Julie and Her Daddy

by L.A. Wicker

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Heterosexual, Incest, Father, Daughter, Oral Sex, Size, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: A young woman and her father, find love

Hello, this is something I thought up and before I knew it, it was finished. My editor was busy on another story, so if there's a bunch of mistakes, I'm sorry.

Julie lay across her bed with the phone to her ear, trying not to cry, but it was a hard thing to do when your mother was telling you her cancer was worse than ever. "Had bad is it?" Julie sniffed, knowing this was going to be so hard on her Mom and Dad.

"Well, I start double treatments first thing Monday morning. I'll do fine, but I'm worried about your poor Dad. He's taking this really bad," she replied wiping tears from her eyes.

Julie knew how much Daddy loved Mom and that she needed to get home as fast as she could. They were more important than staying in a city she hated and supporting a guy she couldn't stand. "I'm leaving tonight. I'll kick Mike out and have a friend of mine pack up my things and ship it home," she said hoping she could get a flight that wouldn't arrive at some ungodly hour.

"You've worked so hard to get where you're at. I don't want you to just give it all up." Carla said to her daughter, knowing that it had taken her two years to get where she was in the law firm.

"Mom, I can get a job there and I can help you guys, ' she smiled and couldn't wait to get home and see them.

"Your Dad is going to love seeing you. I'm sure he's sick of seeing my bald head, throwing up all over the house and..."

"And what Mom?"

"We haven't been together in six months. The poor man needs someone he can talk to and do things with. I wish he'd go out and find him a woman. I told him it didn't matter to me. I know he has needs and way we used to do it all the time ... he must be ready to explode," she replied thinking of his long, thick cock and how often they used to fuck each other. It was nothing for him to screw Carla three times a day and each time, it would take him an hour or more to cum.

'Poor Daddy!' Julie thought remembering how many times she'd heard them when she was living at home. "I remember. You guys did it like rabbits!" she laughed knowing he loved sex.

"When you have a man like your father, you can't get enough!" Carla moaned into the phone, wishing that her insides weren't eaten up by the cancer. She'd loved to feel his eleven inches in her, pounding away.

Julie laughed at her Mom as visions of him filled her mind. He was tall, dark hair with some grey on his temples and one of those manly faces that seemed to look better with each year that passed. There was one other thing that made him out of this world; he had the biggest cock that Julie had ever seen in her life.

"I can imagine," she replied wondering what something so big and long felt like. She'd only been with two guys in her 25 years of life and they only had a few inches, nothing like Dads' monster. She'd had the pleasure of seeing him many times while growing up and as a young girl; she wondered how he ever got it in a woman.

"Once you have something like that, nothing else will ever satisfy you!" she smiled wondering if Julie ever had the pleasure of a man her fathers' size. "What's the biggest you've ever had?" Carla asked her daughter, remembering a few of her boyfriends and figured the girl was lucky if all them put together would come to six inches.

"Mom! I think that's kinda private." Julie laughed into the phone, wondering why Mom would ever ask her such a thing.

"I already know the answer! If you're lucky to get something like that, you tell the whole world," she said with a little laugh, wishing he'd find someone to satisfy his needs.

"You're bad. Talking to your daughter about her Dad's thing." Julie replied thinking of a few times she'd seen him and how far it hung down, almost to his knee. 'He must be ten inches!' she thought, remembering it swaying back and forth as he walked.

"If you really want to come home Julie, go ahead."

"I'll call you when I get a flight and give you all the info, Ok?"

"Your Dad is going to be so happy to see you. Don't be surprised if the poor man try's humping that cute ass of yours!" Carla laughed thinking of her husband fucking his sexy daughter.

Julie was a mirror imagine of her when she was young, but her breasts and her behind was out of this world. Her breasts were a very large C cup, close to a D and big, dark nipples that would get hard in a second. Her ass was a firm 36 inches that was toned and men loved to watch as she walked.

"You're bad! I'll call you before I leave. Love you." Julie smiled, wondering again what something so big would feel like up her small pussy.

"Love you too."

Julie rolled over on her back, flipping her long blonde hair over the side of the bed as visions of her Daddy filled her mind. "Why did Mom ever say something like that?" she moaned as she thought of his big body and all the wonderful muscles that covered him. "I bet he could fuck me to death," she moaned unclasping the front of her tiny white bra, leaving her large breasts bare and her hard, erect nipples pointing to the ceiling. Her hands slid up, cupping them tight, making sure that her thumbs and index fingers gently rolled her excited nipples, sending waves of lust pouring through her like never before.

"Oh God, I can't believe I'm thinking about fucking my own Dad!" Julie moaned, closed her pretty, green eyes and thought of him mounting her, screwing her until she fainted in his big, strong arms. "Daddy! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!" she cried sliding her right hand down, between her long, slender legs, under her small panties and started finger fucking her now burning pussy as fast as she could go. Juices poured from her like never before. Her hand was completely covered in her lust for her father, the man who created her, raised her and Julie was thinking of him fucking her like a whore.

Julie walked off the jet way, looking for the man that had given her a mind blowing orgasm and filled her thoughts on the three hour flight. Now, she hoped that she could control her thoughts of making love with him. It was going to be the hardest thing she'd ever do. "Hey sexy," she heard a deep and sexy voice behind her and she froze. "How's my baby?" he asked as she felt him move against her back and his big, strong arms wrapped around her thin waist and he hugged.

She was speechless as the thoughts of him on her, fucking her into a state of frenzy filled her mind and Julie felt something so nice. His massive cock was filling with blood as it pushed to her very firm ass. 'Oh my fuckin' God! Just what the fuck I need! I'm already so fuckin' horny I could die and now this, ' she thought, enjoying her Daddy's big cock growing on her ass and it felt so good she wanted to cum right where she stood.

He held her, not caring that his cock was growing so hard it hurt. She was a sexy lady and he hoped that Julie would understand what he'd been doing without. He needed a release, even if it meant jerking off to his sweet and very pretty daughter. "How you been?" he asked turning her around to face him and he saw a look in her pretty eyes that he'd seen hundreds of times before, but in her mothers' eyes. Julie looked like she was ready to fuck. 'Oh lord!' he thought as his cock grew more, but now it was pressing right against her pussy.

She bit the inside of her mouth, hoping the pain would keep her from orgasming in his arms. His deep voice, his strong, loving arms and his cock on her pussy, Julie was ready to fuck and she didn't care if he was her Dad or not. She needed him and knew there wasn't going to be any way she was going to be able to hold in the feelings. Mom opened a box that should have never, ever been touched and now, Julie wanted her Dad.

"I'm good now," she whispered and fell completely against him. She wanted to feel the very same thing that made her and pleasured her Mom through the years. Julie rested on him, enjoying the feel of it through her jeans, pressing her wet pussy, wondering if he felt the heat and the lust pouring from her body. 'Oh my big, handsome Daddy!' she thought and something wonderful happened, his big hands grabbed her ass, shoving her against his hard cock, making her wish she was naked.

"Damn baby! Did you miss me?" he asked reaching under her chin, slowly lifting her pretty face and a weird feeling came over him. He wanted to kiss his daughter. Not like a father should, but the way a man would when he wanted a woman. He fought the feeling and just hugged, hoping she wouldn't think he was a pervert for getting hard and that's when he felt her slender hips push to his cock and a tiny moan came from deep in her body.

'Oh shit! I hope he didn't hear that, ' she thought, pushing to him, hoping he wouldn't think she was a freak for getting off on his big cock, but Mom did it. She talked of fucking him and how he'd likely love to fuck Julie. "I think you should know the answer to that," she said in a soft voice and wished they were alone, naked and about to fuck. Her body trembled in his arms, wishing that Mom hadn't said all those things. She needed him so bad she burned.

'I think my baby is horny!' he laughed to himself and hoped that he was wrong. There was no way he could resist any kind of advances from Julie. Other than her Mom, Julie was the most beautiful thing on the face of the earth and he'd kill to love her.

"You feel so good!" he moaned giving her tight ass a good slap and he had to pull away before this went any farther. She was his daughter and he was going to try and keep it that way.

Julie stood with her lower lip out, knowing she always got her way when she did it. "I loved that! Why'd you stop?" she asked in a low and very sweet voice that she knew he loved so much. "I was just startin' to have fun," she said in the soft voice, giving him a sexy wink with her right eye. "I do expect another one of those later!" she said running her hands down his chest, wishing she had the nerve to reach down and hold his manly gift.

"Oh really? What will I get out of it?"

She looked at him and she knew. He wanted her just as badly. "Whatever you want!" Julie moaned and knew she'd burn in hell. She didn't care. She needed her Daddy just as much as he needed her and she was going to make it happen.

"You better be very careful saying things like that to a horny man. You might end up ... in trouble," he laughed giving her ass a good swat.

"Is that a promise?" she asked in a soft voice. "I liked that!" Julie smiled as she rubbed her burning cheek.

He just stood there and couldn't believe what they were saying to each other, but it felt good to flirt with her, even if she was his daughter. "I guess you'll have to wait and find out later, when I come to tuck you in bed."

Julie wanted to cum in her jeans, but now she had hopes that he'd come to her for his needs. She was his baby and if he needed her, he was going to get her, all of her. "I can't wait," she purred and took a chance. She stood on her toes, kissing him as long and as deep as she could and he kissed her back. His tongue wrapped with hers as they shared each others' mouth, moaning as his big hands caressing her excited ass, shoving her to his cock.

"I haven't been with your Mom in a very, very long time! I'm telling you that if we keep this up, we're going to end up" he paused, held her ass, smashing her to him, wondering if he should finish the sentence or not.

"Tell me Daddy. What are we going to end up ... doing?" she asked with a big smile and Julie couldn't wait to get him up her tight, little pussy. She didn't care if he was the man that made her; she needed him to fuck her.

He grabbed her long, silky hair and jerked her to his face. "We're going to end up ... fucking each other!" he growled, pulled her mouth to his and he drove his tongue down the back of her throat, enjoying her gagging and now he couldn't wait to have her gag on his cock.

"Ahhh does my Daddy like to get rough?" she asked in a low voice, hoping he did. She always wanted it like that, but it's hard if the guy fucking you only had four inches to work with. "Do you? You gunna force your daughter to fuck you? You gunna rape me, Daddy?" she panted for air as he pulled harder, pulling her head to his, wishing that he was forcing her down on her knees in front of him.

"You horny bitch! I bet you're going to love it when I ram this fucker up you and tear that pussy apart!" he said giving her ass a firm slap, watching a lustful look cover her face.

"I might and I might not!"

"I bet you will, cunt!" he growled, giving her hair another pull, but this time he held it and walked towards the baggage claim area, dragging her beside him. If this sexy girl liked it forceful, he'd be more than happy to comply.

Julie was in heaven and she couldn't believe how good it felt to have her hair pulled and to be drug alone with him. She wanted more. She wanted it rough. She knew her Daddy would never hurt her and he would please all of her sinful desires.

"What do your bags look like?" he asked letting her go and heard another moan, but this one was deeper, with more need than before.

"Their dark blue ones," she replied digging in her small purse for something she hoped her Daddy would like. "There they are," she said quickly fixing her long hair, hoping he'd enjoying what she did.

He turned and had to smile. "I'm thinkin' you liked that," he smiled pulling the two large bags over his shoulders and grabbed her hair. But, this time it was pulled back into a ponytail, giving him a much better grip and he used it to his advantage. "Now you're really in for it bitch!" he growled pulling her to his side, against his leg, feeling the heat coming from her pussy.

"I sure hope so."

"You're nothing but a whore!"

"I may be a whore but, you love it!"

"That I do!" he smiled as they walked out into the cool night air. He held her close, making sure he pulled her hair enough to remind her who the boss was. He led her through the parking garage and to his car, opened the door, threw her bags in and it was time. "On your knees bitch!" he growled in a fierce voice, shoving her to the ground in front of him and he pulled her hair very hard. "Suck my cock you cunt!"

Julie wanted to cum. He shoved her down, grabbed her hair so hard it hurt, but it was the most exciting thing she'd ever felt in her life. "Fuck you! Make me do it fucker!"

His eyebrows lifted up, pulled down the zipper of his pants and he jerked her hair. "I said ... suck it cunt!" he forced open her mouth and rammed his fat cock to the back of her throat, enjoying her gagging on it. "That's my good whore! Ahhh, suck it good!" he moaned as Julie sucked him like a Hoover vacuum. "You should have been a whore! Suck it you bitch! Suck it hard!"

She couldn't have been happier. Julie was sucking off the most wonderful man in the world, her handsome Daddy. 'Oh yes! Oh Daddy! I love you! I love you so much!' she moaned to herself as his hard cock slid in and out of her mouth and down her throat just enough to gag her. 'Oh Daddy likes that!' "Arggggg!" she gagged again, making it sound just a little worse than it really was, but if he liked it, Julie would do anything to please him.

"Oh hell yeah! You should have been a whore!" he said looking down to her beautiful face, watching his big cock in her sexy mouth and he loved the gagging. "Oh baby! I need to stop," he moaned, but Julie kept sucking with all of her might. "You're going to get a mouthful!" he added, but when she let out a loud, lustful moan, he came hard. Filling her full of hot, gooey cum.

Julie heard him, moaned and sucked as hard as she could. She needed to please her Daddy and make him feel better. His hot seeds filled her mouth in only two squirts and she fought the need to gag and loose the wonderful gift. She thought of something, this was the same cum that he'd filled her Mom with hundreds of times and it was the same cum that made her. 'Oh my God!' she thought falling against his car. She grabbed her right breast with one hand while the other quickly grabbed her burning pussy and when Julie swallowed she exploded. "Oh, oh, oh! Daddy! Daddy!" she squealed out, not caring if anyone heard or not. Fire raced through her. If sucking him made her cum this hard, she couldn't wait for him to fuck her.

"Did your Mom talk to you?" he laughed helping her off the ground and into his arms, hugging her tight, never wanting to let her go. "Damn, that was good!" he smiled rubbing her ass and he couldn't wait to get her. "I'm thinking she put the same idea into your head that she did mine."

"Yes she did." Julie giggled thinking of her Mom putting such wonderful ideas into their minds. Julie was lonely and could never find a nice guy and Dad hadn't been with a woman in so long he hurt. "It sure was. I loved the hair thing," she smiled. "We'll have to do that again later that night, when you tuck me in bed." Julie purred thinking of all the times Daddy helped her into bed as a small girl, but tonight, he'd put her into bed as a woman.

"I'll think about it," he said with a wink and couldn't wait to see what other pleasures he and his sexy daughter could explore.

He pulled into large driveway and couldn't wait to get Julie to her room and finish this wonderful thing. He needed to be in her. The blow job was great, but he knew she had something so much better, her sweet pussy. "Your Mom should be asleep. She was hurting pretty bad, so I gave her a shot before I left for the airport," he smiled knowing that they'd still have a few hours before she woke up.

Julie heard him and was ready for anything he wanted. She was his to do anything with and she meant anything. She was sick of crap guys with no dicks. She wanted a man to take control and fuck her to death, even if it was her Daddy. "Oh yes!" Julie moaned thinking of on her, fucking her with no mercy. "I need it hard, Daddy. I've never came close to anything like you have and I want you to fuck me until I faint," she purred like a cat in heat as visions of him pounding her tiny pussy filled her spinning mind.

"I could do that. Can I pull this more?" he teased giving her long hair a little pull, enjoying her softly moan.

"Oh yes! Anything you want, Daddy," she moaned again, hoping that he'd really put it to her. She needed him to rip her pussy apart and make up for all the tiny cocks.

"Do you like it rough?"

"Just with you, I know you'd never hurt me," she smiled reached down to give his still hard cock a squeeze. "Ohhhh, I want this in me!" Julie moaned, feeling him flex it in her hand. "I love my butt slapped and held down and fucked really hard, but all the little sissies I've been with never satisfied me," she said putting out her lip, having no question that Daddy could put an end to all that. He was so strong, he could hold her down and that cock of his, would fuck her like she was a whore.

"Damn! You sound just like your Mom. She used to love me to hold her face down on our bed, spank her cute ass and to fuck her like that. You two are so much alike, it isn't funny!"

"We just know a good man when we find one." Julie said as they pulled up to the house. "I'm gunna run on in and shower. You check on Mom and come to my room," she said giving him one last squeeze before she opened the car door and ran into the house as fast as she could run.

He watched Julie run into the house and had to smile. "I'm sure glad you did this," he said thinking of his wife getting him and their daughter together. "I was dying to make love to a beautiful woman and our baby girl needed a man to take charge of her," he smiled thinking of the many different sets of restraints and other toys that he and Carla had. "You're going to shit!" he said, hoping Julie would love the way he used to surprise Carla when she came out of the shower.

Julie slowly ran her hands over her excited nipples, hoping that Daddy loved sucking them hard. She loved her nipples sucked, pinched, twisted and anything else a man could think of, as long as it was hard. "I got a feeling that he's going to do everything I love!" she moaned and was ready.

She needed to be fucked good and hard from a man, not a little boy. She needed a big, hard cock to tear her pussy apart and let her know she'd been fucked. She slipped up her panties, hoping that Daddy would rip them off her. Julie loved her undies to be torn off her, but when you dated nothing but sissies, that didn't happen much.

"I need him to bend me over and fuck me like a dog!" Julie moaned, giving her pussy a little rub. "My Daddy's going to fuck me!" she said with a big smile as she turned to brush her hair he loved so much and Julie couldn't wait for him to pull. "I want it hard!" she growled pulling her hair back and into a ponytail, thinking of his big cock up her tiny pussy and how great it was going to feel.

She walked out of the bathroom and something lying on the side of her bed. "What's this?" she asked leaning down to look and smiled. 'Daddy has some play toys!" Julie said to herself enjoying the large leather strap and the handcuff on each side of it. 'This is going to be great!' she thought, knowing it buckled around her waist and her hands would be locked at her sides, giving Daddy full and complete control over her.

He stood in a shadow behind her door, watching the lustful look on Julie's face as she stood admiring his favorite restraint. 'Your Mom loved too, ' he thought, hoping he didn't startle her too much. He quickly and quietly moved to her, shoved her down and had her at his mercy in just a few seconds. "Now we're going to have some real fun," he said lying over her back. "I'm going to break you and make you my fuck toy, my whore and anything else I want!" he added feeling her trembling under him, but he knew it wasn't fear, it was lust.

At first, Julie was scared, but she realized it was him. Her Daddy was giving her a dream come true. She told him she liked her hair pulled and her ass slapped, maybe he knew something she didn't. Julie wanted to be dominated in bed and her loving Daddy was the perfect person to do it and she knew that he'd never hurt her.

"No, please!" she moaned enjoying his weight on her and his big, hard cock resting deep in her ass cheek. "Let me go! I'll tell on you," she said in a 'little girl' voice, hoping he liked it. She was willing to do anything he wanted, no matter what it was.

He reached his right hand up and swung down to her ass.


"No you won't or I'll really get rough!"

"No Daddy! I'm your daughter; you can't do this to me." She moaned as the heat from the wonderful slap traveled up her legs and through ever inch of her body.

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