Dr. Shawnee Davis.

by L.A. Wicker

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Size, Doctor/Nurse, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: A young doctor finds a wonderful lover.

Dr. Shawnee Davis ran from the ladies dressing room and towards the emergency room as fast as she could go, hoping Dr. Weller hadn't already assigned the incoming trauma to someone. She hadn't been the lead on a trauma in over a week and Shawnee was starting to get pissed off.

Two weeks ago, Shawnee and another intern got in a heated argument over a patient not being covered while being examined. Shawnee made it a point to ensure that everyone who came into the E R was treated with dignity and that all patient rights were followed to the letter. After the loud yelling match in the middle of the E R, Shawnee was reprimanded and informed that if it happened again, she be released from the intern program.

She walked around the corner and to her dismay, there lay a man, completely uncovered and in full view of anyone that walked by. 'Damn it!' she growled in a low voice as she grabbed the bloodstained sheet, jerking it over his groining, noticing his legs were amputated.

'Davis, look over his head and see how many stitches it needs.' Dr. Weller ordered as he rushed into the room, slipping on his lab jacket, hoping that she'd say just one word about the man not being covered. He wanted her out of the program for two reasons. The first was, she was smarter than he and all the other interns put together and, the night he asked her to fuck, and she kneed him in the balls.

Shawnee walked to the man's head and gently caressed a spot that wasn't bleeding. 'Hey sweetie, ' she smiled, sitting on a small chair next to the gurney and saw that his arms were also deformed. 'Other than being here, ' she smiled bigger, hoping to distract him from all the tests, poking and prodding. 'How ya doing on this beautiful Friday night?' Shawnee asked with more concern than normal as she pushed back her short and curly blonde hair. This poor guy had enough wrong with him and now, he had to deal with being hit by a car too.

He looked up to her, trying to clear his mind of all the pain and couldn't believe his eyes. 'You're beautiful!' he said in a weak voice, trying to smile for the gorgeous, young doctor. 'I've had better nights, ' he added looking into her soft and loving green eyes.

Shawnee heard him and couldn't help but smiling more. 'Thank you!' she said feeling her face turning red. 'I'll do my best to make it all better, ' she added in a soft voice, hoping she didn't start crying. She'd seen so many horrible things over the last three years, but this broke her heart. How anyone could hit a guy in a wheelchair and just leave him lying in the street was beyond her.

'That'd be nice, ' he whispered, watching her dabbing his head with a large piece of gauze. 'You're the first one in here, to even ask how I am, ' he added and started to forget some of the pain.

'You'll have to forgive them. They don't have much compassion for anyone, ' she replied looking up to see everyone giving her nothing but hateful stares and she didn't care because it was true. Dr. Weller didn't bother with any type of bedside manors and he didn't care if any of the interns did either and it pissed Shawnee off. To her, being a doctor meant more than just fixing someone up and shoving them out the door. She thought there should be more kindness and consideration shown to the people they treated.

He couldn't help but laugh. 'I know that's true. I've seen enough doctors in my time and 99 percent of them are nothing but rude assholes, ' he laughed again, watching the young girl covering her mouth, holding in a laugh of her own.

'I try my best to be different. I think everyone deserves kindness, no matter what, ' she smiled, wanting to hug the great looking man and show him that she really did care. 'So, do you remember what happened?' Shawnee asked, preparing to stitch the very large gash in his head.

He thought for a few seconds, watching her concentrate on opening some medical crap. 'I was working at my computer, discovered that I was out of cigarettes and went to the store to get a pack. The next thing I know, ' he paused, watching her looking at him, feeling that she did care about people and that it wasn't just an act. 'I'm lying in the middle of the street, ' he laughed, hoping that the cops caught the person that hit him.

'Poor baby, ' she said putting out her lip, wishing she could hug him. 'Do you need us to call your wife or girlfriend?' Shawnee asked, looking into his dark eyes, wondering if he was single and all alone. He seemed to be a great guy and most likely had women lining up to go out with him.

He laughed again and replied, 'No, there's not many girls that'll go out with a guy as messed up as I am, ' he smiled, wishing he had a girl like her in his life. 'Oh, by the way I'm Caleb, ' he said trying to lift his arm and a massive rush of pain like he'd never known, shot through his body. 'Fuck!' he yelled trying to sit up and look, but the pretty doctor quickly pushed him back down.

'You do not want to see that. Your arm is broken pretty bad, ' she said, watching hurt covering his very handsome face. 'Don't worry, we have a great bone doctor on call tonight and he'll fix it as good as new.' Shawnee said in a soothing voice, knowing that with his arm being broken, life was going to be a lot tougher. 'Oh, I'm sorry. I'm Shawnee, ' she smiled as she couldn't help caressing the side of his face.

'Her real name is.' Dr. Weller quickly said in a cold voice, wondering just what she was doing. She had no business telling anyone her first name, let alone a patient. She was a doctor and that was supposed to demand some respect. 'Dr. Davis!' he added, jamming an x-ray up on the viewer, wishing he could let her go and been done with her once and for all.

'Damn, what an ass!' Caleb said watching Shawnee quickly covering her mouth, trying to hold back a laugh. 'Some people can be so rude, ' he added looking towards the hateful doctor, wondering what his problem was.

'He's always like that.' Shawnee whispered to Caleb as she continued cleaning his head and very long mustache. 'He doesn't like me at all. I stand up for people and it pisses him off. Something else happened, but I can't talk about it right now, ' she smiled to Caleb, noticing him looking down her shirt. 'See anything you like?' she asked with a smile, hoping her face wasn't turning red with embarrassment.

Caleb smiled back to her and said, 'Heck yes! It's nice down there, ' he winked, trying to keep his eyes from wondering back to her shirt. 'Somebody needs to kick his fucking ass for being so mean to you.' Caleb replied not caring if the rude fucker heard him or not.

Shawnee fought to hold back another laugh. 'You need to stop before you get me in trouble!' she whispered and could resist caressing Caleb's face. He was a great guy and still couldn't believe that he didn't have a woman in his life. She'd kill to find a guy like him and she'd make time to be with him. 'Is there going to be anyone to help you? I'm thinking you have enough problems and this is going to make things a lot harder, ' she said putting out her lip, thinking of him being alone and she knew that he was going to be in horrible pain.

'Not really, but I'll make do.' Caleb replied and knew she was a very loving woman that did care for people. 'I'd love to find someone like you, ' he thought, watching her concentrate on stitching up his head. 'You're so pretty, ' he thought again looking at her beautiful face and her pretty green eyes.

'I'll send down Doctor Kelly to look at your arm, I'm sure that he'll be able to get it set and get you out of here as soon as possible.' Dr. Weller said in his normal 'I don't give a fuck about you' voice. All he cared about was if a person had good insurance or not and the guy lying on the bed had the worst kind. Dr. Weller wanted his kind out of the hospital as fast as possible.

'Dr. Weller is there anyway that we could keep him here for the night. He's going to be in bad pain and he doesn't have anyone to help him at home.' Shawnee asked, hoping that the Dr. would say yes. Even though she'd just met Caleb, she'd hate to think of him all alone and with one to help him.

Dr. Weller couldn't believe what she'd just ask him after the hour long meeting yesterday. 'May I see you in the hall, Dr.' he said in cool voice, hoping that she'd mouth off to him one time as she followed him out in the hall. 'Dr. Davis, do you remember the meeting yesterday about insurance and getting the bad ones out of her as fast as we can? He has state insurance, that's considered bad and we can not afford giving him a bed for the night and wait a year for our great state to pay up, ' he said looking into Shawnee's eyes, wishing so bad that she'd change her mind about sleeping with him. If she did, Dr. Weller would be more than willing to forget about her mouth and her being dropped from the program.

Shawnee just stood listening to him and wanted to scream, but she just smiled and replied, 'Oh shoot! I forgot. I'm sorry, ' she said smiling to Dr. Weller, knowing not to say another word as she tried to think of a way to help Caleb. She knew he was going to be in massive pain, he had no one to help him and it was killing her just thinking about it.

'Well, maybe next time you should take some notes and try to remember.' Dr. Weller said giving Shawnee on last cold look before he walked away. 'I'd give anything to fuck her, ' he thought as he headed outside for a smoke.

'Fuckin' prick!' Shawnee mumbled under her breath and quickly went back to Caleb. 'Hey there, ' she smiled, running her loving hand over his chest. 'Did you miss me?' she asked with a little smiled as a hot rush flooded her body. 'Damn, that was strange, ' she thought as the excitement from touching the near, helpless man continued to race through every inch of her.

'Hell yes I did!' Caleb said looking up to her, wondering if she was married or had someone in her life, but why even think of it. He knew someone like her would never be interested in some little crippled guy like him. 'So, what do you do when you're not doctoring people?' he asked as she worked on his head.

'Not much really. I catch up on sleep, clean up my little apartment and if it's nice out, I'll walk down to the pier, ' she said giving him a little smile. 'What about you?' she asked as that warm feel came back to her, but this time, it went between her legs.

'I'm trying to be a writer, but it's a bitch trying to get someone to publish erotic stories, ' he said watching her face turn pink. 'Yeah, I write dirty stories, ' he laughed.

'Oh really? I like reading a nice, hot story from time to time.' Shawnee said, feeling her face began to feel flush, wondering if he'd write a story about meeting her.

Caleb laughed and replied, 'Trust me, mine are real hot, ' he smiled looking up to Shawnee, watching her pretty face turning a warm shade of pink. 'What kinds of things do you like to read?' he asked, wondering if she'd be shocked reading his.

'Oh shoot ... let me think, ' she replied pausing for a few seconds as she reached for a piece of gauze. 'I'm a sucker for a good love story and if it has some steamy sex, ' she said going back to work on his cut. 'It's even better. Do you have any like that?' Shawnee asked trying her best to keep focused on his cut, but she hadn't felt this way since high school. No guy had caught her interest in so long; it made her feel so good that Caleb was flirting with her.

'Yes and if you go for love stories, I think you'll really like mine, ' he said with pride, trying his best not to look down her loose top, but her large, full breasts seemed to be calling him. 'I write a lot of things about disabled people finding love, ' he added, giving her white bra and great looking boobs another look.

'Ah, that's so sweet, ' she replied giving him a quick glance, noticing his handsome eyes were once again looking down her shirt again, but it didn't bother her, it felt good to have him interested in her. 'Have you written any about yourself?' Shawnee asked making sure to lean just a bit lower, knowing she was giving Caleb a great view down her shirt.

He couldn't believe she was doing this and it was great. A hot and very, very sexy doctor seemed to like him just as much as he liked her. But, deep in the back of his brain, a warning light started flashing. 'Do you want to get hurt again?' It flashed, remembering all the times that he'd fallen for a girl and just ended up getting hurt.

'Not really ... well kind of, but it's always just a sad story with an unhappy ending, ' he said, knowing he should stop this before he hurt himself with false hopes and dreams that would never come true.

She heard him and felt like crying. 'How come a great guy like you doesn't have a girl?' she thought, as the final stitch went in and she carefully bandaged him. 'Well, how was that?' Shawnee asked and couldn't help but noticing a sad look on his face. 'Are you feeling okay?' she asked caressing his face, hoping the fast and crappy exam didn't miss anything. She'd die if anything was wrong with Caleb.

'Yeah, I was just thinking. I'm okay, ' he replied in a cool voice, knowing he needed to stop being so friendly. There was no way that he wanted to get hurt and this girl could take his heart without even trying.

'I didn't upset you did I?' Shawnee asked, hoping she hadn't said anything wrong. She liked this guy and hoped he felt the same about her. She was even willing to write down his name, address and phone number, but now he seemed to be turning away from her. 'If I did, I'm really sorry, ' she said putting out her lip and felt like crying. She liked him so much and for the first time in so long, she felt like a woman and not a medical machine.

'Nah, I guess the shock of being hit is finally setting in, ' he lied, hoping this fantastic lady didn't see through him. Caleb liked her so much, but he wasn't taking a chance on being hurt again. A girl as wonderful as Shawnee would break his already lonely heart into a million pieces.

Shawnee had a good idea that something else was wrong, but she didn't want to press it. 'Well, if I can do anything at all, you tell me, okay, ' she replied, wondering why he seemed different. 'I'm going to get you a shot that will help with your pain. The doctor should be in to see you soon, but if he isn't, I'll page him again, ' she smiled, caressed his handsome face and left to get him a shot of morphine.

She made her way to the nurses' station and around the desk to the supply room. 'Hi Jenny.' She said to a large black woman sitting at a small desk in the corner of the room. 'I need a shot of morphine for the guy in 2B.' Shawnee smiled to the woman as she typed on a computer.

'Hello Miss Shawnee. How are you this fine evening?' Jenny asked in her deep, Cajon voice, as she typed in the bed number and quickly knew that Shawnee was going to be very upset. 'Well sugar, I got some bad news for you, ' she said turning to look up at Shawnee. 'All I can give him is some aspirin, ' she said with a frown, knowing it was wrong what the hospital did to people and it didn't bother her if she had a chance to make things better.

'You're kidding me, right?' Shawnee asked, feeling a massive rush of anger flooding her body. 'He got hit by a car and his arm is broken so bad, you wouldn't believe it, ' she added feeling like she was close to crying. Her little guy was going to be in so much pain and with the shock of being hit wearing off; it was just a matter of time before he'd be in agony.

'I know baby. This is cheapest place I worked in my life.' Jenny replied as she reached to hold Shawnee's hand. 'Is this the man everyone is saying you've been flirting with?' Jenny asked with a grin, hoping this beautiful young lady would find a guy and stop devoting her life to the hospital. Jenny knew Shawnee needed something to draw her away from here and start living.

'I can't believe what big mouths these people have.' Shawnee said watching Jenny smiling at her. 'What?' she asked feeling her face starting to flush. 'He's just a really sweet guy and we get along good, ' she added, watching Jenny's smile widen.

'It's time you start look for you a guy. You spend too much time here. You need to start taking your days off and get out of here. Is he handsome?' Jenny asked giving Shawnee a wink, watching the girls' face turning red. 'Ah, Miss Shawnee is liking him.' Jenny teased as she did a little more typing and got up. 'I'll tell you what I can do.' Jenny whispered. 'That guy in 7A used so much stuff ... they never know if we add something to his file and you can give your sweetheart a shot.' Jenny smiled at Shawnee and again watched the young girls' face turning red.

'No he's not.' Shawnee smiled, knowing that Jenny was the kind of person that could see right through you and quickly know the truth. 'He's so sweet and he just deserves better that asshole Weller said to do. That's why I came to find you, ' she added and had an idea that Jenny already knew about Caleb. Some traumas caught the attention of the staff, babies, very bad car wrecks and the ones like Caleb.

Jenny smiled and saw a look on Shawnee's face that she'd never seen before. Shawnee looked happy and in love. 'Don't worry about that evil man. I got me a feeling his days are numbered.' Jenny said with a very large smile and a laugh that would send chills through as she handed Shawnee a syringe. 'Give this to your guy and after you do, give him a little kiss and see how it feel. If you don't feel nothing, fine, but if you do... ' she smiled to Shawnee, watching her beautiful face light up. 'You best go after him. You should see your pretty face. I've never see you like this. It has warm glow like nothing I see before.' Jenny said as she gently caressed Shawnee's hand. 'Go to him. Fix him up and you find out if he's the one that fills your dreams.' Jenny added watching a surprised look cover Shawnee's face.

'I will.' Shawnee replied feeling very good as Jenny's words filled her ears. It was known around the hospital that Jenny practiced voodoo and was a master at it. Shawnee took her words to heart and knew that she had better do as Jenny instructed. 'Thank you, ' she smiled to Jenny and rushed back to Caleb.

'Hey baby, ' she said leaning down to his face and quickly saw that he was in terrible pain. 'I have something for you, ' she smiled, remembering Jenny's words about kissing him, but not until she gave him the shot.

'What is it?' he asked, trying to smile at her, but he was in agony.

'A friend of mine gave me a shot, that's going to kill all your pain, ' she said to Caleb, wishing that she could hug and give him better care, but for now, the shot was all she could do.

'I hope so.' Caleb said in a weak voice as he couldn't help thinking of how pretty she was and deep in the back of his mind, prayed that he'd get to spend more time with her.

She gently cleaned a spot on Caleb's arm and carefully stuck him, shooting the morphine in. 'Now you'll be feelin' real good!' Shawnee said caressing his face, wondering if she should do what Jenny told her to do. 'What the hell, ' she thought leaning down to his face and gently kissed his lips. 'Oh my God!' she thought, feeling like a bolt of lightening had just shot through her, sending every nerve in her body, into a state of frenzy. 'Wow!' she gasped, looking to see a big, wide smile on his handsome face. 'Did we like that?' Shawnee asked knowing he did.

Caleb didn't know what to say. Yes, he loved it, but why would someone as beautiful as she was, be kissing him or wasting her time doing it. 'Yes!' he grinned. 'What brought that on?' Caleb asked as the drug rushed through him and the horrible pain began to fade away. 'Ah, much better!' he moaned looking up to her as she softly caressed his face and he drifted off to sleep.

'I could fall for you so easy.' Shawnee whispered in soft, loving voice as she leaned to kiss him one last time. 'Oh my God!' she moaned as a more powerful rush of excitement smothered her body and she knew this had to be the man of her dreams. 'I'll be checking on you every few minutes baby, ' she whispered and left the room.


After being invited to watch a three hour heart operation, Shawnee went to check on Caleb and he was gone. She ran to the nurses' station as fast as she could, searched through the charts and didn't find Caleb's. 'Hey Marci, where's the guys' chart that was in 2B?' Shawnee asked the young nurse sitting at the desk, wondering where Caleb was.

The young knew Shawnee was going to be pissed off. 'I didn't have anything to do with it, Dr. Weller put a cast on his arm and then released him about thirty minutes ago, ' the young nurse said as she watched Shawnee's face turning red with anger.

'You're fucking kidding me? Dr. Kelly was going to set his arm, why did Weller do it?' Shawnee asked, trying not to yell or get any angrier than she already was. Dr. Weller had no business doing something like that, when Dr. Kelly was on call.

The nurse knew Shawnee was pissed. 'I don't know. He came down after you left to do your rounds, set his arm and as far as I know, ' the young girl paused to get up and move away from the desk. 'They just rolled him outside by the taxi stand, ' she added, watching Shawnee's mouth fly open.

'Oh God!' Shawnee threw down the charts and ran outside as fast as she'd ever ran in her life. This was a very bad part of town, Caleb wasn't able to defend himself and she'd given him a massive shot of morphine. 'I hope he's okay, ' she said running out the door, towards the taxi stand and saw him leaning against one of the benches. 'Thank God!' she said running towards him, hoping he was fine and none of the punks that roamed the streets hurt him. 'Hey sweetie.' Shawnee smiled sitting down on the bench next to him. She quickly saw that he was still under the influence of the morphine and had no business being outside. 'That fuckin' jerk!' Shawnee growled thinking of Weller and his 'one man' quest to save the hospital a few bucks by mistreating low-income people like Caleb.

Caleb looked up and smiled to Shawnee. 'My pretty angel is back, ' he said looking to her pretty eyes. 'It's cold out here, ' he added in a weak voice, trying to pull his cut tee-shirt together, hoping the shot would hurry and wear off so he could think of a way to get home.

'I know baby. I'll get you back inside where it's warm.' Shawnee said as she stood up, moved in front of Caleb and couldn't resist hugging him. 'You're freezing!' she said wanting to cry, hugging Caleb as tight as she could without hurting him. 'I'm getting you back inside. I get off in thirty minutes, and then I'll take you home and get you in bed, ' she smiled, pulled from Caleb and pushed him back in the hospital.

'Here we go!' Shawnee said pushing him next to the linen cart and pulled down two thermal blankets. 'You'll be warm in just a few minutes, ' she said wrapping the blankets around him and pushed him towards the ladies dressing room. 'I'm going to change and then we'll get you home, ' she smiled walking down the deserted hall, wondering if the dressing room would be empty. She did not want to take a chance on leaving Caleb in the hall and have Dr. Weller see him. Shawnee would be sure to loose her internship if he did. 'I'm taking you in the dressing room with me and I better not catch you peeking, ' she teased, not caring if he looked at her or not.

Caleb laughed at her and replied, 'You're taking a horny crippled guy in there and you tell me not to look, ' he said turning to smile at her. 'I haven't seen a naked girl in over a year, I may not remember what to do with one!' he laughed more, feeling her caressing his shoulder.

Shawnee laughed with him and knew that she'd be more than willing to help him remember. 'I bet you don't!' she said backing into the dressing room and hurried to her locker. 'No looking, ' she said in a soft voice as she stood in front of him, slid her top over her head and tossed it on the floor. She saw his eyes getting big and couldn't help but smile.

There she stood, wearing a tiny white bra that just did cover her excited nipples and she was about to pull down her pants too. Shawnee felt so good as Caleb's eyes roamed over her body, from her very large breasts, down her slightly rounded tummy and to her wide hips. 'I can't believe I'm undressing in front of him.' Shawnee thought as she grabbed her pants and quickly pulled them down. 'Wow!' she thought again as Caleb smiled at her and went back to checking her out. 'I hope you don't think I'm fat, ' she said to herself as she turned her back to him and opened her small locker, giving him a perfect view of her plump, little behind.

'Damn!' Caleb thought, enjoying her large and very full breasts. 'I bet them babies are fun to play with, ' he thought again, looking to see her nipples were hard and very excited. He continued looking her over and when she pulled down her pants, Caleb felt like he was going to explode. Her hips were a little bit wide, but they were the kind that a guy could ride all night and she'd just beg for more. Her tiny panties were light blue and looked as if they were painted on her hips and shaven mound. 'Oh Lord!' he moaned when she turned her back to him and he couldn't help but getting hard as Shawnee's rounded cheeks filled his eyes.

She turned to see his dark eyes looking at her butt and a warm, excited feel crept between her short legs. 'I can't believe I'm doing this, ' she thought as she fumbled through her locker, making sure this handsome man had enough time to enjoy her body, hoping that he'd want to do more, once he was better. 'How far do you live from here?' Shawnee asked turning to give him a smile, enjoying the fact that he seemed mesmerized by her body.

'Not very far at all, ' he replied looking up to her pretty face, wondering why this beautiful girl seemed to like him. 'Do you always take your patients home?' he teased as she pulled a thin, pink blouse over her head. 'Darn it!' Caleb said before thinking and he knew that she heard him.

'What?' she asked turning to him thinking that something was wrong with him.

'I just wanted to see more of you.'

She felt like her body had been set on fire as his words filled her ears. 'I'm sorry, ' she said putting out her lower, pouty lip, having a good idea that later, he'd be seeing anything he wanted. 'We have to hurry and get you out of here before anyone comes in. I might get in trouble, ' she said leaning to caress his face. 'If you're a good boy and follow doctors orders, ' she said in a low, seductive voice, making sure that Caleb could still see her hips and the lonely treat between her legs before going on. 'You just might get to see me again, ' and she did not mean see her as a doctor.

'Well, in that case, I guess I'll be damn good then!' Caleb replied as a wide grin filled his face and couldn't believe this was happening. He just hoped that it wasn't another horrible dream.

Shawnee grabbed her jeans from her locker, made sure that she was standing right in front of him and wiggled them up her hips. 'I guess we're ready to go, ' she said closing her locker, grabbed his chair and rushed out the door to her car.


While driving Caleb home, Shawnee quickly looked through his release papers and noticed Dr. Weller hadn't prescribed him anything for pain. With a broken arm like Caleb had, she knew that he was going to be hurting very bad.

'That jerk didn't give you anything for pain, ' she said turning to look at him and quickly saw that he was already hurting. 'How bad is it sweetie?' Shawnee asked running her fingers through his thick, brown hair and knew that this handsome guy had her heart and soul.

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