Getting Through to Paige

by pointless

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Desc: Sex Story: Ally and Paige have lived together for a year without Ally realizing that Paige, a girl she's had a serious crush for a long, long time, feels exactly the same way, but is just too shy to be open about it until one day it just comes out and everything changes.

Living with Paige was pure hell for Ally. Every moment she was around was like slow, agonizing torture which Ally often likened to having dull screws driven deep into her skull while having her heart ripped violently and awkwardly from her chest by hateful vultures. Well, maybe not that bad, but it definitely sucked in the worst possible way.

It was not that Paige was a bad roommate or anything. She was probably the best roommate Ally had ever had. She was neat, clean and quiet. She knew instinctively, almost the second she moved in, how not to get on Ally's bad side. Hell, she even put the toilet paper roll in the dispenser the exact right way (over the top and pulled from the front) AND never once, no, not one single time, in the entire six months they'd lived together, missed her turn at doing the dishes. She'd even done them when it was Ally's turn, without complaint or even a single, passive aggressive look.

She was also, to put it bluntly, fun as hell. She was funny, smart and quick. When they threw parties (something they did rarely due to their personalities and work/class schedules), Paige was generally the center of attention, but not in a demanding, annoying way. She just seemed to always light up the room without even really trying.

And to top it all off she really was just about the best friend Ally had had in a long, long time. If Ally was having a bad day she could always count on Paige to bring her back up with a joke, an uplifting, but never cheesy speech, a perfectly rolled joint and simple conversation, or by simply listening to Ally vent regardless of how petty or silly her problem at that particular moment may have been.

So, in short, Paige was the perfect roommate. Still, living with her was absolute torture. On the surface it made absolutely no sense. But to put it simply, Ally was pretty sure she was in love with Paige.

And not just puppy love or a girl crush or even that platonic kind of love that two close girlfriends can share if they have the right personality, and is often faked by the more shallow. No, it was real love, very adult and very physically oriented. Ally wanted nothing more than to ravage Paige's perfect little body and make her scream out her name in pure orgasmic bliss all night, every night until she simply couldn't take it anymore, or until Ally's tongue and fingers fell off from overuse.

This, of course, would not have been a problem at all if Paige was gay or bisexual or even just a teeny bit bi-curious, but sadly, all signs seemed to point directly and unambiguously to none of the above. Paige was just about the straightest girl Ally had ever known.

Ally, however, was anything but. Not that she'd necessarily call herself gay, but if she was bisexual she definitely leaned more towards girls then boys. She always had. Casually and seriously she'd always preferred the ladies to the guys. the casual side of her sexuality was much, much more girl oriented then her more serious, long term side, but even that had been changing. She was only twenty-one, but of the five serious relationships she'd had in six or so years of real sexual activity three had been with other women while the remainder had, of course, been with men. Well, boys really considering one had lasted only six months during her junior year of high school and the other another six months during her freshman year of college.

Both ended on sour notes, but for different reasons. The first had ended because the bastard decided that since they were both going to be attending different schools on opposite sides of the state and would most likely be breaking up anyway, it would be okay to start fucking other girls a little early at a party they were both attending. She later got back at him by eating out his kid sister at another party they both happened to be attending right before she headed off to school. She even made sure he knew all about it by doing it in the backyard on a lawn chair while he got drunk on the porch nearby.

He and his buddies on the porch actually cheered her on before they noticed what was actually going on. Then it was just his buddies cheering while he turned and puked his guts out. It was beautiful, in a cruel sort of way. She kind of hated using his little sister to get back at him, but she really didn't seem to mind at the time and, in fact, actually hooked up with her again the next summer when Ally came back to town to avoid paying rent for a few months. Still, it was a cold thing to do and she knew it.

But that was then. She was over it.

The other relationship ended because he, insisted on having a threesome after one of his stupid friends put the idea into his head. Ally had accidentally admitted while drunk to participating in one or two herself, also while drunk. He begged for two weeks straight until she finally caved and let it happen with an intimate friend of hers named Carlie.

Every thing was going great until Carlie brought Ally to a quick and glorious orgasm and then made out with her for five solid minutes. He freaked out. It might have made sense if he hadn't rolled over to take a break to recover after blowing two quick loads into Carlie while ignoring Ally herself. But even at eighteen Ally knew enough not to count on logic when dealing with a bruised male ego.

That ended the threesome right then and there, but the relationship lurched on awkwardly for another two weeks of accusations of lesbianism and other colorful insults, which were often followed by quick, half hearted apologies. Those were often followed by more insults. He insisted that she no longer hang out with Carlie based on the logic that she was some kind of evil, straight girl-converting dyke who was going to turn her gay.

That was the last straw. She hadn't even bothered arguing with him or taking the low road and emasculating him with a quick strike to his ego. She'd simply got up from the couch, collected the few things she had in his apartment and walked out the door.

She didn't bother with revenge sex this time around, but she did end up hooking up with Carlie several times after that. She even had a semi-serious relationship going with her that actually involved more than a few threesomes though only one of them involved anyone with a penis.

It was after her relationship with Carlie that Ally pretty much gave up on relationships with men. It wasn't because her two serious relationships with men were debacles. No, it was because she simply realized that sex with other women was just that much more satisfying. A few drunken friendly fucks aside, she hadn't turned back since and she had no plans to. Not that men were completely off the table, but they had better be actual men and not just little boys in men's clothes or they'd best not even bother trying.

Paige, however, was an entirely different story. Paige was something of a goody-goody when it came to sex. Not that she was a prude, but she wasn't very experienced when Ally first met her and not much had changed since. She was much more of a relationship type person than Ally was. Casual sex was a foreign idea to her. If she wasn't in a relationship with a guy she would make out with them and occasionally let them get to third base, but never ever any farther.

Oddly enough, Paige rarely kept a boyfriend for long. During the year Paige had lived with Ally she'd had five boyfriends none lasting more than a month. All five relationships seemed to share a similar formula and, from what Ally had gathered through their frequent conversations about sex and sex related topics, this formula had pretty much been intact since she first started dating in high school.

At first everything started out nauseatingly sweet. Almost like high school sweetheart/ puppy love crap. Ally spent a lot of time rolling her eyes and going to her room during this phase. She could deal with the cuddling on the couch, but Paige had an annoying habit of playing the cute name game. Ally could only handle so many honey buns, sweetie pies and sugar lips or whatever before she developed the urge to kick puppies and steal candy from babies and make them cry. She was always happy when this phase ended; at least briefly.

The second phase tended to make Ally a little jealous, as well as make it almost impossible for her to get any sleep. Why? Well, you should try sleeping when the girl you're crushing on is busy screaming out her boyfriends name in the next room while the bastard fucks her hard enough to cause the bedposts to slam into the wall in a loud, rhythmic fashion.

Once, when one of her boyfriends apparently got a hold of some Viagra or something it went on for about an hour or so. If she had owned a gun Ally probably would've shot herself that night. Or at least the boyfriend, whose name she'd since "forgotten". Luckily for everyone involved she didn't.

Instead she did what she always did: she popped in one of her handful of girl/girl porn DVDs and abused herself like a woman possessed while thinking of Paige. Or, if she was lucky she'd call up whatever girl she was hooking up with at the time and go over to her apartment for some hot, nasty girl fun of her own, again while thinking of Paige.

This second phase usually lasted a week or two before it ended then bam! It was all over. Why? They just weren't compatible or it was starting to become all about the sex or some other vague thing that Paige could never seem to elaborate on.

After that came relative peace until Paige found herself another boy. Relative peace because Ally's crush was hardly dependent on Paige having a sex life. Ally was, after all, secretly in love with Paige not just in love with the sounds she happened to make while fucking. Besides, there were other temptations.

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