Getting Through to Paige

by pointless

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Foot Fetish, Slow, School, .

Desc: Sex Story: Ally and Paige have lived together for a year without Ally realizing that Paige, a girl she's had a serious crush for a long, long time, feels exactly the same way, but is just too shy to be open about it until one day it just comes out and everything changes.

Living with Paige was pure hell for Ally. Every moment she was around was like slow, agonizing torture which Ally often likened to having dull screws driven deep into her skull while having her heart ripped violently and awkwardly from her chest by hateful vultures. Well, maybe not that bad, but it definitely sucked in the worst possible way.

It was not that Paige was a bad roommate or anything. She was probably the best roommate Ally had ever had. She was neat, clean and quiet. She knew instinctively, almost the second she moved in, how not to get on Ally's bad side. Hell, she even put the toilet paper roll in the dispenser the exact right way (over the top and pulled from the front) AND never once, no, not one single time, in the entire six months they'd lived together, missed her turn at doing the dishes. She'd even done them when it was Ally's turn, without complaint or even a single, passive aggressive look.

She was also, to put it bluntly, fun as hell. She was funny, smart and quick. When they threw parties (something they did rarely due to their personalities and work/class schedules), Paige was generally the center of attention, but not in a demanding, annoying way. She just seemed to always light up the room without even really trying.

And to top it all off she really was just about the best friend Ally had had in a long, long time. If Ally was having a bad day she could always count on Paige to bring her back up with a joke, an uplifting, but never cheesy speech, a perfectly rolled joint and simple conversation, or by simply listening to Ally vent regardless of how petty or silly her problem at that particular moment may have been.

So, in short, Paige was the perfect roommate. Still, living with her was absolute torture. On the surface it made absolutely no sense. But to put it simply, Ally was pretty sure she was in love with Paige.

And not just puppy love or a girl crush or even that platonic kind of love that two close girlfriends can share if they have the right personality, and is often faked by the more shallow. No, it was real love, very adult and very physically oriented. Ally wanted nothing more than to ravage Paige's perfect little body and make her scream out her name in pure orgasmic bliss all night, every night until she simply couldn't take it anymore, or until Ally's tongue and fingers fell off from overuse.

This, of course, would not have been a problem at all if Paige was gay or bisexual or even just a teeny bit bi-curious, but sadly, all signs seemed to point directly and unambiguously to none of the above. Paige was just about the straightest girl Ally had ever known.

Ally, however, was anything but. Not that she'd necessarily call herself gay, but if she was bisexual she definitely leaned more towards girls then boys. She always had. Casually and seriously she'd always preferred the ladies to the guys. the casual side of her sexuality was much, much more girl oriented then her more serious, long term side, but even that had been changing. She was only twenty-one, but of the five serious relationships she'd had in six or so years of real sexual activity three had been with other women while the remainder had, of course, been with men. Well, boys really considering one had lasted only six months during her junior year of high school and the other another six months during her freshman year of college.

Both ended on sour notes, but for different reasons. The first had ended because the bastard decided that since they were both going to be attending different schools on opposite sides of the state and would most likely be breaking up anyway, it would be okay to start fucking other girls a little early at a party they were both attending. She later got back at him by eating out his kid sister at another party they both happened to be attending right before she headed off to school. She even made sure he knew all about it by doing it in the backyard on a lawn chair while he got drunk on the porch nearby.

He and his buddies on the porch actually cheered her on before they noticed what was actually going on. Then it was just his buddies cheering while he turned and puked his guts out. It was beautiful, in a cruel sort of way. She kind of hated using his little sister to get back at him, but she really didn't seem to mind at the time and, in fact, actually hooked up with her again the next summer when Ally came back to town to avoid paying rent for a few months. Still, it was a cold thing to do and she knew it.

But that was then. She was over it.

The other relationship ended because he, insisted on having a threesome after one of his stupid friends put the idea into his head. Ally had accidentally admitted while drunk to participating in one or two herself, also while drunk. He begged for two weeks straight until she finally caved and let it happen with an intimate friend of hers named Carlie.

Every thing was going great until Carlie brought Ally to a quick and glorious orgasm and then made out with her for five solid minutes. He freaked out. It might have made sense if he hadn't rolled over to take a break to recover after blowing two quick loads into Carlie while ignoring Ally herself. But even at eighteen Ally knew enough not to count on logic when dealing with a bruised male ego.

That ended the threesome right then and there, but the relationship lurched on awkwardly for another two weeks of accusations of lesbianism and other colorful insults, which were often followed by quick, half hearted apologies. Those were often followed by more insults. He insisted that she no longer hang out with Carlie based on the logic that she was some kind of evil, straight girl-converting dyke who was going to turn her gay.

That was the last straw. She hadn't even bothered arguing with him or taking the low road and emasculating him with a quick strike to his ego. She'd simply got up from the couch, collected the few things she had in his apartment and walked out the door.

She didn't bother with revenge sex this time around, but she did end up hooking up with Carlie several times after that. She even had a semi-serious relationship going with her that actually involved more than a few threesomes though only one of them involved anyone with a penis.

It was after her relationship with Carlie that Ally pretty much gave up on relationships with men. It wasn't because her two serious relationships with men were debacles. No, it was because she simply realized that sex with other women was just that much more satisfying. A few drunken friendly fucks aside, she hadn't turned back since and she had no plans to. Not that men were completely off the table, but they had better be actual men and not just little boys in men's clothes or they'd best not even bother trying.

Paige, however, was an entirely different story. Paige was something of a goody-goody when it came to sex. Not that she was a prude, but she wasn't very experienced when Ally first met her and not much had changed since. She was much more of a relationship type person than Ally was. Casual sex was a foreign idea to her. If she wasn't in a relationship with a guy she would make out with them and occasionally let them get to third base, but never ever any farther.

Oddly enough, Paige rarely kept a boyfriend for long. During the year Paige had lived with Ally she'd had five boyfriends none lasting more than a month. All five relationships seemed to share a similar formula and, from what Ally had gathered through their frequent conversations about sex and sex related topics, this formula had pretty much been intact since she first started dating in high school.

At first everything started out nauseatingly sweet. Almost like high school sweetheart/ puppy love crap. Ally spent a lot of time rolling her eyes and going to her room during this phase. She could deal with the cuddling on the couch, but Paige had an annoying habit of playing the cute name game. Ally could only handle so many honey buns, sweetie pies and sugar lips or whatever before she developed the urge to kick puppies and steal candy from babies and make them cry. She was always happy when this phase ended; at least briefly.

The second phase tended to make Ally a little jealous, as well as make it almost impossible for her to get any sleep. Why? Well, you should try sleeping when the girl you're crushing on is busy screaming out her boyfriends name in the next room while the bastard fucks her hard enough to cause the bedposts to slam into the wall in a loud, rhythmic fashion.

Once, when one of her boyfriends apparently got a hold of some Viagra or something it went on for about an hour or so. If she had owned a gun Ally probably would've shot herself that night. Or at least the boyfriend, whose name she'd since "forgotten". Luckily for everyone involved she didn't.

Instead she did what she always did: she popped in one of her handful of girl/girl porn DVDs and abused herself like a woman possessed while thinking of Paige. Or, if she was lucky she'd call up whatever girl she was hooking up with at the time and go over to her apartment for some hot, nasty girl fun of her own, again while thinking of Paige.

This second phase usually lasted a week or two before it ended then bam! It was all over. Why? They just weren't compatible or it was starting to become all about the sex or some other vague thing that Paige could never seem to elaborate on.

After that came relative peace until Paige found herself another boy. Relative peace because Ally's crush was hardly dependent on Paige having a sex life. Ally was, after all, secretly in love with Paige not just in love with the sounds she happened to make while fucking. Besides, there were other temptations.

Namely, Paige was extremely comfortable with her body and seemed to think nothing of walking around the house in nothing but panties first thing in the morning on a hot summer day. She also seemed to have no problem walking around in a loosely wrapped towel for a prolonged period of time after a shower occasionally even sitting down seemingly unaware that a short towel wasn't exactly long enough to cover her more private parts. She also didn't seem to mind walking in to the bathroom when Ally was taking her shower to use the toilet and proceeding to have a conversation with Ally like nothing was going on.

It wasn't like she was unaware of Ally's sexuality. Ally was never shy about telling anyone she was bi. Even if she had been Paige would not have had a hard time figuring it out when Ally brought a girl home, took her directly to her room and then proceeded to have less than discreet sex with her. This tended happen fairly often. She was hardly a slut, but sex was definitely a part of her life.

No, Paige knew all about Ally's attraction to other women. She simply didn't care. As far as she was concerned Ally was just another girl. They had the same parts. What was there to hide?

The idea that Ally might like those parts Paige was all too willing to display never seemed to cross her mind. She was just a silly, little, super hot straight girl who never even thought about other girls and what they might want to do to her if only she'd let them.

And she was definitely hot. By Ally's standards, Paige was physical perfection. She was short without being tiny; thin without being skinny. She had a belly that stuck out ever so slightly in a way that made Ally want to tackle Paige and ravage her whenever it was exposed. It was like a little pillow she wanted to place soft kisses on and maybe a few nips.

Her feet were a work of art. Perfectly shaped with the cutest toes that Paige kept tastefully pedicured at all times and which Ally desperately wanted to suck. In fact, she often offered to give Paige foot massages just to touch them, because, yes Ally definitely had something of a foot fetish.

Paige's breasts were also simply beautiful. Perfect, little mounds that fit her body just right, topped with the cutest little nipples that threatened to draw Ally in if she wasn't careful. Much like Paige's completely bare pussy which was simply beautiful to Ally's eyes. It was just a perfect little slit that seemed to draw her eyes in every time with it's simplistic beauty.

Add to that a cute, oval of a face with large, piercing green eyes, shoulder length, silky black hair and perfect light brown skin from her father's partial Mexican heritage and one could easily see why Ally was in lust with her relatively innocent friend.

Not that Ally was a slouch. She was proud of her body, but not arrogantly so. In high school she had been an athlete, playing soccer and running track until she blew her knee near the end of her junior year. The injury prevented her from going back into competitive sports, but she still took a lot of pride in maintaining her physique.

She tried very hard to walk the thin line between femininely toned and androgynously muscular. She was most proud of her tight belly and what she had been told by several lovers was a wonderfully shaped butt and long, shapely legs.

She was a wee bit taller than Paige. Those long, shapely legs that helped so much in track were a good part of it. Her breasts were also just a smidge larger, but, again, it wasn't like it was a huge difference. In fact, she'd actually worn one of Paige's bras before thanks to a laundry mix up and similar taste in undergarments and while it was a tad tight it was more because she was little thicker than Paige and less because of her cup size.

Her face was also a bit more angular, but still soft and feminine. Ally's eyes also weren't quite as prominent being a calming darker blue which went well with her just past shoulder length natural blonde hair. Well, when it was blonde anyway. She did tend to dye it on occasion. Usually tastefully with just a few highlights here and there, but on occasion she'd go for a nice pink or blue or some times a shade of green or purple.

Really though, she was just a fairly average, cute, younger women who tried to get by more on her wit than her looks, and tended to judge others by that same standard. Paige may have been deliciously cute in the physical sense, but it was her personality that won Ally over despite the inevitable failure of any potential relationship with her.

Still, it wasn't like any of that mattered. Paige was still straight and she still drove Ally absolutely insane with lust despite the fact that she and Ally would never be together, not even for one, glorious night.

Or, at least, that's what Ally thought. She was wrong, but, she had no way of knowing just how wrong she had been for so very, very long until the night that changed everything between them.

The thing was Paige was nowhere near as inexperienced in the realm of feminine romance as Ally assumed. She was hardly an out and open bisexual, but she had done of a few things that would've shocked and emboldened Ally had she known of her roommate's hidden curiosity.

Why? Well, quite simply, despite what her extroverted personality might say to the contrary, Paige was shy, especially when it came to sex. There was a reason she never indulged in more casual sex even when most of friends had no problem with it. She had to be extremely comfortable with someone before she'd even think of giving into any sexual advances.

Only one girl had ever managed to break through her defenses and get her to open up to the possibilities that existed in the more feminine side of sexuality. It had been a glorious experience and, to be honest, probably the single most passionate, fulfilling relationship she'd ever had. It had also ended up being one of the most sexually confusing nine months of her young life

Still, those nine months with Hailey during her senior year of high school were pure bliss in a lot of ways. The questions may have driven her a little mad after it broke off as abruptly as it did, but she wouldn't have given them up for anything. In fact, what she wanted most in the world was to have them back. There was just one little problem: she had no idea how to go about getting it. It wasn't just because she was shy when it came to initiating intimate contact. It had much more to do with the fact that she simply had no idea how to go about starting the relationship.

Hailey was the only girl who was either able or willing to break through Paige's considerable defenses and get to the deviant, little freak who laid in wait just underneath the surface. Not that there weren't other girls that tried, but Paige was no different with women than she was with men. She required a massive reserve of patience on the part of her suitors regardless of gender, and most people just didn't have it.

Paige was on the verge of giving up thinking she'd have to settle for her memories for the rest of her good, but still somewhat empty life. It was a heavy load for a girl not yet old enough to drink to carry with her, but it seemed to be what life intended for her. That is until she met Ally. Ally was a dream come true. She was cute, funny, loved awesome music and, more importantly, she loved other girls. She was also apparently absolutely convinced that Paige was one hundred percent straight and had no apparent plans to even attempt to change that fact.

Still, they became fast friends after meeting in their freshman art history class. Paige broke up with her only long time boyfriend since her relationship with Hailey and was forced to make a decision between moving back into the dorms (yuck) and moving back home at about the same time that Ally was trying to find a roommate. The cards seemed to show a winning hand for both.

Yes, it was a good deal but like Ally, Paige was hardly as satisfied as she would've liked and for much the same reasons. She had hoped they'd have been fucking by now, but Ally simply refused to change her mind about Paige's sexuality.

Not that it was all her fault. Ally really had no reason to believe Paige was anything but straight. Hell, even Paige was amazed by the amount of boyfriends she'd had in the year they'd lived together and the short duration of all the relationships. The reason for them was simple, however. She fucked all those guys, some of whom she honestly barely even liked, because she had to distract herself from what she really wanted more than anything. That, of course, was the girl in the next room.

That was the only reason these relationships didn't last long. It was also the reason she was willing to get so wild with her boyfriends, letting them do things to her she honestly never imagined letting anyone do to her.

She'd done a lot of the stuff that one guy and one girl could do together minus scat and blood play and several other things she never thought she would consider: A little light bondage here, some ass to mouth there and several things in between. Spanking, paddling, ass licking, anal beads (for her and one particular guy), sex in the car, in the shower, on the couch, in the laundry room, in the kitchen, at her job, at his job in the park, under a bridge, in a public restroom and on and on and on. She'd done plenty and none of it was enough to distract her from what she really wanted, but had no idea how to go about getting.

Paige had tried though in her own little way. Those apparently innocent displays of Paige's hidden assets that drove Ally mad with frustration were anything but innocent. Ally never seemed to take the hint, though. How she could miss that fact that Paige would very deliberately find a place to sit where her exposed pussy was directly in Ally's line of sight was beyond Paige. Hell, half the time Paige would actually go so far as to move a chair or sit cross legged on the floor right in front of her roommate when there were more logical seating options to be had.

And walking around half naked in an air conditioned apartment just to keep cool? She had no idea Ally how bought that one. Sometimes in the morning their apartment was so cold it almost hurt to walk around without a shirt. Her poor nipples would get so hard they felt like they were going to burst.

The shower thing was equally frustrating. Sometimes Paige would even reach into the shower to grab something she generally didn't need just to see how Ally would react, but Ally always played it cool. If Paige didn't know any better she would've thought Ally wasn't attracted to her, but she did and she was. It was just that Ally was absolutely convinced that Paige was straight and she was too good of a friend to try and change that herself. Deep down inside, though, Paige knew these little games were simply childish, but, honestly she had no idea how else to go about it and that was her real problem.

Sometimes Paige wondered if Ally was just a little dense. Especially since she'd heard more than a couple of her friends talking about the very subject a couple of times when they were getting drunk and thought Paige was sound asleep. They seemed to get it, but every time Ally would be there shouting them down about how Paige was the straightest girl she'd ever known.

A few of them had tried to test the theory, but they never got anywhere. This just tended to support the prevailing theory that she was straight as straight could be. It was beginning to get old.

So Paige suffered, ashamed of herself for her own cowardice and for playing the cards fate seemed intent on dealing her. Then something amazing happened: she stopped playing games and took her fate into her own hands.

It began thanks to a random emotional outburst which was brought on by Paige's new boyfriend, BJ. It was an appropriate nickname because he was a major dick. But indirectly, it worked to Paige's advantage.

It all started one night when BJ, already on his last legs thanks to just generally being a piece of shit apparently decided that he might as go for broke in the "being an asshole" department. How? Well, not only was he a selfish lover, a greedy drug addict, a thieving little bitch, and a stupid, lazy liar, but he was also a no good, lousy cheating son of a bitch.

Paige found all this out in one day by making one enlightening phone call.

There were some fairly obvious hints of BJ's infidelity early on but Paige willfully ignored them. BJ started working on Paige while he was still in a relationship, but Paige allowed herself to ignore the obvious because he was charming, cute and he said all the right things in the right way at the right time and, quite frankly, she was horny at the time and he was willing to put up the effort necessary.

None of that really mattered at the time. The day in question had started out bad as far as the relationship was concerned. It was actually supposed to be a day of atonement for BJ. The night before, he had blown off a planned date, nothing special, just a movie followed by sex, the usual Friday night thing, because he supposedly had to work late, but he promised to make up for it by spending the whole day doing things Paige liked. Namely a little hiking on the dunes, a little going out to eat at her favorite pseudo Italian joint, some shopping for good music and good books followed by sex that involved Paige actually achieving an orgasm and after that maybe they'd hit a party or just fuck some more until they both collapsed in sweaty, worn out heap of ecstatic exhaustion. In short, the perfect day off.

It didn't work out like that at all. Instead it started out with Paige waking up late, alone and wondering where the hell her boyfriend was. This was followed by a series of unanswered calls to BJ's phone that started out ringing a few times before going to voicemail then ended up ringing not at all and going directly to his voice mail. Paige was starting to get pissed.

In the meantime, she decided to roll herself a joint and was suddenly even closer to getting pissed. What was a nearly full half ounce was now notably less than that. She didn't have to wonder what had happened. She knew it was BJ. She wished she'd checked it earlier so she could've bitched him out, but there had been no need.

The night before she'd only smoked a couple bowls before going to bed alone and, as BJ obviously knew from being with her for almost a month at that point, she usually kept a little supply of really good stuff. He'd ripped her off before. Usually when he wanted to go get high with his friends and look like a big shot for hooking them up with the good shit when all they could get was shitty dirt weed and, at best, decent middies that they paid way too much for because they were morons.

She wouldn't have been that pissed if he'd only asked her, but, of course, he was too manly for that shit. No, the guy thing to do was steal about a hundred dollars worth of drugs to smoke with a bunch of losers. It kind of made the whole working thing seem like a bunch of horse shit.

And that thought helped put her over the line and set her off on another round of calls. Nothing psychotic, but definitely enough that if the bastard wasn't dead he knew just by the pure volume that she was incredibly pissed. Of course, he still didn't answer. Every call got kicked straight to his voice mail and she plenty of good use of that by leaving as many long, angry messages as she made calls.

This went on for a good hour or two until it finally ended when the phone rang twice to be answered by an angry female voice that proceeded to inform Paige to that she really needed to stop calling the female voice's boyfriend before the nameless voice came over to her house and kicked her ass. Then she hung up before Paige could even respond properly. This did not go over well with Paige and was quickly followed by another phone call. This time a weary, tired sounding BJ answered while the nameless other woman screamed at him in the background.

What followed was a long, frustrating, and highly enlightening conversation with a complete asshole who refused to see how anything he had done was wrong no matter how loud Paige yelled at him. This was mainly because the asshole was high on her weed and she made sure to make her anger on that issue pretty clear as well.

And this was when Ally walked in early from work to her good friend and roommate screaming at her cell phone in a manner she'd never seen before. As often as Paige switched boy toys, as Ally liked to call them, she'd never once yelled at them over the phone or even to their face in Ally's presence. It stunned Ally so much that she froze at the bottom of the stairs trying to figure what the hell was going on. She was just figuring it out when she heard the words that would soon change both her and Paige's relationship forever.

"It's assholes like you that make me want to go back to women," Paige had screamed loud enough that Ally heard it perfectly clearly from where she standing despite the fact she was at that time opening the door to back out of the apartment. Ally froze in place.

At first she thought she'd misheard, but Paige was apparently in the need to further elucidate.

"Like you'd know, asshole," Ally heard Paige say to the person she could only assume was BJ, a guy she'd actually warned her friend about, "There's a lot you don't fucking know about me, you worthless fuck."

Ally had just enough time to think that she could definitely sympathize with that sentiment when Paige walked out of her bedroom and yelled some more profanities before glancing down the stairs to see Ally standing there looking uncomfortable. Paige just looked at her with wide eyes, suddenly realizing what she'd just said. She went back into her room and slammed her door behind her.

Paige was momentarily too stunned to continue yelling at BJ, but when he decided to use her silence as a chance to insinuate that Paige being a dyke made sense since she was a frigid bitch who couldn't come she was back in the moment.

Ally, for her part, stayed at the bottom of the stairs for a moment debating her options and reviewing what she'd just heard a few more times before deciding that she might as well stay. As she made her way up the stairs she tried her best to ignore the yelling going on in Paige's room with some success. Her continued distraction over what she'd heard helped a bit. Still, after a brief pause Paige was making it a little hard for Ally to not overhear her.

"For your information, you micro-dicked asshole," Ally heard Paige yell into her phone through her bedroom door, "The only reason I couldn't come is because you ... you know what? Fuck you, asshole. I don't even care."

For a moment Ally thought that was the end and almost knocked on Paige's door to see if she wanted to talk, but another burst of profanity made her change her mind. Instead she went to her room, and slowly rolled a joint while listening to some Brian Eno, something she picked up from an older lover, on low volume and waited with her door open.

Ally did her best to put the idea out of her mind. She didn't get her hopes and, frankly, for all she knew Paige was just going hard for BJ's nuts, as they say. Still she couldn't help but think about it while she waited for the fight to wind down.

It didn't take much longer really. Paige was quickly running out of things to yell at BJ. He wasn't making it easy either. He was just listening and waiting for her to finish before spouting off with a quick, lame homophobic insult. Finally she just gave up. It wasn't worth it and she no longer cared.

"Whatever, "she finally said after he blurted another fifth grade insult into the phone, "You know what? If that bitch wants you she can have you and keep the fucking weed. We're done and I don't fucking care." With that she hit the end button on her phone and screamed for no other reason then to get it all out.

Then she sat down on the corner of her bed and started crying. Paige's tears were a mixture of relief and frustration. She was relieved that she finally got some of that out and told the bastard what she actually thought of him and she was frustrated that she had to do it over the phone. She would've enjoyed kicking him in the nuts for being such duplicitous, thieving coward. Barring that she wouldn't minded at least throwing a few things at him.

God, she hadn't had a phone fight since high school. She'd almost forgotten how empty they felt. She almost wanted to go find the bastard and key his car or some damned thing just to make the anger feel a little less impotent. She was almost starting to take this idea seriously when she heard a light knock on her door. It was Ally. For a moment Paige hesitated, knowing full well what Ally must have heard. She knew Ally would be the perfect person to vent on if nothing else and she definitely needed to vent. She did, however, take a second to wipe away her few remaining tears before telling Ally to come in.

"Hey," Ally said cautiously, "How you feeling?" Paige chuckled a little at that. Ally smiled weakly and sat down on the corner of Paige's bed before continuing, "That bad?"

"Well, me and BJ are done," Paige responded.

"Well, I kind of guessed that much," Ally came back and caused Paige to chuckle somewhat bitterly again.

"Don't be a jerk."

"I'll try, but you know how hard it can be at times," Ally said hoping for at least a smile for her weak joke and got it, "Wanna get high and talk about it?"

That was question she almost didn't even need to ask. Paige of course said yes without pause. At that Ally whipped out the joint she'd rolled from behind her ear and lit it up, and prepared herself for a long meandering conversation. This she got in spades.

They smoked and talked for a good long time and Paige got a lot off of her chest. An hour ticked by, then another. The whole time Ally mainly just sat and listened, every once in awhile rolling another joint then sparking it up, rarely inserting her opinions until Paige brought up the weed, a subject very near and dear to her heart. This turned out to be a very good decision.

"He did what?" Ally said incredulously upon hearing that he'd straight stolen half of Paige's bag and that he'd done it before. "I can't believe you let him do that shit. I'd have cut off his balls the first time he tried that shit." Paige laughed at this, trying hard to imagine Ally doing anything with resembling violence and found she simply couldn't do it, but Ally insisted. "Don't laugh. I have scissors and they are sharp. I wouldn't pause for a second. The moment I realized he was pinching my stash he'd be a eunuch. Swear to god."

"Yeah, yeah." Paige responded dismissively while still laughing lightly, "and then you'd go to jail for attempted murder."

"So? I'd get by. I'd find me a cute little felon and make her my bitch. It would be all good," Ally countered trying her best to sound tough.

"Knowing you'd have a whole harem."

"You calling me a slut?" Ally put on her best angry face after saying that and Paige, being stoned and in a much better mood couldn't help but laugh. This stopped when Ally hit her over the head with a pillow. This led quickly to a very playful, but extremely aggressive pillow fight/faux argument over Ally's perceived level of promiscuity that only ended when Ally ripped Paige's pillow from her hands and the pillow fight evolved into a wrestling match.

Paige really had no chance once the pillows were abandoned, but she fought on valiantly against her more athletic roommate until Ally finally pinned Paige's arms behind her head while straddling her stomach. Paige still didn't give up quite then, but as much as she struggled she simply couldn't escape from Ally's grip.

Neither girl seemed to notice how obviously turned on the other was. Both Ally's and Paige's nipple were straining against the thin white t-shirt and red tank top that cover their respective breasts. And while the girls were aware of their own subtle, but definite signs of arousal in other less visible ways those too went undetected. Still it definitely felt nice to Paige to have Ally straddling her and felt just as good to Ally.

"You going to apologize?" Ally teased as she smiled maliciously down upon her defeated roommate.

"I'm sorry," Paige said doing her best to sound defeated.

"Sorry for what?" Ally said pushing her advantage perhaps a bit too far. She was always competitive. She couldn't help it.

"I'm sorry," Paige began still maintaining her subservient manner, "that you're a slut."

"You're one to talk, you fake lesbian," Ally retorted caught up in the moment.

"What are you talking about?" Paige said having honestly forgotten about Ally coming in and possibly overhearing her comment to BJ. Smoking joint after joint of high grade weed can do that to a person.

"I heard you, you little liar," Ally continued, still holding her friend down even though she'd stopped struggling, "Telling your little boy toy that you were gonna go gay because of him. Don't lie."

Suddenly it all came back to Paige. For a brief second she was almost overcome with embarrassment, but, as silly as it might seem, the feeling of Ally shift ever so slightly and, accidentally, forcing the crotch of Paige's pants to rub against Paige's already aroused sex just a little bit helped to change her mind. It also helped for Paige to finally notice Ally's prominent nipples poking against her tight "I know what girls like" t-shirt telling her she wasn't the only one turned on.

That moment suddenly had a very now or never type of feel to it. The cat was finally out of the bag. It was now up to Paige whether she wanted to lie and just let it go and in the process pretty much give up any real chance of ever being with Ally again or just roll with the punches, swallow her fear and hope for the best. After a year of stupidly waiting for her roommate to break through her well constructed veneer instead of sucking it up and acting like an adult capable of making her own decisions and living with the results.

Still, it took almost all her strength to simply utter the phrase "That's not what I said. I said I was going back to women, you stupid dyke." Paige was almost amazed at herself for even coming close to spitting that out let alone adding her usual playful insult at the end while maintaining a cocky smirk.

"You're still a liar," Ally replied without missing a beat, "You stupid fake dyke."

"Just because I've never fucked you doesn't mean I've never fucked a girl," Paige came back. Her smirk was fading somewhat and a more serious look was starting to form mainly in her eyes.

Ally was silent for a second, studying her roommates face looking for any sign that she was bluffing. She found nothing and, frankly, it shocked her. Her mind raced with the possibilities that lay before her. For the first time in a long time she was at a loss as to how to continue with a girl.

Ally had spent so much time in recent months trying to convince herself that nothing would ever happen with Paige that a part of her felt that this was all somehow just a misunderstanding, but like Paige the feel of this beautiful girl's body underneath her and the way her own body was reacting to this until a moment ago innocent play was more than enough to overcome any fear she felt. She simply had to find out and she had to do it now.

"Oh yeah?" Ally said after what seemed like a small eternity. It sounded so weak, so feeble, but it was the best her frazzled mind could manage.

"Yeah," Paige responded her eyes dead serious while her smirk now looked more nervous than cocky as she realized Ally was now ever so slowly leaning closer to her.

"So you're not bluffing?" Ally prodded on, her voice barely containing her own nerves as she lay down upon her friend's sweet little body. That fact that this comment didn't make much sense didn't really matter.

"Why don't you find out?" Paige said in a barely audible whisper as the last remaining element of play seemed to evaporate into thin air as Ally's nose began to brush little against her own.

"Maybe I should," Ally came back as she gathered up her courage as her hands began to subconsciously relinquish their grip on Paige's wrists. Still, she waited for a second gazing deeply into Paige's eyes as if to see if this was still just a game or a joke or anything. All she saw there was a mixture of fear, lust, and pure, naked desire. She couldn't have known, but Paige saw much the same thing in Ally's eyes as she gazed back waiting, the second seemed to hang in the air as if frozen.

Then, in an instant, as Ally's lips finally bridged the tiny gap that still remained between them time was no longer of any concern. After nearly a year of mutual frustration and hidden lust between them the genie was out of the bottle and they both instantly knew that they'd never want to force it back in.

It was suppose to be a small kiss, just a test, a tease, just a light kiss on the lips. That changed almost as soon as their lips made contact with each other. Mouths opened, tongues extended and hands almost instantly sprang into action to grasp and explore the soft, inviting flesh of the other.

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