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Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual, Reluctant, Light Bond, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Squirting, .

Desc: Sex Story: Dave finds himself in a precarious situation with four women

College life as I thought in the beginning was supposed to be fun. And for a while, it was.

I met Chris in a sociology class, a fiery redhead that had a bit of a temperament to go along with it, that ... and an amazing pair of breasts that she didn't mind showing off to some degree.

Almost immediately we hit it off and began dating with the only problem of that being, our class and work schedules didn't give either one of us as much time with one another as I would have preferred.

Which is when I also met April. I shared yet another class with April, a tall Brunette with legs that just seemed to go on forever, especially whenever she wore a tight fitting pair of cut-off Levi's that she seemed to always be wearing, though I think she'd been poured into them, which may have been one of the reasons she always seemed to have them on. And though she wasn't nearly as large breasted as Chris was, for me being a bonifide, card-carrying breast man, enjoying the differences between them was a very pleasurable past-time indeed.

You think I would have been content with that, two gorgeous women whose schedules were just different enough to make it easy to juggle time between them, and with neither of them being the wiser.

But that's when I got friendly with Diane.

I had been looking for a place close to the University, and something reasonably inexpensive to boot. Neither of which had been very easy to come by, but as luck would have it, I stumbled into the place because of a friend of mine who's sister happened to be living in the apartment below me, in an older home that had been converted into three separate apartments. Diane lived below me, so it was only natural that we became friends, especially as I knew her brother.

There was one other apartment above, a simple one room studio apartment that the guy who had been there, who had moved out the same day I had moved in, hadn't as yet been rented as there weren't many who cared to live in such a small confined space, which included only a sink and toilet as a bathroom, with no shower or bath included in it either. Needless to say, it remained unoccupied even though the rent was dirt-cheap.

Needless to say, on the nights or days when I didn't see or go out with either Chris or April, it turned out that I found myself spending a lot of that time with Diane. We both enjoyed cooking, so did so on those nights when I did stay home, inviting her over to try some new dish she'd been working on, as that was what she eventually wanted to do was become a Chef and own her own restaurant.

Life was good. One thing had led to another, and along with several glasses of wine, which had helped, Diane and I had fallen into bed together, and the rest as they say is history.

Yes, College life was indeed better than I could have ever expected. I was seeing and dating three separate women, all of them different enough to make things really interesting for one thing. And for another, it had been really easy keeping things separate between them as well, schedules were perfect, classes even more so as I knew there was not much of a chance in any of them running into one another as none of them were taking or sharing any of the same classes.

I should have left well enough alone perhaps. But then I met Janet.

Janet was a very petite dishwater blonde with perky medium sized breasts, but incredible nipples as I eventually learned. My pet name for her was in fact "Nips" though she tolerated my calling her that only in private. I met "Nips" when I had gone to do a photo shoot at a wedding reception that she was a bridesmaid for. That was what I did on the side, and earned some pretty decent money doing it too, which allowed me to have what little spare time I did have to share between the girls, and keep me in expense money, that and a small monthly stipend I received from my grandmother who had left me something in her will that was given out at a fixed rate for the duration of my attending college. Upon graduating, I would then be given whatever the balance was of that trust, which at the time I had no idea, nor would have until then. It wasn't much, not like I was rolling in dough, but enough to at least help pay for all of the college finances, and leave just a small tiny amount afterwards for required necessities.

It was just enough that I wasn't like a lot of college students who were on the go twenty-four seven, either studying or working with not much else in between.

Like me, Janet was into photography, and had found the pictures I had taken of her friend's wedding to be incredibly beautiful, which I don't mind saying so myself, really were too! So naturally having the same interests, and with there being an obvious mutual attraction, Janet eventually began accompanying me whenever I had a wedding shoot, or some other family photo scheduled to do for someone, coming along and acting as though she were my budding assistant or something, which in a way is what she became, even though I certainly wasn't paying her for it. She just enjoyed helping out, being with me ... and yes, after a few weeks, had become the fourth girl I was suddenly bedding.

The difference with Janet was, I really felt like she might actually be the one I could separate myself with, and settle down with.

I wish to hell now, that I had done that. But at the time, I just wasn't thinking all that clearly. I mean really ... four girls? All of them uniquely different in so many ways, with so many wonderful treats and pleasures to offer. And even those, so different that there really weren't many comparisons. But Janet indeed seemed to possess a little bit of everything, which is what I think I had always hoped to find or discover with someone. But when I did, it was already too late.

With my need to keep a planner, mainly because of my photo shoots and appointments, I found it became a very needed tool in managing my "dates" as well. The last thing I wanted to do was schedule something on the same night with two different women. I also kept notes, made comments to myself about their likes, dislikes etc, as a reminder to not bring something up to one girl who liked something, as opposed to another who didn't. But I also used it as a diary of sorts, highlighting the more erotic adventures we had all shared in fairly explicit detail.

Who'd have thought?

My other rule of course was that I never brought any of the other three back to my place, always stating that it was small, messy, and to some extent an embarrassment as to the way I kept it, hardly ever being there anyway. But I couldn't have done that obviously with Diane being too close to home, but it at least gave me the excuse and reason for keeping them all apart from one another.

So like I said in the beginning, life was good, really good, almost too good, and then it all turned to shit in a handbag.

I had gone to shoot a particularly large wedding, one of the biggest I had ever done, and also one in which I would end up making a pretty sizeable chunk of change. I had taken several pieces of equipment with me, given free rein to try out all sorts of artsy-fartsy shots that I'd been wanting to do for a while now. And this was one time I was really glad that Janet had gone with me to help out.

Several hours later, we'd packed up having finished for the day, and though I really wanted to spend the rest of the evening with Janet, I had already planned an evening with Chris, which I was already late for as it was. I got back to my apartment, unloaded my gear, and realized that my prized, cherished, dangerous to have in someone else's possession planner was missing! With my tongue deep in my throat, I called Janet.

"Hey babe ... I noticed when I got home, that I must have left my planner behind by accident, you didn't happen to see it or find it by any chance did you?"

"As a matter of fact Dave, I was just about to call you," she told me. "I must have picked it up along with some of the other stuff by mistake while we were packing up. "Would you like me to bring it by?" she asked.

"Ah no ... no. I'm in fact on my way over to a small little family photo shoot, so I'll swing by and pick it up from you on my way there."

"Need any help?" she asked. "I could bring it with me and meet you there," she suggested.

I was already nervously looking at my watch. My next call would be to Chris, apologizing for already being late as I know now I really would be by the time I met her at the club.

"No, no biggy really. Just a couple of quick family poses and I'm done, and then after that, I have some exams I really need to study for. So I'll just swing by and pick it up, and be on my way."

"Well ok," she said sounding very disappointed, as I was to be honest about it, as I really was starting to care a great deal about her, and wishing that I hadn't booked the evening that I had with Chris as I considered it.

And luckily for me, Chris was understanding enough to know that the photo shoot had taken longer than I'd planned for, so she wasn't too terribly upset with me when I called her and told her I was running late. Minutes later I pulled up in front of Janet's apartment, where she sweetly met me outside handing over my planner. I gave her an affectionate kiss, reminded her about our afternoon date tomorrow, and headed off shortly afterwards, once again feeling that all was well, and that I had managed to dodge a real bullet.

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