the bedroom.

The next tape was from the bedroom VOR and it was better than the sound track from a porn movie in that you could tell that it wasn't phony. There were a lot of "Fuck me, fuck me harders" and couple of "Oh God that's good" and one or two "Deeper baby, deeper" all stuff that I'd heard myself a time or two, but I'd never heard:

"Go easy honey, go slow and easy. My butt hole is so small and your cock is so big."

I'd also never heard. "Fuck my ass, fuck my ass' or "Your cock feels so good in my ass."

I was fuming and it was all that I could do to keep myself under control when I heard him say:

"Oh God yes, swallow it, swallow it all."

I knew from what I'd heard on the VOR tape what I was going to see when I got back to watching the DVR recording. Betsy had started by sucking the man hard and then she had fucked him. Next she had sucked him hard and then had continued to suck him until he came and she swallowed his come after which she had kept on munching his dick until he was hard to fuck her in her ass. She had gotten up and gone to her lingerie drawer and gotten a tube of KY Jelly (which I never knew she had) and I watched while the guy lubed her ass good and then fucked it. Then they showered together which was another thing she had never done with me - she claimed the shower was too small for the two of us — and while in the shower he had apparently gotten up again because they fucked again.

Then Betsy said, "Sorry lover, but time is up. You need to get out of here."

"Do I call Scott when I want to see you again?"

"No lover, I'll give you my private cell phone number and you call me."

Private cell phone number? I didn't even know she had a cell phone, but I guess that was sort of trivial when you compared it to the rest of what I didn't know about my "loving wife." I have to admit it — I got a hard on watching Betsy take a cock in her ass, but it wilted when I realized that in an hour or so I was going to be in the same bed with her.

The same scene that had given me the hard on also had me grinding my teeth in anger and watching cum leaking out of her mouth made my blood boil.

What I saw on the second DVR was very interesting. The second DVR recorded what went on in the kitchen. It showed Betsy coming into the room with money in her hand. Pulling a chair away from the kitchen table she stood on it and dropped the money into one of the decorative vases that lined the top of the kitchen cupboards. She got down, put the chair back and then walked out of the kitchen.

I have a small 3 cubic foot refrigerator in the workshop and I went over to it and got me a beer. I sat at my work bench, sipped my beer while I stared at the wall and my mind went crazy. One part of me wanted to run upstairs, grab Betsy by the hair and drag her out of the house and throw her in the street. Another part of me wanted to just flat out kill her and bury her in the back yard. A third part wanted to know why and for how long. But I also thought of the kids and what would happen to them if I did any of the things that I really wanted to do. No, I finally reasoned, I would have to find out as much as I could about Betsy and her 'part time job' and I would need to find out what my options were.

By the time I went to bed I had cooled down enough to make some decisions. I would have to have sex with Betsy. Not to would be unnatural and would possibly raise a warning flag which is something I wanted to avoid for the time being. I didn't want Betsy to even think twice about her dumb-ass, clueless husband. When we had sex (notice that I'm avoiding the words "make love") half the time I would initiate it and the other half Betsy would. I decided that I would never again be the one to try and get something started, but if Betsy did I would go along with it.

Fortunately Betsy didn't try to start something that night. Probably too tired from her busy afternoon. If she would have wanted sex I couldn't have been sure that I wouldn't have wrapped my hands around her neck and tried that asphyxiation thing I'd heard about. Problem there is I might not have slacked off the pressure at the end.

Thursday all I found of interest on the tapes was a call from the Scott guy.

"Fred was very happy when I talked to him at work this morning. I think he is in love and that you will probably hear from him again sometime soon."

"He was nice."

"You holding tomorrow open for me?"

"Of course."

"The soonest I can be there is 11:30."

"I'll be ready."

"See you then."

That night Betsy reached for my cock and I didn't push her hand away. She slid down and took me in her mouth and as soon as I was hard enough she mounted me and rode me cowgirl style. Betsy likes cowgirl, but I have never been able to get my nut while in that position so after letting her have her fun for a while I usually rolled her over onto her back and finished up in the missionary. That night I didn't. I just let her bounce up and down on me. I know she was waiting for me to roll her, but I didn't.

It was silly of me, but I didn't want to cum in Betsy. I was thinking of my seed as a gift and I was I no mood to give Betsy any gifts. Dumb maybe, but all kinds of weird thoughts go through your mind when you find out that the person you thought was a loving wife was in fact a back-stabbing, cheating whore.

Betsy managed to get herself off, but she knew that I hadn't cum so she kept riding me. I could tell she was getting frustrated. She'd had her orgasm and wanted to stop, but felt that she couldn't until she got me off. She was moaning, "Cum for me baby, cum for me" but I just laid there and looked up at her. Occasionally I would push my hips up at her, but for the most part I just lay there and let her work.

I finally decided to put an end to it and I called up the image of Betsy with Fred's cum leaking out of her mouth and my cock wilted. I told Betsy that I was sorry, but that I was under a lot of stress at work just then and it was probably affecting my performance.

"Maybe I can get you off by hand" she said and even as I was thinking "You could suck me off like you do your customers" I was saying, "No, it isn't any big thing. I'll be better once we get the project we are working on out of the way."

She snuggled up to me and I did my best not to cringe and pull away. Once she was asleep I got out of bed and finished myself off in the bathroom.

Friday's take was quick and to the point. Betsy was in nylons, garter belt and heels when the Scott guy got there. No money changed hands and they went straight from the front door to the bedroom. He was already hard, but Betsy spent a couple of minutes sucking his dick anyway and then he fucked her. She sucked his cock, still wet from their juices (she would suck me to get me hard again, but only after cleaning my cock with a wash rag) and then he fucked her ass.

And then Betsy blew me away!

Scott took his cock out of Betsy's ass and she spun around and sucked his cock! Straight from his ass to her mouth and she sucked it! And the bitch wouldn't even swallow when she sucked me. She sucked it for maybe two or three minutes and then let the limp dick fall from her mouth. She got up, left the room and came back with two beers and didn't that piss me off. Fucking my wife AND drinking my beer.

They sat on the bed next to each other and leaning on the headboard as they sipped the beers. They talked and she fondled his cock and eventually he was hard again and they fucked again. They showered together and he managed to get it up in the shower and Betsy sucked him off — all the way!!!

Before he left he put some money on the dresser. Betsy walked him to the door and she gave him a hot kiss before he opened the door and left.

Scott came in my wife four times between 11:45 and 3:30 and I wondered if that had something to do with Betsy's whoring. My best was maybe twice when we went to bed and then one in the morning when we woke up and even if I went twice it would usually take a good half hour between times.

The audio didn't have much of interest, just talk about the sex they were having. I got a mention in passing.

"Hubby still in the dark?"

"Doesn't have a clue."

Betsy told him that she was a little bit worried about all the guys he was sending her and he said not to worry, that he didn't send her anyone he didn't know really well and that he couldn't vouch for.

That night Betsy was waiting for me in the bedroom wearing the same heels and garter belt that she had worn for Scott earlier in the day. Heels, nylons and garter belts have always been among my biggest turn ons so I had to perform for Betsy that night. Not to do so would have really raised a red flag and set Betsy to wondering. I did go twice and it did take twenty minutes between the two and as I fell asleep I was still wondering about my earlier thought from when I reviewed the days take. She did Scott four times and still wanted more from me. That was six times in less than twelve hours.

Saturday Betsy took the kids and went shopping and as soon as the car was out of the driveway I was standing on a kitchen chair and taking the vases down from the top of the cupboards. There was something in each of the five vases. One had $2200 in loose bills. One had a checkbook and a passbook for a savings account. One had bank statements that had been mailed to a post office box. One had $4000 in banded fifties and the last one had a small ledger like notebook.

The balance showing in the checkbook register was $8, 462. The savings account showed a balance of $6400 with the last deposit being made the week previous. That was some very sobering information. It all added up to $21,062. She got $500 from Fred and at $500 a pop that meant she had fucked someone else forty-two times. But that was only if you figured things at $500 at a time. At $300 it would have been seventy-two. Then you had to figure that she had spent some of the money she made so who knew how many times the whore had buried the knife in my back. And how did I know that hat I was looking at it all that there was? She could have a safe deposit box somewhere just stuffed with money.

A lot of the answers came from the notebook. It had the names — usually only the first name — of her johns, the date she did them and how much she got. The first name in the book was Scott and the date was ten months ago. He paid Betsy fifty bucks. His name was the first of one hundred and seventy six. It took Betsy a while to wake up to the fact that she could get more than fifty bucks. The first recorded amounts were fifty and seventy-five. She went through fourteen guys before the amount jumped up to $300. I noticed that only two of the names listed who paid fifty and seventy-five showed up after she raised her price. I guess she priced herself out of their range. The list of one hundred and seventy-six names had a lot of repeat names so it may not have been one hundred and seventy-six guys who fucked her. For instance, Scott's name showed up forty-one times, but did I know that there wasn't more than one Scott?

The real find in that little notebook were the numbers. Betsy had always had trouble remembering numbers so she had written down the account numbers AND the passwords she used for doing on-line banking. And the absolute best part? The accounts were in the same bank where we had all of our joint accounts and as I read that note book the germ of an idea took root inside my head. The idea grew and I started working on making it a reality.

Over the next two weeks while I planned Betsy "entertained' five times. One was Scott, one was Fred and one was the guy from Safeway. The other two were names that I had seen in her notebook. As far as my sex life with Betsy was concerned it was pretty near normal. I didn't go after her, but if she came after me I went along.

I did notice that she usually came after me after she had spent an afternoon with one of her customers. My big fear was STDs, but I reasoned that if Betsy had picked up something I most likely already had it so I would tough things out until my plan came together and then I would go and get myself checked.

Then everything came together for me and I decided to make my move on Friday. When I left for work on Friday I left with the knowledge that — according to my phone tap — Betsy had no gentlemen callers coming by. Betsy was surprised when I walked into the house at lunch time with Ben and Dave. She was even more surprised when Ben and Dave grabbed her arms and then carried her along as they followed me to the bedroom.

Betsy struggled to break free from them while yelling:

"What the hell is going on Rob? Tell these assholes to let me go right now. Right now! God damn it Rob, tell them to let me go."

She tried to kick Dave as she yelled, "Let me go you fucking asshole."

I laughed at that one and said, "You shouldn't talk like that Betsy; it isn't good customer relations."

"What? What the hell does that mean?"

"You will soon figure it out Betsy" I said as I took out my wallet. "I've always wanted you to suck me off and swallow my cum and you have always refused. I've always wanted to try anal sex, but you have always refused me that too. I've just recently found out that I could have had those things all along if I had just known that all I had to do was pay for them."

I was smiling at her as I continued, "As I understand it you get $300 for the basic fuck and an extra $100 each for anal and a blow job with you swallowing."

Her face became alarmed and then paled as I took five crisp, new one dollar bills out of my wallet and nodded at Ben. He took hold of Betsy's right wrist and brought so that her hand was palm up.

"I am of course going to take advantage of the family discount" I said, "So here is three dollars for the regular fucks and one dollar each for a complete blow job including swallowing and another dollar for fucking your ass. I intend to skip the regular sex part and go right to the ass fucking. Get your clothes off."

"I don..." she started to say and I nodded at Ben and Dave and they stripped Betsy while I took off my clothes. When I was naked I pushed Betsy back on the bed and said:

"Assume the position."

"What do you mean?"

"On your hands and knees Betsy."

"No Rob, I won..." she started to say and another nod at Ben and Dave and they manhandled her into position. I moved behind Betsy, grabbed her hips and pushed my cock against her asshole.

"Damn it Rob, you'll hurt me. At least use some KY."

"Hurt you Betsy? Why would I want to hurt the woman who is cheating on me? Not only cheating, but selling to others what she has always denied me? No sir Betsy, no KY for you."

I spit on my hand and rubbed my hand on the head of my cock and then I pushed. Betsy screamed as I drove myself into her and she moaned and cried the entire time I fucked her ass. I came and pulled out of her ass and moved around in front of her.

"Now clean it Betsy."

She turned her head away and I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her face back.

"You did it for Scott Betsy and you are damned well going to do it for me."

When I said that she stopped fighting it and opened her mouth to accept my shit, blood and cum covered cock.

"Suck it until it gets hard Betsy and then keep sucking until I cum and when I do you had best not spill a drop. Swallow every last drop Betsy, every last drop!"

It took her a while, but she did get me off and she did swallow it all.

"Keep it in until it goes soft" I told her. When I was limp I took my cock out of her mouth and said, "I have to thank you Betsy. Thanks to you I now have a new job skill. I know how to be pimp now."

I turned to Ben and Dave and said, "I remember how she used to cock tease both of you guys in high school. Think you might want to try a piece of her now?"

"You betcha" Dave said and Ben was right behind him with a "Hell yes!"

I held out my hand and each of them handed me a ten dollar bill. As I put the money in my pocket I said, "You have her until three-thirty. Enjoy."

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