The Priests' Wedding

by Waltzing Melissa

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Polygamy/Polyamory, First, Oral Sex, Petting, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Set in the Swarm Universe, this story follows Priests of the cosca as they find, woo and win wives on Catania. Lots of sex in this one, with a dash of humor for fun!

I'm learning as I write and I hope I bring a unique woman's viewpoint to the whole process. I appreciate all the help that Quantum Mechanic has given me on this story. Any errors or omissions are all my fault.

Patriarch of the Milky Way, His Beatitude, Father Nicholas O'Donnell left the office of His Holiness, the Pope, bemused. Father Nicholas had just spent nearly three hours in the presence of His Holiness and was astounded at the things he had learned.

Ostensibly, this meeting had been to welcome Father Nicholas into the fold under his new title, Patriarch of the Milky Way. In reality, His Holiness wanted to gather Nicholas' impression of marriage and to let Nicholas in on some major secrets of the Catholic Church, particularly those which would need to be carried into the future.

Father Nicholas was shocked to learn that the Church had a hand in choosing the political leaders of many nations, especially the super-powers. The Church, for all of its vaunted neutrality, frequently meddled in the affairs of many countries. Sometimes the Church acted as a stabilizing influence, which Father Nicholas gathered, but just as often the Church created instability to further its own interests in a region. The Pope fully expected that Nicholas would continue this tradition, all in the name of spreading Catholicism throughout the universe.

The other shock for Nicholas came in the form of a list. The Holy Father had culled priests from twenty smaller parishes and was sending those priests with Father Nicholas into the Great Beyond. Father Nicholas had expected this would happen, especially as he knew that the Church also intended to send every child still in Catholic orphanages with the DiCatania cosca, mafiusi who were taking their religion to the stars.

Also on the list, and accounting for Nicholas' shock were names of sisters and nuns who were being transported as well. The leader of the cosca, Don Giuseppe, had lamented the lack of good Italian Catholic women and girls to be brides for the men he was taking with him. The Pope had solved this problem quite neatly. Every nun who was of child-bearing age, and who had been born into an Italian family, had been quietly offered the opportunity to emigrate to the stars. These nuns would receive a papal dispensation which released them from their holy vows and, instead, commanded them to take vows with a mortal man.

Since all Catholic men being sent to the stars, including priests, had been commanded to marry up to four women, depending on how large a family he could support, each woman would have at least 1 and up to 3 sister-wives. Nuns, being used to living in a communal manner, would be ideal as brides for these men. His Holiness also believed that the special vows made by nuns, poverty, chastity and service, would prove invaluable in the new colonies.

In all, nearly 400 nuns were going with the cosca. Most of these women had been raised in Italian families, which Father Nicholas felt would be a selling point when he met with Don Giuseppe.

Later that evening, Father Nicholas took off his collar with a sigh of relief. His new wife, Michela, brought him a drink and asked if he'd like a snack before dinner. "Sure", Nicholas growled, "I'd like to take a big tasty bite of my wife!"

He pulled Michela onto his lap and gave her a loving kiss. Michela giggled like a schoolgirl and pretended to slap his hands away from her. "You'd better quit or I'll burn dinner again!" Then she smiled, "However, I did turn the oven off before I came in here. It will keep for a little while." She kissed her husband enthusiastically.

Nicholas motioned for Michela to sit facing him so he could get to the buttons on her shirt. When her blouse was open, he leaned back a bit to admire the breasts he loved to spend time exploring. He watched her nipples harden under the bra and leaned forward to nibble a bit. Michela moaned low in her throat and let her head fall back to give him better access.

He pushed her shirt down her arms, then removed the bit of lace that impeded his access. As he suckled on her, her head fell forward and her arms came around his neck. "Mmmm, that's wonderful" she said.

She removed his collar and tossed it aside, then began undoing his cassock, which was difficult to do without making him stop licking her nipples. Finally, she made him wait while she stood up to undo the button on her skirt.

"I think you're overdressed there, Father" she teased him. She let the skirt fall to the floor, then kicked it aside, leaving her high heels on. He stood for a moment to remove his pants and Michela knelt in front of him. She looked up at her husband, "May I ask for forgiveness now for what I'm about to do?" He gasped as she slid her tongue along his dick, then nearly fell into the chair when she opened her mouth to let him slid into the silky depths of her throat.

His hands tangled in her hair. "If you keep doing that, I'll forgive you anything!" She kept her eyes on his as she slowly suckled him in and out of her mouth. He watched as her hands trailed down across her breasts, then one hand hit her center. He groaned and pulled her to her feet.

When he turned toward the bedroom, Michela said "Why don't we try the chair tonight?"

Nicholas looked over his shoulder at the chair. "How will that work?" She pushed him backwards and said "Have a seat."

When he was comfortable, she stepped forward, allowing her knees to settle in on either side of him. "Recline it back." She whispered in his ear. She slid her tongue along his neck, making it difficult for Nicholas to find the handle. Finally, the chair reclined and Michela raised herself into the air, only to impale herself on him. "Ahhhh, that feels soooo good." He found that he didn't have to do much, and couldn't, but he caught her breasts in his hands so he could lick them both as she moved up and down on him.

She felt so good that he had to do something to distract himself. He kissed her nipple, then said "What's this position called?" Her answer was garbled because she was in the throes of orgasm. He caught something along the lines of "Oh God, yes, that's so good".

She slumped on top of him for a moment as she kissed him. Her eyes opened and she said "Woman astride". Nicholas blinked in confusion. "The position, it's called woman astride, cowgirl, woman on top".

He grinned at her. "I think you need to stop talking now." He snapped his hips upward, letting his dick do the talking for him. As he moved in and out of her, he growled in her ear "I think it's time you shut up and let me show you how this is done."

Michela marveled at how quickly her husband had learned what she liked. She felt her body gearing up for another orgasm and she started rotating her hips to match Nicholas' strokes. She locked her hands on his shoulders and felt him starting to lose the rhythm, indicating he was close to coming himself. Her head fell back as she started screaming again.

Afterward she sat with her head on his shoulder, his hands stroking her back. "You hungry?" she asked.

Don Giuseppe, aka Joe Fanelli, was astounded when he and Father Nicholas met the next day. "Twenty priests and nearly 400 nuns?! I didn't mean to take the entire clergy with me!"

Nicholas made an open-handed shrug. "You know the Pope is trying to think into the future, Joe. He's also trying to solve your woman shortage the quickest way possible, as well."

Joe sounded angry, but Nicholas had learned by now that Joe was gruff until he had a handle on new situations. "I'm not sure I like the idea of nuns being asked to break their vows. How does a man compete with their First Husband?"

Father Nicholas laughed, "By being himself, as your lovely wife pointed out to me when I was courting Michela. Not to disrespect God, but a flesh and blood man automatically has a bit of an advantage in the bedroom!"

Joe nearly choked on the brandy he had been sipping. "Father! I can't believe you just said that!"

Nicholas grinned at the Don. "I am just being practical, as is His Holiness. How on earth can you be fruitful and multiply if there are no women to multiply with?"

"Besides", Nicholas continued, "Most of these women are accustomed to working in extreme conditions with limited resources and I know that several of them have training as nurses. Listen, why don't you talk it over with Maria and Luisa and get their input? I know they'll have opinions"

Joe had been married to Maria for over 20 years. Luisa was his newest bride on his way to his four that the Pope had encouraged every man to marry. While Joseph Fanelli, a.k.a. Don Giuseppe DiCatania, was an important man in the new colony, and had been a well-respected businessman, legit and otherwise, on Earth, he knew that both of his wives would have plenty to say about this, and that they would both be much more practical about it than he would ever be. He resolved to leave that issue alone until he had time to discuss it with his women.

"In other news," Joe said, "how soon do you think we can do this wedding? I know the Pope prefers that we conduct the priests' weddings after they leave Earth. What are the logistics for that?"

Father Nicholas sobered now. "I've given it some thought. I believe that the priests should marry when we get to the colony. Ideally, we'll perform the ceremonies en masse, but I'd like it to be 'an event' with as many of the other colonists present as possible."

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