Mother and the Girls

by pippam_49

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Lesbian, Fiction, Mother, Daughter, FemaleDom, Spanking, Humiliation, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Fiona has a fetish. She loves to be dominated by other women. Jenny,her daughter, arranges an evening for her mother with three of Jenny's school friends.

Fiona, a thirty seven year old, slim blonde, was sitting on the sofa talking to Jenny, her nineteen year old, daughter. The only thing that was unusual about the situation was that Fiona was stark naked and Jenny was fully clothed. It was the beginning of their weekly spanking session.

Fiona said, "Jenny, you know that I do enjoy you ordering me to strip and then you spanking me. We have been doing this each week for over a year when your father is out. However I have a fantasy which I would like to act out. This involves four girls playing cards, firstly the winner of each hand has the right to remove an article of my clothing and then when I am naked the winners spank me after each hand. Do you know any of your school friends who might help?"

Jenny replied, "Leave it with me but first let us begin this evenings fun."

Three weeks later Fiona and Jenny were answering the door to Jenny's three friends Mary, Joan and Sarah. The three friends were all eighteen but still at school with Jenny. They had been intrigued by the scenario presented by Jenny involving the humiliation of an older woman. Of course Fiona and Jenny had spent sometime in the intervening three weeks agreeing the rules of the evening but Fiona insisted that any form of humiliation could be included if the others wanted.

For this evening Fiona was, at the start, dressed as a maid. As Sarah entered she ran her hand up the back of Fiona's right thigh until it nestled on the panty-clad bottom and she kissed Fiona full on the mouth. Fiona felt butterflies in her stomach but kissed her back.

Sarah withdrew her mouth but not her hand and whispered into Fiona's ear, "I'm looking forward to seeing this later and helping it to turn red."

Fiona filled with excitement at this thought and was somewhat disappointed as Sarah's hand let go.

Mary dangled a digital camera in front of Fiona and remarked that she wanted to record the whole event and publish it on the internet. Joan fondled Fiona's breasts through her thin blouse and stated that she could hardly wait to see them exposed.

Fiona led the way into the living room. They noted that there was a card table and four dining chairs in the middle of the room. Jenny ordered Fiona to bring a round of vodka and tonic for the four of them and Fiona went to the kitchen whilst the others took their chairs at the table.

When Fiona returned Jenny said, "You took far too long doing that. Come and stand next to me and don't you dare spill a drop of vodka on that tray."

As Fiona stopped next to Jenny, Jenny slapped her hard on the bottom. As this was cushioned by clothes, Fiona barely felt it.

"Now serve the drinks," ordered Jenny.

The card players decided to play poker and Mary won the first hand.

"What shall we remove, I wonder," said Mary as she approached the standing Fiona.

"The skirt I think," Mary continued.

Mary unzipped Fiona's skirt and stood aside so that the others had a clear view as she released the garment and it slipped to the floor. It was then that the girls felt a thrill of excitement to see Fiona was wearing black lace panties, stockings and suspenders along with her black high heels.

Joan won the next hand and decided to everyone's surprise to remove Fiona's panties next. To do this she had Fiona stand on her chair and told Fiona to put her hands on her head. Joan then slipped her thumbs under the waistband of Fiona's knickers and slowly eased them over her hips. Joan's nose, close to Fiona's cunt, smelled the arousal present. Fiona gracefully stepped out of her knickers and back down onto the floor.

Jenny won the next two hands but having removed Fiona's blouse offered the removal of the bra to Joan so that she could expose Fiona's breasts. Joan added to Fiona's humiliation by insisting that Fiona slipped the shoulder straps off and then put her hands on her head. Joan reached around Fiona and undid the bra and then smoothed her hand back around removing the garment. Joan then played with exposed nipples seeing that they were erect and as hard as stone.

"You're enjoying this, aren't you," Joan whispered in Fiona's ear.

"Oh yes!" came the reply from the older woman.

"Time for a photo," Mary said and they posed Fiona in her stockings, high heels and suspender belt, holding the tray of drinks they sent her for.

Sarah asked, "Do we need to strip her further? We have got total access to the vital bits and the suspenders and stockings frame her bottom nicely."

The other three agreed that they should proceed to the next phase of the evening. Mary won the next hand. She hesitated though and asked, "How shall we do the next bit?"

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