Helping Sis

by L.A. Wicker

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, Oral Sex, Size, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Big brother comes home to help his baby sister and he claims her

Jack walked in the house, threw down his duffle bag and went looking for Candice, his beautiful, little 18 year old sister. 'I'm home!' he yelled, wondering where she and his parents were. They knew that he was coming in tonight and Jack was looking forward to seeing them, but mostly Candie. She was the love of his life, even if she was his little sister.

She heard him, jumped up and ran downstairs as fast as she could run. 'Jack!' she squealed jumping into his arms, hugging him with her arms and long legs. 'I've missed you so much, ' she said as tears rolled down her beautiful face.

He hugged her just as tight, enjoying her wrapped around him. 'Are you ok baby?' he asked wiping tears from her pretty blue eyes, hoping that she wasn't very traumatized from her near rape last weekend.

'I'm fine, ' she replied wishing that he'd been home. Jack always swore that he'd be her protector until the day he died and Candie really missed him being in her life.

He continued hugging and caressing her back, letting his big, powerful hands gently slide down, until they found her tight, 36 inch ass. 'You know I'm going to beat that fucker to death, ' he said, enjoying her warm body and big breasts against him, remembering how bad she teased him by wearing the skimpiest tops she could find, but Jack loved every second of it.

'Good! I can't wait to see you do it, ' she quickly said thinking of her black eye and how much it hurt when Steve had her on the ground punching her between the legs. 'He hurt me so bad Jack!' Candie said and broke down crying. 'He hit me ... me ... between, ' she sniffed, trying to tell Jack what Steve did to her, but it was so hard and she also knew that Jack was going to hurt him so much. 'He sat on me ... punching my ... my... , ' she couldn't say it, but she was sure Jack knew.

'Mother fucker!' Jack growled thinking of the skinny, little punk and how much he was going to enjoy hurting him. 'He'll never hurt anyone again, ' he said rocking her in his arms as her long, curly blonde hair fell in his face. 'I'm going to get him for you, ' he whispered in her ear as he caressed her tight ass.

'Hi son!' Dad said walking in the room and was a little shocked at the way Jack and Candie were hugging, but he also knew just how close the were. 'How was the drive down?' he asked reaching his hand out to Jack, watching him stand Candie on the floor.

Jack skipped shaking hands and hugged his Dad tight. 'It was good. Not any traffic at all, ' he said, giving Candie a little smile, wishing they could have hugged a little more, but he could wait until later.

'There's my boy!' Mom said walking from the kitchen, wiping her hands and rushed to hug her tall and very handsome son. 'It seems like you haven't been home in years, ' she smiled, hugging him so tight. 'You didn't bring home your wash for me, what's up? Do you have a girlfriend doing it for you?' she teased watching him smile, but he just kept looking at Candie and something came to mind. It looked as if her children were in love with each other, but she knew better.

'Nah. I like staying single, so I can play the field, ' he replied, seeing Candie's smile start to fade. 'And besides that, this is my girl!' he laughed, grabbed her and bent her over, acting like he was kissing her and wished it was real. He loved her so much and there were many times that he wished she wasn't his sister.

'You two are crazy!' Mom laughed as she walked by, slapping his back, hoping that they hadn't done anything. 'Supper is ready. I don't want it getting cold, ' she said in a voice that they all knew very well and it meant to wash and get to the table.

Jack stood at the sink washing his hands, face and muscular upper body when the door opened and Candie walked in. 'Hey there, ' she said in the soft, loving voice she knew Jack loved so much. 'Can I help?' she asked taking the wash cloth from him and slowly ran it over his massive shoulders. 'I love washing you so much, ' she whispered as her hand moved over his toned body, wondering what it would be like having him on her, fucking her. 'I can't believe you don't have a girlfriend. Were you just saying that to Mom or is it true?' Candie asked, hoping that he was single.

He stood, watching her tiny hand run all over his body, hoping his cock wouldn't get hard. But it was Candie and he knew it was going to get very hard, any second. 'No, I'm single, ' he replied watching a large smile cover her pretty face, wondering if she loved him enough to cross the line with him. Jack knew it was wrong, but he'd do anything to have Candie as his lover.

'I'm glad, ' she whispered moving against him and couldn't resist hugging him again. 'None of them would be good enough for you, ' she whispered again, feeling his big, strong hands moving to her ass and he squeezed, sending a massive rush of excitement to her already, horny pussy. 'Mmmm, I love when you do that, ' she purred in a soft, loving voice.

'I'll be sure and do it a bunch. Oh, by the way, I'm takin' you out tonight, ' he whispered as she pressed herself to him and Jack hugged her tight, smashing her hips to his and he didn't care if he got hard or not. If Candie hadn't realized how much she turned him on, she would after this night.

'Oh fuck!' she thought, feeling his cock coming to life. 'How sweet. My big, handsome brother taking me out on a date.' Candie moaned thinking of spending the entire night with him and she hoped that it would be one to remember.

'You know you're my girl, ' he said in a low voice, leaning down to give her a soft, passionate kiss. 'I think you better get out of here before we end up doing something really nasty, ' he winked watching her face turn a warm shade of pink. 'I haven't been laid in over a week, ' he added with a smile, caressing the ass he loved to touch.

Candie didn't know what to say after that. 'Are the girls' up there just stupid or what?' she asked, feeling him growing so hard and it was all for her. 'Be glad I'm your sister, because I'd rape you!' she giggled trying to pull from him, but he had his powerful hands locked around her hips.

'Really?' he smiled watching her face getting red. 'I think I'd like that.' Jack said holding her close, thinking what a great lover she would be. Her beautiful long hair, her pretty face, wonderful large breasts and the hips he was holding would be a pleasure to love.

Candie just stood, looking up to him and hoped she could refuse him. She loved him so much and always thought of being his girlfriend, but she was his baby sister. 'I bet you would, ' she replied without thinking.

'You need to go!' he said in a firm voice, feeling his massive cock growing out of control. 'Be ready for some fun tonight and wear something hot. I want to show you off to all the little boys and let them know that I'm still around to protect you.' Jack said squeezing her ass, not wanting to let her go, but if he didn't soon, he'd end up trying to seduce her.

Candie quickly knew what she'd wear for Jack and she knew tonight was going to be out of this world. 'I'll wear a new outfit I got last week. You're going to love it, ' she smiled, gave him a hug and left the room. 'Oh God!' Candie moaned falling across her bed, thinking of Jack loving her and how wonderful it would be. 'I can't wait!' she whispered, lightly rubbing between her long legs, thinking of him loving her with his cock.

Later, Jack drove down the street and couldn't help but looking at Candie. 'Damn, you look good!' he said looking at her see-through pink blouse and a pair of the tightest, white jeans he'd ever seen in his life. 'You're trying to kill me, ' he laughed, looking her large breasts enjoying that she hadn't worn a bra and he could see Candie's big and excited nipples.

Candie knew how much he liked her breasts and she loved showing them to him. 'You told me to look hot, ' she smiled with an innocent look. 'I just did what you said.' Candie added, loving him looking at her and as a warm feeling spread over her thighs. 'I should not be horny for my brother, ' she thought, trying to keep nasty thoughts of him doing her from her mind, but she couldn't. He may be her brother, but she'd do just about anything to be with him.

He couldn't but reaching to caress her long leg and could feel that she was so warm. 'You feel like you're on fire, ' he smiled moving his hand up her leg, until it was on her meaty thigh and he felt her legs spread. He looked into her pretty eyes, wondering if her should touch her or wait.

'I'm ok, ' she whispered, hoping he'd do more, but there was always later. Jack and Candie had tradition of sitting in her room watching the TV or listening to music as they talked long in the night. There were also nights that they'd hug and do some serious cuddling with each other and Candie hoped that tonight would be one of them.

'I don't want you getting sick. I got plans for you girl, ' he smiled, reached around her back and pulled her as close to him as she could get. 'Oh I love holding you!' Jack moaned holding her, wishing she wasn't his sister or he'd find the first motel and take the beautiful girl.

Candie was in heaven as she sat next to the most handsome man in the world. 'I love it when you hold me like this, ' she said with a smile, thinking of the way they hugged in her room, laying down, face to face with his big cock pressing against her.

'Do you ever wish that we weren't brother and sister?' he asked.

She quickly knew the answer, but Candie wasn't sure if she should tell him or not. She knew he was already horny for her and if she told him how she felt, it may screw up their lives. 'You're silly!' she laughed, but deep down she wanted him just as badly.

'You're fuckin' hot as hell and if you weren't my sister, ' he stopped, looking into her eyes and said it. 'I'd hump your hot little ass to death!' he quickly said, giving her thigh a loving squeeze, hoping it didn't scare her.

Candie knew how Jack felt about her and she couldn't help but smile. 'You better stop, ' she whispered, snuggled closer to him, wondering if she could go through with something as intense as that or not.

Once at the party, Jack was greeted by all his old friends and had a few offers from some girls', but he quickly refused them all and devoted himself to Candie. 'I just turned down three hot girls', ' he said as they swayed to the beat of a song playing on the radio.

'Maybe you should go find one and do it, ' she smiled. 'You said you hadn't had any in a while.' Candie added, hoping he wouldn't. He was her brother, but she wanted him all to herself.

'I've got a beautiful and sexy girl, why would I leave her for someone else?' he asked enjoying their hips grinding together, looking into her pretty eyes.

'What if she doesn't put out?' Candie asked in a soft voice as he grew against her.

He just held her supple hips, hoping she didn't get mad at him, but she had to know how he felt about her. 'I'm hoping for the best, but if she doesn't, ' he said caressing over her sweet ass. 'It's ok.' Jack added pulling her completely to him and he didn't care what anyone said or thought about them.

'I love you so much, ' she moaned as his big cock drove her crazy. 'This sucks!' Candie said wanting to cry. 'I've always wished that we could do it, but I'm so afraid, ' she added trying to imagine what his big thing would feel like in her tiny, tiny pussy and if it would hurt.

'Don't worry about it. I shouldn't be saying things to you, you're my sister, ' he replied running his fingers through her soft hair. 'I guess we should just go. Dancing with you isn't helping my problem very much, ' he smiled and couldn't resist grabbing her tight ass, squeezing it.

'I like it, ' she said feeling her face begin to flush. 'Let's stay, I'll and help with it when we get home.' Candie whispered and couldn't believe what she'd just said. 'I just told my brother I'd fix his cock, ' she thought, wondering if he'd let her jerk him off or if he'd want her to suck him. She lay against him, thinking of his huge cock in her hands, slowly pumping him up and down until he sprayed her with cum. And, what if he wanted her to suck him? She thought of Jack's massive cock in her warm mouth, sucking his big head, licking him, and squeezing his balls until he filled her mouth with warm cum. 'Oh God!' Candie moaned, knowing that would be so fun, but she wasn't sure if she could.

He couldn't believe what she said, but it was hot. Candie sucking him off, letting him squirt two weeks of cum on her big tits, now that would be fun. He held her ass, smashing her to his cock, giving her a good idea of how hard she made him and something caught his eye.

'How many times did that little punk hit your ... um ... you know.' Jack asked and found that he couldn't say pussy to her, but he needed to know how many times Steve hit her.

'About three, ' she replied wondering why he wanted to know. 'Why?' Candie asked with a smile. Jack was her guy and she just figured he was looking out for her.

'A few of my old friends just drug him out in the yard, ' he smiled and couldn't wait to get outside. 'I'm going to see how he likes getting hit.' Jack said with a big grin.

Candie hugged Jack, hoping he didn't go crazy and beat Steve to death. His life was laid out for him and she did not want him to get in any kind of trouble because of her. 'You be careful! If you get arrested, it could fuck up your scholarship, ' she said, hoping he'd change his mind and let one of the other guys do it. They were all huge and anyone of them could break Steve in half.

'It'll be fine. Don't worry, ' he said leaning to her, put his hands behind her head and he kissed her. Not as a brother, but as a man in love. 'Oh fuck!' he moaned as their mouths stayed together and Jack knew he had to have her. 'I want you, ' he whispered, hoping she felt the same, but if she didn't, he was going to do everything in his power to charm Candie to bed. 'You want to watch or stay inside?' he asked knowing if he didn't get outside, he friends would end just killing Steve.

'Don't go crazy like you did the last week of school.' Candie said, thinking back three years ago, when Jack beat a man half to death for calling her a whore. He came so close to going to jail and she'd die if he got in trouble because of her.

'I'm going to black his eye and see if he likes getting punched between his legs, ' he replied caressing her beautiful face and looked into her big, blue eyes. 'You're so pretty!' Jack moaned and couldn't help but kissing her again, but this time, it was deep and so passionate it took both their breath away. 'I want you so bad, ' he whispered in her ear as he gently kissed it and pulled away.

'See, I told you I'd be good.' Jack turned to smile at Candie, keeping an eye on the road. 'I'm not going to fuck up my life because of that punk ass, ' he laughed motioning for her to move closer to him. 'Will you sit on my lap? It's like I can't get close enough to you, ' he said as she turned, gently moved over him, with her back to his door and her feet on the passenger seat. 'This is nice, ' he smiled, putting his left arm around her back, with his hand on the steering wheel and his other hand found its way to her thighs.

Candie loved Jack so much it hurt and when he asked her to sit on him, she couldn't get on him fast enough. 'It sure is, ' she whispered as his big hand tormented her thighs, hoping he'd touch a special place that she'd been saving just for him. 'I have to tell you something.' Candie said in a soft voice. 'I haven't been with anyone, ' she whispered and the look on Jack's face was like a small child at Christmas. 'I want you to be my first guy, ' she added, feeling his cock growing under her ass and it felt so good knowing that she made him so hard.

'Oh baby!' he moaned hugging her so tight. 'You haven't done anything?' Jack asked and was dumbfounded that she'd saved herself for him. Her big brother, the man that loved her more than anyone in the entire world and Candie wanted him to be her first.

'Nobody made me feel as good as you did and I couldn't settle for anything but the best, ' she said in the soft voice he loved so much and Candie had an idea that tonight would be the night. She was sick of the horrible burning between her legs and she knew Jack was the only man who could put it out.

Jack up the driveway to their house, turned off the car and hugged Candie to him. 'Nothing in the world could make me happier than doing it with you, but you know we can't get caught, ' he smiled carefully sliding his right hand up her blouse. 'Oh Candie!' Jack moaned as he rolled her excited nipple between two fingers and a low moan came from deep in her body. 'I love you so much, ' he said holding her tight, wondering if it was such a good idea to even try this at home. Mom had insomnia and if she heard them, there'd be hell to pay.

'Oh Jack!' Candie whimpered, enjoying his hand up her blouse, teasing her nipples and driving her wild with lust. 'I'm so horny for you. All I think of is you doing me. Ramming that big thing in me and doing me over and over again, ' she said feeling tears running down her face as Jack hugged and caressed over her body. 'Make me feel good Jack, please, ' she begged him in the soft voice, that always got her anything she wanted and tonight, Candie hoped it would get her his cock.

He grew harder thinking of being in his very beautiful sister and couldn't wait to get her inside. 'We'll have to be real quiet, ok?' he said rolling her nipples as visions of her under him moaning filled his mind.

'Oh yes!' she whimpered, hoping he'd hurry and they'd go in. She needed him and couldn't wait any longer. Candie wanted Jack for as long as she could remember and at last, the waiting and dreaming was over.

Once in the house, they rushed down to the basement and to the family room. 'What do you want to do first?' Jack asked pulling Candie's blouse over her head and tossed it down. 'Oh my God!' he moaned looking at both her large breasts and couldn't believe how hard they were.

She stood, watching him admiring her breasts and when he leaned to suck them, Candie wanted to scream. 'Jack!' she moaned shoving his face to them, enjoying his warm mouth sucking her nipples and his tongue licking the tips. 'Do it baby! Suck them!' Candie whimpered feeling like she was only seconds away from cuming in her jeans, but she held back. She wanted him inside her and that's when she would cum.

He tenderly sucked each breast, going back and forth, making sure to go slow and give Candie a good time. 'You're so hot, ' he smiled looking over her breasts and couldn't wait to suck them as he loved her. There were so many times she'd teased him with her breasts and now, he had her and they were about to cross a forbidden line.

'I want to see you now.' Candie said shoving him back in a chair and sat between his legs on the floor. 'I've felt this so many times, ' she moaned as she unzipped his pants and carefully pulled out his cock. 'Oh shit!' Candie whispered, holding him in her tiny hands, wondering how Jack ever got it in a girls' pussy. 'It's fucking huge!' she purred licking the tip, enjoying the salty taste of his cum; knowing he'd be filling her with it very, very soon. 'I'm going to suck you to death!' Candie growled, opening her mouth and sucked him to the back of her silky throat. She sucked hard, while moving her head up and down, enjoying her handsome brothers' big, fat cock in her. 'Oh yes!' she thought, sucking him hard, hoping he'd cum. She always wondered what it would be like to have a man cum in her mouth and she couldn't think of a better guy to do it than her brother.

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