Turkey Day

by Thinking Horndog

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Polygamy/Polyamory, Oral Sex, BBW, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: A family gets surprise guests during the big holiday feast.

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This is a work of fiction. It is not intended to reflect any particular person or persons, and the incidents portrayed exist in their current form solely in the writer's imagination. You get the idea.

It was Thanksgiving, and I was at the big family get-together. Not MY family; mine are a pretty independent bunch and scattered all over the place and it takes a major effort to gather the majority. No, the family in question was my girlfriend, Jean's. Jean had a mother and two married sisters -- her dad was long gone -- various brothers-in-law, nieces, nephews, and a layer below that. Most of them lived within a thirty mile radius, so holiday parties saw a pretty good crowd and the site rotated among the sisters according to an annual schedule. Thanksgiving was traditionally the province of Jean's middle sister May and her husband Ed -- and they were our hosts for the current shindig. The big tying on the feedbag piece was over; Ed, Mike (Jean's oldest sister Marie's husband) and I were kicked back in the living room watching football. A couple of the nieces and the vast majority of the under ten set had just headed out the door, and we were digesting a lot of turkey and some pretty good wine and trying to find room for dessert and Ed had just come downstairs from showing off his gun collection when the doorbell rang.

Ed went over and opened the door -- and I'll admit it -- I wasn't alert. I'd had just a bit more wine than the amount that would keep me grounded, so I was in that state where I hoped I wasn't making an ass of myself. I looked up to see Ed backing up before a couple of BIG motherfuckers in body armor. "We haven't been THAT loud..." I grunted.

"No, sir," one of them replied. "We're doing low-profile pickups, sweeping the neighborhood collecting family groups."

"Oh," I replied. I needed to get my brain in gear before anything intelligent was going to surface. "Who are you looking for?"

"Well, there's YOU, Mr. Miller," the Confederacy corporal shot back, "and Edward Ghatti..." He turned his attention to Ed. "That would be you, I believe?"

Ed sucked his teeth and nodded. "Come on in - you boys eaten?"

The Lance Corporal who was the second trooper grunted, "No..."

Ed nodded. "The women are screwing with the leftovers - why don't you come in and help yourselves. I'm thinking this little deal you're working has probably been pretty quiet thus far..."

The Corporal sucked in a breath. "Are we gonna have trouble here?"

Ed flicked a glance at me, then at Mike - we both shook our heads no. All three of us were vets - each in a different service. "May!" Ed yelled, "Hold up on the packing up - you got more mouths to feed!"

May was already standing in the kitchen door with her head cocked and her hands on her hips. "What's this?"

"It's a pickup, Ma'am," the Lance replied.

"Oh!" May pursed her lips and popped her eyes - and I could see her trying to work her way through the whole thing. She was arguably the brightest of the sisters, but she was a little high-strung and could be a nag. After a moment of being totally unable to put together the implications, she fell back upon Ed's original instructions, "Come on in and I'll get you some plates..." She headed back into the kitchen and started opening freezer containers.

The kitchen was in full view of the living room and vice-versa - but the dining room was off to the left - which meant that the other women present really didn't have any idea what was going on until Ed, Mike and I re-entered the room, followed by the two Marines. Eyes widened all around the big dining room table.

Now, in a dream world, maybe, the table would have been surrounded by some hot stuff - but the reality was, well, somewhat different. Take Jean, for instance. Jean was my woman because she was sweet and submissive and tolerant of my ways - and if she wasn't the brightest bulb in the circuit, it was because I'd learned after a couple of failed marriages that someone had to be in charge and it was by God going to be ME! - but she weighed more than I did. With two exceptions, there wasn't a woman in the room who wasn't at least plump - and there was one who had glandular problems and was seriously obese.

Going clockwise from the top right corner of the table, there was Jean, a big brunette pushing forty, then May's girlfriend Tracy's daughter Anita, who was in her mid-twenties, and while she had that ducky look with the rack and the ass exacerbated by a pantsuit and jacket, she was one of the top choices in the room. Next was Tracy herself, late forties, narrow, with that high-strung, nervous look to her and some early wrinkles, probably brought on by smoking. Next was Allison, Ed's daughter from a previous marriage - olive-skinned and kind of tall and beautiful above the waist, but she had a humongous ass - all out of proportion to her build. Next was the matriarch of the family, Alice - who was pushing seventy, and while I'd been told she was once big, she was shrinking the way older women do. Beyond her was Katherine, Mike and Marie's second daughter. The older girl, Eileen, had gotten the looks and the fashion sense - and a husband - even though she was a bit plus-size; Kate got dick. She inherited a glandular problem from Mike and the genetic mix with her mother didn't help; basically, she was a collection of jiggly rolls. She wouldn't have been pretty anyway, but it was just one more strike against her. Was she nice? Well, as nice as anybody who had been screwed over her entire life could be, anyway. She would move Heaven and Earth for you, but that didn't mean her outlook on life wasn't somewhat soured. Next, was her mother, Marie, Jean's oldest sister, a nice woman, but big - the type that had a huge rack and a huge ass and walked bent over to balance them.

So we had eight women - and eight slots, since I had a CAP score of eight point five and Ed had a six point six. But Alice wasn't going anywhere...

In fact, that was the first announcement, and she made it. "I'm not going. It's a waste of time for me."

The Marines merely nodded. Alice flat wasn't eligible under the current rules.

There were two people in the room who knew my CAP score besides the Marines - myself, and Jean. She just looked at me; she'd resigned herself to the idea that I would be picked up - and she wouldn't be going. For her, it was a given. What she didn't understand was that it was one of the things I loved about her. Her sisters didn't know it, but behind closed doors, Jean and I had an 'alternate' relationship. We'd met online, both of us looking to fulfill certain fantasies. I wasn't particularly hard, but I WAS in charge, and I would spank her or otherwise punish her as necessary to keep her from getting too feisty (and she challenged me regularly, purely to ensure that she got attention) and for fun. She hadn't been terribly trusting because her ex had slept around on her, and she had low self-esteem; a few trips to the local swing club had gone some distance to fix the first problem by showing her that love and sex were two different things, but the second remained.

What this made her was a jewel beyond price - not that she knew that. I had no earthly idea why she put up with my tired ass, but as long as she did, I was golden ... I went over to stand behind her, rubbing her shoulders. She pulled my head down and whispered, "Are they taking you somewhere?"

"For what?"

"You know, concubines."

"Doesn't look like it. I think we're gonna keep it in the family," I replied.

"That's not real fair to you," Jean opined, her voice low enough to keep things private.

"I'm good with it," I replied softly. "Your family is good people."

"You were never taking me."

"I was ALWAYS taking you!"

Jean burst into tears and hid her face in my midsection.

That triggered Marie. "What's wrong?" she asked, concerned. Obviously, she hadn't put two and two together. No one else in the room had, either, for that matter, except Alice - everyone else was pooh-poohing the idea that they were involved in a pickup. Pickups happened at malls and restaurants and were meat market affairs...

"Things have just gotten complicated," I explained. "But she's happy, I hope..." Jean nodded without removing her face from my shirt.

Marie shrugged. "I don't get it."

I sighed. "I'm thinking that all will become clear, in time." I turned to the Marines. "Do we have time for dessert?"

The Lance Corporal - Sparks, per his nametag - nodded. "Things are real quiet. We're in no hurry. None of the teams has hit anything too serious to deal with. Some households are being consolidated..." He eyed me and I knew the question he wasn't asking.

I sidestepped it. "So, how about dessert?" I asked. "I'd like some coffee..."

"Sure..." May KNEW something was up, but she wasn't seeing the obvious, either. The Marines were neither confirming nor denying and Kate was arguing with her grandmother about how silly she was to think that just because a couple of Marines showed up at a private home, it meant there was a pickup going on. "Grandma, there's just no way," Kate disparaged. May, listening, nodded to herself and turned to the coffee pot.

Tracy hopped up to cut pie and Anita followed. Allison hit the refrigerator for ice cream. I waved Ed over. "How many?"

"Two. You?"


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