An Arabian Adventure
Chapter 1: An Arabian Night

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, True Story, Slut Wife, Cuckold, Harem, Interracial,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: An Arabian Night - A pastor takes a trip to the middle east and eventually allows his wife to become addicted to BBC

I recently learned of this adventure by a counselor who is an assistant pastor at a church I attend regularly. John has become a fairly good friend over the past two years and I have been very interested in hearing about some adventures he went through several years ago. He has not been willing to share the story until now. I think what changed his mind is that I learned that his wife lives a very different life outside of church than she does in her public life. I had always suspected that there was a very interesting story about how he lived for awhile and that it surely involved his wife. I have fucked many, many women over the years and I feel I know them pretty well. When I met John's wife, Joyce, I knew she was one hell of a woman and that she was very passionate. I felt a desire to have her that I do not usually get with a pastor's wife or any of my friends wives. She just exuded sexiness and I smelled it allover her. But it puzzled me because she acted so demure and pure in Church and when she was with John. I have met women that led double lives like that before but she seemed so sincere that I could not be absolutely sure. I just knew she interested me tremendously and that I wanted to know more.

My break came when I happened to see her in the company of another of my friends, Bill, who happens to be a man driven to fuck every white woman he has ever met and he usually succeeds in that effort. He is about 6' 3" tall and very black but also very striking looking. He works out regularly and is in great shape. I first met Bill when I was married to my first wife who was only 20 at the time. Anne was one delicious looking and tasting woman. She loved sex in all forms but reserved all of that for me. She sucked dicks like a vacuum cleaner picks up the heaviest dust. I mean, she practically could pull out your guts when she started sucking. And that pussy--Oh, so tight but so flexible. It caressed your dick all the way in and out. Sensations would sweep through your body when you moved in and out of her. And she looked so great too. Not real big tits, but nice ones. She was a fantastic lady and I loved hr dearly. Now on the other hand, I didn't want to own her and I didn't so I gave her freedom to explore other options with her sex life. She never did anything however until she met Bill. Bill was also very young at the time and probably didn't even know that he had such great ability to seduce white women. He only knew that he wanted them very much and went after them whenever he had the chance. He was a friend of another friend at the time he met us so it wasn't as if he was going after a friend's wife when he decided he wanted to fuck Anne.

He didn't waste much time going after my wife. He took her 'home' that night after the party got going good and I happened to leave her alone for a short while. He told her he was taking her to our home but ended up taking her to his apartment. She did not object apparently. That was on a Friday night and she called me Saturday morning that she had stopped at a friend's house and was going to spend sat. Night there also. She didn't ask, just told me her story. I didn't say anything either, just "okay, see you tomorrow" not having any reason to believe she was anywhere except where she said she was ... Of course, when she showed up on Sunday afternoon, I knew immediately that everything had changed. Bill came into the house with her when she arrived and I could tell that they had developed a very close relationship and that our relationship was now changed completely. They proceeded to tell me what had occurred and that they wanted to continue doing it. They said they had fucked all night Friday night and most of Saturday and that Anne loved it and wanted a lot more. Well, what could I say when they presented it like that. But I didn't want to lose Anne totally so I just agreed and told

Anne that I loved her and hoped she would stay with me. She agreed to that for the time being so basically I shared Anne with Bill for a year or two until she decided she wanted BBC all the time and moved in with another Black man she had met. I will tell more details of those events late but want to relate John's story first. Actually, I met John when I was going through all this and he helped me understand my feelings a lot better.

Now when I saw Joyce in Bill's company, I knew they were not platonic friends because Bill fucks every white woman he is involved with. So I knew immediately that Bill was fucking Joyce. Wow, that blew me away. I had a real hard time accepting that at first but when I began to think about it, it made sense. I had felt that she was very sexy and sensed that she was not just another pastor' wife from the very first but had been a little unsure about those feelings knowing how devout John was. But she wouldn't be the first Christian I had seen that loved sex so it really was not so unusual except that I knew Bill was a real stud who fucked his women hard and long. So she must be getting a lot from Bill so it still puzzled me some.

How else would I find out unless I asked John how Joyce knew Bill. He looked startled like a deer in the headlights at night when I asked him. "Oh, you know Bill?," he asked me. "Oh yeah, I know Bill. He's the guy I told you about when I talked to you about my marriage with Anne.". "He's that same guy?" John said. "Yep", I replied. Oh my God, said John. Okay, this is really a long story so are you sure you want to hear it. Asked John. Can we both admit first that Bill is fucking our wife?" I asked. "Yeah, I guess so", replied John sadly. But it isn't as simple as that." Anyway here's the story.

I married Joyce near the end of my last semester at the seminary. We had know each other for several years and had planned our marriage for some time. I knew that Joyce was very passionate in every thing she did and that she had actually had some sexual encounters like giving her dates a hand job but nothing more. She was still a virgin when we married. Our wedding night was unbelievable. She was so hungry for sex that we barely got any sleep that night or the next several nights. I didn't know that much about sex but tried every way I knew to please her and I think I did. She loved me going down on her and we did that a lot and still do. I had always thought that a woman sucking your dick was not a good thing but she didn't hesitate and despite her inexperience, it felt great. She loved it and still does. She said that we can do anything in the bedroom we want to and we did.

About that same time, I received the news that I had been selected to go to the middle East and tour the biblical areas as well as Egypt and parts of Northern Africa on a congregational grant. The church paid for everything and made it first class. I was thrilled and so was Joyce. They also selected another new pastor and his wife to go with us. So the four of us were sent to the Middle East. This tour was to last 3 weeks and finish after that with a weeks vacation in Italy and Greece. When we arrived at the Cairo airport, 2 humvee type vans were waiting for us fully loaded except for our gear. So we left immediately for North Africa.

Everything was going beautifully for several days including Joyce and my sex life. She still wanted to fuck half the night so we did. One day we had left our campsite early in order to get back to Cairo and we forgot to check the weather forecast. Unfortunately we learned that some really high winds were going to be blowing that day and would create most likely some of those terrific sand storms. We were told that we should not stay in the humvees in a sandstorm so we look for shelter long before we actually saw the storms. We finally located a rock formation which looked like it might be a good place so we headed for there. When we got closer we saw that some natives had also decided to shelter there. There were four or five big tents set up with some men outside appearing to lock down the tents. They saw us and welcomed us to stay with them and told us where to park our vehicles. Their skins were very dark so that we couldn't tell if they were Africans or Egyptians. It didn't matter anyway. They got us into the tents but told us that the men could stay there in the tent we went into, but the women would have to go to another tent with their women. That didn't seem like a problem so we did as we were told.

We learned that one of the men was a major sheikh and the rest were assistants or religious men. There were only 6 men total and they never told us how many men. Obviously the sheikh was in control but was very cordial to all of us. We didn't see the women for the two days we were there but were constantly assured they were doing fine. The storm raged for most of the next two days so we stayed in the tent that whole time except that we had to sleep in another tent with the helpers. There were actually 5 helpers all men that I didn't see before but they almost never went into the main tent except to bring food, drinks, or otherwise serve the important men. We never heard any activities at night or other times except for the storm. When the storm finally abated, we ere allowed to leave so we got all our things, picked up the women and moved on. Well, the women were very, very tired and seemed different somehow. They told us they were just tired from lack of sleep.

We understood that so proceeded on to Cairo. The women slept most of the way, We checked into our hotel and I was ready to collapse but we ate and took care of some business before we retired to our rooms. I had noticed that Joyce was very quiet and seemed very different but again just attributed it to the journey and lack of sleep. But when we got to our rooms, Joyce virtually attacked me, almost tearing my clothes off demanding that I fuck her right now. I was definitely willing but my body wasn't so cooperative. I did perform some great oral work on her so that she seemed happy enough. I notice that her pussy seemed very wet and somehow enlarged but didn't understand how that could be. I asked her if she was okay and she started crying. Whoa, I said. I didn't mean anything. Why are you crying? She then blabbered out this story.

She said that they were sent to the women's tent with all the other women and the were treated luxuriously. The head wife instructed the serving women to take our dirty clothes off and give us a bath and massage. Of course we didn't argue and let them do what they wanted to. These serving women were well trained and made us feel so relaxed and clean. They then fixed some kind of drink or elixir which was truly delicious. The put the same clothes on us that the wives had on and they felt wonderful, silky, soft, nice smell, but very transparent. You could see everything if you just looked. The oil they massaged in to our skin made my skin tingle all over especially in the crotch area. Joyce said she felt great but was also feeling horny and wished I was there. Then the drink started another effect making her somewhat drowsy but not tired. She didn't think it was a drug but it was definitely was having an effect on her feelings. She was getting very horny now. Oh I wish you were here.

About that time they started playing some music and the lights were turned down some. She then noticed that the men had come into the tent. They had sat down or really laid down on some cushions at one side of the tent. She quickly noticed that they were only partially dresses with no shirts on and not much below the waist either. One of the women got up and went over to the sheikh and sat down near his waist and Joyce thought she saw the girl playing with his dick. She said she really couldn't tell. Then another woman started a sow very sensual dance in front of the sheikh. Joyce remembered that the clothes they had on were nothing but pure silk and invisible to the eye so that the observer could only see a naked woman. Joyce said she was getting hornier and hornier, and was actually putting her fingers into her pussy. She couldn't believe how horny she was. She suddenly looked again at the Sheikh and he was more on his back and she could tell that the woman was not just playing with his dick but actually had it in her mouth. She almost cum when she saw that and she observed that the sheikh was watching her. Oh my god, he wants to fuck me she thought, and immediately came. She almost moaned aloud admitting to herself that she would not try to stop the sheikh if he tried to fuck her. She couldn't think at all. She just wanted that aching thirst in her pussy to be alleviated. She saw the sheikh tell the girl sucking his dick something and the girl stopped what she was doing, and got up and came toward her, Ooh, ooh, she thought. The girl leaned over and told her that the sheikh would like her company over there. Joyce said she could barely walk knowing what was going to happen but also wanting it.

She laid down by the sheikh and he started gently rubbing her body. That made her huger worse. Her took her hand and placed it on his dick. She marveled at how big it was. It was the biggest thing she had ever felt and it felt so hard but soft at the same time. Now she let it all go and decided to let him know she wanted him to fuck her so she reached up and kissed him lightly on the lips. He responded by pulling her to him and crushing her to his chest as he toyed with her breasts. She was so ready. He moved ever so slightly and she felt his hard dick against her pussy and spread her legs to allow him to enter her. Oh that is so big and feels so good. She moaned around and pushed it in further. He pushed back and soon he was fully in her and was fucking her hard, No one had ever been that deep in her and she loved it. She started waves of orgasmic feelings and started a whole string of orgasms that was wracking her body. That is the best feeling she has ever had and he kept pounding it to her. She didn't know how long they fucked or how many times he cam inside of her but it was long and delicious. He finally pulled out of her but someone else placed another big dick into her and started her all over again.

This fucking went on al night until she was totally exhausted and fell asleep. When she awoke, everyone else was still asleep and she noticed that Marion, the other wife, had also been fucked all night, it seemed. In fact there were no men in the tent but all the women looked completely wasted. So she went back to sleep. when she woke up again, the serving women were bathing her and massaging her again. Oh that felt so wonderful. The same thing was happening to Marino and the wives. They rested all day and waited for the night knowing all that happened last night was going to happen again, but she was looking forward to it. She was addicted to those really huge and very black dicks that she had the night before. And it all did except that she couldn't help taking it into her mouth just to see how it tasted. It was even better than she thought so she was hooked on that too. She knew she was a slut but didn't regret a thing.

"That is really all there is to it" said John. "She has craved big black dicks ever since then and I just play along because I love her. She managed to find black lovers the rest of our tour as did Marion. Also Tom, the other pastor, and I even got drunk one night and participated with them. It was an interesting evening and it really wasn't unpleasant". I didn't ask what he did but I thought he meant that he probably sucked the black men's dicks and probably cleaned the women as well. He then said, I love her and don't want to lose her so I will try my best to be a part of that side of her as well.

The story satisfied me but made me think I might be able to participate with Joyce someday also. That story is next.

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