The Dream - January 2008

by Shelly_Winters

Caution: This Romantic Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Cheating, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Romantic Story: A short story that is a recount of a dream I actually had in January 2008

In this dream, I have a two month old baby girl Elizabeth and my son Corey; I am in what appears to be a hospital in London. I wake up in the hospital with some grungy man trying to kidnap/ rape me. He forces me to leave the hospital at knife point. After about fifteen minutes of walking he lowers his defenses just long enough for me to get the knife away from him and start screaming at the top of my lungs. A couple walking nearby hears me scream and the husband runs and tackles the man down to the ground while his wife calls the police. She gives me her husbands coat to help shield me from the wind.

The dream then jumps to me, my children's nanny and the couple taking me home from the hospital. In the parts I either don't remember or where just skipped over all together, the husband Bill and I get very close. They clearly came in two vehicles, the wife and my nanny get into one and Bill gets into the other one. The wife then suggests that I ride with her husband. As I climb into Bill's truck, the SUV pulls away very quickly. Bill grabs my hand to help me into the truck. After I get in, I very quietly (but I think he heard me anyway) tell him "I am afraid I fell in love with you." Although he doesn't say a word, he squeezes my hand and I get the distinct feeling he loves me too. He puts the truck in gear and then as we pull out of the hospital parking lot, he takes my hand in his and only releases it when he needs to use it for driving.

In what appears to be one month later, Bill, his wife, my nanny, baby Elizabeth, Corey, a friend of Sue (Bill's wife) and I were on a ship. Nanny was holding Elizabeth, and Corey was playing with some new cars Bill had bought him.

Sue spent a lot of time with my nanny, which according to Bill was odd, as his wife hated children and before marrying Bill, had taken the necessary steps to ensure she could never get pregnant. Apparently she did this without telling Bill despite knowing he wanted children. Ever since Bill found out their marriage has been very strained. For the past six months (that being when he found out) Bill has been contemplating divorcing Sue. They do have a pre-nuptial in place (and in order for him to not have to shell out a ton of money) he has to catch her/have proof of her having an affair.

Sue's friend asked if it would be okay to give my nanny a little break from Elizabeth as we will be docking soon, he said he would take her and Corey out on the deck for some fresh air and to let Corey watch the ship dock. Having no reason not to trust him, since Sue said he was a great guy who loved children, I said yes, but once the ship docks to come back so that we can gather our things and disembark together.

The ship finally docked yet they did not return. Getting worried Bill and I go to look for them while nanny and Sue stayed behind to finish gathering our things and incase they returned before we did. We find Corey on deck by himself and crying, he said the man pointed a few things out for him to look at and next thing he knew, he was gone with baby Elizabeth in his arms. We take Corey to nanny and Bill finds the man hiding. Bill pins him down until an officer arrives to help, we repeatedly ask where my daughter is. He smiles and say's "I don't know what you are talking about". I then notice him glance towards the shore. I just barely get a glimpse of a couple walking quickly towards the parked cars with my daughter in his arms. Before I could get off the ship the couple was gone, the car's tags were completely unreadable. Bill and the cops go through the man's pockets and find various papers and a large roll of cash that he previously did not have. Later we find out that the names on the paper were all false and the name of the couple who took my daughter was also false. This man sold my baby daughter to complete strangers for $30,000 cash.

Nanny and Sue had taken Corey home while Bill and I were at the police station. Nanny called my mom and told her what had happened. Mom called my cell phone and left a message telling me that she was on her way and that her flight would be landing at 7 am. She said she tried calling the house, but no one answered. Bill was in the car with me as I listened to my message and commented that either nanny or Sue should have answered the phone, knowing full well that my mom would be calling with her flight information.

When we arrived at the house it was a strange sight indeed. There were no lights visibly on and none of the servants, my nanny or Sue was around, yet her SUV was still out front. It was so late we just assumed everyone was asleep. Bill and I went to Corey's room first to make sure he was okay, as the events of the day would have really scared him. We found Corey upside down in his bed near his night light (which is rarely turned on) with Pooh grasped tightly in his arms and no blankets on him. I get out a blanket cover him up and gently kiss his cheek; I whispered how much I loved him in his ear. Bill to gently stroked his back and double checked to make sure he was all covered up then gently kissed his forehead. Bill then proceeded to check every window to ensure they were all firmly closed and locked. As we left Corey's room, I couldn't help but start to cry knowing that in the morning, I have to explain that bad people stole his baby sister, and I didn't know if we would ever be able to find her. Deep down I knew we wouldn't, but I would try my hardest anyway. Bill held me in his arms and promised me he would do everything in his power to find Elizabeth.

I suggested we check on nanny and Sue before having a glass of wine and getting some rest, since moms flight arrives first thing in the morning. Bill and Sue always use the same guest room. They keep a change of clothes for nights we have too much to drink at dinner and they are unable to drive home. When we reached their room, Bill quietly opened the door so not to wake her up if she was asleep, but the bed was still made and Sue was no where to be found. Suddenly it dawned on Bill and I (at the same time) what was going on. Sue wasn't having an affair with another man as Bill suspected, but with a woman, my nanny. Bill smiled at me, kissed me on the cheek and said "I fell in Love with you too", (so he did hear me after all). Then he asked where the camcorder was and I knew he was going to catch Sue in her affair and will be able to divorce her, the only thing she will get are her clothes, personal effects, what she owned when they got married two years ago and the SUV she is driving. I got the camcorder for him and showed him to a secret room that has a two way mirror looking into my nanny's room. I had had this installed last summer when I suspected my previous nanny was stealing from me. I had given her a two week holiday while Corey was visiting his grandma, and had some "remodeling done". I had the two way mirror discretely installed with a fake frame around it so that it looked like an in wall mirror with a small room behind it where I could video tape her taking things as proof of her theft.

As we quietly passed my nanny's room we heard noises coming from what were clearly two female voices, and knew we would get the incriminating evidence Bill needed. In the secret room we noticed the bedside lamp was on low, so there would be no doubt as to who was in there and what they were doing. After about twenty minutes of recording we had more than enough proof. We left the secret room and went to confront the two lovers. Once we were composed enough to enter with a shocked look on our faces, I opened the door, stepped in and said "What the hell is going on in here". Bill walked in and said "What the hell do you think you are doing". Both of them were too stunned to speak. I told my nanny "Get dressed and pack your things, you are fired." I grabbed her keys and watched her slowly get dress and pack. I asked Bill to watch her while I get her final pay. He agreed, and started to give Sue the third degree. When I came back with the money both the nanny and Sue were dressed and crying. Bill took Sues keys, removed all but the SUV keys and escorted her to the guest room where he told her to get her clothes. He grabbed her purse, removed all of the credit cards, and gave her just enough money for gas, hotel and food for one week, but not at the lifestyle she had become accustomed to while married to Bill. Bill told her to call his attorney tomorrow to make arrangements to get her things which he will have the staff pack. We then escorted them to the door and firmly closed the door behind them. Due to the way the entrance was designed no one could see in, Bill and I embraced in a very passionate manner, when he kissed me, my whole body just melted into him. Right then and there we decided that as hard as it would be to not be together we would wait till his divorce was finalized by the judge.

I went to turn off the camcorder as he called his staff to inform them that Sue is not to be allowed in to the house and that anyone giving her access would be terminated immediately, he told the housekeeper and butler to pack her things. After getting off the phone with his staff, Bill called his attorney and told him he finally had the proof he needed to divorce Sue and not pay her anything and that he would have a copy made by time John (the attorney arrived). He gave John my address and said "see you in about 30 min" then hung up. Bill then kissed me again and said "soon my true love we will be together", he then suggested we have our glass of wine while we wait for John to arrive. Bill began pouring our glasses as I set the camcorder up to copy multiple DVD's of the affair. While we were waiting I got hungry and went to the kitchen to get some cheese and crackers. While I was preparing a small snack platter, I heard the door bell ring and heard Bill greeting John. As I arrived back into the front room, Bill had given John a glass of wine and explained the events of the day. Bill knew we would need John and his firms help in locating Elizabeth. As we are discussing the events of the day I begin to wonder and stated out loud that I wonder how Sue knew the guy who stole/sold Elizabeth and if she knew that was what he was going to do. Both Bill and John looked at me with a strange look on their faces. John then called the police detective in charge of the case and relayed the events after Bill and I left the police station and my question as to whether or not Sue knew about what her so called friend was going to do and how she came to know such an unscrupulous character. John then handed the phone to Bill who gave the detective the make/model and license plate number. After hanging up Bill told me the police are going to pick Sue and my ex-nanny up on conspiracy charges and aiding an illegal sale of a kidnapped baby.

To say the least I got no sleep that night, not knowing where my daughter is or what is happening to her. After John left, Bill and I sat on the couch together and Bill just held me and did his best to reassure me that everything would be okay. Early the next morning Bill, Corey and I got ready to pick up my mom from the airport. All morning from the time I woke Corey up till we were in the car he wouldn't let me out of his sight. Bill and I tried to reassure him that everything would be alright and that nothing that happened the previous day was his fault in any shape way or form. I told him that he would probably spend some time with grandma while mommy and Bill tried to find Elizabeth. Once we arrived at the airport Corey refused to let go of my hand until grandma was less then 10 feet away, then runs to her and gives her a big hug. We don't talk about the previous day until we are back at the house and Corey say's he is tired and wants to take a nap (a very rare thing for him to do). His grandma tucks him in and reassures him that she loves him very much and will be with him for a while. Once he falls asleep mom returns to the front room, by that time John, Bill's dad (one of the richest men in the U.K.) have arrived and we go into detail about the best way to deal with the situation on hand.

John informed us that Sue and my ex-nanny were being held and questioned regarding yesterday's events, as well as the fact that the divorce papers were filed, a temporary restraining order was approved by the Judge and Sue was served her papers while in police custody. John also informed us that the Judge reviewed the petition, pre-nuptial, and DVD evidence and stated that the divorce will be finalized in 30 days due to the unusual circumstances of the case and nothing she or her attorney could due would prevent or stall the divorce unless proof of Bill having an affair is produced. We let them know that Bill and I had already agreed that we would not get involved until the night the divorce was finalized and that we had not crossed the line so far.

Then the subject of baby Elizabeth came up, with tears rolled down my face Bill retold yesterday's baby snatching events and what the police told us. Bill's dad offered all of his resources in assisting me with finding Elizabeth. He said "I will get my private investigators started". While he went to make the necessary phone calls, I excused myself to go check on Corey. Bill stated he would join me, as I was leaving, my mom asked me if it was really wise to really spend the time and money searching for her, when the police said it was unlikely we would ever be able to find her again as baby's are a hot commodity on the black market. I told her "I have to try". She then suggested that Corey stay with her for six months in the States away from all of the hype and media while we search. I said "I would think about it". Mom went back into the front room, I asked Bill to please check on Corey while I went to my room for a few minutes. Bill said he would and would be with me shortly. As I walked to my room I couldn't help but cry over my missing daughter and the fact that mom was probably right, that it would be better for Corey to stay with her away from it all for the agreed six month period in which we would against all hope try to find Elizabeth.

As I opened my door I found Corey curled up in a ball on my bed, tear stains streaked down his face with Pooh tightly gripped in one arm and the doll and blanket he picked for Elizabeth when we first brought her home in the other arm. Bill quickly comes to my room to tell me Corey is not in his bed, but stops short when he sees him in my bed. I put my finger to my lips to silently tell him not to speak loudly as I climb into bed to hold my sleeping son. I looked at Bill and saw a tear roll down his cheek as he watched me cradle my son. Bill slowly, so not to waken Corey, climbs into bed with us and holds both of us in his arms. Bill and I both knew at that moment we would always be a family.

As we lie there together, Corey began to stir, once he opened his eyes the first thing he saw was mommies face and Bill's arm, he turned to look at Bill and smiled. Corey then turns to look at me and saw his sister's things in his arms and began to cry again. Through the tears he said he missed her and that if he hadn't wanted to see the ship dock so badly, that bad man would never have gotten his baby sister. Bill and I tried to reassure him it wasn't his fault at all. I asked him if he wanted to go stay with grandma for awhile, while mommy, Bill and the policemen try very hard to find Elizabeth, and in six months no matter what happens we would bring him home. Corey said he would like to go stay at grandma's house so that mommy knew he would be safe while looking for his baby sister. Bill told Corey that he would get him a special phone with 2 numbers programmed into it. Button #1 would call mommies cell phone and button #2 would call Bill's cell phone, so Corey could call us anytime he wanted too. Corey smiled for the first time in over 24 hours. I then sent Corey to his room to brush his teeth, wash his face, change into non-wrinkled clothes and brush his hair before joining the adults in the front room.

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