Noblesse Oblige

by akarge

Copyright┬ę 2008 by akarge

Science Fiction Story: A Swarm cycle story. Someone has to keep America's morale from crumbling. Jerry is the man of the hour.

Tags: Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Science Fiction   Humor  


Any resemblance between the content of this story or any of the characters depicted herein and real persons or events is highly unlikely and purely coincidental.

Except of course for all my close personal friends that I will only mention on a first name basis

I'm kind of tired, today. I should go rest for a bit. Maybe I should go downtown to watch the lady office workers on their lunch break. That's always relaxing. So many short skirts and V-necked blouses. Lawyer ladies are the best. They have to look good to make the Judge decide to negotiate the sentence on the couch in his chambers, so they always work out and have great hair and make-up.

No, I just can't take the time. I have to make my list and make arrangements for the pickup. When you have the kind of score that I have, you have obligations. I wish I just had a CAP score of 7 or so. Then I could just wait for a pickup, take what was available and be happy. It'd be easier if I could write the list down as well. But there are people that would try to hurt them if they knew they were on my list. No, I have to keep it secret until I'm ready. Plus, writing is so hard with my dyslexia. I wonder if the Darjee can fix that. Well, of course they can. They can fix anything.

Enough procrastination. I need to do the list. There is not much time left. We want maximum diversity, so I need Blondes, Brunettes, Redheads, Blacks, Whites, Asians and Hispanics. This is going to be tough, especially with my limited pool of available women. Eight women to choose and all of them have to be celebrities. If the American public thought that their celebrity women were going to be Swarm snacks, they would riot in the streets. People magazine would sue for restraint of trade. It would be CHAOS.

Back to work, now. Blondes. I'm not really a fan of blondes. Britney certainly looks nice, but she is just too wild lately. Shaving her head, what's up with that? She is too 'high maintenance' for my taste. Jessica is cute and a lot more wholesome, I think. Wait! Jodie! Ever since she got saved from a life of prostitution by that cab driver, she has been such a help to people; catching serial killers, helping Contact Aliens with the SETI program. I can even have the Darjee make her look like twelve again. Hmm, maybe fourteen, that's the rule after all. Get her pregnant. Age her back to about twenty-five so she can carry and deliver it with no problems. Then back to fourteen again. She'll like that. Okay. Jodie is definitely first and Jessica is second blonde. Brunettes. I've always liked Brunettes. I think Teri. She's hiding under an assumed name on that 'reality' show about the housewives. Well, she's probably down after breaking up with Clark and losing that newspaper gig. Hmm, I haven't seen any issues of the DP lately. I guess that the Internet has killed it. Still, it had to be a bigger shock to break up with a superhero.

Hmm. Maybe I need to interest myself in politics. Bi-partisan, of course. Michelle would fit my need for a black lady. I'm sure her husband would be happier in his job if he knew his wife and kids were safely off the planet. Maybe I should help John out the same way. Nah. His wife's another blonde, and it would probably take too long for the Secret service to figure out which house she was in, anyway. I could take Sarah though. She's pretty conservative so there should be no problem with her minding the man of the house and turning out another ten or fifteen kids or so. She'll probably volunteer to throw away her shoes, too. Hmm, as the VP candidate, she's going to have a bigger protection detail. Well, I'm NOT counting them as my Harem choices, but they'll probably have to blend in, so they'll need to be women. They won't be able to come back here afterwards, so I guess I can help keep them happy and pregnant, the poor dears. I think we'll have to take Tina as well. She can be a body double for Sarah. The Secret Service will like that. Tina and Sarah in a threesome! Tina will love that, but I might have to be pretty firm with Sarah. I still need redheads, Asians and Hispanics. Lindsay or Marcia? Well, Teri and Marcia seem to know each other. Lindsay is awful darned cute, but she's almost as bad as Britney. I need more young blood, though. I guess the Darjee can flush her system, and I can give her lots of love and guidance. She'll make a full recovery for me. Lindsay it is. That leaves me one choice. The AIs may give me a supernumerary or two, but I can't count on that. And I haven't even thought about any Indian subcontinent women!

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