Third and Final Courting of a Wife

by Winterfrog

Copyright© 2008 by Winterfrog

Erotica Sex Story: What will the poor husband do?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Cheating   .

The first time Madeleine and I looked at each other's eyes was in the hotel breakfast restaurant in a small Scandinavian town. She gave me a sweet smile, which I remembered the whole day. There was dance at the hotel bar in the evening and I got a happy feeling when I found her there. During our first and only dance I offered her a drink, which she accepted. But when the tune was over, the band took a break and the bar got very crowded why I offered her to chose something from the mini-bar in my room instead. To my great surprise she accepted.

In the mini-bar she found two small bottles of wine and we sat down on the sofa sipping it. I told her that she was beautiful, which she was indeed, and gave her a light kiss on her chin. Once again I got a surprise when she hugged me and gave me a real French kiss and thereafter asked me, "Are you a real man?"

"Nobody had ever told me any doubts about that, why do you ask?"

She told me her name, Madeleine and a noble surname of a well-known aristocratic family, sobbed a while and thereafter asked me listen to her story before I regarded her as a slut. She had been married in six months with an aristocrat, the youngest son of holder of an entailed estate, which meant that the eldest son got almost everything. The younger sons usually went to the army or navy and didn't get much more than a famous surname with a "von" from their parents. At first she had been very flattered when this handsome noble birth navy lieutenant began to court her.

Her parents were very happy to get such a son-in-law. Though she had not much experience of sex, she had got I bit suspicious because he didn't any attempt to have sex with her before the wedding. She thought noble people were living after some old rules. But he wasn't much different after the wedding, only a few quickies in the six months. During a quarrel yesterday he had confessed that he was bi and had a boyfriend. She had immediately left their home for this hotel and now she wanted to talk with real man and therefore she had accepted my invitation for a drink at my room.

Poor girl, I felt that it was my duty to do something so I kissed her tenderly, asked her to stand up and slowly began gently caressing and undressing her. She had a gorgeous body with nice breasts. Not big, but the most beautiful breasts I ever seen. At first she was very shy when I put a wet kiss on her pussy but soon when her feelings grew stronger, she lost all limits and began to undress me. When we both were naked on the bed I kissed and licked her pussy, which gave her great waves of pleasure. She turned around to a 69 position and kissed, licked and sucked a cock for the first time in her life. When I noted that she was close to orgasm I got between her legs and slowly penetrated her pussy with my steel hard cock and we made tender love until we got a simultaneous orgasm.

It hit me as a lightening from a blue sky when I understood that I was in love with a noble mans wife. Madeleine and I remained in my room for the rest of the night and made love further three more times when I got the best sex in my life and she told me that it even for her was the best night in the life. I think it was because we made love instead of just fucking which made the great difference. We used neither condoms nor anything else for protection and when she asked me what to do if she got pregnant I replied, "Divorce the pansy lieutenant and marry me, I love you Madeleine"

She got pregnant, got a quick divorce from her noble pansy husband who didn't have any objections. Her mother got mad at me and refused to see me Kent Swensson, an average Scandinavian guy.

Madeleine and I took a two weeks holiday trip to Canary Islands and had a wedding at the Scandinavian church at San Agustin and returned home, as husband and wife, which her mother never will forgive me. The fact that I make much more money than her ex doesn't impress the dragon.

Today we've been married almost seven years and are a typical suburb family with two kids, good jobs, nice home, two cars and, what I wrongly thought, a happy marriage. Madeleine is still a nice woman in her early thirties. Tall, slim, brunette with nice sexy legs she still is something for her husband to be proud of to have such great wife. Today many younger girls and even some in her age might be more beautiful but her personal charm still compensates such matters very well. She works at a bank and has got some promotions so today she is responsible for some customer relations. I'm a self-employed consultant specialized in EU (European Union) matters and have to travel some days now and then.

I still love Madeleine, never cheated on her, she says she loves me and I've never had any reason to suspect her for cheating. Though the 7th year of a marriage is the year when many marriages will crash I got a great surprise when I found out that even I had serious problems in my marriage.

It may sound funny but my problems began in similar way as you already must have read in a number stories in which a husband is working out of town, comes home earlier than expected, find the house empty, phones his home number which is switched to her cellular phone and his wife who is elsewhere answers and pretends to be at home cooking in same empty kitchen where he is. In the stories the husband use to be a wimp who goes away to a motel for the night, comes home as expected the next day and pretend to know nothing.

The real life is bit different. I did an expected two-day trip in one day. Came home at seven o'clock in the evening and found the neighbor girl Jessica as babysitter. She told me my wife had been "sexy" dressed for a party when she left in a black Mercedes about fifteen minutes ago and promised to be at home no later than 11. If there were any problem she could call her cell phone. Jessica is a bright modern girl who says what she thinks and she told me that she was a bit surprised about Madeleine and she had intended to phone her at eight and get her back home telling about some invented problem. But now it was my problem to find out what my wife was doing. I paid her double fee to 12 and sent her home. She promised to call me next time Madeleine wanted her to baby sit.

I went up to the bedroom so she could not hear any background sounds from the playing children and phoned our home number from my cell phone. After several ring signals she took the call, "Madeleine"

"Hi, darling, how is it at home?"

"Oh, it's you Kent, everything is fine here, how about you?"

"What are my darlings doing? I can't hear the children."

Oh they went in to Jenny to see some new video and I'm in the kitchen making supper for them. Your voice sounds a bit strange, any problems?

I walked into the kitchen and told her, "Yes we have got a very serious problem".

Now she sounded a bit worried, "What problem? Please tell me darling"

"I did my two-day job in one day and now I'm back at home at home, standing in the same kitchen where my cheating slut wife pretends to be. You damn lying bitch! Get dressed and if your cheating ass isn't here within 15 minutes I'll begin to throw out your things out to the lawn." I hang on the call.

Twenty minutes later she came in a taxi and we were ready for the first serious squabble in our marriage.

She knows that attack is the best defense so she began at once she had opened the front door, "What the hell do you mean calling me 'cheating bitch'?"

"May I ask where you been in such a sexy dress? Hardly not at a sewing bee"

"I don't have to tell you anything at all when you behave as an idiot"

"Why did you lie to me? You must have something to hide, who in the hell is he?"


"The damn gigolo who got you lie to me, how long have this cheating been going on? Always when I'm out of town?

"What damn cheating? I don't have to ask you for permission for going out for my job. I can swear that today is the first time I ever lied to you because I didn't want to get you worried"

After a lot of arguing forth and back she told me a lousy story that she had been at a restaurant with an important customer to her bank when I rang. I didn't believe a word of it because she could not give me any reasonable explanation to why she had lied to me instead telling the truth, why the sexy outfit, why the "customer" had came to our home to catch her. Probably she felt guilty for what they planned after the dinner. Must been plenty time to do something to11. The truth is that if she had been out with a customer, they had met at the restaurant, she had told me where she was and not been dressed as a whore.

That mess happened a Thursday and everything was quite normal until the next Tuesday, which even happened to be her birthday. We had already invited our friends to a party at the next Saturday and had I had told her several days ago that I must be away Tuesday night so the family could celebrate her early in the morning. OK with everybody.

I had planned to surprise Madeleine by taking her out for dinner at Tuesday evening, hired the neighbor girl Jessica to baby-sit and bribed her to not mention anything about it to Madeleine if she asked her to do the same but phone me or send me a text about it. Monday evening I got a text message from Jessica that Madeleine had hired her on Tuesday from 7,30 PM, which meant that she had a date again.

Exactly at 7.15 at Tuesday evening I parked my car on the street where it wasn't visible from our house. Then I went to my garden, waited hidden behind some bushes and when a black Mercedes came into my driveway I went out, opened the car door but remained standing in the opening so he could not get out of the car and told him, " Hello 'Charlie' what do you want at my house?"

"Madeleine and I are going to a business meeting at the bank"

I took a grip of his nose between my index finger and middle finger, twisted it a 1/4 round and when he screamed of pain and surprise I told him, "Piss off whoremonger before you get seriously hurt!" I noted the plate number of his car when he got away in hurry.

Then, with a large bunch of red roses I went to my front door and rang the doorbell. When Madeleine opened the door I held the up the roses so my face was hidden behind the flowers. She exclaimed, "Oh, how nice of you, Jens!" Then she got chock when I gave her the roses and said," Happy birthday my darling"

"Oh, Kent are YOU at home!"

"Did you expect somebody else? Happy birthday darling"

"Of course not, thank you very much darling."

"We are going out with Lena and Peter for a birthday dinner. We'll see them at the restaurant. I can see that you are already dressed and Jenny is here babysitting. Lena must been a gossipmonger and told you about my plans for the evening, she can never keep a secret."

"Oh darling, what a surprise! But please don't harass Lena for telling me about the evening"

I promised not to do that and could almost hear her fetch a deep sight of relief. In the taxi to the restaurant I told her, "When I came home, a horny fool in a black Mercedes stops me and asked if I knew about a whore who supposed to live somewhere in our area. Never heard about any, have you?"


Then I behaved as a good loving husband the rest of the evening and didn't mention anything further about her courtier Jens. We had a very good time together with our friends. Back home after the party when I saw her take off her sexy black dress and she stood there next to the bed, dressed for Jens, in high heels, her sexiest underwear and her laced stay up stockings just like an expensive high-class call girl. I felt an anger begin to boil inside me and couldn't resist the temptation to treat her as the whore she had intended to be that evening. I thought in my mind, you damn bitch dressed up sexy for that damn Jens but I'll give you what you need.

Without saying a word I laid her on the bed, took of her panties, took of my own trousers and boxer shorts, spread her legs, penetrated her pussy with one hard thrust and fucked her hard as a cheap whore. She was so surprised that she didn't say anything, just looking at me with tears in her eyes. When I had climaxed, I just climbed off her and began to undress my tie and shirt. She began to cry and sob and remained in bed until she fell in sleep.

The next morning had a chilly atmosphere around our breakfast table. I regretted treating her as a cheap whore last night and expected some kind of revenge, probably a new attempt to date Jens. On the other hand I had to stop that bastard once forever and as sooner as better. No sane man can accept a marriage in which the wife dates a "boyfriend" every time he is out of town for work.

Madeleine and I didn't say many words to each other. I told her that I had to held an information meeting at the evening rather long way from home and would stay overnight so I could visit some nearby customers tomorrow morning. Madeleine had no comments to that.

I went off to my duties for the day. First I went a car rental company and rented a mini-van with dark tinted glass at the back doors and sides. They offered a discrete parking for my Volvo so Madeleine could not se it if she drove past my office.

Then I asked the girl in the reception if they had access to the national car register. They had and a few minutes later she had printed out the information about Madeleine's boyfriend's Mercedes. I got his name, Jens Larsen, his address and social security number.

Back at my office I parked the van at the visitor parking and went in. The first thing I did at my office was to begin collecting available information about Jens. Knowing his social security number it was an easy game to get further information about him from several sources, which said that he was married to and living together with Caren Larsen. It was no surprise that Jens was working at the same bank as Madeleine.

I stored Jen home phone number; both his and Caren's cell phone numbers in my cell phone just in case I would need them during my action.

My office is at a back street with limited traffic and exactly as I expected to see at Madeleine's lunchtime I saw her red Toyota Yaris take a turn around at my office building's parking to check if my Volvo was there or I was out of town.

At four o'clock Jessica rang and told me that Madeleine had hired her to baby-sit between 7 and 11 at the evening and promised her double payment if she didn't tell me anything about it. I promised her the same.

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