Fiona and the Hen Party

by pippam_49

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Lesbian, Fiction, FemaleDom, Spanking, Humiliation, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Fiona is blackmailed into providing the entertainment for the Hen Party for one of her daughter's friends.

It was four years on from the momentous night when Fiona had been stripped and spanked by her daughter, Jenny and three of her eighteen year old school friends. ( see Mother and the Girls).All that time ago Fiona had asked Jenny to arrange her greatest fantasy. The fantasy was to be dominated by younger women who would seek to embarrass her. Photographs of Fiona being divested of her maid's clothing and being spanked had been taken by Mary, one of the school friends.

After that evening session Fiona had started to feel apprehensive. She was not feeling guilty because of her need for humiliation. In fact the weekly spanking session which began with her naked and Jenny fully clothed still continued to date. They created a real frisson. She was not feeling guilty because of involving her own daughter. Jenny had always been supportive and understanding. The guilt and apprehension was about the photographs. What if someone found out about the session?

As time went by the fear diminished. Although Fiona was feeling more and more that what she had done was wrong she felt more secure. However four years later Mary was to be married. Mary had come to see Fiona and told her that she was to be the entertainment on Mary's hen night and that if she didn't agree that photographs would be published on the internet. The panic returned.

When Fiona shared her fears about Mary's demand with Jenny, all her daughter could suggest was that Fiona should comply. Jenny could not remember if her own face was in any of the photographs. Whilst she wanted to support her mother, Jenny did not wish to be exposed herself.

So it was 7p.m. on Wednesday night that Fiona found herself on the doorstep of Mary's mother. With a degree of trepidation about what was to unfold she rang the bell. Kirsty, Mary's mother, answered the door.

"Well hello, what have we here?" said Kirsty.

"Mary ordered me to come round to entertain her hen party." replied Fiona.

"Well that is tonight. You had better come in and meet the guests." responded Kirsty.

Kirsty stood aside and allowed Fiona to pass her. However as Fiona passed, Kirsty helped her on her way with a crisp spank on Fiona's bottom. This was unexpected and created a deep thrill in Fiona's stomach.

In the lounge of Kirsty's house were the guests. Fiona was surprised at how many women were there. Did they all know Fiona's guilty secret?

On seeing Fiona, Mary jumped up out of her seat and introduced the other women.

"You know my mum, I told her about you about a week after our evening. She told your two neighbours Kathy and Michelle. They are flatmates in a house three doors along from your house. Kathy and Michelle were two years below Jenny and me at school. They are both twenty and have come along to participate this evening. They are really looking forward to what is to happen. Of course Sarah is here. She wouldn't miss this for the world. She told her mum, Natasha. Natasha didn't want to come as she felt she would be embarrassed but we persuaded her you wouldn't mind her watching. Joan sends her apologies but asked if the events could be recorded on DVD so she could watch later."

Mary walked over to Fiona and whispered in her ear a reminder about the photographs Mary had of the last session and that Fiona should now respond to instructions and conversation willingly and with enthusiasm.

Mary took hold of Fiona's hand and turned to the rest of the women and said, "Fiona begged me to allow her to be the entertainment for tonight. Didn't you Fiona."

"I did and I am looking forward to all the debasing things you are going to make me do. Natasha, please do not be embarrassed. I want you to watch and see me humiliated." purred Fiona. The excitement had overcome any reluctance.

"OK, I am just taking Fiona to get her ready." announced Mary to the rest of the guests.

A quarter of an hour later Fiona found herself back in the lounge in the same outfit as the previous card evening. She wore the same blouse and skirt. Under these were the same bra, black lace panties, stockings and suspenders. To complete the outfit Fiona wore black stiletto heels. Mary had told Fiona to bring these with her. In the four years Fiona had put on some weight but the clothes still fitted her well. The 41 year old looked very attractive.

When they both returned to the rest of the guests Fiona was given the first drinks order. She went to the kitchen to fill the glasses with white wine and brought them back. As Michelle took her glass she whispered in Fiona's ear that she looked beautiful when photographed. She was obviously alluding to the cards night.

Mary raised her voice and said, "Time for the first event. Fiona, come and stand in the middle of the room and place you hands on your head, shoulders back. You must recite 'Mary has a little lamb' without moving or laughing or there will be a penalty. Kathy and Michelle, whilst she is doing this you may touch and tickle her. Try to get her to move or laugh."

Fiona took up the position and with out being told opened her legs to shoulder width. She then began to recite. Immediately Kathy touched Fiona's breast searching for the nipple and Michelle reached down and stroked Fiona's bottom. Fiona jumped at the intimate embraces.

Mary declared Fiona had lost and invited Kathy and Michelle to remove Fiona's blouse. This they did caressing Fiona's skin as it began to be exposed. Fiona shivered with excitement.

"We are now playing for Fiona's bra." declared Mary.

"Fiona, you are to sit on Kirsty's lap and plead with her to remove your skirt rather than you bra. You have two minutes to try." said Mary.

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