Jimmy and Jaclyn

by L.A. Wicker

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Incest, Brother, Sister, First, Size, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Two young people find love on the farm.

Jimmy Parker sat on the massive John Deer tractor, watching his younger sister, Jaclyn, walking just in front him and the tractor, looking for her bracelet that she'd dropped earlier in the day. ster at on the massive John Deer tractor, watching his sister Jimmy had a good idea that it was lost forever. He'd been plowing that section of the field with the plows set to the deepest setting and they dug in at last four feet down.

Jaclyn loved the bracelet that Jimmy given her for her eighteenth birthday and he knew she would not stop until she found it. He and Jaclyn were closer than most brother and sister should be, but they never left the farm and they had no friends or anything.

They went to town with Mom and Dad but that was only once a month or if something unexpected came up. Jimmy and Jaclyn had no one their own age to talk to so they became very close to each other. Plus, the last year or so, Jimmy started noticing that Jaclyn was growing into a fine looking young woman and to be very truthful, she turned Jimmy on.

Jaclyn was a tall girl, standing at five-foot ten-inches tall and she had long, wavy blonde hair to the middle of her back. She also had a beautiful body and it was hard for Jimmy not to look at her. Her breasts were big, much bigger than any girl that he'd seen on the TV and Jimmy also loved seeing them. Jaclyn always wore loose shirts, unknowingly, giving Jimmy an occasional peek at them and he loved it.

Her hips and behind were also nice and meaty. She wasn't fat, but Jaclyn sure did fill up her jeans nicely and they were those low-cut kind that showed a lot more than normal. Jimmy looked at her a lot and from what he could tell, Jaclyn liked it. She wouldn't say anything, Jaclyn would just smile at him and she'd go back to whatever she was doing.

"We need to get back soon! Mom and Dad are going to get pissed at us!" Jimmy yelled over the roar of the tractors engine, as he watched Jaclyn's butt wiggling in her tight jeans.

Jaclyn turned around to glare at him and there was no way she would stop until she found her bracelet. The only man she loved, her brother, gave it to her and she was not giving up this easy. Dinner would just have to wait.

"I'm not stopping until I find it, Jimmy! Mom and Dad can just hold their horses!" Jaclyn yelled back, not knowing if he could hear her or not, so she quickly went back to searching.

He just shook his head and turned on the big head lights, hoping that it might help his beautiful sister find the bracelet that she loved so much. Jimmy gave it to her on the day she turned eighteen and Jaclyn never, ever took it off for anything.

"Fine, I just hope you find it soon." Jimmy mumbled as he went back to watching Jaclyn's pretty butt as she walked along.

Her hips were wide Jimmy guessed a size 36 and they definitely had some nice, extra meat on them and Jimmy loved it so much. She was the only woman that Jimmy ever saw and it was taking a toll on him. Jaclyn turned him on more and more with each passing day and Jimmy didn't know what to do about it.

"Holy fuck, I need to stop looking at your ass so damn much!" he said and Jimmy tried to move his dark, brown eyes from her wiggling behind, but he couldn't. It was as if Jaclyn's butt had him under a spell.

She turned to look at Jimmy and like always, he was staring at her butt and Jaclyn started to get that warm feeling deep between her legs again. She knew that it was wrong to think dirty thoughts of her brother, but he was so damn good looking she couldn't help it. Mom even said that Jimmy was the best looking man that she'd ever seen and Mom went to college in San Diego.

Jaclyn stopped, she looked down and she started screaming with joy. "I found it! I found it, Jimmy!" she yelled and jumped up and down with joy.

"Thank God!" Jimmy said with a smile. Jaclyn loved the bracelet so much and he was happy for her. He watched her large breasts bouncing up and down and Jimmy felt his cock growing.

"Why did you have to be my sister?" he mumbled, wishing that there was a way he could do it with her and not get into trouble.

Jaclyn saw him watching her boobs and she really loved it. Jimmy always made her feel so good inside and she was just like Jimmy, she wished they could be together.

She climbed on the tractor and she sat next to Jimmy and she could see the big hump in his jeans and Jaclyn knew that it was for her. "I'm so glad I found it!" she said with a smile as she wiped the dirt off of it and Jaclyn quickly had it back on her wrist.

"You should take it off when we're working. Next time, you may not be this lucky and you'll lose it forever." Jimmy said trying not to look at Jaclyn's stiff and very excited nipples, but they looked so good under her thin shirt and Jimmy knew that something had to give or he was going to die.

She loved Jimmy looking at her and Jaclyn couldn't help but wonder if he got as excited as she did. 'I wonder what he'd do if I came on to him?' she thought to herself as she leaned back in the seat, thinking of seducing her own brother and what he would do. 'I bet he'd love it! He's always got his eyes on me and from the looks of his thing; I sure do turn him on.' She thought with a smile and Jaclyn had an idea.

"Since we don't have much work tomorrow, do you wanta come to my room tonight and listen to some music and talk?" Jaclyn asked with what she hoped was a sexy look on her face as she batted her blue eyes at him. She never tried seducing anyone before so this was all new to her.

Jimmy heard what Jaclyn asked and he knew it would be a perfect opportunity to check her out more and he was all for it. "Sure, what do ya have in mind?" he asked looking at her still, very hard nipples and Jimmy couldn't help but wonder why they were so damn hard today. They only did this at night when they talked or if she was really cold.

"I'll make us some popcorn, get a few drinks and we can sit back and just have us a good talk." Jaclyn replied with a smile, loving Jimmy's big, dark eyes roaming all over her breasts and that feeling between her legs was turning into a horrible burning.

"Cool, you know that there's still some beer out in the barn. Uncle John left it there when he came to visit last month. I could slip it into the house and in the deep freezer and we could drink it." Jimmy said as he thought of getting her drunk and seeing just how far he could go with his sister.

"I reckon, but I really hate the smell of that crap. If you drink it, I won't let you come near me." Jaclyn said with an evil grin and she knew that the beer would not be in the house tonight. Jimmy loved being close to her and Jaclyn knew he would not screw it up.

He just smiled at her and Jimmy knew he was her slave. "Alright it was just an idea," he said and Jimmy reached over to caress her meaty thigh. "I'm glad you found the bracelet. I didn't realize how much you love it." Jimmy said and Jaclyn felt really warm tonight.

"Silly man, you gave it to me, of course I love it!" Jaclyn replied with a big grin as she slid over and on his lap. "I love everything you do or give to me," she said with a soft voice and Jaclyn wanted to kiss him so badly, but for now, she settled for a big hug. 'I'll kiss him tonight and see what happens. Maybe he'll like it.' Jaclyn thought as she enjoyed his strong right arm around her young body and the feeling between her legs started getting worse.

After helping Dad get into bed, he couldn't do much after having a stroke, Jimmy rushed to shower and clean up for his rendezvous with Jaclyn. He shaved; showered and made sure he looked his best for her. Jimmy put on his best shirt and his new pair of jeans and he was ready.

"Here goes!" he said with a grin as he quietly walked to her room and he lightly tapped on her door.

She heard a tap on her door and Jaclyn's heart jumped. She wanted to try things with Jimmy, but she was so afraid he wouldn't like it or he would think that she was a freak.

"Come in," she said with a whisper making sure that her thinnest blouse was straight and she gave her swollen nipples a hard twist knowing Jimmy would love seeing them nice and hard.

Jimmy turned the doorknob and he walked in. "Oh wow, this is nice!" he said into her semi-dark room and he looked at the three candles Jaclyn had burning around her room. There were no other lights just the warm and soft glow from the candles.

"I thought that we'd try something different tonight. What do ya think?" she asked with a big grin and Jaclyn saw his eyes roaming all over her body.

She had her thinnest blouse on plus she was wearing a pair of jeans that she had for years. They were a size too small letting Jimmy see all of her wonderful, lower body and the best part was, they were as holey as hell.

They had two big slits just under each of her ass-cheeks and with the way the jeans had unraveled over the years, Jimmy would be able to see more than half of Jaclyn's firm butt-cheeks. But, that wasn't all, in the front of her jeans, they were also two big slits on each of her meaty thighs and if Jaclyn lay on her back, there would be a very good chance that Jimmy would be able to see her kitty. She called her vagina, her kitty.

"Dang, you look good!" Jimmy gasped and he was kind of shocked. Jaclyn looked so good and with him being so horny already, this was going to kill him.

"Thank you, I just wanted to look real nice for my guy. Is that okay?" Jaclyn asked with a soft and very seductive voice as she moved against Jimmy and she gently hugged him.

He returned Jaclyn's hug and he couldn't help but getting hard. "When did I become your guy?" Jimmy asked as he caressed her back wishing that she wasn't his sister.

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