Nicole's Dilemma

by Clvfan

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Action/Adventure Sex Story: Nicole's husband is a Texas Ranger, he has to deal with some pretty unsavory characters. His work causes Nicole to have to make a decision that could test their love.

Devon Forrester checked his watch once again. It read 2:30 A.M; he looked around the darkened street in front of the run down row of empty houses. Here on the outskirts of Dallas in an area of condemned houses that were scheduled to be torn down and new apartment houses built Devon was waiting for a transaction of illegal guns to start.

Devon was a Texas Ranger and had been tipped off that the buy was going down in the early morning hours of this Wednesday. Now he was on stakeout about two blocks from the proposed transaction sight. There were about 20 members of the Dallas Special Tactics Team out of sight waiting for his signal.

The Rangers and the Dallas police had been after a big time gun runner for about three years now, he figured they had come close a time or two but it seemed they never quite got the right information. The snitch on this one had always been reliable before so he felt pretty good about finally getting the big guy.

As he glanced around the darkened street his thoughts wandered back to his morning. A smile crept across his face as he remembered waking next to the warm satin flesh of his beautiful wife. He was on his right side and she was snuggled back against him her firm ass nestled tight to his lower belly. He let his hand slide over the soft skin of her thigh and lightly caressed her hip as his hand and arm slid over and around her stomach under her arm and up to cup a delicious handful of firm breast.

"Ummm" Nicole moaned sleepily and ground her butt back against the warmth of her husband's body.

Devon's cock started to thicken and crawl upwards on his wife's lower leg. She was beginning to waken to the tingling pleasure his hand was working on her breast. Her arm reached around behind her and slid down the hard packed muscle of her husband's stomach, her fingers encircling his now hard shaft. She helped it slide up the inside of her thigh to rub the satiny head against the now moistening lips of her slit.

Devon hunched down in the bed a little and started little nibbles on her soft shoulder as she raised her upper leg to place it over his muscular thigh. She now placed the head of his cock at her hot entrance jacking him up and down slightly. Devon tightened his ass and hunched forward letting his cock invade that tight warm place that he loved to be in.

"Yesssss daddy" Nicole hissed at the pleasure his thick meat radiated throughout her body as it slowly invaded her tight channel. For a minute he held himself in as deep as he could then started pumping slowly, her hot wetness thrilling him totally. Her hand now reaching back to grasp his flexing ass and helping him fuck her slowly.

"Morning baby" Devon husked while he made slow delicious love to his wife.

"Ohhh yeah, this is much better then morning coffee" she smiled and ground her ass back harder against him.

They slowly built towards that electric climax that both wanted. As the feeling built Devon wanted more freedom of movement and control, He quickly slid from the tight confines of his wife's cunt and she knowing what he wanted rolled over on her back opening her legs for him to settle in. He quickly reinserted his pulsing cock back where it wanted to be and now he was able to start those long hard strokes that both wanted to send them over the edge. Devon's head dipped suddenly and their lips were locked in a sliding dance of desire, their tongues dueling lovingly.

Little grunts of pleasure filled Devon's mouth from his wife as the waves of approaching orgasm threatened to overwhelm her. Her leg's came off the bed and slid sensuously along the outside of his thighs until her ankles were crossed right behind his pumping flexing ass. When Devon felt the gripping throbbing ripples of her cunt around his cock he let it take him to the ultimate pleasure, his cock jerking and firing the hot white cum deep into his wife's tight pussy.

The loving pleasure they got from cuddling closely in the aftermath of the mornings loving was almost as good as the sex itself but finally with a reluctant sigh his wife kissed him lightly and went to the shower to get ready for her work day, since he was planning on working through the night he was going to go back to sleep after she left.

Remembering was a very pleasant way to pass the time as he waited for the bad guys. It was 2:30 in the morning and Devon's eyes were roving the area. Their informant wasn't exactly sure of the time for the arms sale, sometime between 2:00 and 4:00, he couldn't find out the exact time. Using the Nit Star scope that showed everything as clear as day only in a green tint, he watched the building two blocks down for any sign of movement. His partner Ramon was watching the other side of the building from a hill overlooking the area.

Devon knew if Ramon saw anything he would report it immediately so he wasn't worried about missing them. He lowered the scope and rubbed his eyes, this part of the job he always hated. Waiting was something he learned to do with patience but he never liked it. Suddenly he saw the lights of a vehicle approaching from the opposite direction. He quickly brought the scope up to see who it was. A small panel truck with no markings on it slowly approached the building he was watching.

"Hey partner we got some company" he said quietly into the small mike attached to the headset he was wearing.

"Roger that" was the soft reply he heard.

Devon next spoke into the hand mike attached to the radio of his Chevy Tahoe. "Lead one to strike one, you copy?"

"Strike one to Lead one, we're ready" This was Lieutenant Davis of the Dallas STT who were accompanying the two Rangers on this bust.

The van flashed its lights twice, then once then once again. Devon was watching through the scope, a door in the building opened and a man came out half way to the Van. The van door opened on the passenger side, a man emerged from the van and went to meet him.

"Lead one to Strike leader, looks like it's going down, have your men cut off all escape routes and hold until my command" Devon spoke quietly into the mike.

"Roger, Lead one" came the quiet reply.

"Okay partner what do you see on your side, looks like we are doing business over here." Devon reported to Ramon.

"All quiet over here, I can see the squad moving in place around the building, nobody will get out on this side. I'm moving to the building, I see a broken window on the ground floor, I'm going to sneak in there and see if I can find out what's happening inside." Ramon told his partner.

"Okay buddy, be careful, the two guys are going back inside" Devon informed both his partner and the STT.

Devon quietly opened the door; no light came on to give his position away, and pulling his glock 40 from the holster he moved swiftly against the side of a building on his side of the street. The Nite Star dangled from a strap around his neck and he used it to watch the van. He could see a figure sitting in the driver's seat and movement in the back so there were at least two people in the van. He reported that to the men closing in on the building.

Ramon had slipped into the broken window and eased down a hallway to where he heard voices. He used a small mirror to slip around the corner of a door next to the floor. Although the view was small he could see four men talking and several crates that looked like they held weapons. Two of the men went to one of the crates and one opened the top. He lifted out what looked like an AK-47.

Moving back down the hall a bit Ramon whispered into his mike "Looks like it's going down Dev, they are showing the merchandise."

"Ok, All units move in, I repeat move in" Dev commanded.

The STT moved cautiously forward and Dev took the Nite Star scope off and set it in the dark doorway he was in across the street from the van. He approached the van slowly from the back his glock held in the ready position. Before he could get to the drivers side one of the inside men came out and saw him. He had no choice now.

"Texas Rangers, Raise your hands, you're under arrest," he shouted.

The man didn't even hesitate he reached behind him for the pistol stuck in his belt and started firing towards Devon.

Devon hit the ground on his stomach but before he could bring his weapon to bear a STT sniper on the roof of the building across the street fired driving the man back where he collapsed in a sprawl. STT troopers quickly surrounded the truck and pulled two men from the van throwing them on the ground and tying their hands behind them with plastic bands.

Ramon heard the shots fired outside and peeked around the doorframe. The four men inside looked towards the sound of the shots then you could see the thought process going on in their heads.

Double cross, each thought but before they could act Ramon eased his weapon around the doorframe exposing as little of himself as possible. "Freeze, Texas Rangers, keep your hands where I can see them."

Luckily they complied just as three fully equipped STT troops burst through the door on the other side of the room.

While the Dallas police where wrapping up the scene Ramon and Devon were going over the action.

"You know there were only four crates of weapons in there. Not what we would expect from the big mastermind that was supposedly involved." Devon said in frustration.

"Yeah from what we got so far from these idiots this was just some Guatemalan rebels trying to buy a few guns from some amateur runners. I think it was a setup to throw us a bone so we would ease up on our investigation." Ramon replied.

"Yeah, Damnit that's just what it was. SHIT, it's like chasing a ghost." Devon paced back and forth before his partner.

As he paced his mind was working furiously "maybe not all is lost, somebody had to leak this information knowing we would pick it up. We just have to start working backwards until we find that source."

The object of the two Rangers frustration was presently reclining in a soft chair at a magnificent Hacienda out side of Matamoras Mexico. He was naked as was the dark haired beauty kneeling between his hairy spread legs. Jonathon Baker had his head lying back and eye's closed as soft lips and flickering tongue worked over his hard cock.

Of course that wasn't his real name, only he now knew the name he was born with, Johnny Hampstead. He hated that name and where he came from. But that was all behind him now and he was enjoying the fruits of his labor. The Spanish beauty was from one of the aristocratic families that were part of the upper class of Matamoras. Her name was Carmelita and she was a delicious little package that loved to fuck and he was happy to oblige her whenever he was in residence here in Mexico.

She lifted her head from his cock placed her abundant breasts on each side sliding their dusky softness up and down his wet shaft. "I think he is most ready now Quierdo" she smiled with her swollen wet lips her high-toned Spanish accent softened by the lust in her voice.

"I think you are right my little pigeon" he laughed; reaching down he grasped her dark nippled breasts and drew her up into his lap. He moved his legs together and she straddled his hips reaching down and guiding his cock to her already moist entrance. Carmelita sank down engulfing his hardness until his sandy pubic hair meshed with her black mat. With her arms around his neck holding him tight she kissed him hungrily while rubbing her hard peaked mounds up and down his chest.

Jonathon gave himself over to the erotic feel of her body against him and surrounding his pulsing cock. Inwardly he was smiling to himself, Carmelita thought she was his favorite and enjoyed the expensive gifts he bestowed upon her. In reality she was only one of a dozen or so spoiled rich upper class women he dallied with when he was down here. Some as young as sixteen and one or two who had aged quite well, still beautiful and fuckable in their late forties.

To Jonathon women were just something to be used for pleasure, he had never known love in his life starting with his drunken parents, He ran away from home when he was twelve, after wandering the streets of Bristol England for a couple of days and eating out a garbage can he was found by a member of the IRA trying to break into what he thought was an empty house to find food. Instead of beating him like he expected the man took him in and fed him then after hearing his story made him a runner for the IRA so he could make some money. Johnny was a smart kid and loved to read, He educated himself over the next six years, he would never have that piece of paper that said he graduated anywhere, although he often chuckled about that because he had authentic documentation that said he graduated from one of England's better higher learning facilities, Oxford no less.

He had risen in the ranks of the IRA because he was intelligent and ruthless, he was a natural leader and by the time he was eighteen led his own band of terrorists, liberators they like to call themselves. He became one of the negotiators for weapons and explosives and soon was known to all the international arms dealers. When the IRA started scaling back it's violent actions Johnny became disenchanted with the movement and branched out on his own. With his international contacts he started bringing buyer and seller together for a percentage of the action, with that money he started buying on his own and reselling to the always readily available Rebel movements in just about every continent of the world. With his intelligence he could have probably been a corporate leader in the legitimate world, but love and fair play had never been part of his upbringing, now he was on his way to being one of law enforcements most sought after arms dealers in the world.

His main base was here in Matamoras, he ran the deals from here but his main warehouse was on the outskirts of Dallas. Through several dummy corporations he purchased a block of warehouses that were run down and empty. The corporation that supposedly owned it was a contracting firm that worked on oil rigs out in the gulf; therefore they stored equipment and parts there. If someone was to look inside they would see various oilrig equipment stacked around but it would take a very hard search to find that hidden in and under and behind all that was enough weapons, explosives and ammunition to outfit a nice sized army.

Jonathon had an office in Dallas proclaiming himself an international financial consultant and in fact had a man working for him that did do exactly that. He was totally unaware of his boss's real occupation although he sometimes wondered why Jonathon never seemed to actually advice anybody himself. Only two people in Dallas knew what Jonathon really did, that was Jonathon himself and his trusted second in command, one Otto Swartz, not his real name of course, Jonathon himself didn't know what his real name was.

Otto was from Bulgaria; Jonathon knew that much but his passports claim he is from Germany, while Jonathon was ruthless to those that crossed him Otto was totally without feelings. Otto ran the enforcement and security end of the business, he had twenty or so ex mercenaries working for him that made sure all the deals went down without someone double crossing them.

At the same time his boss was so pleasantly enjoying the charms of Carmelita Otto himself was amusing himself with a high priced hooker that was flown in from Mexico City. Because of his unusual proclivity for rough sex he had to be careful not to draw attention to either himself or his boss. This girl was a pretty thing maybe just a little thick in the thighs and ass but she actually enjoyed being slapped around a little. Her cheeks were red with the imprint of Otto's hand and he had a painful grip in her dark hair as she sucked his semi hard cock with all the skill she possessed. After a while he jerked her from his cock and threw her by her hair back across the bed where her head banged against the wall painfully, before she could recover Otto was on her pinning her down with one hand between her shoulder blades as he spread her legs with his knee and scooped up a hand full of gel smearing it over his cockhead. He placed his cock against the puckered rosebud of her ass and jammed himself in forcefully. He brutally fucked her in the ass while she groaned and squirmed beneath him. With a guttural growl he shot his wad of hot cum deep in her ass. His cock never did get fully hard. That only happened when he made a trip back to his homeland of Bulgaria. There he could purchase the type of sex that made his shaft as hard as a piece of Hickory and no one missed one more whore.

By the time Devon got home Nicole was up and getting ready for work. She was standing by the table eating a piece of bacon off a plate that held several more strips. She smiled when she saw Devon come in, "I was just about to leave lover, I knew you would be hungry so I made you some bacon and eggs with biscuits and gravy, enjoy".

Devon's eyes roved over his wife, he never got over how lucky he was. Nicole was one gorgeous woman. 5' 6" with a slim figure, not skinny but sleek, long legs that were perfect, rounded firm ass, nice grapefruit sized breasts and a face that could have been on any magazine. Classical beauty, high cheekbones, little dimples at the corners of her mouth when she smiled. Dark honey colored hair that fell to her shoulders when free, dark brown eyes that captivated you and drew you in. A perfect little nose that gave her that sophisticated, intellectual look.

When she dressed for business she swept her hair into a tight bun or curled under so it was up off her neck, sometimes she piled it on top of her head in a stylish wave. With her white blouse, dark grey skirt and jacket she looked every bit the consummate professional.

Standing there licking the bacon grease off her fingers with that little pink tongue Devon thought she was the sexiest thing he had seen. "You want something to lick on, let me shower and I have just the thing."

Her grin widened "Oh no you don't you naughty boy you have almost made me late twice in the last week, Just keep it in your pants until I get home" With that she picked up her briefcase walked over to him, gave him a long sensual kiss and walked out the door.

Devon gave a big sigh, he could still feel her lips on his, and he sure would have loved to make her late.

Nicole was an investment advisor for one of the biggest Dallas firms. She came from Boston where her Dad was a vice president of a bank and her mother was a lawyer. Even though she had been in Dallas for years she still had a little of that Boston accent. She majored in business in college and found she had a knack for picking stocks and property that always seemed to increase in value. By the time she graduated several well know firms were offering her employment. She chose Dallas mainly because she wanted to see more of the country than just the east coast. She worked hard and her advice always made money sometimes even when everyone else was advising against a certain stock or property she would see something that others didn't. She couldn't explain it herself but she was glad it worked. Now at 31 she was well established in the hierarchy of the company.

She had only been in Dallas for about a year when she met a handsome Texas Ranger at a social function for some visiting dignitaries. Against her better judgment about dating any kind of law enforcement guy she accepted his offer of dinner and fell head over heels in love. They were working towards building a portfolio good enough for them to retire when she was 35 and start raising a family. His retirement was another matter, he wasn't sure he would be ready to give up his job; he loved what he was doing. She figured they would cross that bridge when they came to it.

Since Devon worked most of the night he wasn't expected to show up at Ranger headquarters today so he took a shower and went to bed. He got up in the early afternoon and got on the computer sending an e-mail to the cop in the Dallas vice squad that had passed on the information from his informant. He wanted him to follow the path back to whoever first leaked the information. About an hour before Nicole was due home he started the grill, mixed a salad, wrapped a couple of potatoes in Reynolds wrap and put them on the grill. About 20 minutes before she was due he plopped a couple of T-Bone steaks on the grill, careful to cook one medium rare for Nicole and his well done. He was just checking the potatoes when she appeared on the back patio.

"Well, well lover I see I don't have to cook tonight." She walked over and gave him a quick kiss; "just let me take a quick shower and get comfortable, about 15 minutes."

He grinned "that will be just about right it should be ready."

He was pouring the wine when she came back into the dining room, his heart always quickened when he looked at her, she was wearing a cut off Dallas Cowboys jersey that hugged those high round breasts leaving her midriff bare. A pair of white short shorts and tennis shoes completed her outfit. He always marveled at no matter what she wore it looked like it was tailor made to fit her. The soft cotton shorts hugged her tight and made a delicious camel toe between those trim thighs and outlined that high firm ass just so damn good. Devon was anticipating some after dinner desert already.

After dinner they took their wine and sat out on the back patio to watch the sun go down, Devon reclining in a long lounge chair and Nicole snuggled in by his side.

"Are you working tomorrow night lover?" She asked him.

"Not that I know off, unless something comes up in this case I am on, but I don't think we are close to finding out who the main guy is." he told her.

"I have to go to one of those clients get togethers, man I hate to go to those things." She groused. Nicole had no desire to attend those things, they were boring and she found totally devoid of any information that she could use in her work. She never listened to speculation from other investors; she preferred to investigate on her own. Devon had gone to a couple with her but like her it wasn't one of his favorite things and she hated to make him suffer just because she had to. She didn't have to go to many of them like a lot of her colleagues manly because she was so good at what she did the company partners let her slide in a few areas. This time they specifically requested that she attend, some very important clients including some of hers where going to be there.

"Okay love, do you want me to go with you?" Devon asked, he didn't really want to go but would if she wanted him to.

"No, no sense both of us having to be bored to death." She grinned, you just be ready to lighten my mood when I get home.

He kissed her nose then her forehead, "How about now, what kind of mood should I work on now?

She snuggled against him her hand lightly caressing his arm, "Oh you'll think of something". Nicole's dark eyes met his smiling blue ones and their lips met in a tender loving kiss, as the kiss deepened she caressed the back of his neck and cupped the back of his head. She was the first to slide her pink tongue between his wet lips and it was welcomed into his mouth gladly where it tangled with his.

The breath of both now deepening with the rising desire in their bodies one of Devon's hands roamed up a sleek leg to grasp a firm ass cheek and draw her body closer to his. She twisted around a little so she could reach with her lower hand to stroke his hard belly and down over his shorts to squeeze his growing bulge.

As always the feel of this beautiful woman in his arms, the taste of her and the arousing touch of her hands made Devon forget everything but the pleasure to be had in her embrace. Now his hand came around and up under her jersey to gently squeeze the firm mound it encountered. Gently tweaking the thickening brown nub and teasing it to full hardness he felt more then heard her soft sinuous moan of pleasure.

She broke the kiss and with a mischievous glint in her eye she started sliding down his body nipping at the flesh of his throat, then over the hard muscle of his chest until she came to a dark male nipple, first she licked it with her little pink tongue, then gently sucked it in scraping it with her teeth, worrying it until it was a peak of hardness like her own.

"Ahhhh Nicky you minx, that feels good." Devon husked.

Nicole left that one wet and shiny and moved to the other treating it to the same delights all the while her hands were working on his cock and balls making it lengthen and thicken under his loose shorts. She kissed her way down his tight belly through the forest of dark brown that covered it stopping only momentarily to stimulate his belly button with her tongue. She reached the band of his shorts and worked it down until the head of his cock appeared. She kissed the tip and it jerked upwards. "Hi there big boy want to come out and play," she giggled. Dipping her head she engulfed the big spongy head in her lips tightening right behind the ridge, her tongue darting about over the surface and stabbing at the vertical slit on the tip.

The erotic feel of her lips and tongue on his enclosed cock drew a soft "Ummmmmmmm Nicky baby." Feeling her trying to shove his shorts down he raised his ass to assist her, never letting his cock escape her lips she freed him of his clothes. Now she moved to kneel beside the lounge and engulf more of his thick meat. Letting him emerge slowly she kissed the turgid tip then looked her husband in the eyes, "such a nice big fellow, I think he likes me".

Devon thought she was the most erotic vision he had ever seen, her dark honey hair tousled about her face, shining dark eyes and long lashes above that perfect little nose and lips that were swollen and glistening.

"He loves you as does every other part of this mans body and heart." He spoke to her softly with the love he felt in his voice.

She gave him a dazzling grin then bent back to her task, holding his cock up she licked up the under side to tickle that sensitive area just under the head. One hand cupped his balls to roll them gently, she took about half his thick eight inches in her mouth and with a tight ring of thumb and forefinger just barely touching she slid the loose skin up and down to kiss her tight held lips causing a groan of pleasure from her husband.

Nicole loved Devon's thick cock; she loved the taste of it and the feel of it as it pulsed inside her. It was a beautiful piece of manmeat. A full eight inches and thick with soft clear satiny skin covering the shaft and big light rose colored helmet shaped head. She licked and sucked, stroked and caressed cock and balls until she felt the muscles tensing in her husbands big body, taking him in until he was totally engulfed she started a quick up and down rhythm her lips tightly enclosing the loose skin while her tongue was a firebrand over the sensitive skin.

Devon was in another world of lustful pleasure; nobody had ever sucked his cock as well as his wife could. With a surrendering groan he lifted his hips and let the cum flow from his balls.

Nicole felt the pulsing of his balls and the trembling flow as it shot forth through the throbbing shaft, the big head flexed and her throat was filled with the hot white salty thickness of his sperm, She swallowed quickly the tangy slickness and tried to drink it all but some leaked out in little milky white rivulets to flow slowly down the still throbbing shaft. Nicole was still jacking his cock gently and licking the flowing cream from his cock, she looked into her husbands eyes, "That was pretty good my lover, are you done, is there anymore." she teased.

Devon smiled; she knew there would be more especially after getting his body all a tingle like it was. Suddenly he realized there were outside on the patio and while their yard was enclosed with a privacy fence it was possible for someone to see them. "We better take this inside my lovely little minx, no since putting on a show for the neighbors. He picked his wife up in his arms and carried her into the bedroom, depositing her on the bed he quickly stripped off her shorts while she drew the jersey over her head. He paused only momentarily to drink in her beauty, slim hips and long luscious legs with a wide strip of dark hair adorning the soft mound of her womanhood. She kept it trimmed like that because she liked to wear sexy lacy panties. She lay back and those high firm mounds only drifted slightly apart with their hard brown peaks testifying to the readiness for love.

Devon now that he had his first orgasm was ready to pleasure his wife, and pleasure her he did. Taking his time he started on the inside of one golden calf and licked and nipped his way from one to the other until when he reached his goal at the juncture of her thighs she was already trembling at the throes of her own climax. The touch of his tongue on the hard nub of her clit had her clutching his head and tightening her legs over his shoulders in spasms of pleasure.

Devon was not done he had only just begun, he lapped up the cream of her pleasure and with lips tongue and fingers brought her to another orgasm, before her tremors of completion had even stopped his big body was between those firm slim legs and thick cock was sliding slickly into the hot tight confines of her pussy.

They made love through the evening, Devon's pumping ass flexing as he drove his cock deep inside his wife's slick tightness. Her groaning moans muffled by his sealing lips. He didn't cum that way, he rolled over bringing her with him and she rode him like a thoroughbred at the Kentucky Derby while he feasted on the swaying breasts presented to him. She flooded him with her essence once again and collapsed down on his broad chest their sweaty bodies sliding together hotly.

She could feel his cock still pulsing inside her and with a weak grin knew she was in for some more of his wonderful loving. Devon let her rest for a few minutes his cock never softening because of the slick clutching of her tight sheath. He rolled her over kissing her swollen lips hungrily; he slid gently from the luscious grip of her lower lips. He slapped her gently on one sweet ass cheek and she knew instantly what he wanted. Nicole quickly turned over and got on her knees laying her head on her forearms she wiggled her tight little ass invitingly.

Devon walked on his knees up behind her until the front of his hairy thighs were brushing the silky smooth skin of the back of hers. He placed the tip of his cock against her wet entrance and sank blissfully into the butter slick deliciousness. For a good fifteen minutes he pounded her sweet ass in various speeds, hard strokes and gentle strokes, long strokes and short strokes.

Nicole was in lustful heaven while he built the fire throughout her body until it was a raging inferno. Sometimes she was on hands and knees shoving back against his hard thrusts, breasts swaying bouncing back and forth to the hard rhythm. Sometimes her head lie on the bed as he gently thrust in and out laying over her back and kneading her hanging mounds.

Devon worked over her his body singing to the pleasure she was giving him, hard griping sleeve of delight working him to another climax, soft skinned ass pounding into his groin and the satiny feel of her firm mounds beneath his hands. Now was the time, he straightened fully up and gripped her at the top of her hips, teeth gritted in a grimace of pure pleasure he rode her hard scooting her up the bed little inches at a time. She was grunting out her flaming desire with each hard thrust of his hips. Finally the dam burst and her body exploded in ecstasy.

Devon's cock was clamped hard then released over and over and he held her tight lifting her knees off the bed as his cock fired rope after rope of white thick cum deep in her trembling belly. Sweaty and exhausted they collapsed beside each other grinning like naughty children. Devon drank in the sight of her, nobody would believe the proper business lady named Nicole that most people saw could turn into this wanton vision of sexual satisfaction he called Nicky. With her soft hair in damp disarray clinging to her cheeks and the flush still visible on contented face. It was a look he loved to see and they drifted off to sleep in each other's arms.

Jonathon was having breakfast in his villa talking with Otto, "Have the car ready in about an hour we have to be back in Dallas this morning, I want you to oversee getting the shipment for our clients in from ... Oh whichever little country in Africa it is this week. I have to show up at one of those little social functions that show I am what I claim to be. Sometimes it can be very rewarding, a bored wife or adventure-seeking businesswoman. Anyway we will be there for a couple of weeks anyway".

"Yes sir I'll have the helicopter waiting at the field." Otto bowed his head slightly and left the room. Once he had informed the driver to bring the car around he called the pilot on his cell. There was a small field about five miles away; Jonathon had a converted army huey chopper that he used. It was registered to a nonexistent rental company, when not in use to smuggle weapons across the border it was Jonathon's mode of travel back and forth across the border without the authorities knowing. Once twenty miles north of the border he was home free and they used a small private field about 30 minutes outside of Dallas.

Devon got up well before Nicole had to and took his shower before heading into Ranger headquarters. Once there he looked in his e-mail, there was no reply yet from the vice cop. Ramon ambled in and sat on the edge of his desk. "We sure didn't get anything useful from the guys we busted, just some wantabe rebels from Central America and some small time dealers trying to grow."

Devon sighed, "I figured, I'm going back through all the files on the busts we have made in the last two years, even the ones we found out about after the fact, there has to be something to tie things together."

"Hey amigo, did you see the new ranger in the aviation section, man she's hot."? Ramon inquired.

Devon laughed, "No I haven't seen her but I am guessing you are about to do some maneuvering in that direction." Ramon was a confirmed bachelor that played the field as much as could. Devon and Nicole had talked about setting him up with some of her friends but they knew he would go out with them a few times if they were hot then move on to the next one so they didn't bother.

The two Rangers spent all morning going through past files finding nothing that would help them track down the mastermind of this outfit. They had come close to capturing some of the gang only one time when they were given a tip on the telephone but evidently the time was off. The arrived after the transfer had been made and missed the sellers, they caught the buyers, and the only information they got was the sellers seemed to be mercenaries or some type of military.

Before lunch Ramon and Devon went down to the gym to work out on some hand to hand. Both were proficient in Kung Fu, Karate and Kickboxing. While they were working out a cute blonde came in and started working out on the weight machine. After about a half hour Ramon stopped Devon and moving his head slightly in the blondes' direction. "There she is, the new Ranger, what do you think?"

Devon glanced over where she was straining on the leg lift machine. She had worked up a sweat and her short blonde hair lay damply about her pretty face, the tee shirt she had on clung damply to a pair of small but nicely formed breasts. When she stopped working and got up he saw a pair of shapely legs and muscular curved ass. "Very nice, I'm going to shower and get some lunch, what's your plans?"

"Well I think I'll go introduce myself." Ramon grinned.

"That's what I thought, see you back in the office at one thirty." Devon slapped Ramon on the back and headed to the shower.

Devon got home a little before Nicole and they had a lite bite to eat for dinner since she would be snacking on whatever was available at the party. He was catching up on the news when she came out ready to go. He gave a low whistle. She had on the requisite little black dress of soft clingy material. While it was cut very conservative in the front just letting you get a glimpse of delicious cleavage it plunged daringly in the back to just above the start of the outward curve of sweet ass. It came down to midthigh letting a lot of stocking covered leg be seen, four inch black pumps showed off the feminine curve of calf and thigh. A diamond chocker and matching earrings completed the ensemble. Her hair was swept up on the top of her head giving her that classical business look.

"I may have to go just to beat them off with a stick my darling, you look gorgeous." Dev grinned.

She spun around letting him see the whole package "Why thank you kind sir but I can take care of any lecherous louts that lust after my fair body" she giggled. "I won't be late, I'll get out of there as quick as decently possible."

"Okay babe I'll be waiting" he told her.

"You better be." she scolded then gave him a light kiss and went out the door.

Jonathon was bored to death. So far this evening was a bust, he had already made the rounds of people he wanted to be seen by and so far all the good looking women he had seen were with somebody, not even a drunk wife to be had. He wandered from room to room then he saw a likely prospect. He lingered in the doorway watching as she talked to another woman. Beautifully efficient was how he thought she looked. That dress hugged a slim figure that was curved in all the right places.

Nicole was about ready to make her getaway, she figured once she finished her conversation with Greta who was a regional consultant from Atlanta she would fade into the sunset. As Greta was hailed from another corner of the room she heard.

"Very boring affair isn't it?" in a clipped British accent.

Nicole turned to see a slim sandy haired man grinning at her and leaning against the wall. He was fairly good looking with a lopsided grin.

"Well I am sure it has had its moments," she laughed.

"It hasn't until now", he extended his hand, "I'm Jonathon Baker".

Nicole took the proffered hand, "Nicole Forrester, pleased to meet you Mr. Baker."

"The pleasure is all mine Mrs. Forrester" he had already seen the wedding ring on her left hand. He held her hand longer then normal until he could feel her trying to pull away.

"So do you dabble in the financial world Mrs. Forrester?" he asked trying to break the ice a little more.

"I do give some advice from time to time" she allowed with a smile. "How about yourself".

Jonathon was captivated by the white-toothed smile she bestowed on him. He answered with that lopsided grin that usually worked for him. "Why yes I have a small office downtown."

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