by Bryony Green

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Coercion, Slavery, Gay, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Incest, Cousins, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Light Bond, Humiliation, Sadistic, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Fisting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, 2nd POV, Violent, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Rule Number One of any sex game: play only with someone you trust. But what if that someone suddenly changes? Kevin and I have played BDSM games many times before, but he's about to change the rules...

"You did say 'anything, ' didn't you?"

Kevin had slid into the bed only a moment ago, cozying up behind me, his front pressed to my back. He was naked and ready. As he whispered his somewhat cryptic question, his right hand caressed my side—slowly, gently, his fingers tracing a long line from my thigh to my breast and back again. He knew what he was doing.

I opened my eyes and looked at the wall. "What'd you have in mind?" I asked warily.

But he wasn't giving out information. "Mm-mm," he hummed against the back of my neck. "No questions. Just yes or no."

At this point, he ran his hand around the front of my thigh as it passed upward, and his fingertips brushed between my legs for just a second. A thrill of excitement pulsed through me at his touch, but there was a hint of panic mixed in.

"Well, how can I—?" I began.

He cut me off with a quiet but insistent "No." His hand came to rest on my hip and he pulled me tighter against him, pressing his erection into the crevice between my buttocks. "I'm asking," he said between carefully placed kisses on my neck and shoulder. "You're answering." I shivered as his tongue flicked across my skin, and then he continued, "I asked you what you wanted me to do to you. Remember?"

I did remember. A few nights earlier he had been teasing me—torturing me, really—bringing me almost to orgasm, then stopping abruptly. The result of his efforts was a longing so fierce that it bordered on physical pain, and I had begged him to relieve me. When he asked, I told him he could do anything he wanted. He had regarded me with a look of intrigue, one eyebrow slightly raised. "Anything?" he repeated as though he needed further instructions.

"Yes, yes!" I insisted. "Do anything you want. Just please don't stop!"

That had triggered something in him, and he entered me immediately, thrusting violently until we finished seconds apart. Panting and soaked with sweat, he'd collapsed on top of me, still inside me. And when at last he caught his breath, he made love me to slowly and sweetly...

"Do you remember?" he prompted, bringing me back to the present.

"Yes," I whispered tentatively, "but I—"

"Mm, no buts." Rolling backward, he pulled me toward him until I was flat on my back. Then he sprawled across me, effectively holding me in place. I was suddenly aware of how hard he really was—and how wet I'd become. Whether or not I was agreeable to whatever he had in mind, I was certainly aroused by the mystery, the element of danger. And there was no doubt whatsoever who was in charge here. I found myself spreading my legs to accommodate him.

But he only smiled. "You want it?" he asked.

"Want what?"

Kevin shook his head. "No questions," he said again. "Yes or no. Do you want it?"

I didn't answer. How could I? I didn't truly understand the question. But now he seemed to be losing patience. His look of amusement was replaced by a more menacing expression. "I can make you want it," he said flatly.

I realized he was acting. Wasn't he? He knew me well. We'd played these games many times, and he was good at his part. But always before we'd agreed; this time it was all his idea, and I had no way of knowing what was in store for me. Of course I trusted him (Rule Number One of any sex game: play only with a partner you can trust), but that didn't mean I was ready and willing for absolutely anything he might dream up. Still, as I said, the fear of the unknown was proving to be a powerful aphrodisiac, and I felt my pelvis rising toward him in spite of me.

To my surprise, he pulled his hips back. "Wrong," he scolded. "You don't get what you want. You have to want what you get."

His threatening tone was so convincing, so real, I was actually a little scared of him. He did seem to be getting a bit carried away with this. Now I wasn't so sure I wanted to continue the performance, but telling him no or trying to stop him would only encourage him. That was all part of the game. I had to find another way to let him know I wasn't up for domination tonight.

He'd left my hands free so far, preferring instead to immobilize me with fear. Now I decided to risk reaching for him, thinking to gently caress his shoulders, his chest, brush his hair away from his face. But before I could touch him, he grasped my wrists and forced them down at my sides. He gave me a dangerous look. "Don't move again unless I tell you to," he warned. "And shut up until I ask you a question." On hands and knees, he hovered over me, straddling my thighs. For a moment he simply glared at me, making his point. Then he dipped his head and took my left nipple between his teeth.

Some people claim that there's a fine line between pleasure and pain. Not so for me. In my case there's a definite overlap, and Kevin was well aware of it. This wouldn't be the first time he'd used this knowledge to control me. It always worked.

He let his lips close over my breast and sucked my flesh into his mouth. I watched his strong jaw work as he sucked harder, increasing the pressure until I thought my skin might tear. When he opened his eyes and caught me looking, he abruptly bit me—hard. I cried out in surprise, and he raised his head and smiled. "That's what I wanted to hear," he said. "Did I hurt you?"

He knew he had, but I was expected to answer. "Yes," I said softly.

Cocking his head slightly, he pretended he hadn't heard. "What did you say?"

"Yes," I said louder. "Yes."

"Yes, what?"

"Yes, you hurt me."

"And you liked it."

I knew how I was supposed to respond. "Yes.'

"You like pain."


"You like to be controlled."


This was nothing out of the ordinary, but he was about to change the routine. A brief pause, and then: "I own you."

One look in his dark eyes told me to play along, so I whispered, "Yes."

Again he smiled, a malicious expression taking over his usually mild features. "Well then," he said thoughtfully, "I can use you any way I want."

I gazed at him steadily, wondering if I should argue. He seemed to be waiting. But when I said nothing, he let go of my wrists and backed up. "Spread your legs," he commanded, then slid two fingers into me when I obeyed. "Who does this belong to?" he asked.

He had never gone so far as to claim property rights on my body before, but I gathered he was just trying to add some variety—and truth be told, the new master-slave concept was more enticing than I might have imagined. At last I conceded, "It belongs to you."

"And whose is this?" he continued, emphasizing the last word by shoving a third finger into my anus.

I winced at the intrusion but managed, "Yours."

He leaned over me, his hand still inside me, and breathed into my ear, "It's all mine, isn't it, baby?" I nodded, and he licked the corner of my mouth. Then he said, "Tell me I can use you any way I want."

This last demand was frightening. If I complied, were there still rules? I looked at him uncertainly, attempting to pose the question with my eyes. There was no answer in his. "Kevin—?" I tried, but he stopped me with a sharp thrust of his hand.

"Tell me."

Seeing no alternative, I told him what he wanted to hear.

I was rewarded then with deep, probing kisses that began at my mouth and ended where his hand had been. His tongue was incredibly agile, and somehow soft and hard at the same time as it searched my holes. Looking down, I met his gaze and he lifted his head to smile at me. The sinister expression was gone, and his face glistened in the low light, wet with my juices. He licked his lips and resumed. Moaning with pleasure, I began to rock my hips. My adrenaline was still high from the fear of a few moments ago, and I felt myself hurdling toward a record-shattering orgasm.

But he kept it from me. At exactly the right moment, he pulled away. "Oh god!" I cried. "Don't stop. Let me come."

"Not yet."

I writhed on the bed, furious. "Dammit, Kevin! Don't do this to me again."

He moved up beside me and took my face in his large hand, forcing me to look at him. "Anything I want," he reminded me, his voice low. "Anything."

I could feel his erection against my thigh, harder than ever, and the sensation of need between my legs outweighed any trace of judgment I might still have had. "Yes," I moaned. "Yes, anything. Just please, Kevin, please..."

Standing, he moved to the door.

"What are you doing?" I whined.

He cocked his head. "Anything I want," he explained as he turned the knob.

And a moment later, to my surprise, a figure appeared in the open doorway.

Incredibly, Kevin stepped aside and motioned our visitor in. I followed my first impulse to cover myself, but this apparently violated the terms of my slavery. My "master" snatched the blanket away from me and flung it against the far wall. I watched it land in a heap on the floor, then finally glanced at our guest. I had to look twice to be sure of what I saw, and still I didn't understand.

Brian, Kevin's cousin, had apparently been invited to join the party, but the idea of his accepting such an invitation seemed ridiculous. Yet here he was, standing at the foot of the bed in a room with two naked people. He was still looking at the crumpled blanket, his eyebrows raised, and I got the impression he was wondering the same as I was: what was he doing here?

"Look." The command came just on the heels of the sound of the door latch. I looked and saw that it hadn't been meant for me. Kevin was pointing at me, and Brian—looking decidedly uncomfortable—slowly turned toward the bed, his eyes downcast. Behind him, Kevin watched intently to see that his orders were carried out. He met my gaze for only a second, but it was long enough to convey his message: this was his show.

My expression must have betrayed my anxiety, because Brian's eyes were concerned when they found me. "Do you really want this?" he asked quietly.

Kevin answered for me, "Yes, she does." As he passed him, he gave a quick tug on his friend's shirt and told him, "No time to be shy, buddy. She's running hot right now." Then he climbed onto the bed, pushed me out of the way while he positioned himself on the pillows, then pulled my head into his lap so that the side of my face rested against his erection. From there he could reach my nipples, and he pinched and teased them mercilessly.

The other man watched in silence for a moment, evidently trying to decide what to do. It didn't matter. I realized that it was not up to him when Kevin announced, "The lady suffers if you don't follow directions." Brian looked at him sharply, but he continued, "I'd suggest you both try hard to keep me happy."

Defiance made an appearance then. "You won't hurt her."

"Watch me." My nipples burned as he twisted them.

"Stop it."

"Touch her."

And now indecision. Brian looked to me for guidance, but Kevin was the one who gave it. "Do it now," he demanded. "I don't think she wants to wait." He released my left breast and dragged his fingernails across my chest, digging into my skin just enough to hurt.

"Oh god," I moaned. "Brian, please."

That worked. At last he moved forward, sat on the end of the bed, and reached for me. His fingers were light and uncertain as they touched my upturned knee, and I gasped at the sensation. Suddenly I wanted his hands on me. I began to spread my legs while he traveled up my thigh.

"See?" Kevin said. "She wants you to touch her. Feel how wet she is." I held my breath in anticipation, then exhaled sharply as his fingers brushed between my legs. "Oh, she likes that," Kevin observed. "I think she wants your hand up her cunt."

Brian looked startled, but he didn't argue. Instead he tried to get by with two fingers.

"I said your hand." Realizing the limitations he'd placed on his own power by sitting behind me, Kevin again pushed me aside and scrambled off the pillows. He knelt beside the bed and took hold of Brian's wrist. He forced the rest of his fingers—and finally, his thumb—into me. "Now shove it in there," he commanded. "Do it hard."

"No," Brian countered, attempting to pull away.

But this wasn't a democracy. Kevin was king and he intended to prove it. "Do it," he said, "or I will." He glanced toward me. "And it'll hurt more if I do it."

Apparently, he was convincing. Brian regarded him coolly for a few seconds, then whispered, "I'm sorry," before he suddenly thrust his hand deeper into me. I cried out in pain and surprise, and he repeated the apology.

Kevin laughed. "Keep it up, Bri. She'll come all over your sorry hand."

He was right, of course. As I said, pain and pleasure overlap for me, and this violent invasion of my body fell nicely into that grey area. I arched my back with his next push and moaned as his hand went deeper still.

"Yeah," Kevin breathed. "You want that, don't you?"

I licked my lips and answered, "Yes."

"Tell him you want it."

"Yes," I said again. "I want it, Brian."

Brian complied and Kevin asked me, "You want it harder?"


"Give it to her." He studied my face as I rocked my hips in rhythm with my second lover, and a shadow seemed to fall behind his eyes—which made him seem more dangerous. But I couldn't stop now. My voice rose with my arousal. I grasped Brian's wrist, signaling him to keep up the pressure while I ground myself against him. My left hand found Kevin's shoulder, and I squeezed it tightly as I came, nearly screaming with the release.

Before my tremors had a chance to subside, Kevin jerked away from me. I had closed my eyes a moment ago, and now I looked at him. His entire expression now seemed infused with the shadow I'd seen before. This wasn't at all what I'd expected, and I couldn't be sure he was acting anymore. "Kevin?" I said uncertainly.

He glared at me. To Brian, he said, "Take your clothes off."

I tried again, "Kevin, what's wrong?"

"Shut up," he warned in a low voice. "I didn't tell you to speak."

My body trembled as Brian removed his hand, and I saw Kevin's eyes flicker in that direction for a split second. Then they were back on my face, smoldering with a dark heat that made me shiver. From the corner of my eye, I saw Brian stand to undress, but I couldn't look away. I reached for Kevin. He leaned away and said simply, "Don't."

At last he tore his gaze from me and turned to the other man. "Stand right there," he said, indicating a spot at the end of the bed. And without looking at me again, he commanded, "Suck him."

I rose to my hands and knees and crawled over to Brian. His thick erection stood almost perfectly vertical, rising out of a mass of soft brown hair that was nearly as dark as Kevin's. Encircling the base with my fingers, I pulled it gently toward me and began to kiss and lick its swollen head. Brian moaned appreciatively as I teased him with my lips and tongue.

But Kevin wasn't so pleased. He let me know with a sharp slap on the back of my thigh. "I said suck."

Obediently, I took it into my mouth and sucked, bobbing up and down along its length. I could tell from Brian's breathing what it was doing for him, but I could no longer see Kevin beside me. Where was he?

I got the answer a moment later when I felt the fiery sting of leather across my buttocks. He'd gotten his belt from the closet. Tensing to avoid biting Brian, I wondered what else he might have found in there.

"What the hell was that for?" Brian demanded. "She's doing what you told her to."

His insolence earned me another lash. "So?" Kevin said. "Shut up and enjoy it." He whipped me again for emphasis.

My eyes watering, I did my best to keep going. But it didn't matter. Not two minutes later, I was punished yet again. I whimpered and Brian dared to defend me. "Stop it, Kevin," he said flatly. "What the hell is wrong with you?"

"A lot," Kevin returned.

"What do you want?" Brian gently disengaged me and held my face in his hands. He looked down at me. "You okay?" he asked, wiping a tear from my cheek.

I started to nod, but the belt stopped me. "I want" —slap— "this bitch"—slap— "to suck you off." Each time he hit me harder.

"Stop!" Brian shouted. Abruptly, he let go of me and moved around the corner of the bed just in time to stay the next blow. I collapsed on my side in a fetal position and watched. "You will not hit her again," my ally said, holding his opponent by the elbow.

I couldn't see his face, but I had a clear view of Kevin's. Contempt blazed in his dark eyes. "Get your hand off me."

"Give me the belt."

"Fuck you."

Brian laughed humorlessly. "No thanks," he said. "You're too rough for me."

"Yeah, I guess I am." Kevin cocked his head slightly. "Maybe you should leave and let me finish her." He looked at me. "Stop whining and spread your legs."

"You son-of-a-bitch!" Brian screamed, shoving Kevin hard and ripping the belt from his hand. "Is this what you wanted me here for?"

Kevin regained his balance and shoved him back, then pinned him against the wall. "What if it is?" he yelled. "What's the matter, Brian? Too kinky for you?" He retrieved the belt with little effort. "I oughta beat you with this thing, you little pussy."

"Go ahead."

Now I did roll over for him. "Let him go," I said quietly. "I'll do what you want."

He raised an eyebrow at me. "Anything?"


"Good girl," he said, smiling triumphantly as he turned back to face his friend. "Fuck Brian."

Brian looked perplexed—and angry. "What?"

I spread my legs. "Come on, Brian."

He shook his head. "I'm leaving."

Kevin released him. "Fine," he agreed. "I'll finish her."

"Like hell you will."

"Then do it."

Brian turned to me. "What do you want me to do?"

I glanced at Kevin, who merely raised his eyebrows again. He wasn't going to give me any direction this time. Still, I didn't believe it was really up to me. Even if he was out of control, he was still in charge, and I worried about what he might do to me if I defied him. Besides, he'd started this whole thing with Brian, and now I was curious. I wanted to know how he'd feel inside me. I was also wet again. The naked fight scene had helped Kevin's cause tremendously—as I'm sure he had known it would.

I closed my eyes for a moment while I considered his question. When I opened them again, I gave my full attention to Brian. "Fuck me," I said softly.

He responded as though we were alone, completely ignoring Kevin. Kneeling on the bed beside me, he leaned over and kissed me tenderly on the mouth, his tongue lingering on my lips before he began a soft but deliberate trail down the length of my body. I had the impression he would have liked to take more time but he understood, as I did, that time was not on our side. Kevin's erratic behavior bordered on schizophrenic, and it could change and become dangerous again at any given moment. I kept my eyes closed to avoid meeting Kevin's gaze, but I could feel the weight of it as Brian made his way toward his ultimate goal. The touch of his tongue between my legs was so hot, I gasped and let my eyelids flutter open.

This turned out to be a mistake. Kevin's eyes caught mine immediately and held them fast. He said nothing. He didn't have to. The expression on his face as he watched the scene on the bed said it all. I was in trouble. Now it was only a matter of when I would pay for whatever crime he imagined I'd committed. What difference did it make that he'd set all this up himself? None. Apparently, I wasn't following the script. I tried to communicate my contrition, but he didn't soften in the slightest. He only continued to stare daggers at me and his traitor cousin.

Once I gave up trying to apologize and allowed myself to enjoy Brian's talented mouth, it didn't take long to reach a trembling climax. But Brian remained where he was for several minutes, his tongue working to be sure he didn't miss a drop. Then he abruptly moved up again, penetrating me with his erection and slipping his tongue into my mouth in one fluid movement. I tasted good on his lips, and he felt wonderful inside me. I put my arms around him and pulled his body tight against mine, rotating my hips to match his rhythm. He kept on kissing me—my mouth, my neck, my nipples—until he gave me another orgasm, proving himself a generous lover. And then at last, he came inside of me, breathing hard in my ear.

It took me a moment to realize he'd said something, and when I gave him a questioning look, he repeated, "He's watching us." Glancing over his shoulder, I nodded and he asked, "Are you worried?"

Again I nodded as Kevin approached. "Finished?" he said without much interest.

Brian sighed and looked up at him. "Now what?"

"Now move," Kevin growled. "It's my turn."

"Oh god," I moaned. "Kevin, please."

"Move," he said again.

"Jesus, Kevin, give her a break."

"Fuck you. Move your ass." He gestured toward the wall. "Go over there and watch."

Reluctantly, he withdrew and placed a last intimate kiss on my lips, realizing it was likely to be the last of its kind for me this night. "I'll be right here if you need me," he whispered, then rose and stood by the wall as instructed.

Kevin paused and leaned in close to him but spoke loudly enough for me to hear. "She doesn't need you," he informed him. Then he turned to me. "I know what you need."

"What?" I snapped without thinking. I saw Brian cringe and knew I was about to sincerely regret my tone. "I'm sorry," I said quickly. "I'm just so tired, Kevin."

"I bet you are," he agreed. "Getting off three times takes a lot out of a person." Taking Brian's former post, he bent over me and went on, "Unfortunately, I don't fucking care." With that, he took hold of my shoulder and hip and forced me to roll over. "Hands and knees," he ordered.

I obeyed but too slowly. He was already clearly agitated, and my lack of enthusiasm wasn't helping the situation. Placing one knee between my calves, he curled his body around mine, wrapped his strong arms around my middle, and held me against his chest as a he straightened up. He licked the back of my neck. "You were pretty hot for Brian," he observed, his voice low. "Are you gonna be cold for me now?"

"I'm tired, Kevin," I said carefully.

"Is that a yes?"

"No, but—"

"Good." He reached between my legs and pushed all four fingers into me ... Hot liquid trickled down my thighs, cooling rapidly. "I was looking forward to fucking you," Kevin breathed in my ear, "but now you're full of his cum." His tone changed with the last word, sounding disgusted. "I don't want his cum all over my dick."

I refrained from pointing out that he now had a handful of the stuff and instead said, "I'm sorry." There was, of course, no right answer, but this one was perhaps more wrong than a thousand others I might have given.

"Sorry?" he repeated dubiously. "Now why don't I believe you?"

"You told me to fuck him," I said.

"Yes, I did," he agreed, "but I didn't tell you to enjoy it so much. Did I?" His voice was barely more than a whisper, meant for only me. "Three times, baby. All that for him and nothing for me?" This time I didn't answer, knowing there was nothing I could say to appease him, and at last he continued, "I can't believe you let him come inside you."

He withdrew his hand suddenly and held it up in front of me, examining it over my shoulder. "You were supposed to swallow this," he informed me. "I think you should do it now."


"You heard me." He pressed his wet fingers against my lips. "Lick it off."

I hesitated only a second, then tentatively touched the tip of my tongue to his fingers. He took this opportunity to force two of them into my mouth and ordered me to suck. While I did so, he whispered questions I knew he didn't really want answered: How did it taste? Did I want more? Would I like to fuck Brian again? Maybe let him eat this stuff out of me?

He seemed to be working up his anger and I began to get nervous again. Of course, Brian was still there. He wouldn't let things get too out of hand.

As if he'd heard me thinking of his cousin, Kevin abruptly tore his fingers out of my mouth and wiped them on my face, then pushed me down on my elbows. "Brian, come here." In my current position I couldn't see either of their faces and Kevin obstructed my view even more by moving to my side. He pulled my right leg toward him, making my legs wider apart, then spread me open further with his hands. "Eat her," he commanded.

"I thought it was your turn."

"It is."

"Then why—?"

"Because I want her ready, and I'll be damned if I'm getting a mouthful of you."

Brian sighed. "Guess you're outta luck then, aren't you?" He sounded mildly amused. "Anyway, you said you didn't want my stuff on your dick. How are you gonna get around that?"

"Easy," Kevin explained. "I'm not using the same hole."

Now I understood what he meant to do, and I prayed he'd calm down before he did it.

"I'm not gonna help you do that to her," Brian said adamantly. "Haven't you humiliated her enough?"

"Not even close."

"Well, I've had enough." There was loathing in his voice. "You're really a sick fuck, you know it?"

"Maybe so," Kevin conceded. "But either way, I'm gonna do it..." (he paused for effect) " ... and it's gonna hurt like hell if she's not ready." To illustrate his point, he abruptly pushed his index finger into my anus, all the way to the last knuckle. I shuddered as he twisted his hand sharply, causing a painful friction deep inside my ass. "So the way I see it," he continued, readying another finger to enter me, "you can make it easier on her ... or you can turn your back and let me fuck her dry."

I felt the tip of his middle finger trying to pry its way in beside the first, and I knew he'd have it in me before Brian could decide what to do. If he'd get them wet first, it would feel good, but he had no intention of doing so. He wanted to hurt me—or humiliate Brian. Or both. At least one of us would have to pay for what we'd done. He pulled his finger out until only the tip remained in me, then shoved it violently back in along with its neighbor. The pain was only slightly worse than he'd inflicted on me before—always with an explosive orgasm to follow—but I imagined how it would feel if he kept his promise to sodomize me without preparation. "Oh god," I pleaded, "Brian, don't leave me."

He didn't. Instead, he stopped Kevin's arm in mid-thrust and pushed him aside. I felt his warm hands on my buttocks a moment later, spreading them gently to give himself room. Then his tongue began a tentative search, and I felt him climb onto the bed behind me. I lifted my hips toward him, and his shyness dissolved. Now he licked me as if I were an ice cream cone about to melt in the sun—long, slow pulls from front to back, the entire length of my crack. Once again, I gave in to the wet heat of Brian's mouth and forgot Kevin.

Until he spoke again.

"I'm losing patience," he said, and I tensed. "Hurry up, Brian, or you're gonna watch her suffer."

At that, Brian pushed his tongue into my anus, probing as deeply as he could reach. I couldn't help moaning, although I surmised I'd be punished for it soon enough. I realized Brian's tongue wasn't as long or as thick as what Kevin meant to replace it with, but the promise of pain didn't diminish my pleasure in the slightest. If he was allowed to continue, I felt sure I would come yet again.

Of course, that wasn't the plan. Kevin knew what to look for, and as soon as he saw it, he made his move. I was robbed of my orgasm as he shoved Brian off the bed, circling him quickly and tying his hands behind his back before he could respond. I started to curl up, but a look from Kevin immobilized me. The shadow was still there, darker than ever, and it now seemed to be entirely in charge.

"Kevin?" I whispered, hoping to reach something sane further down.

But Brian's anger suddenly outweighed his fear again, and he screamed at our captor, "God dammit, Kevin! This is over!"

Any doubts I might have had about whether or not this was still a game were summarily wiped out as Kevin's large hand swept across Brian's mouth, splitting his lip. "Shut up!" he commanded. "I'll tell you when it's over."

Brian was still angry, undoubtedly, but the balance in his eyes had tipped back to fear when he met my gaze, and I understood the silent apology he gave me. He was helpless now and could do nothing to save himself, let alone me.

Kevin had the belt again, and he used it now to raise a welt across my ass. "I hope you enjoyed that little interlude," he hissed, "because it'll be the last time he ever touches you." I bit my lip and kept quiet, knowing that anything I said would only fuel his rage. He paused a minute, seemingly waiting for me to answer him, then apparently decided he was ready. "Open your ass," he said quietly.

I raised my hips a bit more and let my buttocks spread open for him, but this wasn't what he meant. "Open it!" he growled as he struck me again. Now I reached back and spread my cheeks apart with both hands, and he was satisfied for the moment. He grasped my hips and pulled me backward until my feet hung over the end of the bed, then shoved two fingers into my anus once again. I shut my eyes tight against the sudden pain, and he punished me with a second violent thrust. "Eyes open," he said, and I struggled to obey. "Look at Brian."

I did. Brian's lip was swollen, and blood trickled from the corner of his mouth. He sat there on the floor, naked, looking back at me with an expression that somehow combined compassion, frustration, pain, and fascinated horror as he watched my face. He still wanted to save me; that was clear. But he was also wondering whether I really wanted to be saved. He couldn't know if this encounter was standard, and I had no way of letting him know it wasn't.

"Ask for it," Kevin commanded suddenly, and I saw Brian's eyes flicker toward his cousin's face.

Guessing my line, I said quietly, "Fuck me in the ass."

I quickly learned this was wrong when Kevin spanked me hard. "Don't you fucking tell me what to do," he growled. "I said ask. And do it nicely."

"Please," I whimpered. "Please fuck my ass, Kevin."

Brian looked sick.

"That's better," Kevin crooned, leaning over me. "Now beg."

"Oh, come on!" Brian shouted. "You're the sick fuck that wants to do it! So just fucking do it already and get it over with!"

I cringed, sure that one of us would be punished for his outburst.

To my surprise, Kevin gave him a warning: "Shut up, Brian," he said quietly. "Unless you want some of this, you better just shut your fucking mouth and pay attention."

Brian looked angrier than ever, but he shut up.

Kevin turned his attention back to me. "Now," he said, "I wanna hear you beg for it."

"Oh, god," I whined. "Please, Kevin. Please fuck me in the ass."

"You want it bad, don't you?"


"Say it."

"I want it so bad," I whispered, hoping Brian wouldn't hear me.

Kevin shoved hard, and I cried out in pain. "Say it louder," he demanded. "Tell me exactly what you want."

"I want," I began, then cleared my throat and started again, a little louder. "I want your cock in my ass ... so bad."

"Dirty whore," he muttered, then shoved a third finger into me and thrust violently several times, bringing tears to my eyes.

Brian couldn't take this. "God dammit, Kevin!" he nearly screamed, struggling to get to his feet. "Knock it off! This is going way too far!"

Ripping his hand away from me, Kevin grabbed him by the throat and shoved him hard. Brian slammed into the closet door, but he recovered quickly and tackled Kevin, who lost his balance and fell. I knew this couldn't be good. With Brian's hands bound behind him, he didn't stand a chance.

"Oh, you stupid son-of-a-bitch," Kevin growled, rising to one knee. "You should've stayed down and kept your mouth shut."

"Yeah?" Brian snapped. "And you should've stayed on your meds. What's your point?"

Clearly, Kevin wasn't amused. Without warning, he reached out and swept Brian's feet out from under him, then crawled forward and straddled him the moment he hit the floor. "Here's my point," he said, pushing his erection into Brian's face. "Suck it, bitch."

Struggling fiercely, Brian turned his head, but his cousin grabbed a handful of his hair and pressed his swollen organ against the younger man's lips. "Suck my cock, you fucking pussy," he commanded. "I know you want to."

"Kevin, stop," I pleaded, reaching for him. "Let him go, please."

He slapped my hand away and glared daggers at me. "Shut the fuck up."

"Kevin—" I tried again, but he cut me off with the back of his hand across my face. He'd never hit me like that before—never like he meant it. Now I knew he was completely out of control, and I was scared. For the first time in our relationship, I was really scared of him.

I backed off and pressed my palm to my stinging cheek, watching helplessly while he tried to force his way into Brian's mouth. Beneath him, Brian still struggled, but he had no hands to push his cousin away or otherwise protect himself.

"Suck it," Kevin said again.

"No!" Brian screamed, and this was just the opportunity Kevin needed. Lightning-fast, he got his left thumb into his cousin's mouth and forced it open wider, thrusting his hips forward and shoving the head of his erection into Brian's tongue.

Brian gagged and fought hard to turn his head again, but Kevin only pushed in deeper. "Suck!" he ordered. "Or I swear to god, you're gonna get worse."

Apparently, Brian didn't believe him, because he didn't suck. Instead, he suddenly bit down hard, and Kevin screamed in pain and surprise, letting go of Brian's hair and curling his right hand into a fist. He paused when he realized what would happen if he punched Brian in the face, and instead gripped him again by his throat.

Finally, Brian let go, and Kevin immediately pulled his hips back and smashed his fist into Brian's temple.

As he stood up, I gasped at the sight of his cousin lying limp on the floor. "Oh my god," I breathed. "Is he dead? Did you—?"

Kevin slapped me, gaining my undivided attention. "He's fine," he muttered angrily. "Look what he did to me."

I looked. Brian's teeth had done their work, and Kevin was bleeding.

Now he grabbed me by my hair and pulled my face toward his crotch. "Clean it up," he commanded. Afraid of making him angrier, I obeyed, taking him into my mouth. The metallic taste of his blood made my throat close up, but I didn't dare stop sucking.

After a few minutes, he started to moan and roughly gripped the sides of my head, raping my mouth. He hit the back of my throat several times, making me gag, and my eyes watered from the strain of holding down my gorge. I wanted to bite him, too. Anything to make him stop. He seemed to sense this and abruptly pulled back, then slapped me again. I crawled backwards and sat on my heels, holding my injured face, scared to do anything more.

"I guess you'd rather suck Brian," he surmised, looking down at his unconscious cousin.

"No," I answered quickly.

He looked back at me, and a slow grin spread across his face. "Yes, you would," he said in a tone that made me shiver. "Fine."

"What?" I asked, terrified, as he came around the side of the bed to grab my arm. "No, Kevin, please."

"What's the matter?" he taunted me. "You don't wanna suck him 'cause he's not bleeding? I can fix that."

"No, please don't." I was crying openly now, and he seemed to enjoy it.

"Cry all you want," he said, dragging me off the end of the bed. "Just get on your fucking knees and suck him."

I had to wonder if he was setting me up again, but it didn't seem to matter. Obviously, he was going to hurt me no matter what I did or didn't do. But maybe he'd at least hurt me a little less if I followed orders.

Kneeling between Brian's legs, I looked up at Kevin and asked tentatively, "Are you sure you want me to do this?"

Kevin laughed. "You wanna do it," he told me. "So fucking do it, you filthy slut."

"Please, Kevin," I tried again, trying hard to ignore the insult. "Just fuck me and leave Brian alone."

"Do it!" he bellowed, pushing me down on top of his cousin.

"Okay!" I cried and took hold of Brian's softened organ, guiding it into my mouth.

A few minutes later, it was hard again, and Kevin abruptly knocked me over. "That's enough," he decided. "I didn't say suck him off."

I stayed where I was, watching him uncertainly. What could he be planning next?

Moaning in agony, Brian stirred and tried to sit up, but Kevin quickly stepped on his chest, pinning him down. "Are you gonna be good now?"

"Oh god, my head hurts," Brian complained.

"Yeah?" Kevin snarled at him. "So does my dick."

Brian glared at him. "Good. Then maybe you'll stop trying to put it in places it doesn't belong."

"Don't bet on it."

Wincing, Brian turned his attention to me. "Are you okay?" he asked. I shook my head, and his blue eyes flashed angrily.

"I think you better worry about your own ass," Kevin told him, and I had the distinct impression that he wasn't speaking figuratively.

"Fuck you," Brian said. "Let's just call it a night, shall we? If you stop now, I won't even kill you."

Kevin laughed again. "I wanna see how you're gonna do anything with your hands tied behind your back."

"You planning to keep me tied up forever?" Brian asked, incredulous. "'Cause you're gonna have to if you don't stop this right now."

"I'm scared," Kevin told him, putting his foot down on the other side of Brian and squatting over his chest. "Really. I'm trembling."

Brian turned his head but kept his eyes on his cousin. "Don't even think about it, Kevin," he said quietly. "I mean it, man. You do it again, and I will bite it off."

"You don't need to worry about that," Kevin told him. "The only thing you're gonna get in your mouth is my fist, if you don't shut the fuck up."

He must have been convincing, because Brian didn't respond.

Turning back to me, Kevin rose and took hold of my hair. "Get up," he said coldly, dragging me toward the bed again. I climbed back onto the mattress and sat down. "Hands and knees," he told me, pointing at the head of the bed. "Face that way."

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