The Promise

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Cheating, Gang Bang, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: It was a promise that she had made along, long time ago.

I looked around the room taking in the chair sitting on the floor in the middle of the room and the eight smiling faces looking back at me. Promise or no promise I had absolutely no business being there. I was a married woman with three kids and not some young, hard-bodied stripper and when the call came I initially said no. And then Gary had pissed me off and I was in a spiteful mood and so there I was.

The night had its beginnings a little over eight years earlier. At the time I was in my junior year at college and keeping steady company with Jimmy Briggs. Not going steady, just spending more time with Jimmy than anyone else.

I was a bit of a "wild child" in those days and in fact Jimmy had met me at a frat house gangbang. I wasn't the star — Pauline French was pulling the train — but I was there cheering her on and I did "fluff" a few of the guys to get them ready for her. I was on my knees doing my best to get Jerome Washington hard again. He had just finished doing Pauline and she wanted Jerome again, but in her butt. Pauline had a thing for black basketball players and for Jerome in particular. She especially liked Jerome's cock. Pauline loved anal sex and as far as she was concerned Jerome was designed for anal. Jerome's cock, while fairly long (eight and a quarter inches) was no bigger around than a Ball Park Frank before cooking plumped it up. As far as Pauline was concerned it was an absolutely perfect fit for her butt.

Anyway, I finally got Jerome up and ready and he walked over to make Pauline "airtight" and as I was wiping my mouth with the hem of my skirt I heard a voice say:

"Do you just do guys who are going to ride the train or can anybody get what you have to offer?"

I looked up and into the deepest blue eyes I had ever seen. "What's the matter," I said, "Don't you like Pauline?"

"I don't mind trains as long as I'm the first one aboard or at least the second. After that though I don't care much for the feel. But back to my question; can I have me some of that?"

"I don't know. The guys I've done are guys I know and trust. I don't know you."

"Then we need to remedy that" and he offered me his hand and helped me to my feet. "We can go downstairs and take advantage of the keg or we can go someplace a little more private; like maybe a booth at Angie's"

"I don't think so. I'm not leaving this place with someone I don't know and have never seen before."

"We need to correct that then" he said and he turned and called out "Hey, Charlie" and Charlie Briggs, who at the time had his cock in Pauline's mouth looked our way and said "What?"

"This young lady doesn't want anything to do with me because she says she doesn't know me. Introduce us will you?"

"Norma, meet my brother Jimmy. He isn't near as much fun as I am, but as big brothers go he isn't bad."

"There" Jimmy said, "now you know me. We cool?"

"I don't know. Let's go to Angie's and talk about it."

Over beer at Angie's I found out that Jimmy had graduated two years previous and was at the frat house visiting his brother. Actually it wasn't really a visit. Charlie had called him and asked to borrow fifty dollars and Jimmy was dropping it off. We ended up in Jimmy's apartment where I did indeed give him a blow job and a whole lot more. In the morning over coffee Jimmy said:

"One thing I'm curious about. You were on your knees five feet from your girlfriend and you were sucking every cock that was put in front of your face. Why weren't you fucking like your girlfriend?"

"Because once I get started I can't say no. The last time I let it happen there were fourteen guys. I couldn't walk for two days. So now if I'm with more than two or three all I'll do is give head."

"Two or three huh?" he said as he smiled.

For the rest of my junior year and the first half of my senior year I practically lived at Jimmy's apartment. I spent so much time at his place that my roommate back at the dorm was constantly bitching at me over having to dust my part of the room.

I'd been keeping company with Jimmy for about a month when I found out why he had smiled when he said "Two or three huh?" We had just gotten to his apartment from a party when someone knocked on the door. He opened it and let in two guys who had been at the party. Jimmy smiled at me and said:

"Two or three, right?"

After that I could count on Jimmy having one or two friends over two or three times a month.

It was what happened during the second month of my senior year that brought me to the room with the eight smiling faces. Jimmy and I were out partying and on a whim we stopped at the Wild Horse Saloon. The Wild Horse was a strip joint and it just happened to be amateur night. Jimmy tried to talk me into getting up on the stage and competing but I kept saying no. That is I kept saying no until he got a bunch of booze in me.

I had been watching and I thought I could do better than the ones I saw, but I knew I couldn't win. For one thing the crowd that would be voting seemed to be into big breasts and almost all of the contestants had huge tits and most of their dancing seemed to consist of uncovering their tits and then shaking them at the audience. I considered myself to be a pretty decent looking woman, but I had been shortchanged in the boob department.

Anyway, Jimmy kept after me and before long he got enough alcohol in me that I said "What the hell; why not?" I knew I couldn't "out boob" the others, but I bet that I could "out nasty" them and maybe that would be enough.

The rules were simple. One song, everything except your panties could come off and you could not place your hands directly on your sex. I borrowed Jimmy's pocket knife and headed to the ladies room. I took off my panties and then used Jimmy's knife to reduce them to less than a skimpy thong. In fact, in front all I left was a thin strip that split my pussy lips and you couldn't even tell I had anything in the back because it disappeared into my ass crack. It didn't cover — it helped highlight.

For music I picked "One Way or Another" by Blondie because it was fast and I could hurry my clothes off and then have more time to be nasty. When it was my turn I burst out on the stage and my clothes went flying. I got down to my non-existent panties in no time and then I prowled the edge of the stage. Every time the words, "One way or another I'm gonna gitcha gitcha gitch gitcha" I would spread my legs, bend at the knees and push my pussy out towards the audience while pointing at some guy as I mouthed the words "gonna gitcha gitcha gitcha." The crowd went wild, but the outcome was what I knew it would be. A big breasted blond won, but I did place second and won fifty bucks and we had our cover charge refunded.

When we were driving back to Jimmy's place he said, "You were great up there Norma. You were robbed by that big titted blond. You had every cock in the house throbbing. When I get married I want you to be the stripper at my bachelor party. Will you do it?"

I was high on the alcohol and my second place finish so without even thinking about it I said, "Sure Jimmy; I'll do it."

"You promise Norma?"

"I promise Jimmy. I'll strip for you at your bachelor party."

In the middle of my senior year I met Gary, fell in love, kissed Jimmy goodbye, kicked the "wild child " out of my life and settled down to be Gary's girl.

Eight years later on a Friday night I was sitting at my kitchen table and fuming. Gary had been gone on a two week business trip and the week leading up to his leaving I was having my monthly. Three weeks with no loving. Every night Gary was gone we talked on the phone and some of those calls were as close to phone sex as you could get. Gary kept saying:

"Hang on baby; I'll be home soon."

He had been due in at three and allowing two hours to go into the office and check in and forty minutes to get home I expected him home no later than six. I had arranged for my mom and dad to take the kids for the weekend. I was perfumed, polished and ready. I had on a sexy, slinky thing from Victoria's Secret and a pair of CFMs with four inch heels. I was ready. I was more than ready.

And then Gary called. He was at the office and he was calling to let me know he wouldn't be home for another two days. He had stopped in at the office to check in and his boss had grabbed him. One of their biggest clients was coming to town and wanted to try his hand at fly fishing. Matt (Gary's boss) didn't know a thing about fly fishing but he knew that Gary did so he drafted Gary to take care of the client.

"I have to pick him up at the airport in an hour and then take him to the cabin that Matt rented. My fishing tackle is in the trunk of my car so I won't be home until sometime late Sunday."

"Damn it Gary; you can't do this to me. I've been without for over three weeks and I'm sitting here primed and ready for you to walk through the door."

"It's only going to be for two more days honey."

"It isn't fair Gary. Leaving me sitting here hurting while you go fishing just isn't fair."

"Be reasonable Norma; it is part of my job."

"No it isn't Gary. There is nothing in your job description that says going fishing is part of your job. Let Matt handle the client."

"Matt would end up with a fish hook in his finger. I have to do this Norma. The client is too important to the company."

"And your wife isn't important to you?"

"Oh for Christ's sake Norma, get a grip!"

I slammed the phone down, got a beer out of the fridge and then sat down at the table and fumed and the longer I sat there the more pissed I got. I stared at the phone for what must have been a half an hour and then I made up my mind. My kids were gone for the weekend. My asshole husband was gone fishing and I was not — WAS NOT — going to sit home and stare at the walls.

A week previous I'd received a phone call from Jimmy Briggs. It had been years since I'd talked to him. We made small talk for a couple of minutes and then he said:

"It finally happened Norma. I finally found the lady I'm going to marry." And then he laughed and said, "Or maybe I've found the only girl who will have me and put up with me. I'm getting married Norma. Can you believe it? Me? Getting married?"

"Well congratulations Jimmy."

"My bachelor party is going to be next Friday night."

I wondered why he was telling me that when he said, "Remember your promise Norma?"

"Promise? What promise?"

"You promised me that you would be the stripper at my bachelor party."

It all came back to me then. The night at the Wild Horse, my dance and what I'd promised Jimmy on the way back to his apartment. He couldn't be serious.

"My God Jimmy, that was eight or nine years and a different lifetime ago."

"You promised Norma."

"I was young, drunk and single at the time Jimmy. I'm a married woman now. I'm a mother with three kids now."

"A promise is a promise Norma."

"I'm sorry Jimmy, but no way."

I remembered that phone call as I sat there and steamed. I reached for the phone. "Hi Jimmy. You still need a stripper?"

They had gotten another stripper, but Jimmy still wanted me to dance for him and so I told him I would be there. He wanted the dance I'd done the night of the contest at the Wild Hose and so I decided that is just what I would do.

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