The Restaurant Cashier

by Mike Stalker

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Gang Bang, .

Desc: Sex Story: They only took her as 'insurance' after robbing the restaurant, but she looked tasty in that tight uniform.

Mark was as high as a kite, as he wrestled the car round the quiet country lanes. Celia was beside him, in the front passenger seat, trying to count the money, while Bert and Manny, Mark's father, sat in the back, with the abducted cashier between them. She was still sobbing, but quietly now, since Celia had leaned back and slapped her face to shake her out of her initial hysterics.

It had been Celia's idea to take her with them when they left the restaurant, with a warning that they would kill her if they heard a police siren in the next fifteen minutes. And it seemed to have worked. It was nearly an hour since they had screeched out of the car park, and they hadn't heard a thing.

Mark felt Celia's hand on his thigh — high up - where, he realised with a shock, he had an erection. He glanced over at her. Her eyes were bright, her full, sensuous lips parted, her large breasts heaving in the tight sweater. His cock got even harder as he recalled the previous night, when, with Bert and Manny's approval, she had walked into his room in that short, transparent nightdress, and had done things to him he had only previously dreamed of, in his nineteen years.

She was Bert's girl, but Bert and Manny had shared everything since schooldays, so, now Mark had fucked her, too, that meant they were a real 'Gang of Four', she said — really committed to each other.

Her fingers strayed on to the underside of his erection and she whispered — "Later, stud! Now stop the car and get rid of that cow in the back."

Mark wheeled the car, showily, off the road, under the trees, and stopped.

"OK, guys," said Celia, over her shoulder. "We can ditch her here."

Bert got out with the cashier, who still wept. He said she was to stay put for a while. She nodded and wept. He patted her shoulder, said, "It's all right now" and slid his hand to her bare arm. She looked up at him, tears streaking her cheeks, and backed away. He laughed. "You don't think... ?" Then, suddenly, he felt that way. She was about twenty-five, short and plump in a blue print dress that showed her moderate breasts and large rear.

He grabbed both her arms. She cried out. He pulled her against him and moved his hands over her.

"Help me," she said in a small voice.

Celia said, "There are two more men here if you really want help."

The cashier gasped as he squeezed her round, soft buttocks with both hands. His penis had stiffened with unusual speed and he rubbed it against her belly.

"Please! No!" she pled, her eyes filling up again, and he hesitated.

The car doors opened and Celia jumped out, closely followed by Mark and Manny. The two men stayed by the car, but Celia grabbed the girl's arms and held them behind her. The girl struggled but Celia held her, easily, keeping her arms imprisoned behind her back.

'Do it, ' Celia breathed, throatily. "Do it to her! For me!"

Slowly, Bert raised the cashiers' dress at the front. Her legs were quite shapely - her thighs firm and round. She wore brief white panties, with pink lace trimmings. Bert pulled her panties down over her hips and past her knees. She squirmed as his hands cupped the naked flesh of her buttocks and pulled the cheeks apart.

Curious, he stepped back and lifted the front of the dress again. Giving the lie to her short blonde haircut, a jet-black V of curly pubic hair nestled between the tops of her trembling thighs.

This time, the cashier shrieked as his hand slipped between her thighs and burrowed into the soft hair, but his middle finger encountered a warm wetness where her thighs met. The tip of his finger ran along her puffed lips, then slipped inside her up to the first, then the second, knuckle.

Bert's other hand pressed his penis, outside his jeans. The cashier's shrieks had turned to quiet sobs. His whole finger was now inside her and her panties lay pathetically at her feet.

"Now!" rasped Celia. "Fuck her now!"

Bert struggled to drag his penis out of his jeans and eventually had to undo his belt to release it. He pushed his jeans down to his knees and forced the girl's hand round his erection. Her hand was warm and sweaty and he nearly came at its touch.

"Put it in," he muttered, breathlessly, and bent his knees as, wordlessly, the cashier's trembling hand guided him between her legs. Unerringly, she pointed him through the damp thicket of hair, then he felt the tip slide between her unguarded lips.

With a grunt, Bert pushed himself right inside her, catching her bottom and lifting it as he drove up her channel. Celia helped to support her from behind as the girl's legs automatically closed round Bert's waist.

Looking down, Bert could see the mingling of his own sparse grey pubic hair with the dark luxuriant growth of the girl. He couldn't remember his penis ever being so hard as it sank deep into the warm tight dampness. Then, despite himself, the first stirrings of the volcano took him by surprise. His back arched and his penis jerked and pumped ecstatically as it emptied itself between the cashier's legs.

Even when it was soft, he shivered in ecstasy as he forced it back inside her one more time, then, with a final shudder, let it flop out to dangle, quiescent, between his thighs.

Celia laughed, her arms still supporting the helpless cashier. "Hey, you're a better fuck than you look, baby," she breathed. "We can have a lot more fun with you."

Struggling to her feet, the cashier pulled her dress down over her bottom and snatched up her panties. Backing away from Celia's gloating face, she resumed her pleading, her breathing short and jerky.

"Please, no!" she whimpered. "I've a husband and two kids! Just let me go and I won't say anything."

"Don't give me that innocent crap," rapped Celia. "I saw that manager at the restaurant cop a feel of your tits!"

"I have to let him do that," she protested, "or he'll fire me!"

"What do you think, boys?" Celia turned to Mark and Manny. then laughed as she saw the wolfish grin on Mark's face.

"I think your luck's out, baby," she said. "I shouldn't have mentioned 'tits' - it has a terrible effect on young Mark here. Mine are still sore from last night! Do you want a look at her tits, then, Markie?"

The young man, nodded, advancing, his eyes fixed on the cowering woman. She backed away, fearfully, until she backed into the side of the car. Mark stopped in front of her and her arms, automatically, crossed in front of her chest.

At first, the boy made no move then, suddenly, his hand slipped up under her dress and he let out a high-pitched cackle as his fingers probed between her unprotected legs. She screamed and her hands shot down, whereupon Mark grabbed the lapels of her dress and ripped violently, downwards.

The buttonholes gave under the strength of his grip and the dress lay open to her waist, with Mark holding the ends against her shoulders. Like her panties, her bra was white with pink lace edging, her cleavage clearly visible.

Her resistance ended, she leaned against the car, sobbing quietly, as he enjoyed the view of the upper slopes of her breasts. Then he eased her dress off her shoulders and down her arms. She had powerful shoulders and he fondled them gently as he brought his hands back up, then pushed behind her to unclip her bra strap.

Again, a protest burst from her as she felt the strap go, but the boy ignored it, gathering the flimsy garment in his fingers, and deftly pulling it forward over her shoulders and down her chest until her naked breasts were revealed.

They were not large, but well-formed with no hint of sag, with large and long brown nipples. Dropping the bra to the ground, Mark immediately took her nipples between finger and thumb and rolled them gently, feeling them become erect almost immediately.

"Ah," he muttered, triumphantly. "You like that, don't you?" She didn't answer, but her tongue running round her lips was a giveaway. He dropped his head and his tongue snaked round her right nipple, and her breath drew in, sharply. Mark moved forward so that the hardness of his erection was pressing against her belly. His hand convulsed round her left breast and squeezed it, hard.

Two large tears coursed their way, slowly, down the cashier's cheeks as she sobbed quietly and helplessly. Mark felt a thrill of added excitement as he saw them. He had thought he couldn't have got more turned on than when he had stripped Celia for the first time, last night, and felt her all over, before she parted her legs and practically sucked his prick into her - but this was even better!

Suddenly, he recalled the time, in the school cloakrooms, when a gang of five or six of his friends had trapped a female student teacher in there after everyone else had gone home. She had been about twenty-one or twenty-two - quite small and slim, with these little round glasses and mousy hair - definitely not a looker. They had been drinking beer and playing cards when she looked in on her way out of the school, attracted by the noise.

They had pulled her inside, before they realised who she was, and were going to run for it when Seth, who had had most of the beer, clumsily tried to kiss her. Her horrified rejection of him, coupled with threats to report them all, in the morning, enraged Seth and he grabbed her again and forced his mouth on hers. Then he had held her arms behind her and greedily fondled one of her small breasts, over her blouse. One of the other boys copped a feel of the other one, then they had all piled in on her.

Within minutes, she was completely naked to the waist, sobbing and hysterical, being passed round in the middle of a circle of them, having her bared breasts squeezed, fondled and pinched indiscriminately.

Two things had struck Mark, forcibly. One was the realisation that, although this woman wouldn't have rated a second glance, as a rule, her unclothed upper body, with shapely shoulders and arms, and a pair of admittedly small, but firm, even perky tits, with nipples like two large raspberries, stood comparison with any of the pre-pubescent girls he had groped - and most of the pin-ups he had jerked off to in the privacy of his bedroom.

The second was the feeling of power he had sensed in forcing her to submit to the invasion of her most personal physical assets - almost better than feeling her breasts himself had been observing her distress as she was callously passed round for the boys' indifferent sexual gratification.

The present situation was strongly reminiscent of that time. The sobbing cashier also had an unexpectedly good pair of tits, but her shame and misery greatly enhanced Mark's enjoyment. The teacher had pled to be released, and they had eventually done so, laughing as she rushed out of the cloakroom, clutching her torn blouse to her chest. She had never come back to the school, and they had never been called to account for their attack.

Mark had tried a few times, since, to recreate that excitement, but the girls he knew had been so tough and experienced that they had either been able to fight him off, or had been only too prepared to allow themselves to be stripped and fondled by any number of boys.

But this time was different. His cock had jerked at the first whispered "Help me" from the cashier, and her subsequent pleadings had increased his passion to fever point.

As he reminisced, his hands tightened again on the firm flesh of her breasts, and fresh tears flowed down her face. She opened her eyes and gazed into his face. "Please!" she sobbed. "Please let me go. My children ... My husband..."

Mark leered at her, anxious to keep her talking. "Your husband - what's his name?"

"Lee!" she sobbed, uncomprehending.

"Well, you can tell Lee from us that his old lady has a great pair of tits, and we've all enjoyed playing with them. Is he one of those guys who gets turned by some other guy fooling around with his wife's tits?"

She turned her head away and Manny, who had not spoken until then, laughed harshly. "He is!" he exulted. "I bet he makes you stand at the bedroom window, to give the dog-walkers a thrill." A heaving sob ran through the girl, and Manny laughed again, pushing his son aside, and taking his place in front of the cashier. His arthritic fingers gently enveloped her naked breasts, and squeezed them tenderly. She shuddered at the feel of yet another pair of hands and Manny enquired softly - "Does he make you tell him about that guy at the restaurant - copping feels?"

Her tear-streaked face looked up at him and she nodded, imperceptibly. "Tell me about it," asked Manny, softly.

Gulping, she whispered "I told him about it the first time it happened. I thought he'd go down there and warn him off, but he only wanted me to tell him all the details, then he got hard and he ... he screwed me while I described it to him. Then he wanted to watch! He hid in the storeroom behind the kitchen, because that was where Gene used to take me, and he watched from a cupboard while Gene... " Her voice trailed off.

"While Gene ... what?", asked Manny.

"He kissed me a lot, and felt my behind, then opened my blouse and undid my brassiere, to feel my ... my breasts. And all the time, Lee was watching through a crack in the cupboard door and I had to keep moving so that ... so that he could get a good view."

Her eyes filled with tears again, and Manny asked, gently - "And what happened then?"

"Well, Lee told me I wasn't to let Gene do any more - not to let him feel me - down below - so, when he put his hand down between my legs, I told him I couldn't risk that in the restaurant, but I said we'd get together one night when Lee was away, or working nights, or something."

"And did that work?"

"Well, it has, up to now, but he's getting awful pushy, and I don't know how long I'll be able to keep him off."

ªWhat else has your husband made you do?" This time it was Celia who asked, her eyes glittering, her voice harsh and dry. The cashier met her eye, fearfully, and shook her head, uncertainly. "N ... n ... nothing," she replied, shakily. Celia laughed scornfully.

"Hey, baby, I've been there! My first old man got his kicks from me flashing - what you just described came well down the line! When was the first time?"

Again, the girl shook her head, her eyes downcast. Pushing Manny aside, Celia gripped her by the shoulders and marched her, stumbling and crying, into the copse of trees beside the lay-by. She pushed her back against a small tree, then pulled her arms behind the trunk, and tied her wrists together with the panties which the cashier still clutched in her left hand. The three men sat down silently and watched as Celia raised the girl's dress again and slipped her agile fingers through the dark thatch to the girl's pudenda. At the first touch, it was dry, but as she slid the tip of a finger along the swollen lips, Celia felt it begin to lubricate. The girl's sobbing ceased, to be replaced by a series of intermittent gasps and sharp intakes of breath. Sliding her finger inside the slippery warmth, Celia insisted - "The first time!"

Between gasps, the girl replied shakily. "It was ... before we were married. Lee's best man and his wife - John and Mary - invited us to dinner and we all drank too much and, well, the boys suggested we have a game of strip poker. Well, Mary and me - we were game enough to get down to our undies - we had done it before, on holiday, but Mary was first to get down to bra and pants and, this time, John told her to take off her bra."

Her voice tailed off and she looked at the men. Mark was openly fondling his erection through his trousers, but the two older men were sitting quiet and attentive, supporting themselves on their hands. Celia slid her finger out of the cashier's quim, and Manny stood up. Celia walked away and sat down, and Manny stood beside the tree and slipped a hand in the top of the girl's dress, gripping her tender left breast softly and sensuously.

"Go on," he said, flicking her engorged nipple. "Did she do it?"

"No!" replied the girl. "She said that was enough - as it always had been before, but John grabbed her and told us to get her bra off, while he held her arms. Mary was squealing, but she didn't really think John was serious, so she was giggling, as well."

"So did Lee take it off?" asked Manny, and the girl shook her head.

"No. He tried, but he kept fumbling the catch, so - I did it for him! I didn't really mean for him to see Mary's tits. I just got embarrassed because he couldn't manage her catch. Her bra just sort of ... fell away, and, suddenly, Lee's hands were on her tits and he was really giving them a good feel. Hers were much bigger than mine - all soft and floppy, and Lee looked like a little boy with a box of candies."

"Then he looked at me, and I had never seen him look like that before. He grinned in a cruel sort of way and said - 'Your turn now, Joannie!' And Mary was looking daggers at me and saying - 'Yes, let's see what you've got to brag about, tight-ass.' Then they all grabbed me and pulled my sweater over my head and just pushed my bra up and away from my breasts."

"Lee held my arms behind my back and said to John - 'Want first feel, buddy? Sorry they're not as big as Mary's!' And John stepped forward and squeezed them, and I felt Lee's cock against my behind, getting hard, and then it jerked and he shot his load, just as John licked my nipples."

Mark shifted uncomfortably on the ground, his right hand adjusting his crotch. "Show me her tits again, Dad," he drawled to Manny. Manny's hand tightened on the cashier's breast as he felt her shrink back. He sensed her fear of Mark, his young aggressive, unpredictable virility. He realised she was not frightened of him, nor of Bert, probably, and felt slighted.

Savagely, he ripped her dress wide open at the front and tucked it behind her back, between her and the tree. Manny grabbed her bare nipples and tweaked them painfully. Tears of hurt sprang to the girl's eyes and Manny's penis stiffened as her look of fear was re-directed at him.

"Better, son?" he enquired of Mark, and the boy grinned and rubbed his erection through his jeans. His grin widened as Celia leaned over and caressed the throbbing lump. "Go on with your story, honey," she called to the girl. "It don't amount to much so far!"

"But - that's all there is," stammered the girl. "Once Lee had come, he wanted to stop - and Mary and I never wanted it, in the first place. So - we got dressed, and went home.

"So - what about the next time?" said Celia. The girl looked unhappy. "It didn't happen again," she started to say, but Celia broke in, sharply.

"Don't give me that!", she rapped. "You didn't go straight from that to him hiding in a cupboard while some guy tickled your bazooms in a kitchen! That ain't the way it works!"

The cashier hung her head. "Well," she said "you were right about ... about dog-walkers, and so on. He would never let me close the bedroom drapes and, sometimes, when we were having sex, he would tie my arms behind my back then stand me at the window in just my panties, then stand in the shadows, looking out to see if anyone was watching, and ... touching himself."

"Did you get seen?" asked Manny, hoarsely, and his fingers pulled at the zip on his jeans.

"Sometimes," she replied, in a low voice, then gasped as Manny grabbed her wrist and forced her hand towards his thick cock.

"Take it," hissed Celia, and the cashier obediently spread her fingers round the shaft and began to masturbate the older man, but he dragged her hand away and, bending his knees, forced her thighs apart, and directed the head of his penis at the dark thatch at the base of her belly.

Then he pushed upwards, violently. The helpless girl screamed as he drove into her, but he silenced her by forcing his mouth on hers. His hands came up and squeezed her breasts, hard, then, as he began to ride her, he removed his mouth and said "Tell us about a time you got seen!"

Between gasps, she said - "There was one time — two cops were in a car — on the other side of the road. I could see them looking — then they got out. They crossed the road and stood at the fence, looking up. I pled with Lee to let me get out of sight — but he came up behind me, and pulled my panties down. Then he made turn round, so they could see my ass, then he felt my tits, from behind, so they could see that, too. Then he bent me over and spread my legs and fucked me — right in front of them!"

Manny groaned and stiffened, and the girl squealed in pain as his hands convulsed on her tender tits, then Manny, gasping for breath, staggered back, his cock limp and shiny. He sank back on to the ground and Mark watched, fascinated, as his father's semen leaked slowly out of the cashier's puffy vaginal lips and slid down her thighs.

Celia walked over to Manny and knelt beside him. She lifted his cock gently, and licked it clean, then dried it on a tissue, and put it back into his jeans.

"Nice one," she said to him, then looked up at the tearstained cashier.

"All right, cunt," she said. "Now you get on with your stories, while I get young Mark ready. That was just the warm-up act!"

Bert had recovered from fucking the cashier, by now, and he walked over to the tree and released her wrists, then tied them together, behind her back, again, before pulling her down to sit naked, on the ground, beside him. He put his arms round her chest and played, gently, with her exposed, and unprotected, tits

"Now," he said. "Tell us more 'bout your striptease at the window."

She hesitated, and he squeezed a nipple, sharply. She gasped, and carried on, hurriedly.

"Well," she said. "There was a window at the side of the house, that you couldn't see from the street, but the family next door had a clear view..."

"Who was in the family?" asked Bert.

"Well, there was a middle aged couple with a teenage boy and girl ... and the husband's father, who had been a colonel in the Marines. His bedroom was right opposite, and I know he looked out for me."

"How d'you know?"

"Well, I never saw him watching, and his curtains were always drawn, but I was home alone one weekday afternoon when I heard a sound at the front door and, when I looked, I saw a package on the mat. There was no address on it, or anything, so I opened it, and it was a video tape, so I put it in our player and ... and it was me, at the bedroom window. Of course, I knew it had to come from next door, and I thought it was probably the old guy, but I didn't know why he had dropped it in."

" ... and then he called by..." volunteered Celia, with a weary cynicism in her voice.

"Well, he telephoned," whispered the girl, her eyes filling with tears at the memory. Bert unconsciously tightened his grip on her bare breasts as he put himself in the place of the retired colonel, living out his final, celibate years in the bosom of a family who probably regarded him as a nuisance.

"What did he say?" asked Bert, his mouth dry and excited, his penis achieving a rare secondl erection as his imagination raced ahead of the reply.

"He said he would send the film to the P.T.A. unless..." Her voice broke and tears rolled down her cheeks again. Bert's right hand slid off her breast and down into the dark forest between her chubby thighs. His middle finger encountered her moist slit, and he caressed it as she drew in her breath sharply.

"Go on," he murmured. "What did he make you do?"

"He told me to go up to my bedroom and draw the curtains wide open. Then I was to take off my clothes, slowly, as if I didn't know anyone was watching and, when I was naked, I was to press myself against the glass with my arms raised, so that my breasts were squashed against the window. Then, because only my top half showed above the window sill, I had to stand on a chair and turn around, so that he could see my butt and my ... my... " Her voice trailed away again.

"Even Lee didn't like men to see between my legs, so no one ever ... ever ... saw me ... down there, before."

"And did you do it?" asked Bert, and she nodded, dumbly.

"And he shot another video, I'll bet," laughed Celia.

Again, the girl nodded, large tears rolling down her cheeks.

"And then he came round?" enquired Celia.

"Yes," whispered the girl. "One afternoon."

"What happened?" rasped Mark. She darted a frightened glance at him.

"He put the video on and made me sit beside him on the settee to watch it. He didn't touch me, but, when it was finished, he told me to stand up in front of him. Then he held my leg, just above my knee, and moved his hand up until it was touching my panties, on my butt, and he put his fingers under the elastic and touched my bare ass. He just kept squeezing my ass cheek and licking his lips."

"He had a little straggly moustache and his face and hands were covered with those spots that old people get on their skin. His fingers were long and bony and they were hurting me when he dug them in."

"Then he told me to unzip my skirt, while his hand was still in my panties, but he took it out to let my skirt fall. Then he sat back on the settee and told me where to stand, and to open my legs, and bend over, and things and all the time he was talking about girls he had had."

"He said he had raped a lot of them when he was in the Marines especially Japanese ones. He said he had made one's husband watch while one of his black sergeants stripped his wife naked and felt her all over, then made her bend over and suck his ... his penis while the colonel fucked her from behind."

"He described the Japanese woman in great detail especially her small breasts and brown nipples, and how the hair between her legs was black and straight and shiny, and all the time he was squeezing himself down there. Then he talked about the sergeant how he had a huge black cock and how he made the Japanese woman put her fingers round it, while her husband watched and wailed. Then, he said, he made the husband take his dick out, and masturbate, while they watched the black sergeant spread his wife's thighs and slide his fingers into her vagina."

"He said the Jap was already hard when he opened his trousers — from watching his wife being raped. The woman was sobbing and crying, but the colonel made the Jap masturbate until he came, all over her face."

"Then the colonel turned the woman over to the sergeant, and he lifted her up and lowered her onto his cock, holding her thighs apart with his huge black hands, then he lifted her up and down onto his tool, until he rammed it, finally, right up her until she screamed and he pulled out of her and shot his load all over her chest and stomach."

"Then, the colonel said, the sergeant went outside and brought in the rest of the platoon. They surrounded the woman and passed her round, just touching and feeling her. She was sobbing and crying and trying to push them off with her hands, but they just laughed and two of them held her hands away while the rest felt her all over. It was while they were doing that that the colonel gave her husband a pistol with one bullet in it, and he put it in his mouth and blew his brains out."

"What was he doing to you while he was telling you all this?" asked Celia, her breathing harsh as she imagined the Japanese wife impaled on the end of a huge hard black penis.

"Well," the cashier hesitated. "Well, he had his finger inside me. I was laying across him, on my back, and he pulled my panties down and put his finger in me. He said he liked my ... my hair ... down there. He said his son's wife was shaved, and he didn't like that..."

Celia turned to Mark. "Come and give my tits a squeeze, Mark, while she tells us the rest."

Mark readily stood up and, approaching Celia from behind, covered her large firm breasts with his sinewy hands, and squeezed. Then he lifted her sweater out of her waistband and pulled it over her head. Her black bra was quite inadequate to conceal its generous burden, but Mark unclipped it rapidly and pulled it forward over her shoulders, and it fell to the ground, leaving Celia's breasts fully exposed.

Sensuously, the boy's hands covered them again, rolling her large engorged nipples between his finger and thumb.

Unconsciously, almost, Bert mimicked the boy's movements, with the cashier, and sensed that she was now deriving pleasure from his caresses. Her nipples were distended and the gasps that punctuated her breathing were no longer sobs.

Celia opened her eyes, lazily, and surveyed the cashier.

"Had he fucked his son's wife, then?" she asked, suddenly, and deliberately crudely.

"I ... I'm not sure," she replied, hesitantly, the fear returning to her voice as she felt Celia's hostility.

"How did he know about her shaved cunt then hairy!" The insult was deliberate, as was the sudden dart forward and the thrust of Celia's hand between the cashier's thighs, followed by the painful grip on her swollen vaginal lips.

"Don't get comfortable, you fat bitch," hissed Celia. "Remember, you're just an occasional fuck and feel as far as my men are concerned. Now, get on with the entertainment!"

Just as suddenly, she withdrew her probing fingers, and Bert immediately slid his hand down and inserted a finger inside the trembling woman, finding her clitoris immediately and pressing down on it.

"I think the old man had something on his daughter in law," the cashier stammered. "Like he had on me. I think he caught her with someone, or something, and he got pictures and threatened to tell his son."

"So what did he make her do?" asked Mark, the vision of coercion exciting him once again.

"He made her strip naked as soon as she got home from work and made her stay that way till the boy came back from school, about ninety minutes later. He had been doing that for about six months when he started with me. At first, he just made her strip off and let him feel her up, like he was doing with me, in his bedroom, but, after a while, he started making her walk around naked in the house, with the drapes open, while he sat in the chair with his cock out, playing with himself."

"And then, one day, before she came home, he called to order a pizza and told them to deliver it in an hour. When it came, his daughter in law was naked and he told her to answer the door and bring the boy in for the money. He let her wear a little towel to answer the door but, when she brought the boy through, he stood up and closed the door."

"Then he went over to his daughter in law and dragged the towel away from her. She ran into a corner of the room, crying, but he went over and reminded her about the photos then he tied her hands behind her back and pushed her back into the middle of the room."

"The pizza boy was scared, too, at first. but, when the colonel told him to feel Barbara's breasts, he got really excited and put his hands right on them and felt them all over."

"Then, as he got more confident, he explored her body all over especially between her legs and round her butt."

"Then the old man told him to take out his dick, and he got scared again, but the colonel said he'd say the boy had tried to rape Barbara, so the boy took it out and the colonel pushed Barbara back on to the settee and held her legs apart so the boy could get his dick in her. He said the boy shot his load up her almost with the first stroke, but he stayed hard and fucked her twice more inside ten minutes. And all the time, she was crying and sobbing."

"Then the boy got off her and the colonel made her wash and dry his cock, then sent her upstairs to have a shower. Once she had gone, he spoke to the delivery boy and told him to come back the next day at the same time, but only if he brought a friend, who had to be black!"

"Well, the next day, when she came home, the colonel pretended he wasn't interested in her, and she was in the kitchen when the bell rang. She went to the door and, when she saw who it was, she shut it again and started to cry. But the colonel made her open it and the boy came in, followed by two black kids."

"They all sat down on the settee and the colonel made Barbara sit between the two black guys and told the pizza boy to stand behind the settee, holding Barbara's wrists over the back of the chair. Then he told the others to help themselves."

"They started off just stroking her face and kissing her mouth, gently, then one of them put his hand on her knee and slid it under her dress, up her thigh. The other one touched her breast through her dress and squeezed it a little. Then the first one lifted her dress so he could see her panties, then he knelt on the floor in front of her, keeping her knees apart, and rubbed his finger against her panties. The second one unbuttoned a couple of the top buttons of Barbara's dress and put his hand in, to feel her bra."

"She was struggling and sobbing, but that just excited them, and the first one pushed his finger under her panties. Despite her fear, her cunt was moist, and he slid his finger in between her wet lips, just as the other one unclipped her bra and took her naked tit in his hand. He took her nipple between his finger and thumb, and teased it, then bent over her and took it in his mouth."

"Then, between them, they unbuttoned Barbara's dress from top to bottom. They pulled her to her feet and dragged her dress off, then her bra. The first boy still had his finger in her cunt and he pushed her back against the wall, feeling her tits with his other hand, while the other guy pulled his jeans and trunks off. He stood there in just T shirt and baseball boots, his black shiny cock standing up, then he pushed the other one out of the way and grabbed Barbara's panties and pulled them down. When he saw her blonde pubic hair, he whooped with glee and immediately lifted her left leg to the side, to open her vagina, and slid his big black prick right up inside, until his black shiny pubes mingled with her blonde ones."

"Meanwhile, the other black had got his jeans off, too, and he came up behind Barbara and lifted her ass with his hands, then lowered it on his hard on, so she was supported by both their cocks, right up her cunt and her ass."

"Well, they both came pretty quick, but then the pizza boy laid her down on the rug and spread her legs and screwed her and, by that time, the black guys were ready for some more and they took turns with her and made her suck their cocks and ... and ... everything. And then the colonel told them they'd have to go because her husband was coming home soon, and they left. As the door closed, Barbara staggered up from the rug to have a bath, but the colonel stopped her and told her to take his dick out."

"When she had it in her hand, he told her to tell him what it was like, being fucked by two black men, and she started to cry again, but he forced her to describe it and, as she did so, his dick got hard and he made her sit on him, pushing it into her, then he squeezed her tits until he shot his load up her."

"So that turned him on?" said Celia. "Seeing her with a black man?"

"Yes," whispered the woman. "He said it reminded him of the Marine sergeant, with the Japanese woman..."

"And he told you all that while he was fingering your cunt?" asked Celia.

"Well," said the woman, squirming as Bert's finger teased her clitoris, " ... not all at once... " She squealed as Celia leaned forward and tweaked her fat nipple.

"Come on, cunt," menaced Celia. "What else did he make you do?"

"He ... called me one morning. There was a delivery van outside their house. He said I had to come and make coffee for the men who were delivering some new furniture. I told him I had to go to work soon, but ... it was no use."

"I was shaking like a leaf when I went across to the house. The colonel opened the door for me and led me into the kitchen. The men were sitting around the kitchen table, smoking. There were three of them. One of them was an old black man, with white hair, but the others were young — in their twenties. There was a tall skinny white guy, with red hair and a pale face, and a little greasy Hispanic, with long greasy black hair and moustache."

"The colonel introduced me to them and they talked politely to me while I was getting the coffee ready. The colonel was very polite, as well — he could be very charming. They asked about my family — about Lee, and the children. The Hispanic asked what Lee did — he meant what job did he do — but, before I could answer, the colonel said — 'You mean, when he don't have his hands round that tasty round ass?'"

"For a second or two, the guys fell silent. I guess they were shocked, but then the spick grinned and said — 'Yeah. Now you come to mention it, I guess that's what I do mean... '

The colonel laughed and said — 'Well, when he's not grabbing it himself, he's making her show it off at the bedroom window — ain't that so, Joannie?'"

"I couldn't say anything. I just stood by the door, feeling the tears start. Then the spick said — 'I wouldn't mind a piece of that' and the colonel said 'Be mah guest!' The spick started to get up out of his chair and I made for the door. The colonel laughed and called, as I entered the hall - ' ... or you might like to see a video I'm sending to the local paper... '"

"I stopped and turned. The spick was at the kitchen door and he squeezed back to let me walk through. As I passed him, he put his hand on my rear and squeezed it. The young red-haired guy was standing up, too, and suddenly, there wasn't any room in the kitchen. They trapped me between them and then their hands were all over me. I was wearing a roll-neck sweater and slacks and, at first, they just felt me on top of my clothes. The red-haired guy, Vince, had horrible breath and he was trying to kiss me while his hands were on my ... my breasts, and Angel was hard up behind me and I could feel his ... thing pressing against me."

"Then the old black guy got to his feet and the two young ones backed off. The old guy had been real polite to me up to now, but now he was looking at me like a piece of dirt. He looked me up and down, then looked me straight in the eye. Then he unzipped his jeans and took out his cock. It was big and black and fat. He put his hand round it and said — 'O.K., Vince, get her tits out fo' me.' And Vince grabbed my sweater and pulled it up. I fought him, but he got it off my arms and over my shoulders, then dragged it over my head. Then he held my hands together and Ezekiel, the old black, came over and pushed my brassiere up till my breasts fell out, then he grabbed them in his big hard black hands and squeezed them, hard, until the tears came to my eyes."

"'Ma old woman's got better tits than that, ' he growled, 'but they'll do — I sure hope you got a hairy beaver, though. Git her panties off, Angel — I want to see it now.'

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