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Desc: Sex Story: She wanted to do it and he reluctantly gave his okay.

This is another "Be careful of what you wish for" story. It is a story of how a lot of love can be as damaging as a little hate. It is a story about two people and how they managed to screw up their marriage.

Kathy and I had been married almost ten years. We met as the result of an accident. I accidentally backed into her car in a parking lot. The damage looked minor, but you can never can tell about things like that. There was no one around so I wrote a note and put it under her windshield wiper. She called me that evening about six and I suggested that we get together and exchange insurance information and all the rest of what she would need to file a claim.

She was a college student and had just gotten out of class and my office was only eight blocks from the campus so we settled on a seven o'clock meeting at Angie's which was a student hang-out just off campus. I told her that she would recognize me immediately because it was almost certain that I would be the only one there in a three piece suit and tie. She laughed and said she would probably be the only one there with flaming red hair.

I spotted her right away when I got there. She was sitting in a booth and I walked over, introduced myself and sat down. I asked her if she had eaten yet and when she said that she hadn't I waved the waitress over and ordered a large Angie's brick oven pizza.

"No anchovies work for you" I asked Kathy and she told the waitress, "No anchovies and extra pepperoni."

When the waitress was gone I pulled out my insurance card and driver's license and handed them to Kathy and she passed me a piece of paper that she had already written her information on. After she had copied my information she handed me back my stuff and said:

"You are an interesting man."

"In what way?"

"Most people would have just taken off and hoped that the damage wouldn't be noticed for days. In fact I probably wouldn't have noticed if not for your note,"

"What can I say? I just had a feeling that the car belonged to a gorgeous redhead with green eyes and I knew that the best way to meet her would be to hit her car and leave a note."

She looked at me for a second or two and then she smiled and said, "Damned if I don't almost believe you. And what were you going to do when you met this fantasy woman?"

"Get to know her better."

She was twenty-two, a senior, and working toward a degree in Marketing. She had interned at the same company two summers in a row and she had been invited to apply for a full time position when she graduated. She was single and not in a relationship at the time.

From me she learned that I was three years out of school, working for an investment firm downtown single and just out of a relationship that had turned bad. Then I asked her:

"How many am I going to have to kill to be first in line outside your door?"

"I don't know. Tell me more about this relationship that went bad. Whose fault? Hers or yours?"

"Hers mostly, but maybe a tiny bit mine."

"Do I get an explanation of that?"

"I caught her in bed with another man so I would say that the fault was mostly hers, but I have to accept the fact that I might have done something to put her there."

"Like what?"

"I've no idea, but there had to be a reason she went from me to him."

"Did you ask her why?"

"No. What would be the point? She made a choice and once that choice was made we were done. No need to talk about it."

"I'll have to say it again; you are definitely an interesting man. Most men that I know would have laid it all at the feet of the woman who cheated. Not one of them would have said that maybe some of it was their fault."

"Back to my question about the line in front of your door."

"You have my number. If you call maybe you can take cuts."

I did call and that led to a one year courtship that ended with Kathy being my bride.

Kathy was a virgin when we married, but she took to sex like a baby duck takes to water. She wanted to try it all and of course I obliged her. We quickly found that light BDSM and water sports were not for us, but Kathy did love to be eaten, loved sex in any position we could make work, had massive orgasms when we had anal sex and she would willingly swallow whatever her blow jobs could produce.

As the years went by things started to slow down a little in the sexual department. It wasn't so much a lack of desire as it was a case of same old/same old. Kathy had a higher sex drive than I did and she wasn't going to let things go stale. She began to look for ways to take the staleness out of things. Some of the things she came up with bothered me a little, but I felt that it was my lot in life to keep the woman I loved happy so I usually went along with whatever she came up with.

She thought it would be a kick to make love on the back seat of the car out at the local lover's lane at Steven's Point. We did it and I'll admit it was exciting, but I also sweated getting caught by the cops. Kathy got such a charge out of it that she wanted to do it again and over the course of the next year the back seat, and the front seat, saw plenty of action at Steven's Point, the Safeway supermarket parking lot, the Wal-Mart parking lot, two rest areas on the Interstate and various side streets in town.

One night we were sitting on the couch watching television when Kathy stood up, turned off the set and said:

"I want to go for a walk."

We walked outside into the bright full moon lit night and I asked her which way she wanted to go and she said down to the park. We walked down to the park which was eight blocks away and when we got there Kathy tried the swings for a bit, talked me into getting on the teeter-totter with her for a while and then she went over to the monkey bars. She played around for a bit and then she hiked up her skirt, pulled off her panties and told me to take out my cock. I looked around and didn't see anybody so I complied. Kathy got up on the monkey bars and arranged her body and then said:

"Get over here and fuck me lover."

Imagine if you can Kathy with her feet on one set of bars, holding on to a higher set of bars and pushing out so her body looked like a sideways "u" that put her sexy ass at just the right height and position so that all I had to do was step forward and slide right in. Add to that it was a bright, moonlit night and anyone coming into the park couldn't possibly miss seeing us. It was wild! Over the next six months we tried the swings, the teeter-totter, several picnic tables and — of course — we spent a lot of time on the monkey bars.

Then there was Kathy's prostitution phase. It didn't do much for me, but it turned Kathy into a sex fiend which in turn rocked my world. What Kathy did to me when she got wound up was dynamite.

It happened by accident. Kathy's car was in the shop and I was working late so I couldn't pick her up when she got off work. As a senior accounts manager Kathy was usually the last one to leave the office. She usually got off around five-thirty to five forty-five. She was going to come to my office and when I finished up we would go home from there. It was a little after six and just starting to get dark and Kathy was standing on the corner of Fourth and Sherman trying to make up her mind as to whether she should flag down a cab or take the bus when a late model Caddy slowed to a stop next to the curb. The passenger side window slid down and a voice said:

"How you doing Sweet pea?"

Kathy bent down and looked in the window and said, "Pardon me?"

"I asked you how you were doing honey, but we both know that what I'm asking is how much?"

As soon as he said that Kathy knew what was going on. The man thought she was a hooker standing on a corner. At first she was pissed. Granted, she was wearing a short skirt and heels, but the skirt wasn't all that short — it was just above the knee — but she didn't think she looked anywhere like the street walkers she had seen while driving around town and she was all set to dump on the guy when she changed her mind. Why call him a pig when she could string him along and then leave him hanging.

"How do I know that you aren't a cop?"

"Oh come on honey; you know cops can't solicit. That's entrapment."

"Cops have been known to lie to make an arrest stick."

"We both know that in this town to make a prostitution arrest valid they have to have it on tape."

"Tapes can be edited."

"Okay, how about this. You don't say nothing, just shake your head yes or no. You are a classy looking lady so what do you say to a hundred and I pay for the motel room?"

Kathy shook her head no and made an upward motion with her hand.

"One fifty?"

Again Kathy shook her head no and made an upward gesture with her hand.

"Two hundred?"

She shook her head no again and unbuttoned her blouse and showed him her 34Cs encased in a frilly bra. She leaned forward and gave him a good look at her cleavage and cupped her tits with hers hands. He took a long look and then said:

"Three hundred?"

Kathy smiled and reached for the door handle. She saw the guys eyes light up and she pulled her hand back from the door handle.

"Show me."

"Show you what?"

"You know. Do the one thing that a cop would never do. Show me."

"Oh, I get it" he said and he unzipped and pulled out his cock. He stroked it a couple of times and Kathy watched as it came erect.

"Satisfied now?"

She grinned and reached fro the door handle. She had the door opened about six inches before she pushed it shut and said:

"Sorry, but something about this just doesn't feel right."

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