Julie and Her Daddy

by L.A. Wicker

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Heterosexual, Incest, Father, Daughter, Oral Sex, Size, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: A young woman and her father, find love

Hello, this is something I thought up and before I knew it, it was finished. My editor was busy on another story, so if there's a bunch of mistakes, I'm sorry.

Julie lay across her bed with the phone to her ear, trying not to cry, but it was a hard thing to do when your mother was telling you her cancer was worse than ever. "Had bad is it?" Julie sniffed, knowing this was going to be so hard on her Mom and Dad.

"Well, I start double treatments first thing Monday morning. I'll do fine, but I'm worried about your poor Dad. He's taking this really bad," she replied wiping tears from her eyes.

Julie knew how much Daddy loved Mom and that she needed to get home as fast as she could. They were more important than staying in a city she hated and supporting a guy she couldn't stand. "I'm leaving tonight. I'll kick Mike out and have a friend of mine pack up my things and ship it home," she said hoping she could get a flight that wouldn't arrive at some ungodly hour.

"You've worked so hard to get where you're at. I don't want you to just give it all up." Carla said to her daughter, knowing that it had taken her two years to get where she was in the law firm.

"Mom, I can get a job there and I can help you guys, ' she smiled and couldn't wait to get home and see them.

"Your Dad is going to love seeing you. I'm sure he's sick of seeing my bald head, throwing up all over the house and..."

"And what Mom?"

"We haven't been together in six months. The poor man needs someone he can talk to and do things with. I wish he'd go out and find him a woman. I told him it didn't matter to me. I know he has needs and way we used to do it all the time ... he must be ready to explode," she replied thinking of his long, thick cock and how often they used to fuck each other. It was nothing for him to screw Carla three times a day and each time, it would take him an hour or more to cum.

'Poor Daddy!' Julie thought remembering how many times she'd heard them when she was living at home. "I remember. You guys did it like rabbits!" she laughed knowing he loved sex.

"When you have a man like your father, you can't get enough!" Carla moaned into the phone, wishing that her insides weren't eaten up by the cancer. She'd loved to feel his eleven inches in her, pounding away.

Julie laughed at her Mom as visions of him filled her mind. He was tall, dark hair with some grey on his temples and one of those manly faces that seemed to look better with each year that passed. There was one other thing that made him out of this world; he had the biggest cock that Julie had ever seen in her life.

"I can imagine," she replied wondering what something so big and long felt like. She'd only been with two guys in her 25 years of life and they only had a few inches, nothing like Dads' monster. She'd had the pleasure of seeing him many times while growing up and as a young girl; she wondered how he ever got it in a woman.

"Once you have something like that, nothing else will ever satisfy you!" she smiled wondering if Julie ever had the pleasure of a man her fathers' size. "What's the biggest you've ever had?" Carla asked her daughter, remembering a few of her boyfriends and figured the girl was lucky if all them put together would come to six inches.

"Mom! I think that's kinda private." Julie laughed into the phone, wondering why Mom would ever ask her such a thing.

"I already know the answer! If you're lucky to get something like that, you tell the whole world," she said with a little laugh, wishing he'd find someone to satisfy his needs.

"You're bad. Talking to your daughter about her Dad's thing." Julie replied thinking of a few times she'd seen him and how far it hung down, almost to his knee. 'He must be ten inches!' she thought, remembering it swaying back and forth as he walked.

"If you really want to come home Julie, go ahead."

"I'll call you when I get a flight and give you all the info, Ok?"

"Your Dad is going to be so happy to see you. Don't be surprised if the poor man try's humping that cute ass of yours!" Carla laughed thinking of her husband fucking his sexy daughter.

Julie was a mirror imagine of her when she was young, but her breasts and her behind was out of this world. Her breasts were a very large C cup, close to a D and big, dark nipples that would get hard in a second. Her ass was a firm 36 inches that was toned and men loved to watch as she walked.

"You're bad! I'll call you before I leave. Love you." Julie smiled, wondering again what something so big would feel like up her small pussy.

"Love you too."

Julie rolled over on her back, flipping her long blonde hair over the side of the bed as visions of her Daddy filled her mind. "Why did Mom ever say something like that?" she moaned as she thought of his big body and all the wonderful muscles that covered him. "I bet he could fuck me to death," she moaned unclasping the front of her tiny white bra, leaving her large breasts bare and her hard, erect nipples pointing to the ceiling. Her hands slid up, cupping them tight, making sure that her thumbs and index fingers gently rolled her excited nipples, sending waves of lust pouring through her like never before.

"Oh God, I can't believe I'm thinking about fucking my own Dad!" Julie moaned, closed her pretty, green eyes and thought of him mounting her, screwing her until she fainted in his big, strong arms. "Daddy! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!" she cried sliding her right hand down, between her long, slender legs, under her small panties and started finger fucking her now burning pussy as fast as she could go. Juices poured from her like never before. Her hand was completely covered in her lust for her father, the man who created her, raised her and Julie was thinking of him fucking her like a whore.

Julie walked off the jet way, looking for the man that had given her a mind blowing orgasm and filled her thoughts on the three hour flight. Now, she hoped that she could control her thoughts of making love with him. It was going to be the hardest thing she'd ever do. "Hey sexy," she heard a deep and sexy voice behind her and she froze. "How's my baby?" he asked as she felt him move against her back and his big, strong arms wrapped around her thin waist and he hugged.

She was speechless as the thoughts of him on her, fucking her into a state of frenzy filled her mind and Julie felt something so nice. His massive cock was filling with blood as it pushed to her very firm ass. 'Oh my fuckin' God! Just what the fuck I need! I'm already so fuckin' horny I could die and now this, ' she thought, enjoying her Daddy's big cock growing on her ass and it felt so good she wanted to cum right where she stood.

He held her, not caring that his cock was growing so hard it hurt. She was a sexy lady and he hoped that Julie would understand what he'd been doing without. He needed a release, even if it meant jerking off to his sweet and very pretty daughter. "How you been?" he asked turning her around to face him and he saw a look in her pretty eyes that he'd seen hundreds of times before, but in her mothers' eyes. Julie looked like she was ready to fuck. 'Oh lord!' he thought as his cock grew more, but now it was pressing right against her pussy.

She bit the inside of her mouth, hoping the pain would keep her from orgasming in his arms. His deep voice, his strong, loving arms and his cock on her pussy, Julie was ready to fuck and she didn't care if he was her Dad or not. She needed him and knew there wasn't going to be any way she was going to be able to hold in the feelings. Mom opened a box that should have never, ever been touched and now, Julie wanted her Dad.

"I'm good now," she whispered and fell completely against him. She wanted to feel the very same thing that made her and pleasured her Mom through the years. Julie rested on him, enjoying the feel of it through her jeans, pressing her wet pussy, wondering if he felt the heat and the lust pouring from her body. 'Oh my big, handsome Daddy!' she thought and something wonderful happened, his big hands grabbed her ass, shoving her against his hard cock, making her wish she was naked.

"Damn baby! Did you miss me?" he asked reaching under her chin, slowly lifting her pretty face and a weird feeling came over him. He wanted to kiss his daughter. Not like a father should, but the way a man would when he wanted a woman. He fought the feeling and just hugged, hoping she wouldn't think he was a pervert for getting hard and that's when he felt her slender hips push to his cock and a tiny moan came from deep in her body.

'Oh shit! I hope he didn't hear that, ' she thought, pushing to him, hoping he wouldn't think she was a freak for getting off on his big cock, but Mom did it. She talked of fucking him and how he'd likely love to fuck Julie. "I think you should know the answer to that," she said in a soft voice and wished they were alone, naked and about to fuck. Her body trembled in his arms, wishing that Mom hadn't said all those things. She needed him so bad she burned.

'I think my baby is horny!' he laughed to himself and hoped that he was wrong. There was no way he could resist any kind of advances from Julie. Other than her Mom, Julie was the most beautiful thing on the face of the earth and he'd kill to love her.

"You feel so good!" he moaned giving her tight ass a good slap and he had to pull away before this went any farther. She was his daughter and he was going to try and keep it that way.

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