The Window Cleaner

by Rooler

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: 21 year old Rick loves his new job as a window cleaner. The hours are good, the weather is fine, and the money is great. But Rick is about to find out that being a window cleaner has certain other perks too...

21 year old Rick approached the last house on his round with a sense of quiet satisfaction; the type you only get at the end of a hard day's work.

Okay, it was only his second full day on the job, but did he regret quitting college to become a window cleaner? No way, not in the slightest. Obviously, the recent warm weather helped a great deal, but the money wasn't bad either. He had finished 52 houses already that day, and at 4 quid per house ... that was almost as much as most of his friends were making in a week!

No, Rick did not regret dropping out and setting up a window cleaning business, despite the howls of protest when he had broken the news to his friends and family. In fact, he thought, their lack of support made his satisfaction feel even sweeter.

Now, as he approached the last house of the day - a fairly anonymous end-of-street, semi-detached house with a well-kept front lawn and neatly trimmed flower beds - the sun was on his back and he felt fantastic.

He opened the gate and went into the garden, setting his ladder against the outer wall and going to work on the ground floor windows.

There were two sets of windows on the lower floor - one looking into the living room and the other looking into the dining room. Both rooms were neat and tastefully furnished, but Rick could see no signs of anyone being at home.

He cleaned the windows anyway, taking care around to do a good job around the edges and in the corners. If there was no-one home, he'd leave a note and return to pick up his money later in the week.

He gave the ground floor windows one last wipe with a wet sponge and positioned his ladder against the sill of the upstairs window. He climbed up and looked through the glass into what was obviously someone's bedroom.

Yeah, as well as the good money, the ability to work your own hours, and the chance to be outdoors all day, you also got to peek into people's bedrooms. Truth be told, Rick had always been a bit of a voyeur, and it was a part of the job he liked a lot. Unfortunately, he hadn't seen anything sexy yet, and this one looked pretty uninteresting too.

He finished the window and climbed down, repositioning the ladder under the second upstairs window. Last window of the day, then home, he thought. His arms were aching after lugging the ladder from house to house, and he was looking forward to taking a long, hot shower.

He grabbed his bucket of water and climbed the ladder, stopping a few steps from the top. When he looked up, he had the shock of his life, and almost dropped the bucket on to the lawn below.

He peered through the glass, hardly able to believe what he was seeing. Inside was another bedroom, plainly decorated with a double bed, wardrobe and chest of drawers. However, lying nonchalantly on the bed was a completely naked woman!

She was on her side, with her back to him. Rick wondered if she knew he was there - what if she turned around and started screaming? But she must have heard him putting the ladder against the window sill, he thought - he had definitely made enough noise.

Rick paused, taking a good long look at her arse. Although she was facing away from him, he could tell she was around about 35 years of age. She had long jet black hair and a full figure with a lovely plump arse. As he stared, Rick felt his cock grow hard inside his shorts. God, he loved older women, and even though he couldn't see her face, he could tell she was fucking gorgeous!

Suddenly, she turned to face him, making eye contact and almost throwing Rick off balance. He gripped on to the ladder and tried to act casually, rinsing water over the glass and using his squeegee to clean the surface.

The naked woman watched him as he worked, but Rick couldn't help but glance sneakily at her large, juicy tits. Man, they were sweet! How he'd love to bury his face in between those babies and suck on her puffy pink nips.

When he was nearly finished on the window - he did a very thorough job - the woman got off the bed and slipped on a sexy little black négligée before walking casually out of the room.

Rick paused and breathed a sigh of relief. He was a little taken aback by what he had seen, although his throbbing dick reminded him that he had liked the view very much. He counted to ten and climbed down the ladder.

He knocked lightly at the front door and a few seconds later the woman answered. "Don't window cleaners have to take some kind of oath that says they won't spy on naked women who happen to be taking their afternoon nap?"

Rick smiled and looked at her magnificent cleavage. "Sorry about that," he said. "It's a tough job, but someone has to do it. Windows don't clean themselves."

"Occupational hazard, right?"

"Something like that."

The woman leaned against the door frame and folded her arms across her chest. "Well," she said. "No hard feelings. Listen, it's pretty warm out there, do you fancy coming inside for a for a cold drink?"

"Oh, thanks for the offer," said Rick. "But my shift just finished and I only live in the next street."

The woman looked at him and smiled. "I think you misunderstood me. When I said come in for a drink, I didn't actually mean come in for a drink."

Rick watched as she lifted the hem of her négligée, exposing her hairy vagina. His cock began to throb even harder inside his shorts and he had to repress the urge to reach out and touch the thick mass of black, curly hair.

"Wow, I really shouldn't. I have a girlfriend."

"So what? I have a husband," she said, lifting the négligée over her head and throwing it to one side.

Rick gulped. "Fuck, you have really nice tits..."

"Then don't just stand there, get in here and give 'em a squeeze."

Rick needed no further invitation. He went into the house and was immediately led up the stairs and into the bedroom.

"My name's Norah, by the way. I think it's correct and proper that I introduce myself before I allow you to fuck me senseless."

Rick introduced himself and stripped off his tee-shirt and shorts, freeing his eight inch dick. They both climbed on to the bed and began kissing passionately. Rick fondled her heavy tits, squeezing and massaging her soft flesh and paying extra attention to her large areolae, at the centre of which were hard, erect nipples. He sucked them, running his tongue over swollen teats and exploring every inch of her boobs.

She moaned and let out little gasps of delight as he kissed and fondled her breasts. "Jesus, I love having my nipples licked. Now come closer so I can get at that cock of yours."

Rick shuffled forward and felt her grasp his throbbing dick. She held it firmly in her fist and started pumping his shaft, running her hand up and down its entire length.

"Oh, god, yes, that's good," he said, closing his eyes and enjoying the handjob.

"Where'd you wanna stick it?" she said. "In my cunt or in my arse?"

Rick opened his eyes and stared at her in disbelief. He couldn't believe his luck. Not only was he naked in bed with a gorgeous, bit-breasted sexpot, now she was asking if he wanted to fuck her up the arse!

For Rick it was a no-brainer. The idea of anal sex turned him on a great deal, but his girlfriend had never allowed him to put it in her arsehole. He had asked her on numerous occasions, but she had always got offended and called him a perv. Now he had his opportunity!

"Arse, definitely!"

She laughed loudly. "How come they always say that, eh?"

She climbed off the bed and opened one of the drawers in her bedside cabinet. She took out two objects and held them up for Rick to see.

"This is for me," she said, holding a large red vibrator. "And this is for you." She threw him a large tub of anal lube.

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